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How to quit smoking weed

Updated on March 22, 2012

Can you Quit Smoking Weed?

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The main problem with stopping smoking weed is weed addicts don't admit that they are addicts. There is a phrase I heard : "I am smoking weed for 15 years and I know that it isn't addictive" There is always that feeling of I can stop when I want to.The problem is nobody wants to. So if you move on to next paragraph first you must decide to quit smoking.

If you are a social smoker then most of your friends are smokers too. If you want to stop smoking you have to change your social environment. (Unless you have nerves of iron and can hold your self while everybody is smoking) Another option is "quit smoking - start drinking". Which you will end as an alcoholic in the end. (which is more addictive and hard to stop so I don't recommend) You can start by decreasing amount you smoke and must realize that you can have fun without it. (Remember the days before you were smoking. If you were a boring person by then there is nothing to do:) It is a psychological addiction more than physical addiction so you can quit easily if you strictly decide you want to quit and change your social habits.

Tip: Remove the following songs from your mp3 list:

-smoke two joints

-weezer songs

-bob marley songs

-cause i got high


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    • darron profile image

      darron 9 years ago from New York City


    • profile image

      Matt 9 years ago

      It's true that many dope smokers can't admit they're addicted. This is because so many of their friends smoke as well, so it just seems like the normal thing to do. It's also quite insidious because, unlike alcohol, it doesn't give you a hangover. So, smokers just keep smoking every day.

      Dope has a benign reputaion, but it's actually highly destructive.

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      Or you can simply learn self control. Try online forums like

    • profile image

      me 9 years ago

      weed is the least destructive of the drugs including drink around but it like everything else it should be done in moderation

    • simplysandie profile image

      simplysandie 9 years ago

      JUST SAY NO!!

    • trakker14 profile image

      trakker14 9 years ago from franklin

      Weed is VERY addictive, you just don't realize your addicted till it is too late or you try to stop. It kills brain cells and stays in the body and builds up unlike other drugs, drinking included.

    • Elvis De Leon profile image

      Elvis De Leon 9 years ago

      Not that i've been in this situation, but thanks.. I have some friends that have been there..

    • teeray profile image

      teeray 9 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the hub. I don't puff the greenstuff and I like Bob Marley and listen to Marley tunes in MODERATION so that I don't feel like it would be cool to do what Marley does LOL

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      If you don't drink and you don't smoke, you are healthy when you croak :D

    • trakker14 profile image

      trakker14 9 years ago from franklin

      You may as well smile at life because you will never get out of it alive....

      (unklnown author)

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 9 years ago

      Sometimes you gotta try the bad stuff to see that they are bad I guess Misha. Nothing more effective then experience :)

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

      Informative and humorous article;)

      In my experience the longer your off it the easier it is ;)

    • BassGuru profile image

      BassGuru 9 years ago

      Outside of the US weed is normally smoked with tobacco. That tends to be the addictive substance! See if you can do without the tobacco first!

      I do love weed but I make sure if I run out I leave it at least two weeks before buying some more!

    • profile image

      melynda 9 years ago

      weed is not destructive, people who are not responsible in their choices are. Weed is the most natural, generic, homeopathic medicine there is, and maybe one or two of us should do a little research into WHY marijuana is illegal. Or maybe into how marijuana helps such a huge compass of maladies. Did you know that marijuana helps to reduce the number of seizures epileptics have with sometimes more than 50% less side effects as seizure medicines? think about that while you condemn others. Maybe you whose life was RUINED by pot smoking should think about the possibility that YOU are the mitigating factor in your destruction, and not an easy scapegoat like marijuana.

    • profile image

      ThaNinja 9 years ago

      I started a marijuana addiction blog at:

      I post daily about my struggles and techniques for ending my addiction to weed. I agree it aint easy.

    • profile image

      Camrizon 9 years ago

      Man I have to stop smoking do to drug tests and its killing me, I cant stop smoking, and when I try it never lasts more than a day and I cant sleep whithout it. When Im not smoking im thinking about smoking, I cant seem to relax without it. Its the one thing Ive always looked forward too at the end of the day, and knowing I cant smoke at the end of the day makes the rest of the day, that much worse. I don't know what I going to do. I have to take my first drug test 10 days from know and in the last 9 years I havent been able to go more that a day or 2 without smoking. I don't know what to do. What should I do?

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 9 years ago

      cam if you smoke weed for just fun I can understand that but if you can't even do without smoking for one day then there is sth. wrong. I am not just talking about "ohh it's harmful to your body" stuff, If you can't be somebody without smoking then there is the problem. Anyone can just smoke and have fun it's the difference besides smoking weed that makes you.

    • profile image

      ThaNinja 9 years ago

      The first thing that I recommend you do is write down all of the negative effects it has on your life. I took about 4 hours to write 2 posts on my blog about physical and psychological aspects of my habit that I HATE. They should be on the front page

    • profile image

      GUEST004 9 years ago

      My parents just gave me a drug test and I failed. Take drug test and if you come out positive then don't smoke weed. Im currently quiting smoking weed because I like my family to much to do this again and also I need my brain and lungs for the sport I love the most which is BASEBALL. This is one way you can quit...

    • profile image

      hg44 9 years ago

      I just got caught smoking weed yesterday on a drug test. Ive now learned and realized that Im going to stop smoking because I know that I need my lungs and my brain for baseball, the sport that I own, and I don't want to be reconignized as a pot smoker. Also I do not want to hurt my family again by doing this. I want to be a good baseball play and a wonderful kid in my family. This is why I smoked smoking weed. YOU GUYS SHOULD STOP SMOKING WEED AND SMOKING ANYTHING AS WELL.

    • profile image

      hahaha 9 years ago

      alcohol is worse than weed weed don't make you wild so anybody downing weed i hope you don't drink cause and ive been smoking for a long time and i have never wanted to do another drug weed is from the earth these commercial make me laugh cause they're idea of weeds affect on a person is untrue being high has never mad me do something stupid alcohol will make you do stupid stuff because it controls you if yall making weed to be this terrible drug yall are just really weak and naw yall shouldn't smoke if you cant handle

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 9 years ago

      I agree with hahaha that being alcoholic is worse then being a smoker.

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      I love smoknig weed, i herd short term it takes your memory away and i sed in grades 7-11 now oh that asint true, but you know what it isd true, i cant remember anuythuing i do on the weekends the following day, for ex. ill ghet stioned friday, saterday and sunday then comes mondaY at school and i don't reaslly remember too much on wat i had done that weekend, i jus realized my memory loss is getting worse and worse, so i decied to quit today anmd im very proud of it. Im not a huge drinker ive only drank once and i hate being sober so i smoked weed, but i quit today and if i hate being sober i might jus start to drinin ON an ioccasion, the only reason why teens smoke weed is because they want to be "poplular:" or "fit in" with special groups. I learned that weed is pretty bad for uyou in the long run, and ive olny been smokin it for 5 years nowe, but im happy to say that I QUIT SMOKING WEED TODAY!!

    • midomssh profile image

      midomssh 9 years ago

      thanks a lot i need this badly

    • profile image

      Markus 9 years ago

      I have been smoking for about 6 years. and i have to stop cause i have to take a drug test. Its because i stay with my pot head ass cuz that smokes weed like cig. And its so fuckin hard. And i love weed. weed is like my best firend. So now i start drinkin

    • profile image

      DJRitz 9 years ago

      thankz for the post helpd. me......

    • profile image

      Digital photographer 9 years ago

      I've been smoking for the past 3 years every day. I also did some nasty drugs such as MDMA, ex etc. Its true that marijunana opens door to other harder drugs. Couple month ago I realized it wasn't the way to go, I was SMOKING MY LIFE AWAY! So basically I'm pretty sure I want to quit, I didn't smoke for 2 weeks and I didn't do any harder drugs for 2 month. So I'm doing really well right now.

      The problem is my friends, they all smoke... god damn it, I will have to make them quit or just fuck them all and live for myself alone. I think I will do this, I don't want to end up outside college being a junky.

      For the fellow smokers, marijuana is SHIT, and there is reason its called like this... that's it, bye marijuana, bye cigarettes, bye MDMA, bye ectasy, bye GHB, bye coke... I'm a free person now!

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 9 years ago

      It doesn't matter what you smoke or what you use. In the end what matters is "is the control of your life in your hands or not?" You can let go with alcohol or you can have a decent life while smoking pot.

    • profile image

      Lifted 9 years ago

      I've been smokin for over 10 years now, and, as i type, i am smoking a joint and enjoying a glass of Seagrams 7 on the rocks. I have searched and searched for ways to quit smoking marijuana. I have been fortunate enough to quit smoking cigarettes, taking LSD, doing speed/methanphetamine, mushrooms, and other various drugs and narcotics. However, throughout my experiences, I have maintained well paying jobs and been able to attain awards while going home at nite and puffin' a couple doobies.

      As I put my joint down and take another sip: I believe that some certain people shold not be smoking marijuana. It simply hampers their ability to foucs and/or comprehnd the task at hand. I have been around MANY different types of pot smokers and, quite honestly, the "hippe-red-eye-all-day-smoke-2-joints-in-the-morning" types are the ones who make pot smokers seem like natural f**k-ups.

      If you are going to try to quit smoking weed, please, PLEASE, let me know what will really, REALLY, work. Otherwise, take a few hints from me...Don't be a jackass!Know that you still need to be able to BUY your weed and smoke your money away so you better keep your ass sober enough to get a job and make some decent money (enough to quit smokin' in mom's basement). Assimilate somewhat to to the mainstream so you can keep puffin'. And when you're up at nite smokin' a joint and sippin' on Seagrams, readin about how to quit smokin marijuana remember what I taught you, grasshopper.

