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Word Search Printable

Updated on March 16, 2014

Free Word Search Printable Games

There's nothing like getting stuff for free, is there? Well, if you're into doing word search puzzles, the Internet is the perfect place to find free puzzles to download or print so you can do them at your leisure. So what is this lens all about?

Well, I'm a lover of puzzles of all kinds, from the old fashioned traditional crosswords to number puzzles and the like, with word search being right in there too! So its only natural for me to write about this particular form of brain food activity as I think they are fun, interesting and a great way to spend those moments when there's nothing else going on!

Why do I call these puzzles "brain food"? It's because they feed the brain with logical or problem solving concentration that forces the brain to work hard and not slip into idle mode as so often happens when we don't have anything to do.

Image Credit: affman (self created)

I know many people switch on the TV or radio to fill the voids, but these activities (as far as I believe) only serve to dull the brain's power, not feed it. Like any muscle in the body, the brain needs a regular workout to keep it in tip top condition and it gets that workout from, well, working!

Solving puzzles is hard work for the brain and the harder it works, the greater the benefit. You know, no pain, no gain! So gain some pain (okay, not really) and get yourself some free word puzzles to clear the clutter and cobwebs and give your brain a workout it will thank you for!

Where To Get Free Word Search Games to Print?

If you want to know where to get your great free word search puzzles that you can print out and do whenever the mood takes you, look no further than this very page. I've included an image of a live puzzle to the left that you can click on to bring up the full size puzzle that you are free to print or download onto your computer as you prefer.

The website that hosts this puzzle has tons more that you can access for free too, so its a great way to get started on your collection of amazing, zero cost brain fodder in the form of those now familiar searchable words hidden in a grid of initially seeming random letters. So many people love doing these puzzle grids its no wonder the demand for ever new and exciting versions is so high.

The best part is that if you get bored with the same old square grid format, you can find plenty of crazy shaped grids to alleviate that samey stuff and inject a renewed lease of life into your conundrum solving life! So go ahead, click the image and get yourself some great free stuff!

Image Credit:

Discover the Best Word Search Books on Amazon

If there is one place online that you can get a huge selection of all kinds of puzzle related books and publications, it has to be Amazon. Take a look at the examples I've discovered below and see if there is something that speaks to you. You can buy (or simply click through to find out more) any item listed below directly from the Amazon site by clicking the item image.

Brain Games® Word Searches - Large Print
Brain Games® Word Searches - Large Print

Nice collection of puzzles in this book that will keep you entertained for hours!

Word Search USA
Word Search USA

If you like word searches on things USA, then this book is for you!


Do You Like to Do Word Search Puzzles?

Do You Like to Do Word Search Puzzles?

See results

Free Word Search Games
People who love doing word search puzzles can read this and find out more about getting free printable word search puzzles for all ages from adults to kids. ...

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Here's a Great Chance to Search on Amazon for Great Word Search

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