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12 Powerful Ways to Empower Your Mental Vision

Updated on July 24, 2018
Endy Noble profile image

Endy is a motivation enthusiast. He believes in human development, loves poetry, and uses poetry to achieve his goal of impacting people.


The word vision denotes two very important aspects of man’s life. The first is eye-vision or what is called sight or the sense of sight. The second type of vision is mind or mental vision.
These two types of vision operate together cooperatively or separately. The mind's vision conceptualizes the creation of what the eye eventually sees through active engagements. The mental vision is a picture of the world within—a yet non-existing world or things. The sight vision sees the physical or external world.
In a cooperative mode, these two types of aids each other in harmonious ways to bring and build beauty into life. The mental vision organizes picture in the metaphysical state or what is called the world of form and energize man’s creative ability. This mental picture of the world of form is then related to the physical world for resemblance. The eye-vision manages the physical world ships models, objects, and symbols to the mental vision which had previously created a conceptualized form of the models, objects or symbols to organize, design, construct or fashions the models, objects, and symbols into a finished product. This entire process is a fast, complex, simultaneous and fascinatingly interesting procedure.
When working separately. The eye-vision just feeds on the available physical models, objects, and symbols and there is no corresponding feedback from the mental vision. Or the mental vision, which conceptualizes, signals the eye vision to supply models, objects and symbols for the organization, constructions and building of a particular product; when there is no response from the eye vision the mental vision gets stuck. This could lead to non-creativity, unproductivity, and poor mental resource management.

The Sight or Eye Vision

Important Roles of Eye-sight

1. Visualizes the environment for the mental or mind vision

2. Relates physical images to mental objects

3. Coordinates the world of realities or the physical and

4. Cooperates with the mind

Sight or Eye Vision

The eye vision is the most popular form of vision. It’s the mere ability to see. The eye vision has been proven to be the least important to man in terms of creativity, productivity and resource management. This form of vision is the most common because anyone with pairs of eyes can have it. Although, a very big guide for human protection from physical injuries. It’s less important in creating and managing wealth, success and measurable achievement. This fact is proven true by the fact blind people made a considerable impact in the world even in their blindness.
Just a few examples to blind people made great impact to prove my point
• Helen Keller
Helen Keller is an author, activist, and lecturer. She was born on June 27, 1880, and died June 1, 1968. She is known for her tireless advocacy for disabled people even as a blind person herself. She receives several awards and recognitions. Among these are honorary university degree, the Humanitarian Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the French Legion of Honor and election to the Women’s Hall of Fame and meeting every Us president from Calvin Coolidge to John F. Kennedy.
• Claude Monet
Claude Monet, a founder of the French impressionist painting was born Nov. 14, 1840. Although born with sight, Claude gradually loses his sight and became visually impaired. It was in this vision impaired state that he painted one of his famous murals of water lilies in a completely blind state.
• Louis Braille
Louis Braille is the designer and inventor of the Brailler, a machine that aids the blind to be able to read and write. He did this as a blind and change things for good for many blinds around the world.
These people and a host other blinds proved that without the eye vision one can still live a productive, achieving and fulfilling life. Helen Keller said in particular, “It is a terrible thing to see (have the eye vision) and have no vision (mental or mind vision). Was Keller right on this statement? Her life proved it.