    • profile image

      Wazzz 9 years ago

      nothing works more dan ya own Determination

      Stop stop takin Advices



    • profile image

      snappin duck shit 9 years ago

      MMMMM hahaha anyone got a twinkee MMMMM and pot leads to memory loss and makes you lazy i know believe me i just peed in a cup haha and smokin pot leads to memory loss damn im thirsty ahhhh i just found a glass of apple juice didnt even have to get up

    • profile image

      HUGEPOTHEAD 9 years ago

      Nobody here knows what they are talking about when it comes to marijuana:

    • profile image

      Toast 9 years ago

      I think Lifted knows actually what he/she is talking about.

    • profile image

      stoner BOI 9 years ago

      I am a stoner, started smokin weed two years ago and you know what it does? It just makes the time go by faster, it makes sitting around and doing nothing more of an acceptable thing, it makes you lazy and basically take your determintation to do anything away. Its pointless. I've read some of these comments and it makes me think, tons of people are going through the same shit as I am and it makes me realize even more how much of a "DRUG" marijuana really is. And i agree when some of you say alchol is worse, but its not a matter of what's worse, I mean your basically saying. . . "oh its ok to smoke weed, its not as bad as alcohol." IDK, all i know is that i've been slowing down a lot and i plan on quitting and getting back to the life i used to live.

    • profile image

      theseventhlevel 9 years ago

      there are some of you that are absoulutly retarded ive been smoking for 3.5 years now i had been smoking 2 or 3 times a day for about a year now i have a girlfriend and she doesn't want me smoking as much (i can still smoke occasionally but not all the time) im glad to say ive gone 3 months without smoking with almost noooo trouble (i got slightly bored during the first week or so) and for those of you who want some information about cannabis or any other drug go here its a reliable source


    • profile image

      lizzyish 9 years ago

      I've been smoking since I was 12. I am eighteen now. To me marijuana is more than just a drug. It's like my gold, my ticket to another world. Whenever I'm stoned it is the only time that I feel calmed and relaxed. I think about so many things and I learn so much. I would never in my life say it is pointless. I never smoke and never have smoked just for the fun of being high. I smoke to get away from earth for a bit. To get to know myself and my thoughts better. Before I started smoking I had so many anger problems. I was uncontrolable. Even my mom said she was scared of me. After I started smoking, I realized how to reach peace and how not to get too worked up over situations. I value marijuana so much that I would never smoke it everyday because I wouldn't want to take advantage of it and lose my appreciation for it. I smoke twice a week maybe, at the least. Sometimes more. Recently I got in some trouble with the law. I wasn't charged. I got a petition. My problem right now is that this whole thing had me thinking of what I'm going to do after all this. I'm not gonna smoke for a couple months just to be cautious because I don't know if they will drug test me. I know I can do it. I went a year without it before just to see how long I could last. But now I don't know if I should cut back, or stop for a while or what. I don't think it's bad. The only bad thing about weed to me is that it is illegal. sigh. I have a lot to think about. All I know right now is that when I grow up and am gonna start my career and all that, I'm moving out of the U.S.

    • Margaret Albright profile image

      Margaret Albright 9 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Quitting any addiction takes effort and ambition. How many weed smokers do you know who possess either trait?

    • profile image

      Stinky Weed 9 years ago

      i wonder how many people were high reading or writing this stuff ?

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's all psychological, read some of my hubs for useful psychological techniques that can help you quit!

    • profile image

      TheStonedProfessor  9 years ago

      I have been smoking weed for 15 years, DAILY. That's longer than i've been in business. I smoke from a pipe atleast 8 or 9 times a day. As a smoker, I can agree on all stated disadvantages and sadly I can agree on all stated advantages as well. Claims that weed will make you more creative or put a stop to depression are common and often sweared on by avid users. However, the advantages are all a result of your mind's expectancy of the drug. Other's who want this same feeling and result simply meditate. I do both together. It does intensify the effect on meditation since weed will cause you to lose concentration. The point of meditation is to clear the mind, and weed helps to "not think". However, as I sit and type at this very moment, I have plenty of well overdue business affairs that should be atteneded to. Instead, I have a laptop on my lap and sitting to my right is a bong made from a liquor bottle, still smoking from the last hit. Would I quit if I could, sure. It certainly would be a drastically different life!

    • profile image

      geezer 9 years ago

      I started smoking pot in 1972. Just because I wasn't suppose to. Soon all my friends were pot smokers simply because if they weren't, then they weren't my friends. We choose our friends! If you want to quit smoking then choose your friends wisely. Is pot addictive? Yes! Want proof? Read the above posts. Why is it addictive? It saps your will power to face yourself. Nothing like stoned escapism. You stop caring and come up with excuses for your failing. Ever notice how your failures are always caused by external forces. (peer pressure, Gov't conspiracies, ect.) but your successes are always caused by personal brilliant insights. If you really want to stop smoking then my suggestion is to load up a bowl or grab a splif and a chair and sit down in front of a mirror and light it up. Stare at yourself while you smoke it and think about it. No escapism there! That's you! Do you like what you see? Look yourself right in the eye! Whose lying to who? What is it that you really want. Man up and make a decision! Are you commited to yourself? Does that pipe that you are sucking on sort of remind you of a little kid sucking on his thumb? Maybe your kid? Are you both sucking for the same reason? Comfort from the storms of life! Pipe is all clogged up with tar. Is that crap in your lungs too? Look yourself in the eye before you answer that. That's got to be healthy! How much money have you spent on weed? today, last week, all year, whenever! Look yourself in the eye. Too stoned to do the math? Force yourself! do it anyway. What percentage of your income is going up in smoke? Still got that thumb sucking image in your brain? you do now! Try this. Put the pipe down and literally stick your thumb in your mouth and stare at yourself in the mirror.... now stare at the pipe. Now every time you smell pot I want you to NOT think about that reflection of you in front of the mirror with your thumb in your mouth. This is how I finally quit..... seven years ago. You do the math.

    • profile image

      lostsoul 9 years ago

      i have been smoking weed for 16 years now, i have quitted more times then i can count, sometimes months at a time, but i always seem to go back to it, when i am not wasted it seems like a harmless idea to have a smoke, but as soon as i am wasted i am mortified and i think to myself, what are you doing are you crazy you have to give up! when i am bent sometimes i am so paranoid i am concerned someone might knock on the door or something bad will happen that i will have to deel with stoned.

      On the other hand when i am stoned i sometimes see my hobbies with renewed passion and i work on complex things (electronics) and really enjoy it very much.

      also i am a chronic pain sufferer cause of a back injury that was incurred when an old man who was driving a car when he shouldn't of, cut me off on a motorbike at 60kph.

      This causes me pain on a regular basis that can only be described as living hell, when i am in this state there is nothing better than a nice full cone of weed, temporarilly the pain dosent seem so bad and i can enjoy myself for an hour or two.

      One year ago i started hearing voices at night, they were very insulting and they seemed to know everything about me, i presummed it was coming from the neighbours place it got so bad , i suspected they were bugging my house, i called the police a number of times at night (2am) and sent them to the neighbours house, i thought they were getting into my house while i was out also because they seemed to know things they couldent know with out getting into the house.

      one day the neighbours came over "what's going on?" why do you keep sending the police around what have we done to you?

      I couldent believe they had the nerve to deny it, i was very hostile to them and i told them to piss off.

      I told a friend, he was upset the neighbours were so hostile to me, suddenly his girlfriend interjected, you smoke a lot of dope ? yes, "so did i when i was young, until one day i got haulucinations, are you sure that's not what's happening to you?"

      i was offended , very offended, around the same time my girlfriend come to the same conclusion cause she didnt hear the voices, she kept nagging me to see a psyciatrist, so i did just to shut her up.

      I told the psyciatrist, he told me to try record the neighbours insulting me, i tried, no mattter what i did i could not record them i put microphones in the house on the fence in the yard, nothing!

      i told the psyciatrist , he said it looks like you have schitzophrenia, i could hardly believe it, but when i thought about it carefully i realised , the bugs in the house, the fact i could not record it, it all seemed to far fetched.

      So i agreed to go on antiphsycotic drugs, months passed, still could hear voices, i thought see i was right, it is the neighbours, but one day the voices went away i stayed on the anti phsycotic drugs for a year then i stopped the voices have not come back but the psyciatrist says if i don't stay on my meds and i keep smoking dope the voices will come back.

      the meds make me tired all the time and sexually disfunctional and i gain lots of wieght while on them, so i just cant take them anymore.

      I am unabble to quit weed and i am trully teriffied at what the future holds for me, i am scared of the voices coming back cause they had me worried sick 24/7 to the point where i lost unhealthy amount of wieght and felt suicidal.

      All i have at this stage is the hope that a miricle will happen and everything will be alright.

      I hope that maybe my story might be enough to persuade some of you hardcore addics out there to quit, then at leased my life would have not been entirely wasted.

    • profile image

      calvo22 9 years ago

      I have been smoking bud for severalyears now. I enjoy it.... but it is causing an unusual amount of stress and hardships on my life. A nd besides that i have all the other complaints that my fellow tokers do. I starting reading on the top of the page and soon i found myself on the bottom ( no that's not a metaphor about my life). I realized that no single person has the answer. most of the ppl on this page came for the same reason but have failed to come away with any better knowledge on how to stop smoking. There are many ppl who say to just stop that's the best alternatve... others say ween yourself.... some say therapy.... but a lot of us have tried it. and most have failed. PLEASE SOMEONE REALLY LET US KNOW HOW TO STOP SMOKING!!!! lol.

