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Witcher 2 Royal Blood

Updated on June 4, 2011

Witcher 2 Royal Blood

In the witcher 2, royal blood is part of 4 ingredients needed to heal Saskia from the poison during the witcher 2 act 2. The royal blood can be obtained either from Stennis by declaring him guilty of poisoning Saskia, or by going past the mist and obtaining the royal blood from Henselt.

To obtain royal blood from Henselt, Philippa the sorceress will turn into the owl again and use the magical ring to protect Geralt as he makes his way across the mist to the other side. About two or three times, the owl will be caught in the air by wraiths, and draugirs will appear to attack Geralt. At this level, this fight is simple enough. Destroy the draugir, and continue to destroy the wraiths. Eventually Geralt and Philippa will reach the other side of the mist.

2 Ways to Enter the Henselt Camp

Before Geralt can enter the Henselt camp, he stumbles upon a dead body with a figurine in it. Geralt pockets the figurine and moves on...... only to meet Roche. Roche, in the midst of swearing about always bumping into Geralt, suggests to Geralt of 2 ways to enter the Henselt camp. One is through some cliffs and sneaking around the guards to the coastline. The other, which is more fun and involves more dungeon crawling, involves bribing the courtesans (about 600 Orens is needed). Geralt is handed a key which unlocks a door accessible through an area inside the courtesans' tent (middle tent and then turn right). This will open up a cave where necrophages are aplenty. Slay the necrophages and then head to Nilfgaard camp.

Captured by Shilard and Fight with his Sorceror

Approaching the Nilfgaard camp, Geralt is captured by Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen. Shilard takes the figurine from Geralt and starts slamming it against the table, revealing ..... a figurine of Triss. Apparently this is an artifact compression spell. Pretty useful! Anyhow, Shilard wants the sorceress and wants the witcher dead. Shilard leaves, and the witcher is at the mercy of his sorceror. No surprises for who comes to his rescue - none other than Roche!

To fight the sorceror, use the best melee weapon in act 2 (obtained from the witcher 2 baltimore dream quest) and target the guards surrounding the sorceror first. It may be necessary to bind the guards with Yrden sign. Once the guards are finished, target the sorceror. He will keep teleporting, so just roll away from him after he teleports and attack him at the new location. This fight is important for 2 reasons - it is one of those fights that will happen. Second, the sorceror leaves arguably the best armour for witcher 2 act 2.

Witcher 2 Asking Henselt for his Royal Blood

The last part of the witcher 2 royal blood quest involves asking Henselt for his royal blood. To reach Henselt, Geralt must ask Roche (again!) to distract the guards at the gates. Then sneak around the camp, and reach the largest tent in the camp. There are two guards at this tent. Go to the back, and use Aard on the barrels. Quickly run back to the original tent, and then sneak into the king's tent when they go investigate the shattered barrels. The king Henselt is then at Geralt disposal and will gladly give his royal blood. It is best to spare Henselt, so he can just let Geralt through the gates back to Philippa, and then back to Vergen. Geralt has to promise Henselt he will lift the cursed mist in return.


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