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YuGiOh - Pharaoh's Servant

Updated on January 23, 2011

The 4th English YuGiOh! Booster - Pharaoh's Servant

Released in early 2003, Pharaoh's Servant was the fourth English Language booster pack for the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game. It was the follow up to Spell (or Magic) Ruler and was itself followed up by Labyrinth of Nightmare. Pharaoh's Servant introduced classic cards such as Jinzo, Thousand-Eyes Restrict and Call of The Haunted to the TCG.

Where did the cards in Pharaoh's Servant come from? Prepare to be confused. Pharaoh's Servant contained most of the cards from the Japanese boosters: Curse of Anubis and Thousand-Eyes Bible (both year 2000, series 2 releases for the OCG). What it didn't contain (curiously) was any cards from the Japanese Pharaoh's Servant booster, which were mostly in the English Spell Ruler.

This information page is a tribute to and resource for Pharaoh's Servant. It contains card lists (both for the English and Japanese releases of that name - but bear in mind above note - the cards are entirely different.), featured cards, videos and much, much more. Make sure to vote for your favourite card in the release in our poll and say 'hello' on our guestbook while you're here. Enjoy!

Card List for Pharaoh's Servant

The Worldwide English release of Pharaoh's Servant was a big old 105 card set. Here it is:

PSV-000 Jinzo

PSV-001 Steel Ogre Grotto #2

PSV-002 Three-Headed Geedo

PSV-003 Parasite Paracide

PSV-004 7 Completed

PSV-005 Lightforce Sword

PSV-006 Chain Destruction

PSV-007 Time Seal

PSV-008 Graverobber

PSV-009 Gift of the Mystical Elf

PSV-010 The Eye of Truth

PSV-011 Dust Tornado

PSV-012 Call Of The Haunted

PSV-013 Solomon's Lawbook

PSV-014 Earthshaker

PSV-015 Enchanted Javelin

PSV-016 Mirror Wall

PSV-017 Gust

PSV-018 Driving Snow

PSV-019 Armored Glass

PSV-020 World Suppression

PSV-021 Mystic Probe

PSV-022 Metal Detector

PSV-023 Numinous Healer

PSV-024 Appropriate

PSV-025 Forced Requisition

PSV-026 DNA Surgery

PSV-027 The Regulation of Tribe

PSV-028 Backup Soldier

PSV-029 Major Riot

PSV-030 Ceasefire

PSV-031 Light of Intervention

PSV-032 Respect Play

PSV-033 Magical Hats

PSV-034 Nobleman of Crossout

PSV-035 Nobleman of Extermination

PSV-036 The Shallow Grave

PSV-037 Premature Burial

PSV-038 Inspection Common

PSV-039 Prohibition

PSV-040 Morphing Jar #2

PSV-041 Flame Champion

PSV-042 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

PSV-043 Darkfire Soldier #1

PSV-044 Mr. Volcano

PSV-045 Darkfire Soldier #2

PSV-046 Kiseitai

PSV-047 Cyber Falcon

PSV-048 Flying Kamakiri #2

PSV-049 Harpie's Brother

PSV-050 Buster Blader

PSV-051 Michizure

PSV-052 Minor Goblin Official

PSV-053 Gamble

PSV-054 Attack and Receive

PSV-055 Solemn Wishes

PSV-056 Skull Invitation

PSV-057 Bubonic Vermin

PSV-058 Dark Bat

PSV-059 Oni Tank

PSV-060 Overdrive

PSV-061 Burning Land

PSV-062 Cold Wave

PSV-063 Fairy Meteor Crush

PSV-064 Limiter Removal

PSV-065 Rain of Mercy

PSV-066 Monster Recovery

PSV-067 Shift Rare

PSV-068 Insect Imitation

PSV-069 Dimensionhole

PSV-070 Ground Collapse

PSV-071 Magic Drain

PSV-072 Infinite Dismissal

PSV-073 Gravity Bind Rare

PSV-074 Type Zero Magic Crusher

PSV-075 Shadow of Eyes

PSV-076 The Legendary Fisherman

PSV-077 Sword Hunter

PSV-078 Drill Bug

PSV-079 Deepsea Warrior

PSV-080 Bite Shoes

PSV-081 Spikebot

PSV-082 Invitation to a Dark Sleep

PSV-083 Thousand-Eyes Idol

PSV-084 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

PSV-085 Girochin Kuwagata

PSV-086 Hayabusa Knight

PSV-087 Bombardment Beetle

PSV-088 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

PSV-089 Gradius

PSV-090 Red-Moon Baby

PSV-091 Mad Sword Beast

PSV-092 Skull Mariner

PSV-093 The All-Seeing White Tiger