Important Roles of Mental Vision

1. Conceptualizes and Creates a mental picture

2. Organizes mental energy and information

3. Refocus mental attention

4. Coordinates skills and talents

5. Merges mental dreams and realities (physical) world through imitative modeling, and

6. Empower the body: Mind, soul and spirit

Mind or Mental Vision

The mental or mind vision is the ability to see, conceptualize and design objects from within or what is called the world of form. It’s the most powerful form of vision because it illuminates the world for the first form of vision, the sight. This form of vision can be expressed in all of these forms:
• Mental conception and conceptualization: This form of vision sees from drafting, pre-designing, and pre-preparative perspective. Writers use it to source information and align them in the best form possible when writing a book. Engineers use it when designing machines, machine parts, and buildings.
• Mental visualization: This is the form of vision implored by visual arts. They are able to see the picture through colors and lines before they are actually created, painted or developed.
• Mental vocalization: This is a form of vibrating sound energy practical in music sound production. The mind actually sees the sound through as being enjoyable to the soul.
• Mental staging and designing: This is the form of vision that gave or enable Louis Braille to invent the Braille machine for the blind even as a blind person himself.
• Mental organization: This form of vision is used to virtually all creative people. It enables one to bring component parts together in order to create a better product. Nearly all humans have some degree of this form of vision. But this form of vision is mostly utilized by most of the world inventor.
• Day-dreaming, desiring and fantasizing: Of course, we all desire things or day-dreams. This form of vision is aspirating, always seeing things you should have or that you are going to have. This could be the business you want to build, the type of house you want to live in, the book you want to write, the life you want to live, the way we want to train up our child or children etc.
• Spiritual revelation: It form of mental vision is difficult to explain because it’s more abstract than physical. It’s perhaps, the form Martins Luther King had when he gave his famous speech: “I have a dream”.
Our mental or mind vision sees all of these and much more through. Admonition: See to it that you see something bigger than the physical within you.
Now to the important subject of this article. Having differentiate between the two types or forms of vision—eyes vision and the mental or mind vision. It’s now imperative to answer the big question: How do I power, empower and revitalize my mental or mind vision?
Here are twelve practically applicable and actionable things to do:

Eye-Mental Vision Cordination

Organization of Knowledge

“Knowledge” according to Francis Beacon, “Is power”. I’ve not a singleton of doubt about this fact. Of all that we do, think and project as achievements, knowledge is the most visibly viable. Why? Because without knowledge, no achievement will ever be possible.
How do we build and organize knowledge?
• Through learning
• Observations
• Studying
• Practicing processes and procedures
• Exercising the mind and
• Continuous practice and re-practicing
There is no greater part of being human than being knowledgeable. It’s in this deep pool of knowledge that we become controlled, self-contained, meek, compassionate, kind and above all—humble. If your level of organizing knowledge does not make you humble. Then, you’re yet to be knowledgeable enough.

Understanding the Purpose for Existence of Mind or Mental Vision

The mind or mental vision exists for the sole purpose of creativity. It is not meant for creating tightening belief, limiting imaginations or dormant and static mental environments. Understanding the purpose for the existence of the mental or mind vision help us to use it maximally.
According to Myles Munroe, “Genuine authority creates an environment for people to think, to dream, to discover and to refine their gifts and talents, to build others up, and develop themselves fully”. This is similar to why the mental vision was given. If we know and understand why the mental vision was given. Then powering, empowering and revitalizing it becomes:
• A goal of necessity
• Something deserving of our commitment
• Something of intrinsic value
• And something to guide against its absolute depletion
Ultimately, our ideas affect the way we live. And our ideas in most cases are not better than our understanding of the role of our mental vision. In effects, no one executes idea beyond the capacity of his vision. This is a fact that we have to grasp if we must remain mentally visionary.

Keys For Vision

Keys For Vision
Keys For Vision

Keys For Vision, what a powerful book. I quite love this book page to page. Great book here!


Vaccinating your imagination and vision

The word vaccination is used medically to denote an act of administering attenuated or weakened causative organism of a disease into the host to activate an immune response. Antibodies are created as part of the immune response. This antibody has memory cells component that recognizes and attack the active form of that organism in case of another invasion.
The same principle applies to powering, empowering and revitalizing your vision. How do we vaccination our imaginations and vision?
• Guiding against moral or morale invasion
• Making a down decision
• Evaluate codes, possibilities as well as opportunities
• Operating an open ended and objective view or approach
• Repositioning the mind for adaptation, and
• Creating mental encapsulation or cryptically viable faith
Vaccination of mental vision or imagination is very important because more than 90% dream death results from an attack of doubts, unbelief, lack of faith and low spiritual immunity.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

— Aristotle

Positive Utilization of Emotional Energy

Emotional energy is an energy base or reservoir within every soul. It’s the form of energy that provides us with endurance, tolerance, persistence, perseverance, passion, determination, imagination, conviction and what I could like to call ‘Spiritual Ignition’. This energy form like the energy of an atom in quantum physics or chemistry is available to us in three transition stages:
I. The excited energy state
II. The medium energy state
III. The low energy state
The vibration they set-up in each state varies with quantum energy level. We can decipher our emotional energy state through moods. Also, we can excite our emotional energy level just about the same way atomic energy are excited—scintillation, bombardment, thermal heat up and increasing concentration. Oh, that sound rather abstract or unreal.
What happens when you scintillate a person? They come alive. What happens when someone bombards you with new ideas and knowledge? You come alive. What happens the number of ideas or thoughts in your brain increase? You because active and productive.
Kirshenbaum said this of emotional energy, “We need complete energy—an energetic mind and heart and soul in an energetic body. We’re not just a body. We’re energy; and emotional energy is not an adrenaline filled, run-around-like-a-nut kind of energy. It’s an aliveness of the mind, a happiness of the heart, and a spirit filled with hope”.
Positive utilization of emotional energy is a great way to go bingo about our mental vision.

