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Updated on October 27, 2016

Money to Burn!!

Nasty addiction

How appealing I must look with a cigarette dangling from my mouth! Not to mention, no amount of cologne will mask the smell when you walk in a room. I love to smoke after dinner and after sex.If I would just give up both, maybe I could give up the nasty habit of smoking..

Well, in truth it is calming, something to do, many years ago who knew it could hurt you? As a child I was sent in the house by numerous adults to light them a cigarette, and bring it to them already lit! My mother would say after dinner ,come have a coffee and a smoke with me, and tell me whats going on with you. This is how it started..

Now you are not welcome to smoke anywhere, anytime, for any reason.How does one quit? I mean without going "postal"?

One of my brothers smoked until he grew tired of the control the cigarette had over his time,he held the cigarette up one day, and said this little tiny cigarette can not rule me or my life anymore,threw a fresh pack in the garbage, and never smoked again,that was over 30 years ago. Yet another brother went in the store to buy a pack the clerk told him that will be two dollars and fifty cents,he was shocked and said to the clerk," that is robbery, I have a half a pack in my shirt pocket you can have, I quit" that was over 20 years ago,he hasn't ever smoked again.

I have the will power to lose weight,discipline myself and children,but that little "stick of dynamite" well I am addicted to it. Gotta have it,crave it, can almost taste it when I want one..I love the smell of a good cigar and a pipe.In fact I have been known to have my husband take me to such a bar so I may enjoy the aroma ..

It must be harder to quit then "crack" I have attended the funeral of many friends that died because of enjoying the addiction. As my mother was dying in the hospital the doctor asked if there was anything she would like to have she said"my yes, I should love to have a cigarette, and a cup of coffee at the same time"! To which he replied "Ms. Hussey I cannot see how that could hurt you now if someone will get it for you you are welcome to enjoy yourself."

I had an uncle lived to be 104, at the age of 92 he went to see the old country doctor as he was getting short of breath,the doctor said "well you need to quit smoking" ,uncle charlie said "I'm 92 years old what could it matter",to which the doctor informed him if he should like to see 93 he should quit,uncle Charlie agreed, and as he was leaving he turned to the doctor and said,"I guess I can give up cigarettes alright, but I'm not giving up my chewing tobacco or my cigars"..

All of that said, I find I cannot smoke another brand but my own, Maybe I should think about suing the manufacturer of the brand for if they didn't make them I wouldn't smoke..



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    • profile image 6 years ago

      Great hub! I just quit in January. For me it was too expensive. But I still stand by anyone whom wants to keep smoking without any guilt. Everyone knows the damages. So many freedoms are being taken away. Let's hope the government doesn't makes them illegal.

    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      Thanks for reading and the comment,I suspect in our lifetime it will in fact come to this.

      Please tell me how you quit..

      I am "dying" to do the same and Kudos to You for having the willpower,stamina and perseverance to do so.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I just quit cold turkey. I ate crunchy food; celery, carrots, and the like. Sunflower seeds also helped. It gave my hands something to do and I could suck on them like a cig. It seemed to help. Good luck to you. Please remember, if you don't do it the first time keep trying. It took me a few tries.

    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      Thanks...I think you have to be ready and I am ready to really give it a shot..


      and thanks for the comments ..

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Cool hub, if your interested, I have a good hub that tells how I quit. I smoked 3 packs a day for about 15 years. It's been 17 years since I quit.

    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      Thanks yes I will check it out and thank you for posting the information..

      please send me a link to the hub..i can't find it..but I admit I am tired and

    • Mamelody profile image

      Mamelody 6 years ago

      When I was nine my grandfather caught me smoking a cigarette. He locked me in a 4"x4" dark room with a small hole on the top for air. He took a 100 boxes (each box had 20 packs) and matches and told me I will not leave the room till I've smoked every single last cigarette. I was locked in there for 48 hours with just water to drink. I spent those hours crying my eyes out and begging him to let me out.

      When I came out, I couldn't even spell cigarette and ever since I've never touched another cigarette.

      Nice hub, just reminded of why I've never and will never smoke. Hope you will eventually kick the habit!

    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      Omg... how awful..

      but then I wish It had happened to me

      thanks for the comment


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