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Relieve Tension In 10 Of The Best Ways

Updated on March 6, 2017
Kawanza profile image

Kawanza has spent many years finding ways, to help other beings relax and de-stress:) She is a dedicated humanitarian! Here to help all :)


Top 10 Tension Relievers:

  1. Listen to classical or nature & ocean sounds for about 30 minutes. Tune out any background noise and drift away.The calming sounds cause the brain chatter to calm down & body relax.
  2. Have a delicious tuna or salmon wrap. The omega 3-fatty acids are known to reduce stress levels.
  3. Watch a comedy movie or hang around your friends/family that know how to strike up laughter! Cortisol & adrenaline which causes stress ,will be reduced as you laugh your to a relaxed state.
  4. Take a short walk through the park or on the beach. Exercise is important for blood circulation & releasing endorphins which boost your mood.
  5. Go to the spa and get a massage or have your special someone do the honors.Research shows that massage is beneficial in the relief of stress.It releases serotonin & dopamine which causes you to relax and lower stress level.
  6. Plant some flowers in the yard or use pots if you live in an apartment. Gardening is known for calming the mind.
  7. Practice yoga/meditation at least twice a week. This will train you on how to breath deeply and release tension/anxiety. Take a class or watch videos to get started.
  8. Try visualization exercise. Drift away with a vision of a calm and peaceful scenery. This will cause you to go into a relaxed state.
  9. Grab your favorite book and light up a few lavender scented candles. Studies show that lavender reduce stress levels .
  10. Start a daily journal and write down things about your day/evening and about your feelings. Keeping a journal is known to aid in relieving stress/anxiety due to its meditative & reflective effects.


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