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SWTOR Infiltrate the Guerilla Base

Updated on January 7, 2012

SWTOR Infiltrate the Guerilla Base

In SWTOR, the hero is tasked by Lord Jorad Thul of House Thul and Moff Sarek of Imperial Alderaan to infiltrate the guerilla base, clear the cave of House Organa's sympathizers and guerillas and then spike the comm relay so that House Thul can listen in on House Organa's secrets. This swtor infiltrate the guerilla base quest brings into perspective the lore of the star wars series, where House Organa's future descendant adopted Leia Organa and shaped the future of the new republic. This will provide an example of how the advance mid-level sith assassin can infiltrate the guerilla base at level 27 (one below the recommended level), and solo the mobs and monsters within the guerilla base to spike the comm relay and complete the infiltrate the guerilla base quest.

SWTOR Start the Infiltrate the Guerilla Base Quest

In SWTOR, to start the infiltrate the guerilla base quest and the militarization series of quest (there is a series of militarization quest on each planet) on Alderaan, speak to Geor Vers at the Rhu Caenus Spaceport. This will initiate the Iron Fist quest, where the hero must collar a rebelling noble and bring him to Jorad Thul to start the infiltrate the guerilla base quest. Use the map to find the guerilla base, and enter the base.

Lore of the Star Wars Universe

SWTOR Tactics In Guerilla Base on Alderaan

In SWTOR, as the sith assassin, it is possible to use various tactics to solo the guerilla base on Alderaan. To use these various tactics, it is necessary to understand the abilities of the mid-level sith assassin. These useful abilities include -

  • lacerate - deal damage to nearby enemies
  • blackout - adds stealth level to the current level of the hero, making it easier to sneak past high level enemies through stealth
  • lightning surge - adds damage occasionally to the saber strikes of the sith assassin, and causes discharge to deal huge amounts to one enemy
  • maul - at mid level, and armed with the appropriate equipment and double-bladed lightsaber, this backstab ability can deal over 1000 plus damage on a critical strike

In SWTOR infiltrate the guerilla base quest, in addition to the abilities above, the sith assassin must know the various monsters and mobs within the guerilla base cave. The more powerful mobs include the Jedi Padawan (who can patrol and also stealth) and the organa heavy droid. The sith assassin must be careful when attacking any groups of mobs within the guerilla base, because the Jedi Padawan can come out of stealth and attack the sith assassin and his companion, adding one more mob (and a silver mob for that) to the number of monsters already attacking the sith assassin. Deal with the easy mobs first, and then focus on the Jedi Padawan.

In SWTOR, the sith assassin can stealth and sneak through most of the group of monsters within the cave using stealth and blackout. However, there is an area where the sith assassin must descend a ramp down onto an area guarded by six or more mobs. This challenging layout prompts the player to want to attack the mobs to complete the clearing the guerilla cave bonus quest, and also to boost one's ego for being able to solo this area without perishing. Within this area, the heavy organa droid will patrol right up to the ramp. When the heavy organa droid is at the bottom of the ramp, electrocute the droid and finish off the droid with maul backstab and companion attacks. Be careful not to aggravate the other mobs around this area of the cave. When the heavy organa droid is finished, concentrate on the next group of mobs, and leave the Jedi Padawan to the end. With the correct tactics, the sith assassin can navigate the guerilla base, and reach the comm relay. (Note that the Jedi Padawan can sometimes drop a Sovran's Instructor Double-Bladed Lightsaber.)

Spike the comm relay and complete the infiltrate the guerilla base quest. Note that if soloing the guerilla base proves too difficult at low levels, it may be worthwhile to team up with friends to do this part of the quest.

SWTOR After the Infiltrating the Guerilla Base Quest

In SWTOR, return to Lord Jorad Thul to report that the infiltrating the guerilla base quest is completed. Lord Thul requests the hero defend various borderposts (the Augis, the Portho and the Benthus borderports) from (House Organa) attackers. Then the hero must defend House Thul itself from the attacks of the traitor Cedarik Killesa. The tactics for defeating the mobs leading to Cedarik Killesa can be obtained here. Talk to Killesa and gain some dark side points from the conversation options. Return to Lord Jorad Thul to finish off this section of the imperial militarization questline on Alderaan.


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