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The Secret World Dawning of An Endless Night

Updated on July 17, 2012

The Secret World Defeat the Captain At Lady Margaret

The Secret World Defeat the Captain At Lady Margaret
The Secret World Defeat the Captain At Lady Margaret

The Secret World Dawning of An Endless Night

In the secret world dawning of an endless night, the hero must reach Kingsmouth and complete 18 tiers or stages of this mission in order to move on in the game. This will cover tiers 1 to tiers 5 of the dawning of an endless night mission. In particular, this will guide the hero on how to solve the tier 4 part of the mission, which involves finding the password for Dr Bannerman's computer. This will also provide some tactics on how to defeat some of the mini-bosses monsters in this mission.

Dawning of An Endless Night Tier 1 Starts

The tier 1 stage of the mission starts when the hero arrives at Kingsmouth town via the Agartha transport system. Tier 1 involves finding the sheriff of the town. Follow the marker on the map and find the sheriff walled up in a makeshift sheriff's office at the entrance into Kingsmouth town. The sheriff will explain that Kingsmouth has been overrun with mutants and zombies since the inception of the black fog. She instructs the hero to locate the survivors of Kingsmouth and find out why the fog has arisen in Kingsmouth.

The Secret World Locate the Survivors of Kingsmouth

The hero must find the right survivors of Kingsmouth for the game to proceed on. If one were to switch on the map, then the survivors are marked on the screen. These survivors may include Scrapeyard Edgar, Che Garcia Hansson at Hippe Camp and Sandy Moose Jansen at Kingsmouth Sheriff Camp. However, although they may offer advice on the fog, they will not offer further leads on the fog. The correct survivor to go to is Norma Creed, who is located southeast of the sheriff's office. Getting to Norma Creed will lead to the hero past wispwood, where some wisps will attack the hero. Defeat them and speak to Norma Creed. She will explain that the fog appears to have emanated from the events associated with the Lady Margaret. It's time to investigate the Lady Margaret.

The Secret World Defeat the Zombie Captain at the Lady Margaret

The way to the Lady Margaret is fraught with dangers. There are feigr impalers and seacallers and other assorted monsters. It is possible to avoid them but the experience deficient hero may want to tackle them and try some new abilities. The ultimate test at this stage will be defeating the zombie captain solo. Move onto the boat and spot the zombie captain. Unleash all your offensive prowess on the zombie captain. Do not hold back at all. The key here is to lower the zombie captain's "health" before his vomitus spit attacks reduce the hero's health to zero. Use shock, magic, shotgun attacks and whatever the hero has got and start throwing the kitchen sink at the zombie captain. And do not let the zombie captain evade and run away, or the hero will have to start again.

The Secret World Defeat the Captain

The Secret World Get Into the Dr Bannerman's Computer with The Password

The tier 4 part of the dawning of an endless night mission wll see the hero talking to Dr Bannerman and then finding his clinic. Dr Bannerman is found in the Sheriff's office, and his clinic is found just a short distance from the Sheriff's office. Go into his office and operate his computer. To get the files needed, one must solve the riddle of the "Music of the Seasons" and "1723". The correct answer for this is "Vivaldi". Hunt for the necessary files in the computer and it's time to find Derrick Creed and Lawrence Creed.

The Secret World Find Derrick Creed, Lawrence Creed and then Joe Slater

To find Derrick Creed and Lawrence Creed in tier 5 of the dawning of an endless night mission, the hero needs to check the map and zoom in. Move towards the circled area and then find a way through the building blocks to get to Derrick Creed and Lawrence Creed. Discover that Derrick Creed is now a zombie feasting on his brother Lawrence. Defeat Derrick Creed and then go find Joe Slater.

Again follow the map towards Belmont Avenue. Search around the second or third house at Belmont Avenue and the game will indicate that the hero should enter the sewers (in solo stance) through an opening on the ground. Fight through some feigr seacallers and impalers to reach Joe Slater. Joe Slater is surrounded by 2 newform seacallers and a hulky beast called a Bloodsource. Defeat them and speak to Joe Slater. Mr Slater will direct the hero to follow a song.


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