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Witcher 2 Baltimore Dream Quest

Updated on June 1, 2011

Witcher 2 Baltimore House

Witcher 2 Baltimore House - Where Dreams Are Created
Witcher 2 Baltimore House - Where Dreams Are Created

Witcher 2 Baltimore Dream Quest

Although the witcher 2 side quests is mostly about fighting monsters, the witcher 2 baltimore dream quest is more of a puzzle quest. However, the witcher 2 baltimore dream quest is important for obtaining Gwyhyr, a powerful steel sword in Act 2 of the witcher 2.

To start this quest, one must first complete the queen harpy contract. Then Geralt will obtain Baltimore's dream. Return to Vergen and speak to Thorak about Baltimore, and learn that the runemaster has gone missing. He has in fact been declared dead by Thorak due to his MIA status for some time. This smells fishy, so ask Thorak to explore Baltimore's estate and smith.

Witcher 2 Baltimore's House

The witcher 2 baltimore's house is just one stair down from Thorak. Use Thorak's keys to open this house, and then enter. Towards the end of the house is a walled in area. Use Aard to break down the wall, and enter the area. Search the area and discover Baltimore's notes.

Baltimore's notes contain a riddle which tells Geralt to search for an area beyond the trolls and just stopping near the harpy cave. Head there, and just before entering the harpy cave, veer to the left and find the chest that contains the runic key. Head back to the crossroads and take the right turn, and keep moving until Geralt reaches the ship. This ship is part of the mystic ship quest, so take the opportunity to explore this ship also. There is a ivy hidden wall which Geralt must uncover and unlock with the runic key. Behind this wall, is Baltimore's runes and notes.

Just as Geralt leaves Baltimore's house, he will be confronted by Thorak. Tell him the truth and that he is on the way to look for the items mentioned in Baltimore's notes, and Thorak will let Geralt do that. After finding Baltimore's runes, Thorak will again approach Geralt. This time, Thorak can be enticed into attacking Geralt, especially if Geralt wants to report Thorak. When the fight is over, go and tell alderman Cecil Burdon what happened, and obtain the reward Gwyhyr.

Witcher 2 Baltimore Quest - Which Way to Go?


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