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WowWee FlyTech Toys

Updated on January 31, 2016

Introduction Wow Wee's Flytech Range

"FlyTech" is the WowWee's company brand used for their flying toys range, differentiating them from others toys in the RC category by reflecting the incorporation of new technologies to enhance user experience. The Flytech Dragonfly was the first to be launched in the range in 2007 followed by other variations of the design, including Flytech Skyhopper, Ladybug & Squirrel, Butterfly & Fair fly and Bat & Dragons.

Under the FlyTech brand are other RC flying toys such as the BladeStar, LightStar , Crash FX and Hoverpod.

The Dragon Fly

The Flytech Dragonfly is WowWee's first entry into Remote Control (RC) flying toys industry. The Dragonfly however is not like any other RC airplane but is in fact an ornithopter, an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. The name was originally deriving from the Greek word "ornithos" for "bird" and "pteron" for wing". and over the centuries inventors and designers have tried to build manned ornithopter both powered by engines or manpower of the pilot by studying and imitating the flapping wing flight of animals such as birds, bat and insects. The ornithopter are usually built to the same scale as these flying biological counterparts.

Leonardo da Vinci was interested in flying during 1488-1514, and designed his ornithopter in 1490 which was inspired by birds. Unfortunately he never saw his dream of flight take place because his ornithopter was too heavy and required too much energy to produce lift or thrust. However The Dragonfly will not encounter the same problems as Da Vinci's machine as its made from modern lightweight materials.

The WowWee's Dragonfly was invented by Sean Frawley and Dan Getz and was based on a rubber-band-powered ornithopter designed by Nathan Chronister and manufactured by The Ornithopter Zone. Its was only with the advancement of technology and miniaturisation did it make it possible for WowWee to build an electric-powered, Radio-Controlled version.

The Dragonfly is made from various lightweight but strong materials and has a crash resistance structure. The wing spars are carbon fiber with mylar membranes. The gearbox and body frame are made from Delrin, a strong and low-friction plastic (essential for a good gearbox). This is covered by an expanded PolyPropylene, a styrofoam like moulded body but is more durable and impact resistant, giving the Dragonfly's an overall weight of 25 grams.

The Dragonfly operates for approximately 5 to 10 minutes on a single charge of its battery and can be recharged in 20 minutes by plugging into the remote control unit.

The Dragonfly was launched 2007

Features of The Dragon Fly

  • Recommended ages 8 and up
  • Unique indoor flyer: Capable of maneuvering in tight spaces, FlyTech Dragonfly brings radio-controlled flight into your home.
  • Innovative flying action based on an ornithopter design; flaps its wings like a real insect
  • Can take off from any smooth surface, soar, dive-bomb, hover and glide silently for soft landings
  • Impact-absorbing flexible body and carbon-fiber wing structure can take a lot of punishment
  • Ultra-lightweight design protects home interiors
  • Light-up LED eyes alert you of the dragonfly's status by blinking, pulsing, or shining clear and bright
  • 2-channel digital proportional remote controller which doubles as the charging base
  • Two skill levels: beginner and advanced
  • Includes a tail stabilizer for additional control
  • 27 Mhz (one of two available frequencies)

DragonFly in action

WowWee FlyTech Toys for Girls

FlyTech Tinker Bell FairyFly

Have you dreamt of having your very own fairy? Or better yet Tinker Bell. Well your dreams have just come true. With the magic of Disney and the genius's at WowWee, you can now have Tinker Bell flying around your bedroom. The FlyTech Tinker Bell is able to fly upright gracefully through the air, you can make her soar, glide, and dive ever so gracefully using your flower wand remote controller. The Tinker Bell flyer promises to have the same spirited and sassiness as its movie character.

The Tinker Bell FairyFly is made of a light-weight and crash-resistant material to prevent her from getting into mischief. A dual-band remote control allows up to two Tinker Bells in the same area without any interference. So Tinker Bell can invite her other Fairy friends to play too.

Based on the FlyTech Dragonfly this new Tinker Bell fairy will provide countless hours of joy. One of the coolest girly gift ever! A must for birthdays or a Christmas gift for all girls?

A robot that flies like a bird - TED Talk 2011

Plenty of robots can fly -- but none can fly like a real bird. That is, until Markus Fischer and his team at Festo built SmartBird, a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull, that flies by flapping its wings. A soaring demo fresh from TEDGlobal 2011.

Tinker Bell in Action

FlyTech FairyFly

The FairyFlys are similar flying toys to the Tinker Bell Flier, there are four colours in the range to choose from and are decorated to represent the magic of her special season: Sprite (spring), Glitter (summer), Flame (autumn), and Snowflake (winter)

The flower remote controller is designed perfectly for small hands to fly your FairyFly and when she gets tired and wants to rest her wings, just recharge her by placing her back directly on the flower wand remote controller.

The WowWee FairyFly is a great and in expensive way for girls to experience the fun and joy of WowWee FlyTech toys.


  • Fairyfly gathers her power from her flower remote controller -15 minutes charge gives up to 4 minutes of flight.
  • Control the height and speed of Fairyfly with her easy-to-use remote controller
  • Perfect for all seasons, Fairyfly is light and flexible, perfect for indoor flight! *
  • Includes a decorative stand to safely hold Fairyfly and her flower remote controller!
  • Recommended ages: 6+

FlyTech FairyFly

The Bee Movies - Barry B Benson RC flying honey bee

If you are a fan of The Bee Movie from Dreamworks then this is a must have from the FlyTech range. The Barry B Benson Radio-Controlled (RC) flying honey bee. Barry B. Benson is a fun flying remote control honey bee created especially for fans of Dreamworks Animation Bee Movie starring Jerry Seinfeld, which was released in 2007.

Barry B. Benson is able to fly both indoors or outdoors and with a choose of either beginners or expert skill setting. An ultra-light, dual-wing design and highflex, crash resistant structure makes him safe to fly in small indoor spaces. He can buzz around in the air for up to ten minutes from a single charge! The energetic Barry B. Benson is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel that looks just like the real movie character!

Features of Barry B Benson Honey Bee flyer

  • The energetic Barry B. Benson is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel that looks just like the real movie character!
  • An ultra-light, dual-wing design and "highflex" crash resistant structure make him safe to fly anywhere, even in small indoor spaces.
  • He can buzz around in the air for up to 10 minutes from a single charge!
  • Indoor and outdoor flyer capable of manouvering in tight spaces
  • Flapping bee wings like the real insect; Barry B. Benson can soar, dive-bomb, and glide silently for soft landings.
  • Durable carbon-fiber structure. Barry B. Benson's impact absorbing flexible body and wings can take a lot of punishment!
  • Ultra-lightweight to protect home interiors
  • LED indicator on his neck to show his status by blinking, pulsing, or shining clear and bright
  • Challenge yourself: Choose between beginner or expert mode on the remote controller
  • Includes a spare set of wings, a replacement tail propeller, and a tail ribbon


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