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20 Symptoms of Depression

Updated on August 28, 2011
  1. Does life seem hopeless?
  2. Do your problems seem insurmountable?
  3. Do you blame your symptoms on other people?
  4. Can you think your problems through carefully and logically, or do you rarely reach a conclusion?
  5. Do your thoughts race around in a haphazard way? Are you, in fact, agitated?
  6. Do you lack enthusiasm and zest for life?
  7. Are you weepy? Do you find that you cry without an obvious reason?
  8. Are your misery, lack of enthusiasm and feelings of hopelessness greater in the morning than they are later in the day?
  9. If you have feelings of hopelessness, and a belief that nobody can do anything to help your situation, have you ever considered suicide?
  10. If you have considered suicide, have you: a) Thought that life is not worth living: T might just as well be dead'? b) Considered if you would end your life? c) If you have considered killing yourself, have you decided how you would do it? d) If you have considered how you would commit suicide, have you made any specific preparations for it: hoarding pills, buying the rope, etc?
  11. Has there been any change in your appetite?
  12. If your appetite has changed, has it decreased? If so, have you lost at least half a stone in weight?
  13. Has your appetite increased? If so, do you hanker after those so-called 'comfort foods': sweets, chocolate, puddings, or any foods with a high glycemic index?
  14. Do you drink alcohol more or less than usual? Alcohol intake may vary either way during depression.
  15. Do you feel no longer concerned with other people's worries and emotions? Do you find it more difficult than usual to express love or gratitude to others? Have you or those around you noticed any emotional blunting?
  16. Are you pleased to see people, or does their presence or telephone call merely irritate you?
  17. Have you lost your sexual drive?
  18. Are you smoking more?
  19. How are you sleeping?
  20. Do you: a) Go to sleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow, but wake again within an hour or two? b) Find it impossible to get off to sleep? c) If you have had a wakeful night, do you go to sleep just when it is time to get up? d) Do you sleep too much? Or find it impossible to get up in the morning?


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  • swedal profile image

    swedal 7 years ago from Colorado

    Thank you fucsia for that unique phrase and perspective.

  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 7 years ago

    I know well some of these symptoms. I do not if in my case we can talk of depression but maybe is more correct say " crisis of sadness". These crisis are overcome ( at least I hope!) but read this Hub made me remember this kind of sufference, that seems endless.