PSV-094 Goblin Attack Force

PSV-095 Island Turtle

PSV-096 Wingweaver

PSV-097 Science Soldier

PSV-098 Souls of the Forgotten

PSV-099 Dokuroyaiba

PSV-100 The Fiend Megacyber

PSV-101 Gearfried the Iron Knight

PSV-102 Insect Barrier

PSV-103 Beast of Talwar

PSV-104 Imperial Order


Featured Card 1 - Jinzo

Jinzo made its first appearance in Pharaoh's Servant and has remained a favourite ever since. Here's the card text:

Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are also negated.

Celebtrating Jinzo in Video

Probably the most famous card in this release, so for our video segment in this episode, we've decided to celebrate Jinzo. Enjoy everything Jinzo shaped-video we can throw at you...

Nobleman of Crossout
Nobleman of Crossout

Featured Card 2 - Nobleman of Crossout

I've always had a soft-spot for Nobleman of Crossout. Never a truly great card, but always fun. Here's the card text:

Destroy 1 face-down monster and remove it from play. If the monster is a Flip Effect Monster, both players must remove from play all monsters from their Decks with the same name as the destroyed monster.

Want to Buy Some?

Pharaoh's Servant is still available to buy in the US - check out these deals...

Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Featured Card 3 - Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Cover card for this set was Thousand-Eyes Restrict. This early Fusion Monster was summoned with Relinquished and Thousand-Eyes Idol. Here's the text:

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, other monsters cannot change their battle positions or attack. Select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field, and equip it to this card (this effect can only be used once per turn, and you can only equip 1 monster at a time to this card). The ATK and DEF of this card become the same amounts as the monster equipped to this card. If this card is destroyed as a result of battle, the equipped monster is destroyed instead.

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Pharaoh's Servant - Japanese Edition
Pharaoh's Servant - Japanese Edition

The Japanese Pharaoh's Servant

Released for the OCG on 13th July 2000, as noted above, this was an entirely different set to the English version. Most of these cards appeared in Spell Ruler. It was a 52-card set:

PS-00 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

PS-01 Octoberser

PS-02 Psychic Kappa

PS-03 Horn of the Unicorn

PS-04 Labyrinth Wall

PS-05 Wall Shadow

PS-06 Twin Long Rods #2

PS-07 Stone Ogre Grotto

PS-08 Magical Labyrinth

PS-09 Eternal Rest

PS-10 Megamorph

PS-11 Commencement Dance

PS-12 Hamburger Recipe

PS-13 House of Adhesive Tape

PS-14 Eatgaboon

PS-15 Turtle Oath

PS-16 Performance of Sword

PS-17 Hungry Burger

PS-18 Crab Turtle

PS-19 Ryu-Ran

PS-20 Manga Ryu-Ran

PS-21 Toon Mermaid

PS-22 Toon Summoned Skull

PS-23 Jigen Bakudan

PS-24 Hyozanryu

PS-25 Toon World

PS-26 Cyber Jar

PS-27 Banisher of the Light

PS-28 Giant Rat

PS-29 Senju of the Thousand Hands

PS-30 UFO Turtle

PS-31 Flash Assailant

PS-32 Karate Man

PS-33 Dark Zebra

PS-34 Giant Germ

PS-35 Nimble Momonga

PS-36 Spear Cretin

PS-37 Shining Angel

PS-38 Boar Soldier

PS-39 Mother Grizzly

PS-40 Flying Kamakiri #1

PS-41 Ceremonial Bell

PS-42 Sonic Bird

PS-43 Mystic Tomato

PS-44 Kotodama

PS-45 Gaia Power

PS-46 Umiiruka

PS-47 Molten Destruction

PS-48 Rising Air Current

PS-49 Luminous Spark

PS-50 Mystic Plasma Zone

PS-51 Messenger of Peace

Pharaoh's Servant Bargains

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What's your favourite card? Do you still use any of the cards in your current deck? Any you'd still love that you don't have? These and many other questions, we'd love to know the answer to. Or just say 'hello' - that's cool too.

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