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SWTOR Get to House Rist and Rehanna Rist

Updated on January 13, 2012

In SWTOR, the adventures of the sith inquisitor continues on Alderaan. The sith inquisitor must get the last Tulak Hord artifact from Alderaan. It comes as no surprise that House Organa holds the last Tulak Hord artifact in the Elysium on Alderaan. The key lies with the jedi noble Nomar Organa. To lure Nomar Organa to Alderaan, the sith inquisitor must visit Elana Thul at House Thul. Elana Thul advices the sith inquisitor to visit the library at House Alde. This inconspicuous place houses some really tough library guards. Obtain a holo-recording after defeating the library guards, and learn of the existence of Nomar Organa's secret love Rehanna Rist. The sith assassin must now find and get to House Rist and Rehanna Rist. This will guide the sith assassin to get to House Rist and provide tactics to defeat the Rist assassins and ambushers and get to Rehanna Rist.

SWTOR Get to House Rist

In SWTOR, before attempting the "A Woman Scorned" quest to find Rehanna Rist, the sith assassin should be at least level 28. The recommended level is level 29. To level up at the mid level in SWTOR is not as easy as at the lower levels, and doing lots of side quests on Alderaan is needed. Fortunately, the side quests on Alderaan are very entertaining and full of star wars lore. These side quests include entering the guerrilla base, getting rid of the killik infestations and getting inside Ulgo Fortress.

Once the sith assassin feels ready at level 28, it's time to find House Rist. From the Outpost Bolym, head south and then west. At this stage, the sith assassin will have been able to use a vehicle of some sort, so movement is fast. Finally the sith assassin will reach a series of steps with arching structures overhead that resemble bones. This is the entrance to House Rist. Be careful walking up the steps, as House Rist is full of assassins. These assassins hide behind bushes or are patrolling in plain sight. The sith assassin can travel up the steps in stealth. Or if the sith assassin had picked up a datapad containing a mission called "Marked Men", the sith assassin can attempt to fight through the assassins in this area to complete this quest. Either way enter House Rist at the top and make your way through House Rist. The sith assassin can be patient here and sneak through carefully using Stealth and Blackout. Or the sith assassin can simply fight more Rist assassins (simple sneak can fail quite often here at level 28). and finally emerge outside at the House Rist courtyard.

SWTOR Get To Rehanna Rist

In SWTOR, the House Rist courtyard is where the real fight happens. This is a sith inquisitor class only area, where the sith inquisitor will be ambushed and besieged by Rist Ambushers and Rist gunmen. The rist ambushers are silver level mobs, and can deal enormous amounts of damage, first destroying the sith inquisitor companion very rapidly, and then the sith assassin. To defeat the rist ambusher at level 28, the sith assassin may have to perish once. When the rist ambusher attacks, concentrate on only one rist ambusher, and maul backstab repeatedly. Use electrocute and then Tumult to create about 800+ damage. Make sure at least one rist ambusher is downed, before the hero goes down himself. Use medpac if possible to defeat one rist ambusher. Now revive the sith assassin, and use sneak and then mind trap to immobilize one of the rist gunners behind the rist ambusher. Attack the remaining rist ambusher with Khem Val as the tank and use the tactics listed above. The remaining rist ambusher will be defeated, and the rist gunners left will be easy cannon fodder.

In SWTOR A Woman Scorned quest, use the lightsaber to breach the security doors and finally get to Rehanna Rist. Rehanna Rist refuses to help the sith inquisitor initially. Fight Rehanna Rist, who is a gold level elite mob. However, she is easier to defeat than the silver level mobs the rist ambushers. Once Rehanna Rist is defeated, use the classic sith inquisitor lightning to gain some dark side points, and Rehanna Rist will yield and agree to lure Nomar Organa to Alderaan.

It's time to level up to level 29 or 30 in SWTOR and on Alderaan before facing Nomar Organa the Jedi Master.


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