Mind or Mental Magnetization

The human mind (Mental) had been likened to a metal magnet. According to Napoleon Hill, “Every human mind is both a broadcasting and a receiving station”. These two stations emit and receive signals just like Radio and Television through the medium called Ether. Ether, according to Hill, connects people’s mind one to another. Hence, one person’s mind can magnets ideas signals send out by another. This could account to the sometimes ideas pop-up in our minds.
A deliberate and continual effort to allow one’s mind connect to other minds is a possibility. Continuous meditative reflection can power this process of mind or mental magnetization. This is a form of mind training and conditioning to bring about the attraction of objects of desires and fascinations. This is possible through:
• Thought concentration
• Faith in the unseen
• Gradual and continuous knitting of desires
• Mental revitalization, and
• Ignition of imagination
Mind magnetization is important in the attraction of one’s object of affection or desire.

Exercising the Brain

How do you exercise your brain in order to improve your mental vision?

See results

Napoleon Hill's Laws of Success

The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill
The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Hill spoke to me all through the pages of this book. A great book! Well written. Well detailed. It captures so much on long term vision


Mental Revitalization

Mental revitalization is the ability to revive, motivate and sustain a dying or depressed mind through active engagements. Engagements in:
• Reading books
• Playing games
• Watching of positively impacting movies
• Attending seminars and lectures
• Praying in group or individually
• Fellowshipping and worship in group
• Taking a walk or site-seeing
• Singing praises of God, people, loved ones or nature
Mind revitalization is very important because our minds like the cells of our bodies die and lose energy. Mind or mental revitalization is a way to replace that energy and excite the mind through the acquisition of refreshing ideas, knowledge, and information. This way the exhausted energy is regained.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation or Yoga is a simple reflective, revisiting and renewing of thoughts, ideas, information, and opinion. To some, it’s a spiritual exercise of one’s imagination by connecting to a higher power, the creator. To others, it’s reflecting on nature, organization and working energy of the universe. It can be through:
• Prayers
• Object or subject focusing
• Aim concentration
• Quiet observation of nature, and
• Life redefinition, re-arraignment, and re-direction
Reflectively looking at life is a great way of connecting one’s soul and higher souls to achieve a pure understanding of the visible and invisible universe. The power of meditation or yoga to the revitalizing the mind and empowering vision is incredible. Surely, if you can’t see and reflecting it within the mind, you can’t build it either.

Even when I was in the orphanage, when I was roaming the street trying to find enough to eat, even then I thought of myself as the greatest actor in the world. You have to feel the exuberance that comes from utter confidence in yourself. Without it, you go down to defeat.

— Charlie Chaplin, actor, director

Magnification of thoughts and ideas

Thoughts and ideas grow like plants. They come to us as tiny as seeds and if our minds are fertile or ready enough, they die and begins to grow. More accurately speaking, thoughts critically examined is like a microscopic organism viewed under an electron microscope. This critical examination, what I chose to call magnification is brought into view the minutes details hidden within the raw thought or idea.
What does magnification of thoughts or ideas do?
• First, it brings the thought or ideas into mental focus or mental optical lens
• Then it brightens the dark hidden details.
• It also creates a clearer understanding of the object or subject in question
• As the thought or idea grows, it makes linking to models or reality a possibility
• And finally, add ecstatic to knowledge and opinion formation.
In reality, no thought could work or survive alone except concentrated and magnified for the revelation of its many attachable appendages. This helps in associating it with existing knowledge, information, procedure or processes.