    • profile image

      calvo22 9 years ago

      So i guss ill go get high while i wait for someone to finally come up with the holy grail.

    • profile image

      missy miss 9 years ago

      delete WEEZER songs? what the f*@#? 

    • profile image

      gaga 9 years ago

      just got coaught in Italy Milan airport with 22 grams of HASH. I'm undergoing a trial, I'm so sad and in a horrible shape.

      I might never be allowed to Italy again. And my name will be on all airport records.

    • profile image

      SiM 9 years ago

      22 Grams in Italy, should be no problem, just a little fine i think

    • profile image

      SiM 9 years ago

      The only way to stop in my opinion is self control..

      Ive smoked every day for the past 18 years, i wake up in the morning and have a bong or 2-3, then over the course of the working day have about 5-10 pipes, then get home from work and smoke the rest of the day away..

      i am currently on day 3 of not smoking, it is doing my head in!!, it aint easy

      i stopped for 3 weeks in 2006, but went straight back to it again..

      lets just see if i can make it to the end of feb without smoking, if i can i know i would be able to quit when i want to... i hpoe!

    • profile image

      Sr smoke alot 9 years ago

      I Need to quite but i don't think i should have to what does it hurt a few brain cell so what!!! I never had a friend die from smoking weed. and for all of you out there that thinks you have to stop because of someone or something don't stop light that sh!t up 4:20 puff puff

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      i'm smokinh a blunt rite now

    • profile image

      Patrick 9 years ago

      I blaze it high to the skyyy :P

    • profile image

      perko 9 years ago

      somebody, somewhere must have a way to stop smoking.As you listen to the people who say weed is bad for you, it kills braincells, you lose your memory well that says to me that a lot of research must have gone into testing what effects weed has on the human body. I`ve got a great idea why don`t they spend there f***ing money on sorting a way for all us pot heads to kick the habit which we all have to admit does stop you doing a lot of things you sit there and think about while stoned.

      I have started a course of Champix which is a new prescription drug to help you stop smoking tobacco and i have to say it is amazing, i started smoking fags when i was 11 and then onto weed when i was 15 i`m now nearly 32 so i have never really had a life without smoking. I`ve been on the tablets nearly 2 weeks and i have nomore want for tobacco and haven`t had for 3 days but i`m gagging for a spliff and it is all i can think about.

      My whole point is if they can come up with a tablet for tobacco then being as the government know so much about weed why the f**k carn`t they plough some of the massive amount of tax i pay into finding a cure for cannabis. cheers all

      perko in leicester uk

    • profile image

      perko 9 years ago

      I don`t know if talking about smoking weed helps because it is 1 hour since i posted my first message and i have rang my dealer,received my skunk and all ready blazed a fat one . so its back to stage one.

    • profile image

      dorking person 9 years ago

      im a cannabis addict (only just realised addiction) im 18 and have been unhealthely been smoking pot for about 3/4 years, started smoking generally 5 years ago. i meet up with friends every night and get stonned. due to this i have no girlfriend i have lame job also. im not an idiot and am relatively smart but i cant escape the cliché fact of all my good qualities going cos of cannabis, i find when im stonned i wanna enjoy the moment and laugh at life and when im sober its the opposite i want to study life and get awnsers, being high is the easiest obviously and goes well with the whole "hey u live once" but does it? what will i do to sleep every night if im not high?! will life not ammuse me anymore? if anyone is in the same situation as me post please. thankyou

    • profile image

      SiM 9 years ago

      Ive managed 7 days so far, i stopped craving a smoke after day 5, don't get me wrong them first 5 days were hell!, just wanted to smoke all the time, it was all that was in my head.., it does not help that i got about 2 oz stashed that i can get my hands on, ive opened it a few times and taken a smell, ahhhhhhh.

      I will be smoking again, i just want to reset the cannabis counter!!, and when i do smoke again, it will not be every moment of the day, just a little bit at night after ive done all the stuff i should have done..

      ill see how it go's

    • profile image

      guest 9 years ago

      haha matt you sound like a dea agent or some kind of 60s drug propagandist

      the funny thing is you fucked yourself with your stupid reasoning. the reason why potsmokers don't get hangovers is because there arent poisons and toxins flooding your brain and body.

      highly destructive my ass

      Number of American deaths per year that result directly or primarily from the following selected causes nationwide, according to World Almanacs, Life Insurance Actuarial (death) Rates, and the last 20 years of U.S. Surgeon Generals' reports.

      TOBACCO 340,000 to 450,000 ALCOHOL (Not including 50% of all highway deaths and 65% of all murders) 150,000+ ASPIRIN (Including deliberate overdose) 180 to 1,000+ CAFFEINE (From stress, ulcers, and triggering irregular heartbeats, etc.) 1,000 to 10,000 "LEGAL" DRUG OVERDOSE (Deliberate or accidental) from legal, prescribed or patent medicines and/or mixing with alcohol - e.g. Valium/alcohol 14,000 to 27,000 ILLICIT DRUG OVERDOSE (Deliberate or accidental) from all illegal drugs. 3,800 to 5,200 MARIJUANA 0

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      You say weed is addictive, and I am inclined to agree, but there are some differences with pot addiction and other addictions. Weed isn't a physical addiction. Its just that being high is so fucking awesome that you want to be high all the time. It's like trying to quit having sex. Sure, you could stop anytime but really, it just feels so damn good, why would you want to? Whereas booze or cocaine the body actually needs the drug, and the drug is highly distructive. Now I've been smoking pot for almost 10 years, daily. It hasn't affected my cognative functions or my daily regimen. I am 25 years old now and in great shape. Obviously it is hard on the lungs, just like cigarettes. Mind you I don't smoke 25 joints a day, I am still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, perform well at my job (and no I don't work at Burger King I am a communications consultant). Yes smoking weed probably hurts your body. Yes it is addictive, but only because you enjoy it so much. Cigarette smokers (most) will tell you that they don't LIKE smoking. Every pot smoker out there will say hell yah I love weed.

      The only reason most people want to quit is because its a social taboo and against the law. Well I say don't quit, legalize. If we erase the stigma's about pot and undo the damage (the damage being the misinformed public, brainwashed by their governments) don't we won't have to quit, there will be no pressure from society. We can smoke in peace and not fear "the man" or the loss of our job, or shunning by close relatives or co-workers because we choose to exercise the right to destroy our own bodies,

    • profile image

      stupid people 9 years ago

      all you people are so freakign supid weed is straight its not addicting

    • profile image

      aj 9 years ago

      im 16 and i have ben smoking sence i was 10 what made me stop was my mom and school i stop yesterday and it not ez my body is shaky

    • profile image

      cj 9 years ago

      k im rlly struggling with this whole situation i just turned 17 i started smokin in 5th grade i started smoking daily about 2 years ago in the past few months i got into some heavy sellin shit and im now not in school and idk i feel my life is goin down hill i wanna quiot

    • profile image

      cj 9 years ago

      i don't know wut to do i don't think there is anything wrong with smoking bud and it has changed me into a better person but i just keep gettin in trouble fo it i wanna graduate and balh blah blah i saw the doctor today bout my back and i told him if i don't smoke pot my back hurts i have degenerative disk and arthritis he told me they can treat that with methadone ? wtf im 17 somone give me some advice it would be much apreciated my email is

    • profile image

      anthrax_57 9 years ago

      you'll quit when you get arrested for posession... that's what happened to me.. i never thought i would ever be arrested for it, but i guess it was only a matter of time.. when you realize you don't need it, then quitting is a piece of cake..!

    • profile image

      nn 9 years ago

      the best way to stop smoking weed is to try to decrease ur dosage , like if you smoke 5 blunt a day make it 4 then make 3 then make 2 ,..... this is the easiest way to stop smoking pot, ive been there and i know it too hard to quite but the first week is the challenging one then it gets easy and u will find it not that hard.

      also don't substitite it with alcholoe it will be the same thing to stop drinking!!!

    • profile image

      joe 9 years ago

      Marijuana is not addictive at all, the person that is using it decides if it is addictive. I have smoked marijuana for about 6-7 years every single day (since about 8th grade) I graduated high school just fine, I have quit before for 2 years cold turkey and I had no problems (besides an occasional stomach ache but it was gone after 5 days) The reason I quit was because of my job required randoms so I had no choice. Since the job im at now doesn't do randoms Im back smoking again. Anyways I believe it depends on if you have an addictive personality.

    • profile image

      timm 9 years ago

      dood i smke wdde evry dy i got prefect speling noo brain damaje or nuthon i cant belive peple think that weeds is bad god gave us weedd to smok not criticise google it mans

    • profile image

      Tiffany 9 years ago

      omfg joe you are sooo right i love you!!!!

    • profile image

      DynamitewithLazorBeam 9 years ago

      Ok, so here I am at age 24. Been smoking pot for 7 years. Had a solid career in sales until the real estate market crashed, obtained a college degree, and even operated a succesful drug retailing operation. I have been told I am smart my entire life and I feel that people look up to me.

      But over the last year and a half I've seen many problems unfold. I have no relationship with my mother (only family I got), a well paying "seasonal" job that about to expire, am expecting child, and not a clue of what to do with myself.

