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The Secret World Tips and Hints

Updated on July 30, 2012

The Secret World Tips and Hints

In the Secret World, the hero embarks on a journey through a virtual Earth infested by hellish monsters, ghosts and shades. The hero must learn how to defend himself against such odds and still survive to complete the main missions in the secret world. At some point, the hero may become stuck in the game and not know how to progress through some of the main missions. Failure to proceed may be due to lack of game knowledge and finesse, lack of health points or lack of other essentials like damage against key boss monsters in the game. This will provide the hero with tips and hints necessary to achieve the knowledge, increase the health points and weapons and abilities damage to proceed enjoyably and complete the game.

The Secret World Defeat the Janitor

The Secret World Defeat the Janitor in the Horrow Show Mission.
The Secret World Defeat the Janitor in the Horrow Show Mission.

The Secret World Horror Show Mission

Let's use the secret world horror show mission to orientate one with the game. The horror show mission is available from the Sheriff at Kingsmouth. Talking to the sheriff and completing side missions like this will allow one to build up equipment and abilities to enhance one's prowess (health points, defence, attack rating and damage) and this will make it easier for the hero to progress through the main missions of the game. The hero can either continue with the main missions until he becomes stuck with combating certain enemies, or he can take on the main missions and the side missions at the same locality where the main missions were received. A description of the level of difficulty of the mission will accompany each mission, and the hero can choose to accept the mission or not.

The Horror Show Mission requires the hero to acquire certain cameras within Kingsmouth. The cameras are small and can be easily missed. The first camera from the petrol station is the easiest to miss. When facing the petrol station from the front, note that the camera is on the roof on the right. Go to the back of the petrol station and climb onto the roof of the petrol station. Move along the roof until one reaches the front of the petrol station. Gingerly move to the edge of the roof on the left side and collect the camera. The next two cameras are easy and can be obtained easily, including one from the museum.

At the museum, the hero must then descend into the basement and talk to the janitor. However, the whole place is booby-trapped. This is a solo-stance area where the hero must solo the place. The first three tripwires are easy to jump over and evade. The hero must then head into a room on the right side and deactivate the explosives. Be careful of the cameras here. The increase in light intensity of the camera on the hero will indicate that the hero has been detected, and there will be a beeping sound. Either evade the cameras, or quickly run out of the room to avoid the impending explosion. By using a series of crates and boxes, the hero can make his way to the deactivate switch and switch this off.

Go out of the room, and then go through some horizontal laser wires. There will be a gap between the horizontal laser wires where it will be safe to go through. Pass this the hero must deactivate another explosion in a room on the right. Then come out and defeat the janitor. Grab new cameras from the crate behind the janitor and put them on various locations in Kingsmouth. Then go back to the sheriff's office and enter the necessary keys into the computer to activate the camera.

The Secret World Become More Powerful With Each Mission

With the completion of this mission, the hero receives the "Send Report" tab. Clicking on this tab will allow the hero to receive some equipment. These items can be equipped on the hero's body, and can range from talismen to belts to weapons like pistols or elemental or blood focuses. Each item has a QL rating. The hero starts with equipment of QL 0. If the hero brings this QL 0 equipment to try to take on one of the end bosses of the main mission, then the outcome is inevitable - defeat and humility for the hero.

By completing missions and receiving better and better QL equipment, the hero's stats like health points, damage, attacking rating and defense will increase. With these stats increase, the hero will be able to take on more difficult side missions associated with the main missions in another sector of the game. The hero should take on these side missions to find more equipment and to further improve on the QL of the equipment. As the hero becomes more powerful, he will be able to take on the more difficult parts of the main mission.

In addition, completing the missions allow the hero to get and accumulate tokens such as the sequin of solomon island. These tokens will allow the hero to purchase higher and more effective QL equipment at merchants at the Council of Venice. Again, the hero will become more powerful. The hero also increases in prowess by gaining skill points with each mission. Invest in the major talisman skill to allow the hero to increase health points and equip higher QL equipment. This sets up a vicious cycle to allow the hero to become an ultimate tank with very high health points, a damage specialist with a lot of damage per second, or a hero with stats and playing style of the player's choice.


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