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SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint

Updated on December 26, 2011

SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint

SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint - Defeating the Boss At Each Stage of the Black Talon Flashpoint
SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint - Defeating the Boss At Each Stage of the Black Talon Flashpoint

SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint

In SWTOR, a flashpoint is a chance for players to group together to experience an epic adventure or "dungeon crawl" through some parts of the Star Wars the Old Republic Universe. In the Black Talon Flashpoint, the Sith Empire must gather some of its elite forces to defy the captain of an Imperial transport who has refused orders, and then embark on a mission to intercept a Republic vessel and capture "The General". This will guide the players in gathering the best configuration of the Sith Empire party in order to efficiently finish the SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint mission. In addition, tactics will be provided on defeating the main bosses of the SWTOR Black Talon, especially the jedi Yadira Ban.

SWTOR Party Configuration for Black Talon Flashpoint

In SWTOR, the Black Talon Flashpoint is started by the player going on board the Imperial vessel and having to choose between going through the Black Talon to Dromund Kaas, or taking the simple uncomplicated space shuttle journey to Dromund Kaas. Obviously, the player chooses the Black Talon. Most of the Black Talon mobs can be defeated by two level 10 (or more) sith empire players (and their companions), but it is suggested that the elite bosses at the end of each stage is finished off with a group of four (at least level 10) players (not two players with their two companions). The party configuration for the Black Talon flashpoint should consist of a healer (sith sorceror), a tank (sith warrior or sith assassin), a ranged fighter (bounty hunter or imperial agent) and one other (preferably another healer / attacker especially for the last boss Yadira Ban). However, sometimes it is just as well to get the party configuration from the players near the entrance to the Black Talon Flashpoint.

SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint Stages

In SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint, the first stage of the mission is to capture the bridge of the Imperial vessel the Black Talon. This part is straightforward, and consists of attacking the numerous soldiers along the way to the bridge. The second stage of the Black Talon Flashpoint mission is reminiscent of the Star Wars trilogy and prequel, as Republic troopers and droids attempt to board the Black Talon. The party must defeat all enemies on route to the engine room. Satele Shan then makes a surprise hologram appearance and urges the party to give up on the attempt to board the Brentaar Star. This does not dissuade the party, who goes on to board the Brentaar Star. There are two mini bosses on route to defeating the main boss of the Black Talon Flashpoint - Jedi Yadira Ban.

SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint Defeating Yadira Ban

In SWTOR Black Talon Flashpoint, Yadira Ban is the boss jedi which the party must defeat at the end of the flashpoint. Yadira Ban's most devastating attack is the ability to draw in all the party members near her and then use a group sweep move to cause the party members to fall down. Yadira Ban is not finished; she then force leaps from one party member to the next, causing a lot of damage. If the Sith Empire party healer is defeated on this devastating move, then all is lost. The key to countering this move by Yadira Ban is to move away from her when she uses the force to draw the party members near her. Move to the distance where she cannot harm the party members on her next move. Then rush in and attack Yadira Ban again. Keep repeating this tactics until Yadira Ban is defeated. Defeating Yadira Ban will give good class items. Then chase down the general and finish the Black Talon Flashpoint mission.

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