      I've scape goated marijuana as my problem. All I keep doing is coming up with excuses or reasons to smoke. When all along, smoking was the one focal point of my life. Sure there are relationships, hobbies, interestes, etc., But its been weed that has been the one constant of my life. Fro 3 years now I have been a chronic smoker. There isn't a day hat goes by without me burning a joint or smoking a fat bowl.

      Personally I am a runner. I can simply walk away from problems or relationships. But at the same time can stand up and fight anything that gets in my way. But in this case I am going to walk away from this s.hit. Flush the gram of weed I got in my special container and deal with it. Deal with the irratability of the first few days, the headaches and bad dreams to follow. TO the one day where I can breathe and actually feel the chill of the air in my lungs. TO have the energy to get up and do something rather than make an excuse of why the living room is the perfect place to be.

      Look, I went online tonight and googled "how to quit smoking marijuana" and it got me here. I read a lot of the posts and its comforting to see there are others ot there who are the same. We obviously know how awesome it is to pick up a quarter ($100) amnd smoke it in our preferred form. Whether its a nice sweet blunt or a burn from a bong.

      But its ll the unwanted negative things that come with it. Hassle from the law. The affect on our mental, physical and psychological beings. The smoke we inhale gets stored in our fat making us less attractive. It increases our risk of cancer to the point where chronic smokers better accept their fate or fight.

      I have to stop because I must grow up a lot in the nect few months as my son is going to be born, But I just want to say to all those that are looking to quit to just take an objective view of the situation. Maybe even ask a close "non-snkoker" friend to give an honest opinion. Realize that they call it dope for a reason. That shoul=d be enough to stop.

    • profile image

      WtF 9 years ago

      What is with people in thinking if you like Marley your a fucked up n smoke all day?

      what people cant like one of the best artist of all time in the music industry because it will make you smoke



      if you smoke its your choice not someone elses i don't think its good when people try to get others to join them in smoking though


    • profile image

      ginger 9 years ago

      my boyfriend smokes weed at party's and he has gained weight and also gets angry sometimes, i am trying to think of ways to get him to quick, he doesn't think he is addicted but i no he is, i love him but i just really want him to stop.

    • profile image

      king rick 9 years ago

      if weed was legalized today 9 out of 10 people would be rolling up a blunt right now!

    • profile image

      lonely man 9 years ago

      oh give me a break pal this is a perfect example of why you were born in the "GHETTO" and why your gonna die in the ghetto.

    • profile image

      KING RICK 9 years ago

      Well your just ignorant to the fact that this country is so fucked up the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Im sure when weed is legalized your dumm ass will realize the only reason you hadent smoked weed was because your a so called law abiding citizen and its at that same time that your gonna put some weed in a bong smoke it and hopefully overdose and die!

    • profile image

      dan nelson 9 years ago

      Thanks to everyone that shared their personal experience. It really makes a difference when you know other people are going through the same shitas you are. Im 16, I have been smoking on a regular basis for a year and decided to quit two days ago. Since then smoking a bowl is all i can think about and my hands have constantly twitching and shaking. In a month ill report if i really get over it or not. Im praying that i can. 

    • profile image

      dan nelson 9 years ago

      correction 26 years old*

    • profile image

      floyd 9 years ago

      hey i have been puffing for the last 18 years on and off longest i was of it was 2 yrs cos of drug testing in a job i have had to get off of it a few times for work/educational reasons and don't find it that hard to do .. some good tips get something to do with your hands if u roll joints try a stress ball or my favorit substitute is lolly pops hope these help i no they help me

    • profile image

      amazing 9 years ago

      Weed sucks

    • profile image

      Jack 9 years ago

      you guys are crazy, I don't think there is anything wrong with smoking weed... I've got a 3.8 GPA, I work full time (I'm very responsible doing so),I am in extremely good shape, and I smoke probably around 5 days a week... I personally feel its much better for me then consuming alcohol, or other pain killers that doctors tried giving me in the past. It's all about moderation guys, If someone is messing up they shouldn't blame it on weed, they need to change in general as a person.

    • profile image

      Jack 9 years ago

      P.S. I've been smoking habitually for 7 years, and feel that right now I am going through one of the most stressful times my life has ever faced... In about two weeks im going to have to stop smoking because ill be on probation, and I can promise everyone it will affect me for the worst.

    • tvance profile image

      tvance 9 years ago from Chehalis, Washington

      Energy healing helps remove the emotional cause for smoking weed.

      Reiki -- this site may help!

    • profile image

      truthinfiction 9 years ago

      Pot isn't bad for you in any conventional sense save lung damage. On the other hand most people lack the will power to controll their emotional states, perhaps it's too many years of hogwash from the tv, or maybe the huge rash of depressions and other psychological problems surfacing. either way the truth is I know a portion of potheads that get their shit done and lead progressive happy lives. I also know a multitude more of people who can't face reality without smoking or knowing they can soon. Most potheads I know are just as intelligent than the non-smokers and the amount of effort they put into learning is the real factor to how their brains work. I've got pothead friends that never read, they don't know shit, but they can school you on most video games, and are aces with a deck of cards. They can store tons about pot or esoteric bull in their heads but have little to say about politics or science. What happens is life is dull and boring once you make that switch to the high side. It grips you by the very neurons that focus your desire. If you see yourself as so and so and that includes pot, then try to see yourself as someone who doesn't. If you want to quit QUIT. But know in truth that the hardship is going to be from you. From the idea you have created that being high is who you are and playing that video game will be boring if youre not high. Pot is awesome. But if you can't get your shit together and move on in life, find yourself living at home and going over the same 9th grade thought pattern in your later years you might want to seek some counseling. Addiction is more than just need. It's an obsession and a way to define us. Life is for the living. Don't die before your time.

    • profile image

      TEEN POT HEAD 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Not NE More 9 years ago

      I have just recently quit smoking pot. I first started two years ago with some friends at a party. As time passed i developed a need for the stuff. Smoking on weekends soon turned into seven days a week. I was high in and out of school. I caught myself stealing money from my parents just to get a blunts worth. Once they began to question me about their missing money i turned to selling, which slowly developed as the smoking had in the first place. I kept telling myself im going to stop on this date or that date but continued anyway. Now I've gone a month strong without a smoke. It took being robbed twice, shot at once, and a few failed drug tests to knock some sense into me but i feel im finally moving in the right direction. If anyone is looking to stop smoking the best advice i can give you is to surround yourself with people who want to see you excel in life. I opened up to my family and friends and they've helped support me. Remember nothing comes easy and it will take a lot of focus and desire to do right.

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      weed = medicine

      the mental / physical withdrawls of caffiene are worse

    • profile image

      bluehaze 9 years ago

      hi everyone. ive been smoking non stop for about two years everyday, endless cones everyday. always stoned. always high. i love it. but i think its time to stop. ive stopped once, duration of about 1month, no weed no ciggarettes. during that time i remember breathing in air, it felt fresh. i could then remember how i breathed air before i had smoked. well the excitement in that only lasted for a week. and that was about a month ago. but then i relapse again. my smoking is so bad, that i get sick from smoking to much weed. like it doesnt feel good no more. i could see my face being washed away from all this smoking. its an ugly site. a very very ugly site. sometimes i smoke to much that my body gets uncomfortable. so each time i try to quit, i think about that. how weed makes me feel sick, look sick and just plain unhealthy. i think about the quit smoking commericals that are shown on tv. how my blood arteries are clogged with fatty deposites. how im burning my lungs with holes everytimes i inhale that nice haze dose of smoke. weed does more dmg to your internals than smoking ciggis. inhaling any form of smoke is bad for your body i guess. but in the end i think these are just excuses for me to quit, which is a good thing. but seriously will these excuses be a strong enough backhold for my psychological damaged mindset to stop. sometimes i wish i was clean. that i had not touched a ciggi. i dunno. my mind confuses me.

    • profile image

      kyle 9 years ago

      hey ive been smoking weed 4 a bit now and like when im chillen with my buddies and we go for a cruise the bong always comes out like it turns into an everyday thing and the town i live in there is really nothing 4 the youth its jus a low class town im 15 years old and im trying to quit after reading all of these comments i have more dedication of quitting actually and i just gotta say from the very first time i smoked weed i got super high and everyone was having fun but when it started to turn into a everyday thing when your parents give you your money 4 doin chores and what not you wanna buy weed and that's what i sorta fell into now but when my dad use to send me money like 60 bucks i would buy 20 bag all the time every time money was sent but ive actually got better with not spenden as much i now only spend like 5 bucks or 10 to get a dime so i denfiently improved on that but in the long wrong your still spending money right so that's another thing why i wannt quit so i can save up some money and treat my self with a gift or something like that you know, and alost what i noticed from smoking weed physically it just wears you out you feel more tired,you feel like you cant relax without it,and its just not a good habit,the good thing is i have been working out 4 the past 2 weeks now everyday trying to keep my body healthly now my main goal is to really say i wanna quit smoking weed and it ends today

    • profile image

      kitty kat 9 years ago

      i tink that weed iz gud 4 u it relevs pain ad relxas u and if the coverment thought about it ad made it legal thay would make a lot ov money coz most people smok it ad love it

    • profile image

      sadomojo 9 years ago

      I am 29, have smoked a moderate amount daily habitually for the past eight years, a bowl or two in the morning, evening and night. I also smoke a pack a day and work in a fairly relaxed work environment surrounded with people my own age, many of whom also smoke weed. I have never had issues with responsibility. I can hold down a solid job, pay my bills, uphold my duties to my wife and family.... which brings me to the wife. She is a wonderful woman who after eight years of reluctantly allowing me to enjoy the herb without much confrontation (she does not smoke cigarettes or pot) she has dropped the ultimatum ... quit smoking or else. Needless to say, my smoking isnt the only issue in our relationship but is a major one to her. I always said to myself that if she drew the line in the sand I would quit. I have smoked two and a half cigarettes in three days and currently have a piece of nicorette between my gum and cheek. ... One thing I know is that I would much rather smoke pot than cigarettes. So the plan is to quit smoking cigarettes because they don't really do much for me anyway and to cut the weed back to just after work or at night instead of at every opportunity which will in theory make me appreciate it that much more and make me not feel the NEED to rip that pipe in the morning on the way to work ... or on a break... or right after work... or as soon as the wife goes to bed... OR RIGHT NOW! ... That said, Im going to go load a bowl.

