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Witcher 2 Endregas Contract

Updated on April 25, 2015

Witcher 2 Slaying the Queen Endrega

Witcher 2 Slaying the Queen Endrega in the Endregas Contract
Witcher 2 Slaying the Queen Endrega in the Endregas Contract

Witcher 2 Endregas Contract

The Witcher 2 Endregas Contract is obtained from Louis Merse, the person who also gave out the Nekker Contract.

The Witcher 2 Endregas Contract requires Geralt the witcher to go into the forest and seek out the endregas cocoons in the swampy areas, and destroy the cocoons. These endregas cocoons can be found in the swampy area south of Flotsam. One set of three cocoons is found to the east, and the other set is to the west of this swampy area, near the two big trees on the map bordering the swampy areas.

Geralt must open the cocoons, and smash the cocoons to pieces. Remember to loot from the smashed endregas cocoon after this, and then wait for the queen endregas to appear. It will also help to have already defeated the other endregas and the nekkers in this area before smashing the cocoons, otherwise Geralt the witcher may have one too many foes to deal with.

  • The witcher Geralt continues his wild hunt for the 3 Endregas Cocoons, as shown below.

Witcher 2 Endregas Contract - Finding the Endregas Cocoons

Witcher 2 Defeat the Queen Endregas

After the endregas cocoons are opened, the queen endrega will become enraged and will appear to punish Geralt. To defeat the queen endregas in the witcher 2, it may be useful to have some battle tactics. The key in this battle is to consume anti-poison antidotes, so that the queen endregas' poison will not affect Geralt. Next, one should ideally have the Parry skill max out, so that a successful Parry will not cause any damage to Geralt. Holding the E key constant for the battle is important. Also use the Quen sign to allow any potential damage onto Geralt to be deflected back to the queen endregas. With these tactics, defeating the queen endregas should be a piece of cake.

Note that the witcher 2 queen endregas contract should be attempted before asking Zoltan the dwarf to lead you to Iorveth the elf commander, and then to Lethos the King Slayer and Witcher. Once a side is chosen, and Lethos runs into Flotsam to kidnap Triss Merigold, side quests in Flotsam may be not continued or rewarded.

Assuming the main plot the assassin of kings storyline Act 1 ending has not been activated, once the queen endregas have been slew, go back to Louis Merse for Geralt's rewards.

Witcher 2 Defeating the Queen Endrega


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