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10 Uses of Drinking Coconut Water

Updated on March 2, 2019

Drinking coconut water is a great way to cool off on a hot day or replenish lost mineral salts through sweat during physical activity. It has few calories and virtually no fat and cholesterol, having more potassium than 4 bananas.

Coconut water is especially indicated to be taken during physical activity but is a good request to cool off at the beach. Being a natural sports drink can be consumed by people of all ages, including babies and has no contraindications, being great for curing the hangover and get rid of kidney stones.

10 good reasons to drink Coconut Water

The main benefits of coconut water are:

1. Hydrate the body

The coconut water replenishes the mineral salts, having a slightly sweet flavor and is very tasty frosty. By having a pleasant taste you can enjoy coconut water when thirsty to ensure hydration of the body, skin, and hair.

2. Fight the hangover

Drinking coconut water is a great strategy to fight the hangover faster. It contains calories and naturally occurring sugar raises blood glucose, fighting symptoms such as malaise and bloating because it helps to cleanse the liver.

3. Improves renal function

Because it is water, it crosses the entire digestive tract and eventually reaches the blood, helps to remove the toxins and stimulates the kidneys to function, producing more urine. The more urine is produced the greater the mobilization of the small crystals that form giving rise to stone in the kidneys, and in this case acts in the prevention and the treatment.

4. Not Fattening

Every 200 ml of coconut water has only 38 calories and therefore it does not fatten, in addition, the taste is delicious and helps to hydrate the body, as it has carbohydrates it perfectly replaces any juice, is a great option for snacks. You can accompany with a whole grain bread and a slice of white cheese and tomatoes with oregano, for example.

5. Cleanses the skin

In addition to purifying the body from the inside out because it detoxifies the liver and intestines, which already improves skin health, you can also spray a little coconut water on your face when you are practicing physical activity in the sun, for example. It cleanses and refreshes the skin without causing any aggression.

6. Improves digestion

Coconut water combats indigestion, heartburn and reflux being a great strategy for those who are pregnant but it is also a good strategy for those who are suffering from constant vomiting because it cleanses and hydrates the esophagus, soothing the irritation caused by the acidity of the stomach contents .

7. Helps control the pressure

The potassium present in coconut water helps to lower high blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart disease in the future because potassium neutralizes the effect of sodium on the body.

8. Fight cholesterol

Regular consumption of coconut water helps to decrease atherosclerotic plaques inside the arteries and to lower cholesterol, increasing heart health. But to have this effect you still need to follow all doctor's guidelines for lowering cholesterol, just one more extra help.

9. Combat the corpses

Coconut water contains calcium and magnesium that help in the health of muscles, being efficient in preventing and fighting the cramps of those who practice physical activity. It even lowers tension, promoting muscle relaxation and even contributes to serotonin, the hormone related to pleasure and well-being.

10. Improves intestinal transit

Coconut water is great for the bowel because it is useful for both those who suffer from constipation and diarrhea or loose stools. The amount needed for each case can vary from one person to another and so it is good to check daily and if the stools are too loose, just reduce the consumption of coconut water.

There is no recommended amount of coconut water that you can consume per day but it is good not to overdo it because it contains electrolytes that can unbalance the body. So diabetic or people with kidney problems should not take more than 3 cups of coconut water per day.

If in your city it is not easy to find the green or ripe coconut to be able to take your coconut water, you can take the coconut water industrialized, because it has the same effects, being a healthier option than the juices powder or concentrates


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