      Science tells us the worst consequence of smoking marijuana is getting arrested. That is a pretty serious consequence. Just remember that if you are willing to the crime, be willing to do the time. Sort of like in my situation... if I don't quit smoking (cigs now and pot sometime relatively soon) I have some pretty serious consequences. I certainly wouldn't discourage the responsible use of marijuana. I also know that I don't always use it the most responsibly and would love to get to a point where I can.

      I cant see myself quitting smoking pot - not because of the addiction, but becaue I enjoy it and don't see it as a "bad" drug ... I think Adderall and Ritalin are some drugs that should be outlawed long before pot but that is another string of posts altogether ... I can see myself breaking from my current "smoke it if you got it" mentality however.

      If you dig it do it. ... but only if you can do it responsibly. That is what I believe in and where I think the direction my weed consumption should head.

    • profile image

      Ben 9 years ago

      I have been smoking for around a year and I am not sure if I am addicted. I have talked to myself about stopping many times. But I feel like I don't want to yet. I need to tell myself to stop now because Im still a sophomore in high school and i plan on attending a military academy in about 2 years. Ill definitely stop my senior year, but how do I know I should stop now? Better early than late right?

    • profile image

      MaMuTiK 9 years ago

      i am 20,and i smoke weed! i only smoke it when its free or offered to me. so,i wont use my money and end up buying for the rest of my life...i think weed is much more better then alcohol! because once i was an alcoholic,everytime i drink something bad is going to happen to me. "drunk=bad stoned=better" hehe!

      im not saying that we should smoke weed...but its better 2 start smoking weed then drinking! because drinking will lead to accident,fights,family problems and much me! organic is better then chemical!

    • profile image

      greedy 9 years ago

      ima fulltime smoker and it is very expensive now then before.back then weed use to be not popalar and now its everywhere.i been smoking for 10 years stright im only 24 i had my first joint when i was helps me to think better and make claver chooses but yes im trying to stop burning because its hurting my pocket

    • flread45 profile image

      Frank 9 years ago from Montana

      The best way to stop smoking weed is don't start!!!!

    • profile image

      tnyokel 9 years ago

      If you want to Quit you will Quit. If you don't then you will not Quit. And I been at It 40 years thru quiting for a year & smoking everyday. It is best that you don't start . but I smoke about once a month now . and most will never really want to quit completely. but having the choice then and knowing what I know now I would never start. And some with pain & sickness do need it and that the facts. and I don't think anybody should judge them for it.

    • profile image

      Meth, 9 years ago

      i felt like it could be a good idea to give the weed up for a while and see what happens, but after reading this site with out the help of weed. I feel as though we should just blaze up and stop crying about it all this negative attitude cant be the way to help someone get off a substance that gives you a euphoric feeling -- don't kill the love people

    • profile image

      tk 9 years ago

      people who say it's addictive and destructive are fucking retarded. people who blame weed instead of themselves for screwing things up are even more retarded. since i started smoking weed, my lifes more than twice as good as it was before. i became more sociable, imaginative/creative, i learned to draw way better than i used to, i learned to play guitar (even had the patience to learn the most used chords), i started writing, i'm more mellow and friendly, i'm as angry as i used to be at everything, and shit-tons more positives i couldn't put a number on.


    • profile image

      tk 9 years ago


      weed doesn't control your mind like i've heard some people say. it stimulates it. doesn't make you lazy either. me and my friends always smoke and do stuff like skateboard, build stuff, play football or some other game, shit like that. yeah it's fun to smoke and sit around, have a conversation, and listen to music. but that doesn't mean it makes you lazy.

      it's not addicting either. it's just something i like to do. pot-heads say shit like "i could quit anytime i wanted, i just don't want to" because it's true. i haven't smoked in a long ass fucking time. i'm not freaking out or anything. i'm kinda bummed. but that's it. say you're a skateboarder who likes to skate everyday. but one day you break your board. you can't skate for while. it's like that. it's not like weed has this grasp on your brain telling you to smoke like a train.

      last point. it annoys the hell out of me when people say it's bad for you. it can give you cancer, it kills your brain cells, blah blah blah... and yeah... it's true. but only if you smoke it. you can mix it in with brownies or something and eat it, or make it into tea and drink it. even if you do smoke it, it's not like you'll die tomorrow. i've been smoking pretty heavily for almost a year. i'm not dead. and even if it kills me later on (like in my 50's or 60's) who cares. i don't. who wants to live to be 70-90 anyway. you'd be a damn zombie.

    • profile image

      u are retarded 9 years ago

      removing songs on ipod = quit pot methadone = quit heroin ...i dunno this is funny deal with it

    • sandalss profile image

      sandalss 9 years ago from can i live at your house?

      smoke all the weed you can...the purpose of this life is are the person that buys a car to look at it in the driveway. we smokers drive the mutha all over this town...we use it for its purpose. you think too much now huh? those thoughts are more destructive to your health than some puffs of smoke...

    • profile image

      FUCK ALL OF YOU 9 years ago

      weed isnt dope......u fucken morons

    • profile image

      rockon 9 years ago


    • profile image

      SADAVION 9 years ago


    • profile image

      THEMAN 9 years ago


    • profile image

      daz 9 years ago

      Hey, STOP SHOUTING!! we can all read the normal little letters, weed has not messed ours eyes up so that we can only see big letters!!

    • Tracii profile image

      Tracii 9 years ago from Sin City, Nevada

      As with all sources of pleasure, if you can't be moderate, cut yourself off completely! On the other hand, not all heavy smokers feel the herb has a negative impact on their lives and, in reality, it doesn't, as they hold down jobs, maintain close relationships, and have plenty of hobbies...that doesn't mean it CAN'T, just that it doesn't have to. Weed's definitely not suited for everyone, such as those with mental problems, and can lead to decreased productivity and other ill effects depending on it's effects on you. (I'm so glad you included the part about not trading weed for alcohol, as I've seen things go from bad to worse many times when people do this after being pressured socially or getting arrested).

    • profile image

      excellent 9 years ago

      You want to quit smoking mariuanna well then your going to have to change your lifestyle.Quiting mariuanna not only changes the way you are personally but the things you do and accomplish as well.Smoking is a lifestyle and a vision that theres more out there then whats already on the plate.So if you feel you can live with everything else think further,because it is not easy,quitting is quite complicated.You have to realize that you blocked a point sometime in your life of understanding and accomplishing when you lit up that first joint.So next time you think of smoking mariuanna even though you 've gotten rid the evidence blur it out and jump into the other things that matter,or just take a shot that's different.

    • profile image

      dave_024 9 years ago

      hello i am 16 years old ive bin smoking for a few year now i sadly got my friends into it about 2 years back befor they would never wanna skip or do something ring now non of them care about anything they skip school once a day to sesh, what i am trying to say is i have watched my friends go from the best of the best to be pot head now that everyone that we hang out with smokes pot its hard to quit even no deep down we, Well "i" wanna quit how do i do it becuz they smoke all the time and weed is all was there if i need somewhat should i do....

    • profile image

      SoManyFools 9 years ago

      I have been smoking daily for 3 or 4 years, if you want help on how to quit I can give it to you.It is an easy, one step process which works for me.

      1. DO SOMETHING ELSE FOR A CHANGEGet involved in some kind of sport or activity that will take up the hour or two that you would usually get high with.It's not hard, you're not physically addicted to weed, you're just too used to getting high all the time.Misinformation hurts us all, just look at the stupid stuff people are posting on this website alone.

      If somebody you know threw their life away smoking weed all the time, it's most likely because they're just a weak minded person. I know it hurts to admit, but that's all it is.If weed is so harmful and addictive then I suppose after 3 years of daily smoking I wouldn't be able to stop for a month like I just did.It's all about your willpower, it has nothing to do with weed being addictive, it's your mind that is hooked on that habit of smoking every day.You can become "addicted" to any damn thing in the world, how many friends do you have who play video games all the time? How many people do you know who spend too much time on their car? How many people do you know who watch TV and movies day in day out?Weed is not the problem in the addiction, it's your own mind.Stop spreading misinformation about weed because your friend/brother etc was a f*cktard and couldn't find something else to do.

    • profile image

      chris  9 years ago

      listen i smoke weed and cigs. at first i though weed was amazing because it made me forget all the shit that was going on in my life but now that i been seeing that my friends and family are getting hurt by my actions i want to stop. the only people that i can say that i hang out with is pot heads. that's all my life is now smoke weed and skate and im getting upset cuz im in a circle of smokeing weed every weekend. Don't start bc it only hurts u in the end. trust me i would know. i don't want to die by the age of 30 or get hit by oncomeing trafic on the highway.

