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Updated on June 14, 2012

A Fun Time!

OK, so is cool. It’s a fun, vivid, eye catching site that provides easy entrance into the WeeMee virtual world. For those who may not know a WeeMee is a personally created animated avatar that stamps your identity throughout Windows, iPhone and AOL apps. Once you enter ‘wee world’, you are quickly entranced with the many interactive opportunities. You can create your own free WeeMee personalized to look like you. Or you can build a WeeMee with completely different attributes. You can even choose the background setting such as New York nightlife, seasonal references and beach outings.

The web site at offers basic chatting opportunities, plus forums to express your ideas on the latest topics. You can also get information and directions on how to customize your WeeMee World Avatars for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. Information

Although Wee World leans toward the teen scene, even as an adult you can recognize the draw. It’s an entertaining world to visit and play in. Guys and girls alike can play dress-up with accessories such as laptops, skateboards, jewelry, clothing and enough hair styles to keep to busy for awhile. That bedroom you always wanted as a teen, build it for your Wee Mee. The apps are another neat feature. Your WeeMee Avatar can go ‘virtually’ anywhere. You can email them; add them to your Facebook, Skype, they even Twitter for a small 99-cent fee. And if that’s not enough, you can do the whole thing for your Cweeture!

Seriously, how cute are these WeeWorld pets, without the mess! From dogs to fish, each pet can be adopted and added to your animated world. You can adopt them all. Because sites like Wee World can provide easy to use tools, easy accesses and engaging (addicting) games the virtual world is thriving among teens. Self expression and socialization mixes with up to date current viral information creating a site that appeals to all ages.

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Make a Free WeeMee

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