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10 Great Cookbooks for a Healthy Diet

Updated on March 10, 2010

Ask the average person if he or she wants to eat a healthier diet and the answer that you are most likely going to get is yes. We all know that we should be eating healthier. We would feel better if we were to eat a healthy diet. We would look better if we were to eat a healthy diet. This would boost our emotional health. So why aren't we all eating healthier?

Ask those same people that second question and you might get a response that is something along the lines of "it's too hard". For some people, they mean that they don't exactly know what foods they should be eating to eat a healthier diet. For others, there is an underlying assumption that cooking healthy meals is too time-consuming or difficult. Still others think that there are not healthy recipes that will be tasteful. They prevent themselves from eating healthy because of these erroneous thoughts.

If you are one of these people, the following cookbooks should be able to help. They all offer different ideas for eating healthy. They provide recipes that are creative, interesting, varied and tasteful. Most of all, these recipes are healthy. You don't need to get a degree in nutrition to be able to eat right; you simply need to get one or two of these books!

1. Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry

This is one of the ideal healthy diet cookbooks for people in the modern world. One of the biggest reasons that we eat unhealthy is because it's easy to do it. There are many quick-to-prepare packaged foods that we eat. These are not healthy. We also often eat fast food because it's quick and easy. People who want to eat healthy today need to find alternatives to these options. They need to be able to quickly prepare meals that are healthy. They don't need to be stuck in the kitchen preparing their healthy diet. This book provides recipes and tips for eating healthy even when you don't have a lot of time to cook healthy meals. A great book!

2. Quick and Healthy Recipes

This is another great cookbook for people who are too busy to eat healthy. These cookbooks are perfect because they teach you the basics about how to eat right. You learn through reading these books and following their recipes that there are little changes that you can make that improve your total diet. You learn that you don't have to make major adjustments or to cook elaborate meals in order to eat right. Basically, you learn that eating right can be easy. And this cookbook provides a great foundation of recipes that help with that.

3. Great American Eat Right Cookbook

What more could you ask for than a cookbook like this one? It is very straightforward. It provides recipes for a number of different meals including a lot of American favorites. It provides well over one hundred recipes which satisfies most people for years. All of these recipes are recipes that are designed to be healthy for you. You don't have to think about what the right thing to eat is when you have a cookbook like this one. You just need to flip through the pages, find a recipe that sounds good, buy the right ingredients and make the dishes. Simple, tasty and good for you.

4. Cancer Society's Healthy Eating Cookbook

Look at the subtitle of this cookbook: "A Celebration of Food, Friends and Healthy Living". That sums up what you are going to get from this inspiring and helpful healthy eating cookbook. What many of us forget as we try to eat a healthy diet is that eating as a natural part of life. It can be celebratory and indulgent and social and fun. That's true even when you're eating healthy. This cookbook reminds you of that. It also provides you with a lot of wonderful tips and smart suggestions about eating a healthy diet and you know that it's accurate since the book is from the American Cancer Society.

5. The Low GI Diet Cookbook

This is a healthy diet cookbook that focuses on a very specific type of healthy eating. However, it's a form of healthy eating that is popular with a lot of different people. It has to do with eating foods that keep your blood sugar and insulin levels at an appropriate rate. This helps with weight loss and improves overall health. Many of the foods in this diet are also low-carb, low-fat foods but that's not the focus of this diet. This whole diet can seem very complicated if you're just trying to figure out a diet like this on your own. However, getting a cookbook like this one takes away all of the difficulty. You simply find the recipes that are right for you and you begin to eat them. There are one hundred healthy diet recipes in this book.

6. Biggest Loser Cookbook

Are you a fan of the television show The Biggest Loser on which very overweight people lose a lot of weight? If so then you know that most of that weight is lost through hard work and exercise but it doesn't come off without also switching over to a very healthy diet. If you find this inspiring then you might also be inspired by trying to diet in the manner that these people do. That's easy if you get The Biggest Loser cookbook which provides you with a number of recipes designed to get you on track to eating healthy for the primary purpose of weight loss.

7. Raw Food Cookbooks

One of the most interesting healthy diet lifestyles out there is the raw foods diet. This diet involves eating only foods that are still alive. This means eating raw fruits and vegetables a majority of the time. Many people find this type of diet too restrictive. However, you have to keep in mind that you don't need to go all out with a diet like this. You could choose to incorporate some great healthy raw food recipes into your overall diet. This would gradually improve your health and can help with things like weight loss. There are many good raw food cookbooks available on the market today. Fresh: The Ultimate Live Food Cookbook is one of the top choices.

8. Eat Clean Diet Cookbook

What is your goal when it comes to eating healthy? For many people, the goal is to lose weight. Most people want to look lean. There are many debates about whether or not this is the right goal to choose when choosing to eat healthy but the debates are not the point. If this is the way that you feel then you want a diet that is going to help you achieve your goal of looking leaner. This cookbook is a great start for learning the recipes that you should be eating if you want to be leaner. Besides, looking leaner will just be one benefit; getting leaner also means you'll be healthier.

9. 12 Best Foods Cookbook

What if someone told you that in order to eat healthy you really only need to base your diet on twelve specific foods? Would that make it easier for you to approach the idea of healthy eating? It does make it easier for a lot of people because it provides you with a staple set of foods that you always purchase at the grocery store. It simplifies the process of eating healthy. But wouldn't it get boring to just eat these twelve foods over and over? Sure, if you ate them the same way, but what if you could combine them into infinite recipes? That's the point of this book which offers more than two hundred different recipes based on twelve healthy foods.

10. Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine

Eating healthy can be something that is a fun new experience for you. Take this opportunity to learn an entirely new style of cooking. For example, learn the art of Japanese vegetarian cooking. This can be a fun new approach to eating that makes starting a healthy diet more fun. It can be especially fun if you try it with a friend or spouse. Like with the raw food diet, Japanese vegetarian cooking doesn't have to be the only food that you eat as part of a healthy diet. You could use this cookbook in conjunction with others to create a well-rounded diet of healthy meals. This one just might be the most fun!


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  • katiem2 profile image

    katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

    Nice Very Nice Hub, I'm going to share this with my two daughters who collect cook books. Peace :)

  • carolina muscle profile image

    carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

    There are some good publications on this list. Thanks!!

  • Katrina Ariel profile image

    Katrina Ariel 7 years ago from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada

    Great hub! Sometimes we just need some help knowing HOW to prepare healthy meals. These books look like an excellent place to start.

  • stacies29 profile image

    stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC

    Great hub. Good useful info.

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 7 years ago

    Great reviews for all of the books.