    • profile image

      A Dad 9 years ago

      Not funny,try dealing with a son smoking this crap

    • profile image

      duh. 9 years ago

      i smoked for 12 years. but one day i decided that its too risky to smoke any more,so know what i did? i quit.

      its easy. no really. cause weed isnt that addictive. the media has exaggerated the addictiveness of pot. some people are just weak minded and don't know how to deal with a habit like smoking.

    • profile image

      star 9 years ago

      well i am curently trying to help my husband to quit smoking pot i quit about 4 months ago and am proud to say i am cleanit is an addictive drug it takes your ambitions and your desire to do anything the only one who can help you quit is yourself the thing that bothers me is it is soooooo expensive he can go through soo much money in a little bit of time and its just wastful especially when the economy is the way it is right now

    • profile image

      CMe_inyacity 9 years ago

      Yeah I've been smoking for 3 years and the longest I quit was for 2 months and I was back smoking weed and cigarettes, because when I'm high I jonez baaadly for a cig. I think I'm done with weed, it's too expensive and you don't get shit done all day son, and that's bad for someone like me who is in college and wants to have a comfortable life. Anyways weed is a piece of shit plant that fucks your brain up real proper if you are doing it for no reason other than to just get high. If you aren't a cancer patient or in physical pain then wtf are you doing toking up every day? Just quit you pussy ass bitch, you know you have to. As for me I am buying 5 pounds when I retire at around age 60 and moving to Canada and I'm going to smoke the fattest blunts to my face and not care, but that is AFTER I accomplish something at life, unlike all of you loser stoners and other low paid people.

    • profile image

      James 9 years ago

      I'm an ex alcoholic and the only reason I can say that is because I found weed. I'm 23 and so far I've never got into any trouble because of weed. I have a medical card. I also soffer from chronic back pain due to a car accident and I MUST be on pain killers or I just can't take the pain. Is weed really that bad???

      Please write me back to my private email: thank you.

    • profile image

      Losing someone to Marijuana 9 years ago

      I smoke pot to, even though I lost my dad to it when I was only 10 years old. All you pot smokers out there, listen up, it is you who has control of quitting pot. You can't depend on everyone to try to help you quit it is you, you just have to do it that is if you really want too. I still smoke marijuana, but not right now. I have asthma and came down with bronchitis about 2 days ago. I started coughing up blood(a lot). To me it was a very scary thing and it was all brought on by smoking pot and ciggarettes. Just think of it this way, the bronchitis that I kicked pretty much, combined with asthma and bronchitis, it felt like I had ran 4 miles without stopping and I didn't even run. Just think about breathing like that for about a week, waking up in the middle of the night after being in a dead sleep and feeling like you are going to die literally. Believe me I know marijuana is grown from the Earth but it still causes problems. My dad smoked pot and ciggarettes from the time he was 18-40 and died of lung cancer. Don't ask me why I smoke, it is probably because of all the issues my dad's death brought on to me. But just to let you know the Doctor my dad had said that Marijuana was the main cause of his Cancer and his death. hopefully this might help other smokers besides me quit.

    • Annette Rozen profile image

      Ann Martin 9 years ago

      My husband told me about his marijuana useage on our 6th date, but swore he wasnt addictected. By the 10th date I discovered why, all his friends due to. Had I read your hubpg after our 6th date, I may have recovered a bit better from that initial shock!

    • profile image

      gurrier 9 years ago

      I started smoking hash when i was twelve years old and smoked (and sold) constantly until i at the age of twenty eight (last year) i got busted growing weed, my wife and two kids left me! that was my motivation to kick it which was the hardest thing i have ever done . Smoking had become a way of life for me its all i ever talked about, thought about all of my friends were chronic smokers too so i had to leave them behind.My family eventually came back to me but after ten months i started again and now im as bad as ever! Im looking in to getting some hypnotherapy cos i cant live with this addiction

    • profile image

      too late 9 years ago

      I am 24 yeas old and ive been smoking weed since i was 14 ,is a shit load of time. The only thing weed has cause me is problems with my family, ive made my mother cry thousands of times , my sister my little brother all the girlsfriend i had during these 10 years. ive been arrested for posetion. i used to be a fuck ,all i did was smoke weed all day. My parents stop giving me money because i use to buy all the time. so i started to steal in the streets, i sold my clothes, shoes , tv ,playstaion, laptop all of my thing in order to buy weed.

      Weed introduce my to other drugs like coke, angel dust, pills. now im 24 and i look like a 40 year old guy my fucking hair is falling of so i have to shave.and no girl likes me, the only woman in the world who loves me is my mom , because my sister hates me for selling her radio and tv and laptop at the same time.

      Now i quit smoking weed , but i don't even know why, is too late all ready, i harm my body so much that i just want to die sometimes. i read at all the comments you all made.And i just pray to god that this message can help you out.

      Take my example, i migth be fucking dead rigth now, but i want to give you a message. If you love your self or your mom , or you son or anything in the world. don't smoke weed, don't do drugs. You are just going to be the devil´s slave.Thats what i was a slave to drugs.

      Just think about a drug dealer getting richer everyday, while you loose your money , money that you can use for something helpful.

      I look at the past and all i remember is my mom crying and me getting high with people that never gave a fuck aboutme, where are they now, where? now that i cant even have kids , and look like and old bold looser for smoking so much.

      think about it. love yourself.

      Do exercise, work out, study something live your life. don't kill your self little by little.

    • profile image

      nateadkins1221 9 years ago

      im 20 years old and i have been smoking since i was about 12 and i don't really have too much advice i just know that it was the hardest thing i ever did. but it has completely changed my whole life around and i wouldn't give it up for anything. if anyone needs something to help em out.. i tried this and its works pretty good.. helped me anyway

    • profile image

      angelface 9 years ago

      I have been smoking heavily since I was sixteen and I am now 27. I loved weed right from the very start, even when others were drinking, I would be the only one stoned. It was never about other people, I love to smoke alone. I deal so I don't pay for it and have not yet been caught. I have worked, studied and am currently raising a daughter. I am very healthy when it comes to diet and exercise. I want to quit purely for the sake of my lungs-or is it my heart-I am too scared to ask the doctor, but for the last 12 months I have been having bad chest pains and I don't want to die. Both my parents, who were good people, died of cancer before I was 18 years old. I don't want my daughter to see my die like I watched my parents. When I DON'T smoke I am extemely irrational, moody, depressed and eratic. I have hot and cold flushes, sweat profusely, cannot eat and cannot sleep for the whole night-I mean all night-i finally fall asleep around 6am. I cannot understand how people say it is not physically addictive when the physical withdrawals are, for me anyway, quite severe. When I am stoned I am normal. That is how I see it. I want to really be normal though, without weed. One day. The steps I have taken so far have been to give my bong away and only smoke joints and to see the GP about councelling and sleeping pills which I have found to be awful. My ex quit recently after years so he is a great motivation, as is my daughter. And I wonder why she was only six pounds when I spent my whole pregnancy attached to the bong in a smoky room. I only smoke outside now, by the way. Good luck to all who wish to quit and to those who don't yet, you will one day if you have children.

    • profile image

      scouser 9 years ago

      i used to smoke weed everyday and found it very easy to quit all you people on here who are saying they want to quit are bullshitters otherwise you would have quit by now. i also think they should legalize weed then could control the strength of the weed

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      why should people stop smoking weed if they want to. pot smokers are aware of the risks because people who don't like it tell us. who cares. when im high i can function normally and no one can tell me how it affects me. if they changed the streghth of weed then that means im just going to smoke more if its bad. weed isnt bad people...get over it.

    • profile image

      John Wayne Wankerson 9 years ago

      Bo guan- how ridiculously ignorant are you? Randomly raging on a blog at people who smoke weed or live in a "ghetto", yea truly u have a the life and everyone should listen to your ill informed, worthless, and utterly simple minded comments. You could even speak without resorting to profanity. If anyone is disgracful and needs to begin reading, its you. Maybe if you did you could develop the mental capasity to say something intelligent and worth saying. Perhaps if you were forced to grow up in a slum, or partook in marijuana you would actually have facts to back up your pitiful opinion, as opposed to a disgracful rant. Bottom line: if you can't say something profound, don't waste your time saying somthing profane. (Use the DICTIONARY to learn the difference)

    • profile image

      king 9 years ago

      Nonody likes quiters!

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      OK, I wasn't going to chime in, just read but after reading some of the recent pots I figured I would share my experiences. I starting smoking pot at age 14 when my own father handed me a joint and said go for it. Of course I thought he was the coolest; well I've grown up on that decision. I'm 44 now and I just decided to quite 8 days ago. 30 years? you could probably scrape my lungs and get high for a month. Will I make it, you bet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to lecture at all, just give my ponit of view. Why does anybody smoke pot, well at first it's a blast. Then addiction takes over and we all rationalize it. I think an occasional puff aint bad but you have to be a strong willed person to saty away, of which most of us will give in. Why am I quitting, job, health, will to gain back control, cost, JOB, JOB etc. 8 days without it and it already has made a difference in my life such as sleep. I'm still going through withdraws, but I know it won't be long before that goes away. I have quit before, for 3.5 years, then I got married to a smoker and I went right back to it. That was 12 years ago, soon I'll see if she is willing to quit to, but it'll be her choice. Crazy, she used to give me such a hard time about how much I smoked, she was right, I was a wake and baker. Yes just 8 days and you can feel as though you're back in control again, you can sleep again as well. It still has a hold on me yes, but I know that I'll make it. It aint about supply either, that's not a problem, it's just about control of my mind, body and life. I don't want to be that person who can't wait to get home to hit the bong, yeah bong. remember I'm 44, bongs were the only way for me, but now I feel uncuffed, free to gain back control of my life. I was never really one of those people that went from pot to acid, coke or meth or something, yeah I tried it all but only really like pot, and maybe coke for a couple years; then I grew up. Or so I thought. Pot can be just as bad as all the other drugs, those of you that WON"T admit that are still eluding themselves. Quitting is about being honest with yourself; Quitting anything bad. You have to be honest about what is doing to you, I speak from very good experience!! I lied to myself for way to long, I'm exstatic that now I can be honest again with myself and quit something that has been harming me all my life. I used to make 400,000 a year, net, then I quit it because of an anger problem, carzy right? I know there are many that will read this and say " this guys nuts" the pot wasn't making him angry, but it was and it takes a real honest look to see it. So those are my thoughts, will I ever smoke again, I very much doubt it. If I do, it will be a mistake and it won't last long. But I'm about 95% sure I'll stay away. How can I say that, becausse I'm sick of lieing to myself. To the person who said nobody likes quitters, well he's probably a dealer!!!!

