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5 Best Wii Dance Games that You Shouldn't Miss Out On!

Updated on April 27, 2014

Have Fun While Working Out with Wii Dance Games!

If you are bored of working out, then maybe it is time to start a new kind of exercise regimen. A Wii dance game is all you need to give your boring exercise routine a new fun twist. There are many Wii dance games out there so which one should you choose? This page presents the top 5 of Wii dance games that you wouldn't want to miss out on! Get ready to shake your booty and burn some calories at the same time!

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Best Wii Dance Game #1 - Just Dance

"Just Dance", the Wii Dance Game by UBI Soft is arguably the best Wii dance game out there! Suitable for almost everyone, the game showcases a variety of dance steps that you can carry out. Not only is this wii dance game a fun option, but it helps you to stay fit as well!

Some Features of "Just Dance" wii game -

  • You can work out while listening to your favorite songs!
  • Contains 30 licensed tracks ranging from songs by MC Hammer to Katy Perry.
  • Scrolling lyrics -- sing along to each song!
  • Learn incredible 80s, 90s inspired dance moves plus other dance moves of various genre. This feature is really useful for those who are looking towards learning some much needed dance moves.
  • Dance in groups with the fun 4 player party mode! Exercising cannot get any more fun than this!

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Best Wii Dance Games #2 - Just Dance 2

"Just Dance" became so popular that it was not a surprise when UBI Soft released the second version of wii dance game. It is different from version 1 in the way that it offers a more precise movement detection of the wii remote. This feature can be pretty handy for good dancers.

Features of the "Just Dance 2" Wii Dance Game -

  • More tracks as compared to version 1 -- 44 new tracks suitable for all ages.
  • Incredible dance moves are showcased on this version as well which have been choreographed by experts to various genres of music.
  • Supports 8 players/dancers. This means more multiplayer fun with "Just Dance 2" wii dance game!

The "Just Dance 2" wii dance game is indeed a worthy successor to the original with improved features and more moves!

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Best Wii Dance Games #3 - Just Dance Kids

"Just Dance Kids" is the wii dance game aimed specifically for children. They can dance to tunes of their favorite TV shows like The Wiggles and popular hip-hip/pop songs re-recorded by kids, for the kids! The "Just Dance Kids" ensures continuous hours of fun and is also a great way to keep your kids fit.

Some Features of the "Just Dance Kids" Wii Dance Game -

  • Themes, dance moves and music suitable for kids.
  • 40 popular hit numbers to dance to!
  • Parents can keep track of their kid's exercise regimen and how much calories they have lost.
  • Supports 4 players/dancers. Your kid can have fun dancing with his/her friends non-stop!
  • Easy to navigate menus.

Every little kid should possess this game to see how fun exercising can be. If you are worried about your kid spending too much time on the PC or laptop, then get them this fun little wii dance game and you are sure to sit back, relax in peace!

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Best Wii Dance Games #4 - Gold's Gym Dance Workout

The Nintendo Wii Dance Game - "Gold's Gym Dance Workout" - takes working out to a whole new level. Apart from dance moves, the wii dance game also includes a number of mini games to keep you going. These mini games include karate and boxing to name a few.

Some features of "Gold Gym's Dance Workout" Wii Dance Game -

  • You will have your own personal trainer to train you with your dance moves and workout sessions - inspiring and motivating you to work better with constructive feedback! A virtual trainer, how cool is that?
  • Records your exercise routines/statistics so that you can check on them later on. This includes the amount of time you spent exercising each time along with the calories you burnt.
  • You can even check on your BMI with the help of the Wii balance board.
  • Over 30 songs to dance to!
  • A 2 player system -- enjoy dancing with a friend of yours!
  • Learn latin dance moves along with boxing style dance moves. A variety of dance moves available!

The "Gold's Gym Dance Workout" was created with the help of professional dancers and fitness experts.

Best Wii Dance Games #5 - Zumba Fitness Wii Dance Game

I was really impressed when I first saw the Zumba exercise routine on TV. This form of exercise can prove really beneficial for anyone who is looking for a new way to reduce weight effectively. The Zumba dance is also a fun way to burn those calories away. If you are wondering how to get started on your Zumba dance, then why not go for the Zumba fitness Wii Dance Game? The Zumba dance experts will show you moves that you are sure to enjoy!

Some features of the Zumba Fitness Wii Dance Game -

  • Have lots of fun doing the Zumba dance - a type of dance which is taking the whole world by storm. Burn some calories while you're at it!
  • 4 player support! Have fun dancing the Zumba moves with family and friends.
  • More than 30 Zumba routines - a variety of options to choose from!
  • A Zumba instructor will guide you through the entire process.
  • Includes beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Keep learning new stuff each time you exercise!
  • A range of venues and dance styles to choose from!

You can learn a couple of Zumba moves using this Wii dance game and then take these moves to the dance floor for your next party! A highly recommended Wii dance game for Zumba lovers.


Which is your favorite Wii dance game?

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      Just Dance 2 is my fav