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Wizardry Online Initial Walkthrough

Updated on February 7, 2013

Wizardry Online Initial Walkthrough

In Wizardry Online, the hero is given a chance to explore the world of wizardry online with various classes and different races. This will guide the hero with an initial walkthrough of the game from the choosing of the classes to the exploration of the first dungeon in Illfalo Port to find the Dragon Placard.

Wizardry Online Choose Your Class Carefully

Wizardry Online - your class will determine how easy or difficult it is to tough it out in the initial stages of the game
Wizardry Online - your class will determine how easy or difficult it is to tough it out in the initial stages of the game

Wizardry Online Choose the Right Class

There are four classes to choose from. As one progresses through the early stages of the wizardry online game, it becomes quite clear that one class may be more superior to the other in getting to a certain stage of the game, and then the different classes are reliant on one another as a party to overcome the odds and the larger boss monsters to complete the main storyline quests.

The four classes are -

  • fighter – the classic tank
  • mage – the classic support character in a party dealing large amounts of magical damage from the back of the party, but quite pathetic alone
  • priest – this character is needed for healing and is quite good for soloing or as a healer within a group
  • thief – this class is stealthy and is quite good for sneaking around tough monsters and adventuring deep into the initial stages of the game, up to a certain point.

There are various races that complement the different classes. The classes include human (suitable for all classes), male dwarf (suitable for fighter), female gnome (suitable for priest), elf and porkul (suitable for thief). For example, an elven race will suit a mage's magical prowess and the dexterity boost will help one run faster when outnumbered.

Wizardry Online Trainer Dungeon Walkthrough

Once the hero gets past the opening sequence, speak to the adventurer in the town center and be directed to the trainer mistress. Speak to the trainer and then descend into the first dungeon. This dungeon (Illfalo training ground) is really a trainer dungeon, where the hero can speak to various NPCs and learn about the mechanics of the game.

Advance past an annoying NPC dressed in white and turn right to face the first monster of the hero's career - a slow moving zombie. Defeat the zombie using the hero's favouite fighting style.

For the mage hero, stand back and make sure the zombie does not touch you. Launch fire bolts at the zombie from a distance until it perishes. The mage hero can either equip the staff or the knife. Check which one will increase the hero's magical attack more.

Now head ahead and find a fountain of healing water. There are five drinks in it in total, so do not waste the five drinks. Double back and take the other passageway to reach a area with two ledges bridged by a wooden pole and another one, broken in half in the center. Jump down into the pit between the ledges and move along until the hero reaches a ladder. Climb up and reach a triple intersection.

Take the left turn and defeat some beetles. Continue on and reach some zombies. Defeat them (from a distance for the mage hero) and then continue to a pedestal.

Examine the pedestal to learn of three other structures in this dungeon which must be examined to allow the hero to proceed beyond the passageway. So explore the dungeon, defeat the monsters and reach the three other pedestals. Then return to the original pedestal and head forth to collect the dragon placard.

Return to the trainer and be given an adventurer's permit. The hero is now allowed to head into Hero's Square and proceed to the first real dungeon in Wizardry Online.

Note that if the hero dies, he will manifest in soul form and will have to warp back or find a way back to the statue to be resurrected.


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