      My advice, look in the mirror, if you can like yourself and can be honest you're already there. Most can't, most will lie to themselves because it's the only way they know how to be. Wise up guys, and gals, pot sucks. drugs suck. If you want to be a loser keep smoking, if you want to do somethign with your life then GET HONEST. Its the first step. Good luck, reach out for help, save some money, get a future. Get some health back into your life. Quitting is the only way. There is help out there if you reach out. * days for me, but soon it will be all over for me. AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I'll check back here in a few days to see how many peoiple will rip me about this, I'm expecting that, but I'll bet you'll be ripping me after blowing a good fatty, huh?

    • profile image

      daz 8 years ago

      too manty times ive try'd but good luck bud

    • profile image

      roadrunner27m 8 years ago

      ive been smoking weed for 17 years every single day its like having cig to me now it does nothing at all because i wake up and start all over again giving up well after all this time i will not i will smoke weed all my life. I do have fun every day and im happy like this. If you wonna stop that's upto you it will not kill you you will?

      people dropping bombs kill , people with guns kill , ffs kids are killing kids wots wrong with weed that keep us from all these things

      the mean reason weed is illegal is that the government can not make a tax on it ?

      dealers wont go cards in lmao

    • profile image

      quit smoking weed 8 years ago

      Its an adiction - just like you can get addicted to food. The brain and body enjoy the experience and crave more.

    • Manky profile image

      Manky 8 years ago

      Don't forget the cost. The cost of smoking is really high if you smoke a lot and people can spend so much of their lives just trying to get the money to pay for it, or worse, turning to crime to get the cash.

    • profile image

      watch weeds 8 years ago

      well I guess this won't help?

    • profile image

      mc 8 years ago

      i don't know what to say i like smoking ganja but i would like to stop smoking sigs. Its going on almost 10 since ive been smoking trees and and periodically ciggarettes. I don't know what to do i stop smoking weed for a day or two and i crave a smoke then i find myself smoking ciggarettes, i went from one or two or when i drink to actually buying a pack and smoking it out. I found out that when i have green i can care less about the ciggarettes. All i know is this has to chance and the only way i found that actually helps is to go running or go to the gym when you feel the urge it hard, i might actually try the nicotine patch or gum to see if it will help with my smoking urges. My main concern is the smoking ciggarette and not the ganja, since a study from harvard says marijuana smoke actually suppressees tumor growth, look it up. So the moral of the story is stay away from tobacco and try to stick to smoking at night so you get in the mode of going all day without smoking and when you finally do you can go to sleep and relax.

    • profile image

      Alex from Sydney 8 years ago

      Watching a loved one smoke from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to bed makes me so upset, i cry and just don't know what else to do???? The highlight of their day is to sit around home watching DVD's, eating, waking up in the afternoon and playing play station. God it is so depressing...

      Once a happy energetic sporty young guy of 15 with a promising bar flairing career now is a totally different story at 32- Rotten teeth, dull skin, tired eyes, coughs all day, fat, unshaven, slow at conversation, complains about work, shows no emotion and just plain boring to talk to.

      Pot smokers if you do care about the ones that actually love you rather than the ones that sit on your smelly couch with nothing else to do- please quit! Find someone to help you see the other side- those that love you will do anything for you.

      God, I wish this guy would call for help- and i'd be their in a flash. IT'S NOT TO LATE TO GIVE THAT OLD FRIEND A CALL THAT USED TO KNOW YOU AS THE 15 YEAR OLD AND SAY HELP... "I want to rebuild my life"

    • profile image

      Oscar 8 years ago

      i guess this can work

    • profile image

      G0DisG00D 8 years ago

      Hello all. My name is Jean and I am a recovering weed-head. It’s been 17 days since my last pull, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been going through it. 17 days may sound insignificant, but to anyone who’s tried to quit, you know that every day is a struggle.

      Weed has been a big part of my life for the last 7 years. Until now, it’s been my solution to everything. “You had a great day!? Lets smoke and talk about it!” =)) “Got a problem you can’t figure out? Lets smoke and think about it!”=) “Stressed about work? Lets smoke and think about it!” =| “Got a paper due? Lets smoke and think about it.” =\ It seemed as though I was in control, until one day I realized that I couldn’t get through 1 day without it. That’s when I realized that I was addicted. I realized that I started creating scenarios so that I would smoke. “I don’t NEED it, but this is definitely something that I need to smoke and think about.” =( “…job-stress, life-stress, family-stress, school-stress, puppy-stress, stress-stress…” and it turned out…I just had weed-stress. Who knew?!

      Anyway…I’ve made it through 17 of these 1-day stretches and I now realize that I haven’t been alone in this fight. GOD’s had my back. He was there for me on day 3 when I got so frazzled that went through the ash trays, and the trash, looking for roaches to smoke. He was there for me on day 9 when I got so depressed that I called my boss to quit my job. (Luckily I got is VM and he called me back the next day when I was back on my feet. …Let’s just say that withdrawal is tough). GOD was there for me on day 15 when I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down and called my local vender, = p, but his phone was “temporarily out of service”. And He was here for me tonight when he brought me to this blog. I didn’t think that I was strong enough to make it ‘til morning, but “listening” to your stories has given me strength to make it a little bit farther.

      A lot of you have said that you want to quit, but that you can’t quit smoking. YOU CAN QUIT SMOKIN WEED…if you want to. But you really have to want to. Lets not kid ourselves…it’s not easy. But you can quit. GOD has already given you all that you need to succeed. You have to believe that he has your back in this fight. And what’s too tough for GOD?! Nothin! Which means that it’s a sure thing…but YOU’VE got to put in the work, and every day from that point will get a little easier.

      I want to thank you all for your posts. I was feeling really down tonight and reading your comments has given me that little bit of strength that I needed to make it til morning.

      Happy day 18. =))


    • profile image

      tanbanan420 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Old Farmer 8 years ago

      I was once a pot farmer, not so much a smoker myself, but my boyfriend was. I grew because I wanted to provide a safe product for sick people, like people with cancer and aids, etc. because many of those people are too sick to grow their own. So my observation of the whole pot community comes from a different perspective than someone who is a heavy smoker, and whose clarity is severely altered.

      When my boyfriend unfortunately started smoking again after many years of not smoking, he quickly became abusive with it, especially because there was a limitless amount around. Suddenly he became very popular with all the other potheads and very distant from me because I was not partaking in the bud. It completely destroyed our relationship. He became emotionally unavailable almost instantly, started letting a lot of issues in his life go, and became very irritable and angry if I said anything about his smoking. He said I was abusive for complaining that he was up till the wee hours of the morning every day smoking and binging on junk food. Everything I said to him became a criticism. I asked him to stop and told him that we should stop growing because of what it was doing to our relationship and to him but he said no. Things got so bad between us that we ended up breaking up.

      My opinion is that if a person can take a toke once in a while just to relax, and that is enough, smoking probably won't hurt them. But if someone has to have it all the time, then they have to take a look at why. I observed many many pot smokers in my time and from what I can see, they are all unhappy people trying to escape life. They can't accept that life has its ups and downs and go with those ups and downs. They are always trying to put a bandaid on anything unpleasant, instead of just going through whatever it is. So basically it is like any other substance that puts you in an altered state, maybe not as addictive as heroin or alcohol, but it basically does the same thing to you as a human being by altering your consiousness.

      I know some of you come from bad living situations like the ghetto, and I'm sure that isn't easy. But smoking will never get you out of that place. The only thing that will is your determination to rise above that poverty by going to school and learning to do something you love. Do what you love and the money will follow. Smoking pot because your life is bad only makes it worse. Taking the challenge of making your life better will give your that feeling of well being that you get from pot, but at the end of the day you will feel better about yourself.

      There is no magic pill for quitting pot. But I would say loving yourself would be the first step. No one should need a substance to make them feel like a whole person. There are a million beautiful things in this life, and especially in any of the modern countries, countless opportunities. You are what you think and blocking most of your thought processes by doing any substance will get you nowhere in life. It will only get you other loser friends and waste many of your minutes on this planet and you will never get those minutes back.

      Pot is a medicine, like any other medicine, for people who are ill and need it. And if you use it when you don't need it, you are just making yourself ill unnecessarily.

      To all of you trying to stop, you are on the right track, and good luck!

