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My favorite 200 Calories and below snack list

Updated on September 23, 2012

One of my favorite weight loss hacks is actually to snack many times in a day while maintaining an overall daily calorie loss. The concept is really simple - every time you eat something, you raise your metabolism slightly. So if you can maintain eating throughout the day in small meals, you increase your metabolism and burn more within the day, furthermore these snacks keep you fuller and satiated, resulting in less overeating during your main meals.

You will automatically lose weight when your output is more than your input. Simple math. In this hub, I will be listing my favorite under 200 Calorie snack list. I usually eat them in between my 3 main meals. If you're interested to find out how to make weight loss tips work, do check out my hub where I share with you my theory on how to do so.

Protein / Snack Bars

i like to eat a Soyjoy or Nature Valleysnack bar in between my meals. i usually take it 2 hours after my lunch to keep me going until dinner. Both these brands have snack bars below 200 calories. I do not usually recommend other popular brands like Clif as a snack bar because its calories are usually above 200 and it is better off as a meal replacement.

A special note about Soyjoy - it was specifically picked out by my dietician back then as a meal supplement because of its low calories and higher protein levels.

Beef Jerky

Yes, you heard me right. Beef Jerky. We used to think it is really bad for us because of the high levels of preservatives and sodium in traditional beef jerky. However, there are organic and msg free versions around in the market nowadays. Beef Jerky is good for a high protein snack and helps to curb cravings when sometimes you get sick of eating bars, fruits, nuts and vegetables. 2 large pieces of beef jerky (40 grams) is approximately 160 calories. Awesome tasty snack for the non-vegetarians.

Bread with Peanut Butter

1 slice of bread and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 180 calories.

This snack is great to satisfy your sweet tooth and curb cravings. There's something about the peanut butter that has this magic. To keep this snack healthy, you should opt for wholemeal / wholewheat bread and organic or natural peanut butter. IE, the lower the sugar level the better. No additional sugar to be added to the PB. Trader Joe's (in the US) have an awesome collection of peanut butter that is very healthy and tasty.

Mandarin Oranges

This is by far one of my favorite snacks. Low in calories (< 100 for one large one) and very sweet. You feel guilt free when you snack on these things. One trick I like to do is to put the oranges in the fridge such that they are cold when you peel them. I noticed that when you do this, the oranges tend to be sweeter than when it is left in the open. I ran an experiment with a batch of oranges, one left in the open and one in the fridge. The ones in the fridge ended up being way sweeter than the ones sitting around outside. Weird eh?

Boiled / steamed sweet potato

Once in a while I will buy a bag of sweet potatoes and cook them as snacks. Sweet potatoes make tasty snacks and are good carbs that keep you satiated longer. 1 5" long sweet potato has approximately 112 calories in it. By the time you work your way through one, you will be pretty stuffed. It is a great snack to just munch into while doing your work or watching TV. I particularly like the purple skinned ones but the normal skin ones are great as well.

To cook them, scrub the skin with a scrub/sponge that is just meant for food to remove any surface impurities. Then just boil, steam or microwave them till soft. You don't want them too soft and mushy though.

Egg White Omelet

I love my eggs but everyone keeps telling me the yolk is terrible for diets. There are only 17 calories in a large egg white but 80++ calories in a large egg. Omelets are great for a midday snack or meal when you are feeling for something savory. You can crack 3 egg whites, mix in 1 yolk for flavor (or skip it to make it less fat), onions and cottage cheese to make a high protein savory snack less than 200 calories. Use olive oil over other cooking oils.

My thoughts

Well, I hope you enjoy this little list of low calorie snacks that I put together. I will periodically add to this hub whenever I come across an easy and tasty snack. If you have some of your own favorite low calorie snacks, please do share with us here, I will be very interested to try them out too!


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