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SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint

Updated on December 31, 2011

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint

In SWTOR, the Athiss Flashpoint is a challenging dungeon crawl through the planet Athiss. The Athiss Flashpoint mission is issued by Darth Malgus on Nar Shaddaa at the Promenade area. Board the shuttle and arrive at the Imperial Fleet area. Find the computer console to talk to Darth Malgus and then prepare to enter the Athiss Flashpoint. This will guide and provide the hero party with various tactics to defeat the beast of Vodal Kressh, the temple guardians and disciples, and the prophet of Vodal.

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint Party Configuration

In SWTOR, the suggested Athiss Flashpoint party configuration consists of at least two healers, one DPS character (likely the sith assassin), and a tank. Levels for these characters for the athiss flashpoint should be at least level 21 and maybe even level 23 for a comfortable and yet still challenging (and not too frustrating) dungeon crawl through the Athiss Flashpoint. Perhaps the best Athiss Flashpoint party configuration consists of three healers, with one of them a healer / DPS and a tank / DPS combination.

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint Beast of Vogal Kressh

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint Beast of Vogal Kressh
SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint Beast of Vogal Kressh

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint How to Defeat the Beast of Vodal Kressh

In SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint, the Beast of Vodal Kressh is one mean beast to defeat, and represents the first real hard challenge for the Athiss Flashpoint mission. Before the hero party can reach the Beast of Vodal Kressh, the heroes need to defeat Professor Ley'arsha (first elite boss of Athiss Flashpoint) and her minions. To defeat Professor Ley'arsha, simply use the tank and DPS to target her, and group the whole hero party together close to Professor Ley'arsha to launch area effect attacks when the adds (additional mobs that spawn area the main boss when the boss monster reaches certain health points) come on. Using these tactics, Professor Ley'arsha will be defeated.

In SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint, the Beast of Vodal Kressh guards the entrance to the temple, and is being worshiped by some mobs. The Beast of Vodal Kressh will target one character. Keep healing that character and then the hero party should use some teamwork to eliminate the mob worshipers who will attack the party. If the Beast of Vodal Kressh is reducing the targeted hero to low health, use fast run (or force run for the sith assassin) to run around in circles and allow the healers to heal up the targeted hero within the party. Once the mob worshipers are finished, target the Beast of Vodal Kressh. The Beast of Vodal Kressh will summon smaller minion beasts to attack the hero party. Group the party members together and use area effect attacks to eliminate these minion beasts without stopping to attack the Beast of Vodal Kressh too much.

It may seem like a long time, but the Beast of Vodal Kressh can be defeated with perseverance and teamwork.

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint How to Defeat the Temple Guardians and Temple Disciples

In SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint, the temple represents an interesting area for the hero party to execute various tactics, and especially so for stealthy characters. The temple area is guarded at various points by temple guardians and temple disciples. To take them all at once is suicidal, except for really really high level hero parties. So the stealthy character, for example, the sith assassin could mind trap one of them, and then draw out just one temple guardian or disciple and then the whole party can concentrate on one temple guardian or disciple. Repeat this technique for the other temple guardians and disciples, and the party will eventually reach the final temple chamber to face the Prophet of Vodal.

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint How to Defeat the Prophet of Vodal

In SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint, it all comes down to the massive fight with the Prophet of Vodal. The Prophet of Vodal has a staggering 60000+ health points. Not only that, the Prophet of Vodal can disappear periodically and summon fireball mists to try to annihilate the party. When the fireball mists appear, keep running away from them (but do not run out of the room) and concentrate all healing on the character(s) being burned by the fireball mists. When the fireball mists dissipate, return to targeting and attacking the Prophet of Vodal. Again, with skills, teamwork and perseverance, the Prophet of Vodal will be defeated.

It's time to collect the rewards from completing the Athiss Flashpoint mission........

SWTOR Athiss Flashpoint


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