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Tomb Raider Shanty Town Walkthrough

Updated on March 17, 2013

Tomb Raider Shanty Town Walkthrough

In Tomb Raider, the Shanty Town is one of the bloodiest part of the game, as Lara has to battle through just about the entire platoon of Mathias’ forces to get out of the shanty town. This will describe some of the battles and provide a Shanty Town walkthrough. The Shanty Town walkthrough is also the highway to hell quest. This will guide the heroine on how to use battle tactics to get through some of the tough battles and advance to the next part of the game.

Tomb Raider Shanty Town Find A Way Through the Gate

Tomb Raider dodge the attacks of the enemies and find a way through the gate
Tomb Raider dodge the attacks of the enemies and find a way through the gate

Tomb Raider Highway to Hell - Find A Way through the Gate

There is one path through the Shanty Town after the initial battle with fire arrows. This path will take the heroine to the palace. There are other routes in the Shanty Town, but they are optional areas to get more loot, salvage and weapon parts. There is also a secret tomb near the end of the Shanty Town walkthrough.

To do the straightforward path, Lara needs to look for a gate that will swing shut as she is about to enter. Turning around, Lara finds that she is trapped between this locked gate and the rest of Shanty Town. To survive this battle, Lara needs to follow these few principles –

  • Hide behind cover.
  • Use fire arrows and take out the grenadiers.
  • Upgrade the tier 2 axe attack and take out the melee attackers using two or three attacks and then go back to cover.
  • Jump and scramble out of the way and from cover to cover when the going gets tough and Lara is down on health.

When Lara’s health is back to normal, repeat the above techniques.

Eventually, the enemies at the first gate will fall, and Lara can advance.

Tomb Raider Defeat the Enemies At Shanty Town to Save Grim

Next, Grim is in trouble, as he escapes from captivity, and the enemies chase after him. Lara will have to defeat the enemies to save Grim. The main difference between this and the above attacks is that the enemies start using dynamite and not use fire in bottles. But the technique is the same. Jump and scramble clear and then counter attack, taking down the dynamite throwers first.

Once Grim is saved, he wants Lara to climb onto the crates on the conveyor belt and get to his high point.

Tomb Raider Shanty Town Final Battle

The Shanty Town final battle requires a lot of axe melee attacks and close death moments for Lara Croft.
The Shanty Town final battle requires a lot of axe melee attacks and close death moments for Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider Defeat More Enemies At Shanty Town Windmill Camp

There will be two more sets of battles after this. First Lara needs to defeat the enemies in front of a windmill. This part is easy. Note that Lara can save at the base camp after this battle, and there is a secret tomb here.

Next, Lara will climb onto the crates and come down to a platform. From this platform, she must get to the other platform. This part of the battle is the final battle in Shanty Town, and will allow Lara to get to the next phase of the game. But it is also the most difficult.

Here, Lara must hide behind cover. Wait for the four melee attackers to arrive and take them down with axe attacks. Next, take out the grenadiers and ranged attackers with fire arrows. Finally, as the remaining enemies come through to Lara’s platform, defeat them with the submachine or upgraded assault rifle.

Once they are defeated, watch the grim ending, and then proceed to the next part of the game.

Tomb Raider Chamber of Judgment

After the windmill battle, Lara can rest at the windmill camp. Following the rest, Lara can explore the secret tomb the Chamber of Judgment. Here, Lara will fall down the slope initially and then have to climb through some obstacles. Once she is within the Chamber of Judgment, find enough containers to use as a counterweight, and she will get to the treasure.


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