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YuGiOh - Labyrinth of Nightmare

Updated on January 19, 2011

Labyrinth of Nightmare - the fifth YuGiOh! Booster

Labyrinth of Nightmare was released for the TCG in March 2003, the first YuGiOh! booster release of that year and the fifth overall. It came after Pharaoh's Servant and was succeeded by Legacy of Darkness. Labyrinth of Nightmare was an amalgamation of the Japanese set of the same name (release date 21st July 2001), and Spell of Mask (release date 19th April 2001). Both these Japanese booster packs belonged to the OCG's series 2.

Labyrinth of Nightmare had many noteable features including the Destiny Board cards, and the 'Mask' group of cards. It was also famous for introducing Torrential Tribute and Magical Cylinder to the Trading Card Game, amongst its whopping 105 cards. Also - completely overlooked now, but of huge significance at the time, was the release of Gemini Elf - at that time, with an attack of 1900, it was the most powerful non-tribute monster in the game.

This page is a tribute to and resource for the Labyrinth of Nightmare booster. Further down, you'll find card lists (both English and Japanese) for the set, featured cards, videos and much more. Don't forget to vote for your favourite card in the booster, and say 'hello' on our guestbook while you're here. Enjoy!

Labyrinth of Nightmare English Edition
Labyrinth of Nightmare English Edition

Labyrinth of Nightmare Spoiler List

Here we go, the World-wide English Edition of Labyrinth of Nightmare, card 000 to 104:

LON-000 Gemini Elf

LON-001 The Masked Beast

LON-002 Swordsman of Landstar

LON-003 Humanoid Slime

LON-004 Worm Drake

LON-005 Humanoid Worm Drake

LON-006 Revival Jam

LON-007 Flying Fish

LON-008 Amphibian Beast

LON-009 Shining Abyss

LON-010 Gadget Soldier

LON-011 Grand Tiki Elder

LON-012 Melchid the Four-Face Beast

LON-013 Nuvia the Wicked

LON-014 Chosen One

LON-015 Mask of Weakness

LON-016 Curse of the Masked Beast

LON-017 Mask of Dispel

LON-018 Mask of Restrict

LON-019 Mask of the Accursed

LON-020 Mask of Brutality

LON-021 Return of the Doomed

LON-022 Lightning Blade

LON-023 Tornado Wall

LON-024 Fairy Box

LON-025 Torrential Tribute

LON-026 Jam Breeding Machine

LON-027 Infinite Cards

LON-028 Jam Defender

LON-029 Card of Safe Return

LON-030 Lady Panther

LON-031 The Unfriendly Amazon

LON-032 Amazon Archer

LON-033 Crimson Sentry

LON-034 Fire Princess

LON-035 Lady Assailant of Flames

LON-036 Fire Sorcerer

LON-037 Spirit of the Breeze

LON-038 Dancing Fairy

LON-039 Fairy Guardian

LON-040 Empress Mantis

LON-041 Cure Mermaid

LON-042 Hysteric Fairy

LON-043 Bio-Mage

LON-044 The Forgiving Maiden

LON-045 St. Joan

LON-046 Marie the Fallen One

LON-047 Jar of Greed

LON-048 Scroll of Bewitchment

LON-049 United We Stand

LON-050 Mage Power

LON-051 Offerings to the Doomed

LON-052 The Portrait's Secret

LON-053 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams

LON-054 Headless Knight

LON-055 Earthbound Spirit

LON-056 The Earl of Demise

LON-057 Boneheimer

LON-058 Flame Dancer

LON-059 Spherous Lady

LON-060 Lightning Conger

LON-061 Jowgen the Spiritualist

LON-062 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

LON-063 Summoner of Illusions

LON-064 Bazoo the Soul-Eater

LON-065 Dark Necrofear

LON-066 Soul of Purity and Light

LON-067 Spirit of Flames

LON-068 Aqua Spirit

LON-069 The Rock Spirit

LON-070 Garuda the Wind Spirit

LON-071 Gilasaurus

LON-072 Tornado Bird

LON-073 Dreamsprite

LON-074 Zombyra the Dark

LON-075 Supply

LON-076 Maryokutai

LON-077 The Last Warrior from Another Planet

LON-078 Collected Power

LON-079 Dark Spirit of the Silent

LON-080 Royal Command

LON-081 Riryoku Field

LON-082 Skull Lair

LON-083 Graverobber's Retribution

LON-084 Deal of Phantom

LON-085 Destruction Punch

LON-086 Blind Destruction

LON-087 The Emperor's Holiday

LON-088 Destiny Board

LON-089 Spirit Message "I"

LON-090 Spirit Message "N"

LON-091 Spirit Message "A"

LON-092 Spirit Message "L"

LON-093 The Dark Door

LON-094 Spiritualism

LON-095 Cyclon Laser

LON-096 Bait Doll

LON-097 De-Fusion

LON-098 Fusion Gate

LON-099 Ekibyo Drakmord

LON-100 Miracle Dig

LON-101 Dragonic Attack

LON-102 Spirit Elimination

LON-103 Vengeful Bog Spirit

LON-104 Magic Cylinder

Gemini Elf
Gemini Elf

Featured Card 1 - Gemini Elf

At that time, the most powerful Level 4 monster in the game, Gemini Elf weighed in with a whopping 1900 Attack. Of course, nowadays confined to the old-and-not-much-use pile, but a heavy-hitter in its day. The card text reads:

"Elf twins that alternate their attacks."

