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10 Tips for Getting Rid of Body Odor

Updated on August 18, 2020
Sharqa Naeem profile image

I am a university going, student. I can understand the problems of working people related to body odor.


Body odor is a problem for everyone but some people don't care about it. Body odor becomes the reason for distancing among people. It is doesn't matter that they are students, colleagues, or office going. There are different reasons for body odor like certain foods, poor hygiene issues, and some types of meditation. Different people have different types of reasons for body odor.

  • Find the Reason of Body Odor

There are different reasons. Poor hygiene is the main issue. Armpits are the main reason for body odor. You can remove odor by cleaning your underarms. Stress is also the main cause of smelly sweating. Black peppers, spicy food, and alcohol consumption are included in body odor-causing food. You should stop that food. If these tips are not working, then you should take medical help. I am going to describe certain tips for eliminating body odor. By using these tips, every person can reduce body odor and eliminate it. I hope that these tips will be helpful for you guys.

For my Readers
For my Readers | Source

You can improve your personality, self-esteem, and friend cycle after solving this problem.

1. Taking Bathe at least once a Day

You should take a bath once a day. You can take a bath in the morning after waking up. You must take bathe after doing exercise or any hard work. Mostly, sweating is odorless. Bacteria are the reason for smelly armpits that are present on the body. By taking a shower, bacteria are washed out and the body becomes clean. Those people who are a victim of excessive sweating. They can take a shower twice a day.

2. Shaving and Waxing of Armpits

Shaving and waxing of underarm are necessary for odor-free underarms. Odor causing bacteria are trapped in hairs. Hairs are the hurdle in the cleaning of underarms and also the reason for body odor. So, it's very necessary to remove them. Cleaning of underarms will be better after removing hairs. So, hairs must be removed.

3. Use Antibacterial Soap

We should use antibacterial soap for bathing. Different antibacterial soaps are available in the market. You can choose from them. We should check the tag on the packing of soap. If it is antibacterial, then we should buy it. This soap will have antibacterial properties. It will remove bacteria and solve the problem of body odor.

4. Use of Antiperspirant and Deodorant

These are many antiperspirants and deodorants are available in the market. Antiperspirants reduced the sweating of the body. I think we should not stop sweating because it is a natural process. On the other hand, the deodorant removed the odor-causing bacteria. Mostly, deodorant is alcohol-based. It may cause the cuts on your underarm but alcohol-free products are also available. You can use both of these products. It’s your choice.

It's my opinion that you should not use them on a daily bases. It may be not effective and cause skin problems. But you can use it rarely.

Alcohol free deodorant
Alcohol free deodorant | Source

5. Body Spray

Body spray is good for changing body odor. It doesn't have any side-effect on the skin. You can use it daily. Bodysprays have a soothing and nice fragrance. You must use for improving your personality. You will become more dashing after using sweet and heart touching fragrances. You can also take a body spray in your bag because sometimes it is needed suddenly after running and hard job. Suppose an unexpected situation happens with us, then we should carry a bottle of body spray with us. Pocket perfumes are also easily carried with us instead of body spray. You can also use talcum powder on your body for fragrance but it is not long-lasting.

Body spray
Body spray | Source

6. Use of Loofahs

Loofah is used for body washing during taking bathe. It has a soft texture but works very effectively in cleaning. You can use it for rubbing your underarms. Loofah also removed the dead skin cell from the body. Using loofah on underarm, cleaning is very beneficial. It is removed body odor. If loofah is not available, then you can use a towel for rubbing underarms.

7. New Clothes for Every Day

We should change our clothes daily or after heavy sweating. We should wear breathable fabrics like linen, lawn, and cotton. Breathable fabrics are very helpful in reducing smelly armpits. These fabrics are good in the summer season. You will feel calmer after wearing breathable fabric. Non- breathable fabrics don’t pass air with them, and bacteria are trapped within this fabric and skin.

Breathable fabrics
Breathable fabrics | Source

8. Avoid Body Odor causing Foods

We should avoid those foods which are the cause of body odor. You should avoid onion and garlic. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine-based products. By avoiding these kinds of foods, we can reduce our body odor. Certain medicines are also the reason for smelly sweating. When medication is completed, then this problem is resolved.

9. Stress-reducing Activities

Stress is also the reason for smelly odor. Obviously, stress-reducing tips are helpful in those cases. You should reduce body odor by using certain stress reduction methods. Meditation also becomes the reason for body odor. You should avoid this type of meditation.

10. Medical Help

You can also take help from the doctor. Maybe, excessive sweating is due to certain disorders. There are many other reasons like the effect of medicine, the effect of stress, and the effect of the disease. The doctor can better understand what’s going on inside the body. She/he will better guide you in a positive way. After finding the reason for the excessive problems, a cure can be easy.

Certain syrups are also available in markets for reducing the sweating odor.


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