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Which is Best - InnoTab vs LeapPad Mark II Tablets?

Updated on November 30, 2014
Image: adapted from the clipart library
Image: adapted from the clipart library

Innotab vs Leapad

It's not the easiest task trying to make your mind up when it comes to the great InnoTab vs LeapPad debate.

In essence, both tablets are equal in quality and any child would love to own either, yet why is it still ridiculously difficult to decide between the two?

Well it needn't be. It's just a case of cutting through all the promotional waffle on these two tablets and getting to the bare bones facts of what makes each gadget so great (or not so great).

Like you, I'm carefully considering which is the better tablet out of the two, with a view of potentially buying one for my niece (almost) 4 year old niece. I want to get her something really cool that she'll love and get good educational value out of.

It's taken me ages to trawl through the manufacturers websites and customer reviews on both gadgets, but it's been well worth the research time. I'm sure this information will also help you with your decisions too.

I've summarized my findings in this article, but for the full, detailed comparison you'll find all the information here: InnoTab v LeapPad (version 2) models.

innotab vs leappad
innotab vs leappad

Appearance, Processor & Memory

InnoTab Vs LeapPad - How is the InnoTab2 different from the LeapPad2?

  1. The LeapPad is a smaller, sleeker looking tablet as compared to the InnoTab, yet it has more memory. The LeapPad2 has 4GB of memory, compared to the InnoTab2, which only has 2GB. There is, however, the capacity to buy extra memory for the InnoTab2 with the inclusion of an SD memory card. This can increase the memory of the device by up to 32GB.
  2. The LeapPad2 has a faster processor; 500MHz compared to 400MHz with the InnoTab2.
  3. The InnoTab2 allows you to personalize the home screen. You have the option of adding up to 4 users and setting different themes and greetings for them. The LeapPad2 does not offer this.

Cameras and Audio

InnoTab2 Vs LeapPad2 - Differences between the InnoTab and LeapPad Tablets

  1. InnoTab2 has a 1.3 megapixels rotatable camera to capture shots from every angle. LeapPad2 has 2 cameras (front and back), both of which are 2 megapixels.
  2. While both tablets have built in video cameras and recorders, only the InnoTab2 offers the option of downloading and watching your own movies. With the LeapPad2, you can only watch movies bought from the LeapFrog App Center or selected retail outlets.
  3. Unlike the InnoTab2, the LeapPad2 does not have a built in MP3 player. However, you can buy a separate app that will allow you to download and play your own music. It's not as good as having an actual MP3 player, but it's an OK work around.


Games and Apps

InnoTab Vs LeapPad Kids Tablets - Which is better - InnoTab2 or LeapPad2?

  1. With over 325 games and apps to choose from, the LeapPad2 offers much more variety than the InnoTab2.
  2. The InnoTab2 comes pre-loaded with the Read, Play and Create cartridge, providing 3 educational and creative apps: an art app, an eBook and a fun game.
  3. The LeapPad2 comes with 5 apps: LeapPad2 Learning Songs and Pet pad, which are already pre-installed; Art Studio and Cartoon Creativity, which will need to be download on registration, plus you'll also receive an additional app of your choice. A really good feature the LeapPad2 has over the InnoTab2 is that the games and apps automatically adjust to match the age and skill level of your child as they develop.

innotab vs leappad -
innotab vs leappad - | Source

InnoTab2 vs LeapPad2

Which tablet should you go with?

So which of the 2 tablets should you go with?

I strongly believe that it all depends on the age of the child you are buying for. The LeapPad2 seems more child-friendly when it comes to the needs of little kids and it has a faster processor too.

It's less clunkier and therefore easier for tiny hands to hold and it's sturdier than the InnoTab2 so less likely to break when dropped (and it WILL get dropped, more than once).

I also like the fact that there are more games and apps to choose from; offering so much more variety and educational content than the InnoTab2. Oh and don't forget that the games and apps your child plays on the LeapPad2 can be scaled up to meet your child's skill level as they grow.

The InnoTab2 shouldn't be ruled out though as this is a great tablet. It's a bit more high tech than the LeapPad2 with regards to the multimedia options it offers - especially when it comes to the Wi-Fi enabled InnoTab 2S. I think the InnoTab2 would be a great fit for a child who's 7 and above.

All in all, I think the better tablet of the two is the LeapPad2.

innotab vs leappad
innotab vs leappad

LeapPad Accessories - Accessories for the LeaPad2 tablet

InnoTab vs LeapPad: the mark II models - which one do you think is the best and why?

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