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SWTOR the Killik Problem

Updated on January 7, 2012

SWTOR the Killik Problem

In SWTOR, the Killik problem is an interesting side quest on Alderaan because it connects the Killik of the old republic with some stories of the new republic, especially the Killik-Chiss war in the New Jedi Order series. The Killik is an insectoid species found on Alderaan, and they have been spreading through imperial territory, and Rylan Stallos wants to destroy their hives. Speak to Rylan Stallos to start the Killik Problem quest. This short side quest will allow the hero to get and accumulate some credits and get some useful quest items easily.

SWTOR Steal the Killik Poison from the Guerillas and Destroying the Killik Hives

In SWTOR, somewhere on the map in the northeast, guerillas are holding the killik poison needed to destroy the killik hives. Defeat the guerillas to get the Organa killik toxin. Then sneak through the ranks of the guerrilla and acquire the killik poison disperser.

Once this is accomplished, the hero will know the location of the Sabas killik hives in the Kaamos Territory. Head there to finish off the killik problem quest. There are eight killik hives that the hero must eliminate using the killik poison and the killik poison disperser. Each killik hive is guarded by killik mobs. These killik mobs are easy to deal with, and this killik problem quest is recommended for anyone wanting some easy quests on Alderaan to level up to deal with the more difficult quests. The killik mob that will cause the most problems for the hero is the kiilik hive lieutenant. This silver level mob will often be found patrolling the areas in between two hives. When the killik hive lieutenant is moving away from the groups of killik mobs, attack it for a challenging fight, to gain experience points, and to prevent it from interfering with the other fights. Once the killik hive lieutenant and the other killik mobs are destroyed, go about the task of destroying the killik hives. Then return to Rylan Stallos for your rewards.

It would appear that the Killik Problem does not stop here. There is a deeper problem within Alderaan in the Lanthanide Mine - that of the hive mind...........


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