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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healer Companion

Updated on January 29, 2012

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healer Companion

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor fifth companion is also regarded as the healer companion. The sith inquisitor healer companion is Talos Drelik. Talos Drelik will join the sith inquisitor list of companions on Hoth, after the scouring the wastes of Hoth quest. Talos Drelik is perhaps more useful for the sith assassin than for the sith sorceror, and will indeed make the sith assassin almost invincible in the late mid-levels of the sith assassin advancement.

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healing Companion Abilities

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healing Companion Abiltiies - Carbonite Streaming and Releasing Healing Kolto Gas
SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healing Companion Abiltiies - Carbonite Streaming and Releasing Healing Kolto Gas

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Healer Companion Abilities

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor fifth companion abilities include the following -

  • med scan - heals target for a certain amount of health points
  • field dress - heals target for a small but continuous amount of health points over a period of time
  • cleanse - cleanse the target of two negative effects
  • kolto jolt - heals the target for a large amount of health points instantaneously
  • medical pack - releases kolto gas on impact, healing allies for a certain amount of health points
  • med watch - a healing stance allowing Talos Drelik to maximize his healing abilities; comes with reduced healing abilities cool down
  • carbonized stream - turns enemies into carbonite, stunning them and freezing them in carbonite (much like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back) for a limited amount of time
  • wounding blast - wounds enemies for a certain amount of health points
  • blaster stance - an offensive stance for Talos Drelik increasing damage of damage abilities

SWTOR Using the Healer Companion for the Sith Assassin

In SWTOR, although Talos Drelik looks like a nerdy empire faction archaeologist, his abilities complement the abilities of the sith assassin and make him almost invincible. As a general example, whilst the sith assassin is mauling an enemy of the silver level or above, Talos Drelik the healer companion will stand a distance apart and just keep healing the sith assassin. This will allow the sith assassin to concentrate on what he does best - dealing enormous amounts of damage to the enemy. If the sith assassin had taken up the deception damage skill branch of the sith assassin skill tree, he will be unleashing lots of critical hits on the enemy. For a silver level class enemy or above, this will mean reducing the large amounts of health that the enemy has down to about half. Healing done by Talos Drelik the healer companion means the sith assassin does not need to trigger the channel the force button to reset electrocute, as the electrocute button will reset itself after a certain amount of time. During this period of time, the sith assassin will be healed by Talos Drelik and the assassin will be dealing damage to the mob. Then the electrocute button resets, and the combat sequence is repeated. For a gold level elite boss, Talos Drelik's healing abilities may run out. In this case, use medpak and then use channel the force to reset the electrocute abilitiy, and repeat the combat sequence a third time. With the healer companion on the sith inquisitor's side, combat can become quite cruise control for normal mobs, and very enjoyable indeed for harder mobs, as it allows the sith assassin to use just about every ability in his repertoire (just for the fun of it).


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