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101 Ways To Burst the Stress

Updated on October 23, 2012
Stop Stress Start Living
Stop Stress Start Living

101 Ways To Burst The Stress

1. Prepare for the next day a night before.


2. Go out to Park and watch the kids play.


3. Watch some comic, light or inspirational movies or TV shows.


4. Watch your favorite Cartoon.


5. Play with kids.


6. Pet a dog or cat.


7. Visualize your self as winner.


8. Stop saying negative to yourself and others.


9. Say Hello to Strangers.


10. Have discussion on last or upcoming football match.


11. Go for window shopping.


12. Click yourself, making funny faces.


13. Listen to Country Songs.


14. Listen the Jazz Music, try listen to Ray Charles.


15. Buy flowers for your self.


16. Don't wear tight clothes.


17. Hit the Gym.


18. Plant a tree.


19. Go to Old age house and Listen to their stories.


20. Go to Church and open up your heart in front of Father.


21. Become a better listener.


22. Look the better side of even worst thing.


23. Go on picnic.


24. Say I love you to your family, friends or someone whom you love.


25. Just hug somebody,


26. Learn some lingos in other language and use whenever you can. I use BAKWAAS whenever somebody freaks me.


27. Cook yourself and have a candle light dinner.


28. Keep a diary.


29. Practice very very bad smile.


30. Remember, you also have other options available.


31. Share your problem with your family and friends.


32. Quit trying to always good to others.


33. Be able to say No

34. Praise others for their work.


35. Get up early in the morning and check what you have got.


36. Avoid relying on the sleeping pills.


37. Do some medication or yoga.


38. Don't rely on your memory, pen down what you want.


39. Get duplicate keys of your home.


40. Spit out in the dustbin and Say you are the best.


41. Spend your time as you want.


42. Set your Priorities.


43 Avoid negative people.


44. Always have duplicate copies of important papers.


45. Repair your old radio set or bicycle.


46. Ask somebody to help you whenever you need,


47. Break large problems in chunks.


48. Take problems as challenge.


49. Smile and Smile


50. Unclutter yourself.


51. Be prepared for a rain.


52. Walk in Rain and feel the purity.


53. Say something nice to somebody.


54. Don't be sorry to not know everything.


55. Don't be sorry for asking help when you can do it yourself.


56. Schedule a free time for yourself.


57. Get a shower.


58. Be aware of what you are doing.


59. Don't blame on others.


60. Don't take other blames on you.


61. Don't be sorry if something goes worng as we all are human beings.


62. Believe in yourself.


63. Develop a sense of humor.


64. Stop thinking what happens when something don't go in your way.


65. Prepare yourself for the worst.


66. Be optimistic and believe in the God.


67. Look up and Gaze Stars.

68. Breath slowly.


69. Learn How to whistle.


70. Listen to a Symphony.


71. Stop bad habit.


72. Get dressed like new.


73. Smell the flowers


74. Work Cheerfully.


75. Go for long drive.


76. Make a list of your bad memories and trash or burn it out.


77. Hum a Jingle.


78. Go for bird watching.


79. Feed the birds.


80. Stand up and Stretch.


81. Excel yourself at your work not be perfect.


82. Look work as art.


83. Stretch your limit each day.


84. Learn to meet your need yourself.


85. Know your limitation and also let other know about them too.


86. Learn how to fly kite or if you know already, teach a kid.


87. Throw a paper airplane.


88. Learn your new favorite song lyrics.


89. Have pillow fight with your friend and family.


90. Leave work early and say hello to your boss when you are leaving early.


91. Opt for the public transportation i.e. bus, tram and something, start reading other faces.


92. Write a letter or give a call to far away friend,


93. Go to ball game.


94. Recognize importance of person, who loves you.


95. Go get to bed and have tight sleep.


96. Talk less and listen more.


97. Set your goals ahead.


98. Make some new friends.


99. Quit being too nice, avoid people who backstab you.


100. Go get a girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are in relationship, take out time and share some light moments.


101. Anything you want to do, Do it now.


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    • LucasKl profile image

      LucasKl 6 years ago from Hamburg, Germany

      Wow, this is an extensive list! Will bookmark it and come back to it frequently. Thanks.

    • profile image

      tempeh 6 years ago

      Very nice tips and great hub!

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Great Hubs!! Thanks for sharing!

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Very nice tips for refreshment and happiness. Also thanks for following me.