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The Secret World Defeat Beaumont

Updated on July 30, 2012

The Secret World Tactics to Defeat Beaumont

In the Secret World, Beaumont is the final boss in the dawning of an endless night main quest. He is located in the deep shaft. The hero must descend into the deep shaft again and find Beaumont. This time within the deep shaft, there are no enemies along the way. There is only Beaumont in the final chamber. As the hero enters the chamber, he will find that he has a buff or constant power that will continously heal him. However, will this be enough for the hero to defeat Beaumont? This will guide the hero with tactics to defeat Beaumont.

The Secret World Defeat Beaumont

The Secret World Defeat Freddy Beaumont and his Clones
The Secret World Defeat Freddy Beaumont and his Clones

The Secret World Clones of Beaumont

Beaumont has a lot of health points. Predictably with each drop in the health points, Beaumont launches a different stage of attack. At the beginning of the fight, Beaumont stands alone in the chamber with his favourite sword ready to strike at the hero. Advance into the chamber, and use ranged attacks against Beaumont. Keep dropping his health points. At a certain stage, Beaumont will have had enough. He will launch his clone attacks.

Three clones of Beaumont will appear around him. Their attacks consist of summoning swirling circles of damage around them. Each circle will enlarge and coalesce with the circles from the other clones to create larger circles. As the circles meet, so will the damage increase. With the meeting of all three circles, the hero will succumb to the excessive damage and be defeated by Beaumont. The key here is therefore either to rush in and defeat the clones before this happens, or to rush out of reach of the circles and attack the clones from range. Those sitting on the fence may want to attack one of the clones of Beaumont from range from outside the circles and then run out of the chamber, allowing the hero to heal up spontaneously from the effects of the healing buff. Do not head too far out of the chamber; this tactic is purely for the hero to heal up. Return when health is normal or near normal and quickly repeat the above techniques with the other two clones. Speed is essential here too, or the battle scenario may reset, and the three clones may reappear again. Defeat the clones and then reengage Beaumont.

Note that the hero's health must be high enough for this fight, or the hero will not survive the circles of attack. And the fast speed in which the hero must defeat each clone means the damage per second of the hero must be good enough. If the hero keeps glancing the clones with attacks, then just head out and grab some items to buff up the character before coming back.

The Secret World Defeat the Wolves of Beaumont

Finally, Beaumont will summon wolves to distract the hero. The wolves will attack the hero whilst Beaumont will step back and summon more damaging circles of damage on the hero. It is obvious that the hero must avoid the attacks of the wolves and that of the circles. So active dodging of the wolves and moving around the circles are essential for the hero. At the same time, the hero must continue to execute damaging counterattacks on the wolves. This particular hero uses a series of ranged elemental attacks to hinder, penetrate and damage the wolves. Other heroes may want to use melee attacks. Whatever the form of attack, Beaumont's wolves should succumb to the hero if the hero has enough health points and damage per second. Always run away temporarily if the hero needs to heal up.

And then the wolves perish and the hero can divert his full attention onto defeating Beaumont. This is a matter of being patient, careful healing up of the hero and repeatedly hacking Beaumont to bits with the hero's most damaging abilities. When Beaumont's health is reduced to zero, a cut scene will follow.

The Secret World Using the Blade Skill to Defeat Beaumont


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