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Whiskey Decanter Liquor Decanter - Best Selection Cheapest Prices

Updated on February 22, 2011

A Whiskey or Liquor Decanter For All Occasions

A whiskey, (whisky), or Liquor, (liqour), decanter, whether crystal, cut-glass, or art, is one of those things that you get just because you want it. Although many people say a fine whiskey or liquor tastes better when poured from a decanter, it's really all in the perception. Unlike wine, whiskey doesn't have sediment, so decanting isn't really necessary, - as a function, that is, but in the overall picture of pure enjoyment, a quality liquor decanter can make all the difference in the world.

Smart shoppers want straight information, without hype, and great prices, without a "catch" - that's what this buyer's guide is intended to do!

A Whiskey,(whisky), liquor, (liqour), Decanter or a decanter set with glasses, is a perfect addition to your home bar or decanter collection
A Whiskey,(whisky), liquor, (liqour), Decanter or a decanter set with glasses, is a perfect addition to your home bar or decanter collection

Crystal and Cut-glass Decanters

Crystal Whiskey Decanter
Crystal Whiskey Decanter
Cut-Glass Whiskey Decanter
Cut-Glass Whiskey Decanter

A Whiskey Decanter for Your Bar or Collection

Most people buy whiskey or liquor decanters either as an accessory to their home bar or liquor service, or as part of a collection - like Jim Beam Decanters.

Just like any pleasure - a gourmet meal; a fine glass of wine; or a good cigar, the ritual of the the routine or service adds to the overall quality of the experience. A gourmet meal served on paper plates won't taste nearly as good as the same food served on fine china by a server in a tux. And you don't enjoy that $20 cigar just by biting the end and flicking your Bic. Enjoying your favorite whiskey is the same. Pouring into a cut-crystal glass from an impressive decanter will enhance your enjoyment in ways pouring straight from the bottle never can.

Crystal and cut-crystal, (or cut-glass), whiskey decanters are usually the top choice of non-collectors. Some examples of crystal decanters are shown on the right.

ebay Buyer's Protection Program
ebay Buyer's Protection Program | Source

Why Smart Shoppers Check ebay First!

Smart shoppers and collectors know that all the individual collector sites on the Net only have their own inventory to offer, and they set their own prices - take it or leave it!

But on ebay you have multiple sellers, all in one place, and all competing for your sale. You never pay more than you have to because buers compete with each other to set the price.

And the New ebay is safer and more secure than ever. They have "vetted" their sellers so you can be sure you are only dealing with vendors with stellar past customer service records, and ebay's Buyer Protection program guarantees your purchase is just as you expected - or your money back!

Whiskey Decanter - Hob-Nail design
Whiskey Decanter - Hob-Nail design

Cut-Glass is Really Crystal

One of the most popular whiskey decanter styles is referred to as cut-glass, (the "glass" is almost always a leaded-crystal glass), in a heavy thick-walled design. The most common pattern is called "hob-nail." which, due to its diamond texture, and straight-line symmetry of the design is where the term "cut-glass design" originated. The decanter on the right is typical of a hobnail or cut-glass decanter.

Star-Burst and Ray Design whiskey decanter with hob-nail too
Star-Burst and Ray Design whiskey decanter with hob-nail too

Star-Burst and Rays Designs

Other cut-glass designs include a combination of styles, like this second decanter that has both hob-nail and a design cut called "star-burst" or "ray" cuts. Once again, decanters with these design styles are usually very heavy thick-walled crystal.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter
Crystal Whiskey Decanter

Full -cut Straight line Design Whiskey Decanters

The decanter on the right is an example of the beauty of thick-walled leaded-crystal designs that create multiple facets to catch and reflect light - just like diamond cuts. When these decanters are filled with your favorite amber colored whiskey or liquor the effect makes a stunning presentation. Especially when it is part of a matched whiskey decanter set with matching rocks glasses.

Sleek-line Italian Crystal Whiskey and Liquor decanter
Sleek-line Italian Crystal Whiskey and Liquor decanter

Fine Italian Crystal Decanters

Sleek lines and smooth walls mark some of the Italian crystal whiskey decanters. Frequently combined with colored crystal accents, designs like the one on the right easily serve as the focal point for any fine liquor service. These types of decanters, usually imported, are typically more expensive than cut-glass designs.

Some of the Finest Crystal Whiskey Decanters

There were over 120 listings for Crystal and Glass whiskey and liquor decanters on ebay today, and vendors are adding new listings every day. From a single antique whiskey decanter to a fine crystal decanter set with matching rocks glasses, odds are good you will find just what you are looking for at the cheapest prices online!

Use this link to:

Collecting Whiskey and Liquor Decanters

Collecting Whiskey and Liquor Decanters is a completely different market. Although still a debatable issue, the first whiskey decanters were thought to have originated in the early 1600's. But regardless of their origin, the collectible whiskey decanter segment is dominated by only a few names; Jim Beam, McCormick, and Ezra Brooks.

Of all the online sites where you can find collectible decanters, - Jim Beam is the most prolific, and it is the same on ebay To get a little Jim beam history, and see the available choices, check out this:

Whiskey or Liquor Decanter

A Whiskey,(whisky), liquor, (liqour), Decanter or a decanter set with glasses, is a perfect addition to your home bar or decanter collection
A Whiskey,(whisky), liquor, (liqour), Decanter or a decanter set with glasses, is a perfect addition to your home bar or decanter collection

Whiskey and Liquor Decanter

Whiskey and Liquor Decanters hold a special place in the hearts of spirits connoisseurs. There is nothing like serving your favorite whisky or ligour from a heavy cut-crystal decanter that is as much a piece of art as it is a spirits container. And for collectors - finding that one Jim Beam decanter that you have been looking for to add to or complete your collection is like finding the Holy Grail. Ezra Brooks decanters are almost as popular as Jim Beam and McCormick decanters but are a little harder to find because not as many of them were produced.;


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