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Vintage Card Games: Collectibles, Bought and Sold

Updated on August 30, 2017

Vintage card games make great collections; buying and selling them are satisfying as well!

My wife and I have a number of collections we have enjoyed acquiring over many years. She has more than I do, but we are now beginning to work toward 'thinning out' our collections by beginning to sell some of the items, in our retirement years. As is often said on "American Pickers" - one of our favorite TV series, "finding a new home for our collected items is part of the fun." Perhaps we can interest a new, perhaps younger, collector in our items to get their own collections started.

I've been looking forward to the Collections Quest, and now it is time to get started. This lens will initially focus on examples of Vintage Card Games that we are simultaneously making available in a new Etsy shop under DrBillSmith - see below. We hope you click through below, and perhaps even purchase a card game or two. I'll update the lens as items available change.

The image is of one of the card games currently available.

Home History Card Game
Home History Card Game

Home History Games For Boys and Girls

Milton Bradley Company - 1909

This vintage card game is complete in the original box - there are 105 cards, all of them included.

Instructions for the game are in the lid of the box.

Currently available at DrBillandNancy on Etsy.

Copyrighted 1909, by Milton Bradley Company, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Card Games are great fun! - But, what do you think?

While most folks I know, and virtually all our families, do enjoy playing a variety of card games. Others, however, for reasons of their own, don't care for card games or just never got started playing.

Where do you stand on this important issue? ;-)

Please elaborate your thoughts, concerns, reasons in your comments. Thanks! ;-)

Do you play card games?

Kids Card Games on Amazon

These aren't vintage collectibles, but if you want to help your kids get started playing card games, these might do the trick for you.

Make-A-Million Card Game
Make-A-Million Card Game

"Make-a-Million" - The Exciting Game - Parker Brothers

1934 Vintage Card Game

This vintage card game has 55 cards and two instruction books - all complete.

The game is all in the original box and the cards are in excellent - like new - condition.

Currently available at DrBillandNancy on Etsy.

Sherlock Holmes Card Game
Sherlock Holmes Card Game

Sherlock Holmes Card Game

A 1904 game from Parker Brothers

This game includes a "new and improved" rules for advanced players, as well.

This game is described as one of laughter and excitement.

This game is now available at DrBill and Nancy on Etsy.

Doctor Quack
Doctor Quack

Comical Game of Doctor Quack

A game from Milton Bradley

This game box features vivid artwork on the cover signed by L. Phillips.

The game includes the box, story sheet, & stack of playing cards. The set appears complete & is in good condition.

This game is currently available on Etsy.

Favorite Card Game as a young person

Home History Card Game
Home History Card Game

What was your favorite card game growing up?

See results

Don't have a vintage card game collection?

Start your Vintage Card Game collection today!


The Premium Game: Logomachy or War of Words

An 1889 game from McLoughlin Bros. Inc.

A deck of 61 extremely colorful cards with letters of the alphabet. The Instructions to the game are printed on back side of the box top.

The number 4060 is stamped on the instructions. The box has seen better days, but is in good shape considering its age & composition.

"The Premium Game: Logomachy or War of Words" McLoughlin Bros. Inc New York in on cover.

Under the instructions in the cover is printed: Milton Bradley Co., - Springfield, Mass.

Currently available at DrBillandNancy on Etsy.

A sample of our Authors Vintage Card Games Collection - Do you collect Vintage Card Games? Why not start today!

A display of Authors Vintage Card Games
A display of Authors Vintage Card Games

We are sharing this image to perhaps stimulate your interest in beginning your own Vintage Card Game collections. We have more more Authors Card Games than any others. We each played the Authors card games in our youth - we still read a lot - and it has been a joy to revisit the many variations available in this one game.

My wife, Nancy, has especially enjoyed collecting these Authors Card Games which help her recall many happy days as a youngster playing with her grandmother and her cousins.


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