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SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint

Updated on December 30, 2011

SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint

In SWTOR, the hammer station flashpoint is accessed by talking to a small droid at the Gorinth taxi stand south of Sobrik Spaceport at Balmoraa. Hammer Station has been taken over by the warlord Kreshan, and Darth Malgus has tasked the hero to bring it back under the reins of the Empire. This will guide the hero party in taking on the Hammer Station flashpoint and will suggest the best configurations of party to take on the Hammer Station flashpoint, and guide the hero party in devising tactics on defeating the warlord Kreshan.

SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint Party Configuration

In SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint, the suggested party configuration includes the traditional tank, healer, DPS and one other party configuration. This party configuration can work for the Hammer Station flashpoint, but the tricky part comes in how to create a party configuration if the heroes cannot find the ideal configuration above. The key to the hammer station flashpoint appears to lie in the final fight with warlord Kreshan, where he will summon lots of minions to help him. These minions will gun for the healer in the party, and it may be a good idea to actually bring two healers to the party.

In SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint, the dungeon crawl through the Hammer Station space station is pretty standard apart from the extremely tough final fight. Essentially, the hero party must deal with lots of droid minions and two smaller bosses along the way. The first boss is DN314 tower droid. This tower droid has a devastating laser attack from its "eye". If the DPS within the party is the sith assassin, use Jolt to prevent the laser attack from being used, and this first boss is quite easy.

In SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint, the second group of bosses is called Riflor's Champions. These three elite bosses have a lot of health points and complement each other quite well in attacks and defense. Try to aim for the main melee attacker first using the party, and eliminate these three one at a time.

Finally the hero party must cross a laser bridge (cross only when blue) to reach the third and final boss - Warlord Kreshan.

SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint How to Defeat Warlord Kreshan

In SWTOR Hammer Station Flashpoint, the warlord Kreshan is the ultimate adversary and a tough one to defeat. The warlord Kreshan may seem inconspicuous initially, and although he may have a lot of health points like any "normal" final boss, he seems easy to take down at first. And then it happens. He starts throwing mines at the healers (or the heroes within the party with the highest threat level - usually the healers), repelling the DPS members and summoning minions. These minions, and the mines and other attacks of Kreshan can take out one particular hero really fast, like in the blink of an eye.

To defeat Warlord Kreshan in the Hammer Station Flashpoint, the tactics here appear to be to try to prevent Warlord Kreshan from using his special attacks. Jolt from the sith assassin's arsenal is one useful ability to do just this. Use the tank to attack Warlord Kreshan and the DPS member to damage him repeatedly. When the minions of Warlord Kreshan appear and attack the healers presumably, the healers should bring the minions into the vicinity of the tank and the DPS hero, and all party members should execute area attacks. The Warlord Kreshan minions should be eliminated by the area attacks. Do not lose focus on Warlord Kreshan whilst attacking the minions. Continue to interrupt his special attacks whilst attacking his minions. With perseverance and the above tactics, Warlord Kreshan will be defeated!

Collect the rewards from defeating Warlord Kreshan. Now head back to Darth Malgus and report the success of the Hammer Station Flashpoint mission.

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint - for really challenging elite bosses.

SWTOR Hammer Station Alternative Tactics to Defeat Warlord Kreshan


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