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How to be Rich and Prosperous

Updated on September 16, 2014

What is prosperous mean?

Prosperous means being successful in life and in wealth. Thats why I added rich, Many people want to have money and wealth. I want to help you achieve those goals, but first I want to help you get ready to meet those goals. Just like any good student, we have to prepare and study wealth. Here are twenty tips I have learned from many years of trying to find it.

If you had a million dollars what would you do?

#2 is the best answer it will give you more money per month. Do not start throwing money away.

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Wealth Building ~ David Ramsey

The Power of Positive thinking by Norman Peale


  1. You can have all the money in the world but still be unhappy inside. Like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendricks and most recently Robin Williams. MONEY WON'T MAKE YOU HAPPY.
  2. Invest your money so it grows, meaning when you get money buy or invest in something that will make you more money.
  3. Be happy with getting money and keeping it. Most people who have money give it away WAY to FAST they feel guilty to have a little extra.
  5. Think positive thoughts
  6. SAVE IT , meaning in something that incurs interest any kind of good returns.
  7. Gaining wealth does not mean credit cards they will suck your money away like a vacuum. That said you still need to build good credit so have a couple and don't charge much on them pay them off fast. This is one of the hardest things to do for most people.
  8. Buy a duplex and make the neighbors pay your payments. With your house payment money save up for a four plex!
  9. Keep your life simple and free of a lot of relationship troubles. Meaning a monogamous relationship. Having several relationships can mean paying out a boatload of money!
  10. Having, and making new goals and achieving them.
  11. Have several friends who support you and can help bring you up in the money business. MENTORS and listen to them.
  12. Do something nice for yourself once in a while, or you will go crazy, and thats not being rich or prosperous.
  13. Money does grow on internet trees!!
  14. A Dog is a good companion he is always there to listen and he does not talk back. Also it has been proven that pets reduce stress. Stress is not good when you are trying to be very prosperous and successful.
  15. Opportunities are right in front of you, open your eyes. EXAMPLE: I live in the country I have lots of room for many types of businesses. Dog sitter, fruit orchard, lavender grower, Hub page writer and photographer. What if I were to tell you That I do all of those and make a lot of money!!
  16. Open your mind to more than one job, or purpose in life.
  17. Ask for more, it does not hurt anyone. ASK for a raise.
  18. Love yourself and your job, you will be happier and more prosperous.
  19. Love others and it will help you feel good and prosperous.

Do not lie, cheat or steal your money or it will all hit you like a ton of bricks. KARMA is real. Do you know what you are doing when you do that? You are telling yourself you are too poor to have money, and you have to steal it.

Positive affirmations

Using positive energy

Using positive energy is great for building wealth and good relationships. You will be amazed at how much your life can change with positive thinking. If you daily tell yourself that you are worthy of accepting wealth and that you are happy and ready to receive more wealth and open to new opportunities for wealth. You will soon see an avenue or a situation that will arise for you to possibly make more money or receive more money. If you are happy with yourself, generally people are more attracted to you and you will connect with the right people to help you on your wealth building journey.

Affirmations to help you become successful

Prosperity Affirmations
Relationship Self Esteem
I am wealthy
I am open to relations
I am Successful
I am worthy of wealth
I am open to more wealth
I have the power to get wealth
I am financially blessed
I choose to live blessed
I am prosperous
I am RICH in health & wealth

Mindy's Special Note

To anyone who is looking for wealth and happiness, you must first believe in yourself! Do not let fear and insecurity take over in your life and hold you back. Have good faith and believe that you will be blessed. My father told me once, that I will be blessed at whatever I set my hand to. I really took that to heart and have been happy since, at whatever job I am doing. Tell your children the same someday and you will be well taken care of when you get old as well. May you attract riches, honor, and abundant life.

I pray for God's blessing to you all!

Louise Hay ~ Great Teacher


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

    Really good insights on the right attitude toward money. Thanks for the prosperity and relationship affirmations. Voted Up!

  • Hackslap profile image

    Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Interesting hub and I especially agree re positive thoughts, asking for more and that money DOES GROW on internet trees (that's a funny way of putting it ;)

    Please read my article re the Law of Attraction to win the lottery ..let me know what you think