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The Secret World Explore the Deep Shaft

Updated on July 28, 2012

The Secret World Explore the Deep Shaft

In the secret world, the hero must explore the deep shaft of Blue Ridge Mine. This is one of the most difficult parts in the initial stages of the game because it is a solo stance area, and particularly if the hero is not built for effective combat against the monsters in this area. The Blue Ridge Mine is located in the middle of the Blue Mountain area. Before the mines can be explored, the hero must speak to someone in the Blue Mountain about the blue ridge mine. This will guide the hero on how to find the right person to speak about the mine and how to reach the mine in the safest way. In addition, it will guide the hero on how to navigate and epxlore the deep shaft and finally emerge from the blue ridge mine to continue on in the main quest.

The Secret World Fiend of Corruption

The Secret World Explore the Deep Shaft to find the Fiend of Corruption and Gaia's seal.
The Secret World Explore the Deep Shaft to find the Fiend of Corruption and Gaia's seal.

The Secret World Find Someone to Speak to About the Blue Ridge Mine

From the savage coast, head to the blue mountain area by heading north via Solomon Road. Next, switch on the map mode, and note the Franklin estate somewhere southeast of the Blue Ridge Mine. Head for the Franklin Mansion. This path will take the hero past the bridge where a bus is burning. Run past the bridge quickly, as the "dead bodies" on the bridge will arise as zombies. Note that the hero can take short cuts through wilderness to the Franklin estate or he can take the road, which is safer and may ultimately be shorter.

At the Franklin estate, find and speak to Eleanor Franklin and know the history of Edward Franklin and the Blue Ridge Mine. The hero must now touch the relevant parts of four paintings -

  • the first painting is the Knight Painting on the second level of the Franklin mansion. Ed Franklin's twisted ghost will appear telling the hero about the "eyes of death".
  • head back to the stairs leading to the first level and note a painting with the "eyes of death" neat the staircase. Touch the eyes and Franklin will appear to say "angel wings"
  • go downstairs and touch the painting with the angel wings. This painting should be located in the corridor leading out of Franklin mansion. Ed Franklin will appear to say "Redemption".
  • go to the corridor near Eleanor Franklin and touch the words "redemption" on the painting there.

A secret door will open. Head into the secret room and activate a box on the table. The Blue Ridge Mine key will be awarded to the hero. It's time to go to Blue Ridge Mine. Go out of the secret room by pulling a book on the bookshelf near the door; the door will reopen.

The Secret World Get to Blue Ridge Mine

Switch on the map and study it. Note that the Ash Forest is south of the Blue Ridge Mine. Head to the ash forest and proceed north. This path is chosen because it offers the path of least resistance to the hero, and because if the hero does die, the anima resurrection point lies just outside south of the Ash Forest. Run past the hordes of walking undead in this forest, keeping close to the right hand side of the mountain. Near the Blue Ridge Mine entrance, there will larger monsters. Run past them and quickly click on the blue ridge mine entrance.

The Secret World Get Into the Deep Shaft and Explore this Area

Enter the Blue Ridge Mine and identify three paths leading forwards, left and right. The correct path is right. Beware of wandering hate machine and the red marks on the ground. Avoid the red marks, and wait for the hate machine to wander off before proceeding right. Keep close to the right hand side of the wall until the hero sees an elevator shaft. Go into the elevator shaft, activate the controls and descend into the deep shaft.

In the deep shaft of the Blue Ridge Mine, the hero must proceed forward initially. He will see some seeping shades on the left and ahead. Avoid this first seeping shade and head right. Continue until the hero drops into another even deeper mine shaft. No damage will be taken. Instead, pick up the miner's helmet in this area and wear it. This will allow the area to be lit up. When facing the miner, turn right and continue.

The tunnel will open up into a larger cavern. There is an insidious shade on the right. It is impossible to stealth past this monster. Instead, when the hero is attacked and pulled towards the shade, turn around and run out of this cavern. Keep to the left side of the wall and keep running past another insidious shade ahead. A tunnel will open up on the left. Continue running into this tunnel and then note another insidious shade ahead. Turn right and run until another tunnel opens up. Keep running until the shades stop attacking. Stop and rest for a while.

For the combative hero, he may want to tackle the shades one at a time. If the hero dies, he will respawn at the entrance of blue ridge mine.

Take note of this surrounding area and note the tunnel leads left or right. At this point, the miner's helmet may run out of battery, leaving the hero in near total darkness. The left tunnel leads to a dead miner with a flare gun by his side. There is an insidious shade within this tunnel. The right tunnel leads to a large cavern with a patrolling insidious shade. When the shade's back is turned to the hero, go into sprinting mode and run past the shade. The hero may want to use the flare gun, or he may want to proceed in near total darkness. The flare gun will stun the shade momentarily.

Either way, keep moving forward, behind the shade's back if the hero wants to use the stealth approach. Eventually, the hero will reach a cavern with the Fiend of Corruption. Again, approach this wolf like shade from the back by keeping to the left side of the wall. Near the fiend of Corruption will be Gaia's seal or roots; activate this and a lit tunnel on the hero's left will open up. Head into it and proceed to the next tier. Of course, the combat orientated hero may want to take on the fiend of corruption. The choices between stealth in near total darkness or fighting the shades are up to the hero.

After the deep shaft mission, the hero needs to go activate and then defend the wards. He will then gain the trust of the people of the Blue Mountain. With the healing buff so obtained from this trust, return to the deep shaft and face the final foe.

Exploring the Latter Part of the Deep Shaft in Near Total Darkness and Without Triggering a Fight


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