A Tribute to Torrential Tribute in Video

It's time for our video segment again and in this installment, we'll doff our caps to one of the most famous cards in the game, Torrential Tribute, first appearing in Labyrinth of Nightmare. Enjoy!

Torrential Tribute
Torrential Tribute

Featured Card 2 - Torrential Tribute

Did you enjoy the videos? Yup, me too. I'm not even going to start by bigging up this card. Torrential Tribute was one of the Ultra Rares in LON. Here's the text:

"Activate only when a monster is Summoned. Destroy all monsters on the field."

Want Some Labyrinth of Nightmare?

Want to own some of these classic cards? If you live in the United States, look no further...

Magic Cylinder
Magic Cylinder

Featured Card 3 - Magic Cylinder

Gemini Elf was one Secret Rare - at the other end of the set list comes the other Secret Rare, Magic Cylinder - a classic trap card:

"Negate the attack of 1 monster your opponent controls and inflict damage to your opponent equal to its ATK."

Vote For Your Favourite

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What was your favourite card in Labyrinth of Nightmare?

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YuGiOh! at BSTS
YuGiOh! at BSTS

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Labyrinth of Nightmare Japanese Set List

In Japan, Labyrinth of Nightmare was a 53 card set. Uniquely, I've been unable to find an accurate English Translation of the Japanese Card List, so I asked Uncle Google to translate one for us, with predictable results. Enjoy! You should be able to figure out the cards though. If anyone has access to a list in English, please message me:

LN-01 The hidden painting Do you have something lurking in

LN-02 Ghost of Nightmare Mumanobourei

LN-03 Headless Knight Knowledge - Ku chick

LN-04 Spirit tied land Su spicy etc. Oh yeah helical

LN-05 Dead Countess Youhakushaku butt

LN-06 Bonhaima I'm not stupid now

LN-07 Fureimudansa I'm touched by Cream

LN-08 Sufirasuredi Fu Su Irasuredi

LN-09 Lightning Eel Eel will bite

LN-10 Spiritualist Rev. Seung Jougen The Youreijutsushiji Yougen

LN-11 Art teacher Kaikuu spiritual doom Rei Metsuji Yutsushi Kaikuu

LN-12 Fantasy Summoner So the atomic Shaoguan

LN-13 The Palo Alto eat your soul Bazu poke a soul thing

LN-14 Dark Nekurofia It's black Ku Fu Ia

LN-15 Holy spirit No Audio-tee Souru almost soft.

LN-16 Fire Elemental Efreet Ordinance and not pretend ax most

LN-17 Aquaria Water Spirit Oh collar scum of the water ordinance

LN-18 Titan Spirit Rock The said they want to put tan

LN-19 Garuda the Wind Spirit I will not tell the wind wants ordinance

LN-20 Speedy Girazaurusu The Yunsokunogirazaurusu

LN-21 Tornado Bird Ne etc. etc. You get

LN-22 Mirage Fairy Eigo Atomic Elf

LN-23 Dark Hero Zonbaia Oh I'll dust Hi Ro's Ku

LN-24 Procurement staff I Tatsui ladder Bukkake

LN-25 Absorbing sphere magic Mari Yokukyuushuukyuutai

LN-26 Last Warrior in a Strange Land Yuusenshi unresponsive Ise Noi

LN-27 Aggregate power Translations inauguration of strength

LN-28 Evil spirit of silence Ku Ku but also spicy chin Su

LN-29 Palace cry Your cane Yuunogourei

LN-30 Force I Rerelease Fu Fu Su etc. User Interface

LN-31 Nest of the Dead Younosu butt

LN-32 Grave vandalism reward Quite storm Mukui

LN-33 Guardian spirit charm The Yugoreinoomamori

LN-34 Counterpunch Do Panchi Unta

LN-35 Indiscriminate destruction Did Musa Separation

LN-36 Emperor's New Clothes What is your rabbit's or

LN-37 Uija board U Ijaban

LN-38 Death Message "E" Messe Ji Shino "Oh they"

LN-39 Death Message "A" Shino Messe Ji "Ah"

LN-40 Messages of Death "T" Messe Ji Shino "Oh I have."

LN-41 Death Message "H" Shino Messe Ji "wisdom"

LN-42 Black Door The body and door jam

LN-43 Poltergeist The chair and Poruta

LN-44 Cyclone Laser Kuronre Sai Mat

LN-45 Doll Decoy doll

LN-46 Fusion lift Created for Yu Ukaiji

LN-47 Fusion Gate Gee and Fu Yu Ji Yon

LN-48 Black dust plague virus U Bra'll speak to tack and axillary Irusu

LN-49 Miraculous discovery The Miracle Hakkutsu

LN-50 Dragon Soul Power User Interface to your Metallic Su Gong Fu

LN-51 Annihilation Reiko and I Youmetsu

LN-52 Ghost wetlands

Grab Some Labyrinth of Nightmare Bargains...

Here's what's on eBay right now...

What was your favourite card in the set? Which cards from Labyrinth of Nightmare do you still use in your deck today? These and many other things we'd love to know the answer to. Or just say 'hello' - that's cool too.

All comments are approved first and normally appear within 24 hours. You don't need to register or give any details to comment. Everyone's welcome!

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