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SWTOR Find Wilkes and His Men

Updated on January 10, 2012

SWTOR Find Wilkes's Base on Tatooine

In SWTOR sith inquisitor main quest line, no sith inquisitor quest can be complete without at least one vengeance quest, and so here it is. The swtor vengeance quest requires the sith inquisitor to find Sylas Wilkes's base somewhere near the Outpost Varath on Tatooine. Then the sith inquisitor must head into the Dune Sea to find Wilke's men who have stolen the fourth artifact of Tulak Hord. This into the Dune Sea quest is really just a tour of the famous planet Tatooine, which launched the entire star wars franchise in 1977 when Luke Skywalker brought a new hope into the star wars new republic by coming into prominence in the backwater crime infested planet Tatooine. This will guide the sith inquisitor in finding Wilkes's Base and then Wilkes's men in the Dune Sea of Tatooine.

In SWTOR Vengeance quest, the sith inquisitor is asked by the pirate Andronikos Revel to hunt down Sylas Wilkes who caused his downfall. Speak to Revel's girl Casey Rix and then Andronikos Revel again to locate the position of Wilkes's base somewhere near the Outpost Varath on Tatooine. Use the map to pinpoint the exact location of Wilkes's base and then head there to confront Wilkes. Defeating Sylas Wilkes is easy and allows the sith inquisitor to pursue Wilkes's men into the Dune Sea to find the fourth Tulak Hord artifact.

SWTOR Tatooine - Endless Dune Sea

SWTOR Looking for Wilkes and His Men on Tatooine - Situation Hopeless
SWTOR Looking for Wilkes and His Men on Tatooine - Situation Hopeless

SWTOR Find Wilkes's Men in the Dune Sea

SWTOR Find Wilkes's Men in the Dune Sea
SWTOR Find Wilkes's Men in the Dune Sea

SWTOR Into the Dune Sea on Tatooine

In SWTOR into the Dune Sea quest, the sith inquisitor must follow Wilkes's men from Outpost Varath to Outpost Zaroshe on Tatooine. This is a trek through the wind and sun (Tatooine has 2 suns) beaten desert wastelands of Tatooine and conjures up images of Star Wars conflicts and great battles on Tatooine. Finally arrive at Outpost Zaroshe and remember to bind at the outpost before venturing out further.

From Outpost Zaroshe, the path of Wilkes's men leads the sith inquisitor to the Sands People, famous for their sniper shooting habits in the Star Wars Saga. Defeat the sands people surrounding the tents at the location designated on the map, and then head into the tent to look for a datapad. If the sith inquisitor is an advanced level sith assassin of at least level 23 and above, then one can practically sneak through this quest without having to do battle. There are three datapads in total and each one will lead to the next datapad, except for the last datapad which will lead the sith inquisitor to Paal's body. Paal was the last surviving member of Wike's men, driven insane by the Tulak Hord artifact. Paal's body lies approximately north and slight to the east of Outpost Zaroshe. Head there, and fight through the sands people or just sneak through them into the tent. For the final part of the "into the dune" quest, Revel must be by the sith inquisitor's side to launch the cutscene. Take this opportunity to put Revel in his place and earn some dark side points. Collect the fourth Tulak Hord artifact, and head back to the sith inquisitor's Fury ship and report to Darth Zash.

It's time to steal the secrets of the Jedi from the planet Alderaan.


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