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Witcher 2 Flotsam Commander Loredo Mansion Quests

Updated on April 25, 2015

Witcher 2 Flotsam Commander Loredo Mansion Quests

After saving Zoltan and Dandelion in the Flotsam town square, the witcher Geralt is invited by Loredo to his mansion in the evening to discuss a private matter. This sets up the witcher 2 Flotsam Commander Loredo Mansion Quests, which involves Geralt going to the Commander's mansion after 2100. Use the meditation tab and then mediate until after dusk for this to happen. Then approach the mansion at the top of the hill, and speak to the guard on the left and he will let you into the Commander Loredo's Mansion frontyard or courtyard.

Witcher 2 Disabling the Ballista in Flotsam

Roche accompanies Geralt the witch into the commander's compound, and it is here that Roche notices there is a ballista positioned towards the port. This ballista will allow Loredo to destroy any ship that threatens him, and so must be disabled. There is a guard guarding the ballista. To distract the guard, approach the lady standing to the left in the courtyard, and speak to her, asking her to entertain the guard. Nothing is free in life, and make sure that the witcher has some Orens at this point. It may help to finish the Kayran quest before doing this to earn some cash or Orens. 50 Orens will do the trick, and the lady advances to distract the guard, while Geralt then effortlessly moves to the ballista to extract the ballista shooting mechanism. This will prove very useful later on in the game.

Triss Merigold Returns in the Witcher 2 and the Witcher 3

Witcher 2 Sneaking and Eavesdropping on the Commander

To play through the whole story in an interesting and cinematic way, it is better to play through all the components of the witcher 2 story, and this is one of them. Roche and Geralt approach the guard outside the Commander's office, and are turned away because Loredo is busy talking to the sorceress Sile (see witcher 2 defeating the Kayran to see who Sile is). To know what they are discussing, Roche comes up with an excellent plan - he will distract the guard (in a captain sort of way), allowing Geralt to sneak into the backyard of the commander Loredo mansion and eavesdrop on the conversation.

There are three guards that will be in Geralt's way in sneaking to the backyard. First activate Geralt's sneak mode, and hide behind a rock, and allow the guard to walk past on the other side. Then sneak behind the guard and deal him a stunning blow. Next hide behind the wall and approach the guard in front of the door. The player must press the right hand button when doing this, otherwise the computer will not detect that Geralt is sneaking and all the work will go to waste. Come up behind this second guard and deal him another stunning blow.

Next climb up onto the rock cliff and down onto the other side. There is one more guard to knock out with this approach, and the coast is clear to climb up the stairs onto the window and eavesdrop on the sorceress and the commander. Once this is done, return to Roche and tell him the details of the story. This information will prove useful later on.

The witcher 2 walkthrough continues with Geralt now bargaining with the Commander on a matter of some importance.


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