Graffiti~ze Your Mental Vision

The power of vision is terrific. By vision here I mean sight. Graffiti~zing mental vision is a great way to bring that power alive. I’ve said earlier that eye and mind visions work together cooperatively in order to create a product or impression.
What is this graffiti? Visual display of mentally conceptualized concepts, pictures or designs or writings. How do we graffiti~ze our mental visions?
• Draw or make diagrams of them
• Write and paste them on the walls or within eye sights
• Design and make them your screen display
• Keep them visually handy
This will aid your memory and improve the interaction of your mental and physical world.

Visualization of the Universe

The universe presents models for the actualization of any mental dream, pictures, vision, and ideas. Visualizing the universe is a powerful way to bring life into our mental vision.
For examples:
• Ships are modeled after docks and fishes
• Planes are modeled after birds
• Bulbs are modeled after the sun, moon, and stars
• Computer viruses and antiviruses are designed on the basis and principles of human immunity and immunological responses
These are just a few examples. Visualizing the universe enables and aids us in powering, empowering and revitalizing our mental visions. When it comes to creativity, there is no alternative other than borrowing from nature. 100% of human invention is modeled to look and work like or on the principle of naturally occurring phenomena. Visualization of the universe helps you to connect abstracts to substances.

Create a Spiritually Co-existing Beliefs and Mental Vision

Of all that man can spiritually lay claim of, none is as powerful as belief. Christ made this clear a number of times He performed miracles.
• “Anything is possible if a person believes” Marks 9:23
• “Daughter, your faith had made you whole” Mark 5:34 (Woman with Issue of blood)
• “Rise and go. Your faith has healed you” Luke 17:19 (the Lepers)
• “Let it be done to as you believe” Matthew 9:29 (a blind man)
All these points to the power of beliefs. Beliefs can be a set of inward inclination, faith or hope. Aligning mental vision with beliefs unveils the world beyond; guides the souls towards a near existence of things as they are in the world of form; and allows a man to actualize them in the physical world.

I've lived more years in another world than I have live on earth. I imagine! I think! I figure! I conceptualize and design! Having lived such a life of huge success in my imagination, it's time to come alive.

— Endurance AUF Noble

Let Your Imagination Come Alive and Then Let Your Live and Action Come Alive with It

An active imagination is a blessing to a mental vision. Some-worth we call forth creativity and creation with our imagination. But we shouldn’t stop at this. We must let our lives and actions come alive with our imaginations. This is a potential way to power and revitalizes our vision. Visions come alive through:
• Rigorous and active imaginations
• Imaginatively linking thoughts and ideas
• Actively creating and designing models
• And perhaps linking them to solving human problems
Let your imagination come alive and everything will come beautifully. Howard Thurman rightly put it, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

It’s my belief this article will help you to power and re-vitalize your imaginations, dreams, and visions. I hope to make this a monthly post on this platform. If you enjoyed this you can follow me here, on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Together let's build your mental vision!

© 2017 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      4 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Thank you Kailas...

      I love that you enjoy this piece.

      The mental vision is such an important part of life that our progress is dependent upon it.

      And the article strategically provides ways to maximize its potential for maximum achievements.

      Thank for reading.

    • kailuhchaudhari profile image

      Kailas Chaudhari 

      4 months ago from Ahmedabad, India

      Hey Endy

      such a great article I came to know, I like the way you present everything in more better strategic way, really awesome and love it.

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      10 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      I actually thought new year is the time to reinvent dreams and visions. What are your new year dreams? Do they include the 2017 non-actualize goals? How about revitalizing them?

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      12 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Yes, KyleZeal, the article is rich and helpful. Hope you also enjoyed the presentation style?

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      14 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Yes Mamerto. It's unorthodox and perhaps uncommon.

      I believe we've to go out of traditions a times if we must discover new ways and new things. We've to break out of normals to perhaps the paranormals.

      Also I believe the only ways we can exercise our minds to the fullest is to allow them to roam freely in order for them to interact with nature. This way we're able to connect to new ideas and stretch our minds beyond orthodox and limiting embargo.

      If things are done the same way all the times. New things will never come into existence...the fullest of God, nature, life, and of us will never be realized.

      We've to break the `mind-walls', cross the invisible boundaries, and enjoy the world on the other side.

      The only dogma I believed in is change. Every other thing is subject to reflux movements and changes!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Mamerto profile image

      Mamerto Adan 

      14 months ago from Cabuyao

      This article is unorthodox, unique and helpful all the same. I like how you put so much details in this hub! Thanks.


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