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Yu-Gi-Oh theme deck - Elemental Hero's

Updated on February 2, 2013

Elemental Hero's complete card list - Yu-Gi-Oh

Elemental Hero's are the favourite monster archetype of Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

The Elemental Hero's are focused on Fusion summoning as most of the monsters can be fused with the others. They are a fun choice for a themed deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG/OCG

There is also a good number of spells and traps that support the elemental hero cards making them an ideal choice for a well synergized Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

In this article I have compiled a full list of all the Elemental Hero monsters as well as a list of support cards, spells and traps that works well with them.

It is possible to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards singles by pressing the links or pictures below.

Picture courtesy of Amazon

Elemental Hero Monster Cards

This is a full list of all the Elemental Hero monster cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. There is a visual representation of each card and you can view a bigger picture by clicking the link. You can also purchase invididual Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the internet by following the links.


Support, trap and spell cards for Yu-Gi-Oh elemental heroes

To have a great deck you need to have cards that work well together. Here is a list of cards that will make your elemental heroes stronger and better so it is easier for you to beat the opponent and win the duel.


Elemental Hero cards from eBay

You can often find cheap Yu-Gi-Oh cards on eBay, especially if you do not mind that they are a bit used.

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