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Vintage Tripoley Rummy Board Game

Updated on July 7, 2018

Tripoley Game

Tripoley Rules and Game Play

Tripoley is a classic American board game for 2-9 players. The game combines the play of Michigan Rummy, Hearts, and Poker.

After all the cards are dealt out along with a dummy hand the three phases of play begin. First the Hearts, then the Poker round and the finale is the the Michigan Rummy round. Tripoley is a lot of fun and although it is helpful if you already know how to play the individual games of of Hearts, Poker and Michigan Rummy, it's not absolutely necessary. This game is fairly easy to learn.

The game is all about who collects the most chips. Most versions of this game include one hundred plastic playing chips, but they were never enough for our group. You may want to purchase additional chips for your Tripoley board game or you can do what we did and substitute pennies for chips.

You can purchase new versions of Tripoley through or if you have your mind on a vintage version of the famous game e-bay is a great resource.

Photo- Vintage "1962" Tripoley Game. Credit-


In 1935 Donald Mazer and Charles Berlsheimer crated the Tipoley game and formed the company CADACO and acronym for Charles and Don and Company. The game Tripoley and the company have survived in one form or another for over 75 years. The rights to the Tripoley game and the CADACO company were most recently purchased by the "Poof- Slinky" company, which owns several brands including "Ideal" .

From a "2005" Press release"

About Cadaco-

Cadaco, founded in 1935, is one of America's oldest independent family- owned game and toy companies. The Company also offers the world's largest line of magic products. Cadaco game classics include Tripoley(R), Bas-Ket(R) and Bible Trivia(R).- SOURCE Cadaco; NTN Communications, Inc.

Tripoley is a Great Icebreaker

Tripoley and the other Rummy type board games are great for stimulating competitive interaction, while not being so complicated that the game play takes away from conversation and socializing. All of these games are a great way to break the ice at family gatherings, reunions and mixers.

Whether you are hosting a gathering or responding to an invitation, bring along one of the Tripoley board games. Take a Tripoley game along to your next housewarming. A bottle of wine, although nice, can be gone in minutes with minimal participation... A Tripoley game board, especially if you have the opportunity to play it at the event, will serve to trigger a memory every time it's comes out of the game cupboard.

Tripoley Game Board Image Credit and Product Information at Amazon .com . Or double click the photo for current pricing and order info."

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Vintage Tripoley Rummy Board Game
Tripoley is a classic American board game for 2-9 players. The game combines the play of Michigan Rummy, Hearts, and Poker. After all Cards are dealt out al...

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    • BobZau profile imageAUTHOR

      Bob Zau 

      6 years ago

      Board games are lot fun and for introverts such as myself, they are great way to interact with a group.


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