    • profile image

      MadManDan 8 years ago

      I had my first puff when I was around 5 or so. It's one of my earliest memories as a child. There were a few times growing up from 5-13 that I had a few puffs here or there whenever me or one of my friends found our parents stash. Little weasels that we were. I lived in an extremely violent household and by the time I got to 13 I found that the only thing I could use to calm myself was smoking weed. I moved out of the house around that same time and to an extent smoking a half nickle a day did quite a bit in my early years to help me not only cope but surpress certain things about myself that were hard to control. I'm now 34 and have been a constant user 24/7 from 13-34. I quit smoking about a month ago cold turkey. It really wasn't that hard to not want to smoke but I find the hard thing about quiting this is 1. sleeping 2. extermely horrid nightmares 3. angry mood swings are back. I'd have to say outa the past few weeks I get about 4 hrs if i'm lucky of sleep. A few days I've gone with as little as 2 hrs. When I have slept I've pretty much jumped outa bed each time from these insane dreams I have. It's almost like i'm in a horror movie and i awake with a lot of frustrating feelings. At first i thought maybe something i'd watched that night had encouraged dreams like this but after eliminating anything like that and still having them I've chalked it up to just the way it's gonna be for a bit. The weird thing is, is that a lot of these dreams are beyond vivid. What I mean by that is that i can feel and smell things in these dreams like i'm actually there which is a little on the strange side. Maybe it's my brain finally getting to properly vent from all the years of smoking weed and somehow surpressing my dreams. I'll cope one way or another. I never got into any other hard drugs as luck would have it so it's really in my mind a small thing in comparison to the road some of my friends took with hard drugs. I think now it's like the old phrase ''too much of a good thing'' for me. I've never seen anything bad from a buncha friends sitting around on a friday night passing on around and having a few laughs. My personality traits though don't allow me to be a ''controlled'' user of things. I almost destroyed myself and everone around me when i was younger with alcohol. I learned over time that if i went out with my friends i'd have to pass on having a drink because i could never have just ''a drink''. Always led me to walking away with the whole bottle and alot of times later that night in jail. So to everyone else that's trying to move on I wish you the best of luck. It's definitly not an easy thing to overcome but it can be overcome if you have the courage to follow through. P.S. cigarettes are next on the list which is what's really going to give me a challenge 2 packs a day since 14 is going to be a hard thing to convince my body that it doesn't need.

    • profile image

      josh from america 8 years ago

      I quit smoking cigaretts 3 years ago, after smoking them for 8 years. That was tough, but i did it by force of will.

      Now, stopping weed smoking after 10 hasn't produced the withdrawls but I JUST CANT SEEM TO GET TO SLEEP.. lol

      Also, things that were enjoyable before like coding shell and php all day I don't want to do, as it is frightfully dull seeming now.

    • profile image

      josh from america 8 years ago

      Oh yeah I got a nice college degree and put together some impressive artificial intelligence while smoking cronic all day.....

      But I was happy with things like a sloppy roomate and low paying job... far to happy. In fact just sitting around smoking is all I ever did. Smoking working, watching pbs reading, watching downloaded shows, working, smoking....

      And meanwhile my lifecycle is ticking down. I've never been to paris, and by god I would be happy sitting around only thinking about going and never actually doing it smoking weed all day.

      All my friends smoke, other engineers, marketing people etc.. But I need to pass a drug test for a big powerfull company..

      Also, the pasage of time and the impact it has on our lives is defined by the memories we accrue, and not too many of those stay around whilst smoking.

      Ive spent about 20g on chronic, take my statements as you will

    • profile image

      Bisondel 8 years ago

      If you are going to smoke weed than activity and exercise need to be standard parts of your routine as well. I've been smoking for about 12 yrs, everyday (usually morning, mid-day and night), during that time I've also taken up distance running (no marathons, but 3 miles a day most days), go to the gym several times a week, read lots of books, and traveled extensively. The weed has opened so many doors that though inside me all along I may never have opened had not been for the reflection and introspection weed can (at times) provide. I wouldnt stop smokng weed based on my experiences with it. On the negative side, it can affect you socially. Its important to know this in advance and not show up to work/family dinners/dates/etc stoned. Nor is it enjoyable at these times. If you have a dinner party to attend, or a meeting, whatever, than don't waste that precious smoke, save it until you can use it, then use it in the pursuit of wisdom, fun, etc. The key to a healthy pot habit really is to be active; you need to run or bike or do something everyday that gets you out of breath and keep those lungs open. Thats really the key, that and dont EVER smoke cigarettes.

    • profile image

      jesus' plant 8 years ago

      yeah weed makes everything better, that's why i choose to get high as hell everyday.

    • profile image

      King Soloman 8 years ago

      ROLL THAT SH*TLIGHT THAT SH*TSMOKE IT!!!everyone has a poison so to speakand if you did class weed as one its the lesser of the evils that the system provides the masses with. so if you want to smoke SMOKE if not don't!simple! and mr police officer chill the fooooook out go and catch a rapist or some sh*t mutha fooker!i have had those thoughts of am i addicted and you know what i'm not. smoked on and off for years i love it. but i know when i can and when i shouldn't LIKE WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE ITS ABOUT LIMITS so KNOW YOURS and PASS THE RIZLA THE HERB AND SOME FIRE!!! BLAZE UP THE ZOOT 2 toke make your brain float.ONELOVE

      M/CR <3's GANJA

    • profile image

      me luv me ganja 8 years ago


    • profile image

      dave 8 years ago

      weed isn't a gateway drug, if you want to do drugs you will do them, the weedmonster isnt gonna show up at your door and shove coke up your nose and stick you with needles. Stop using pot as a scapegoat, if you can handle smoking weed you you love weed. Nothing is better then getting high feeling completely relaxed. Weed brings people together, its the drug of peace. I bet if every country legalized it, the world would finally be at peace. Cuz theres no better way of squashing your problems with your enemysthen rolling up a fat blunt discussing your differences and talkin about how much you and your enemy really have in common. Mainly smoking

    • profile image

      Robert Scholes 8 years ago

      why would i want 2 stop.its the only thing keeping the smile on my face.

    • profile image

      Hektor 8 years ago

      Man fuck quitting........ i was a huge pothead for a while but that was mostly couse i was depresed over breaking up with my girlfreind. After i got over her it was really hard to stop smoking everyday. but i realized how much it was affecting my life and my school and my relationship with my parents. Im proud to say now that i don't smoke everyday anymore. Only on weekends. If you smoke in moderation it wont affect your life so much mostly getting in trouble with the law. One important thing ive learned to do is never put anything inportant over a weed. I plan to stop smoking pot when i have a family and i am ready to settle down. but for now im young and getting fucked up with your friends is one of the funnest things to do.

    • profile image

      trevriffic 8 years ago

      This has to be the best help me stop smokin weed blog of all friggin time. Its a minature novel , which proves that weed is much more powerful addiction than any 1 smokin it wants to admidt cause then that would be a reason to quit and why in the friggin world would any1 want to quit a feel good stress releiving drug like weed. ?? I just quit smokin cigarrettes. That was hard enuff. I didnt even contimplate quittinfg both cause my will power is terrible. Im proud to say this is my 4th day a nonsmoker mand I couldn't have done it without my bro weed here to comfort me lmao. Ya sure id like to quit eventually cause Ive forgoten what it felt like to be high off of life. I lost that feeling at age 14 when my cousin got me high at the drive inn. From that day almost everyday Ive smoked pot. Ive been smokin pot 30 years. I started smokin cigarettes at age 18 so about 25 years. My lungs must look like hell right now lmao !! But one morning I woke up with severe chest pains and I think I had a mild heqart attack, but I have no health insurance, shit who can afford that shit when your dishin out 120 a week for an oz of weed lmao !!! So I decided Id have to quit one or the other. And since tobacco is the only proven killer of people I decided to let my buddy marijuanna be my friend a while longer. After 4 days of no evil ciggerettes my lungs have stoped hurting. Im 43 and I think I might have a chance at at least 50 now God willin. How to quit ???? OH ya !!! Fuck that !!! Weed is da shit yaw its makes me drive bettter, write music better, makes shows funnier, food taste better,. shit give me weed or give me death !!! Sorrry bout that people who are tryin to quit. Guess I wasn't much help. PEACE !!

    • profile image

      Time2quit 8 years ago

      Im 16 years old and ive been smoking weed nonstop for 2 years of my life, every day, with the exeption of a few days maybe. 100% of my income went to weed and its usually all i can think about... Even though ive gotten caught for smoking dozens of times, nothing made me think about it more than reading these storys and opinions.

      seeing my dad today with his hands on his face, talking to my grandmother on the phone, telling her "I've tried everything, theres no stopping this kid from ruining his life with this shit." Made me have the courage to search for help.

      ive had enough of this plant controlling my life and now i need to stop. its day 1 and i wish everyone luck in quitting and continuing smoking.

    • profile image

      Richard 8 years ago

      ive smoked the shit for 18years and every day i wish to pack up your life revoles round it. i run my own bussniess but even that is not doing good because i cannot get out of bed.but fingers crossed im done as off today i hope im going to try very hard that's all i can do bin to freshstart to get some help there very good help to so wish me look

    • profile image

      Dan  8 years ago

      I have been smoking for like 8 years now and I wish I never started now. You don't realize how much it controls your life until you have nothing left. Trust me less then a year ago I was saying I will never quit smoking it, but when you wake up and grab for your bag or bowl first thing in the morning that's when you know you have to take control of your life again and not let the pot control you.

    • profile image

      30 years of weed smoke 8 years ago

      I have to admidt after 30 years of almost never being sober unless I couldn't find weed. that weed does effect your long and suntimes short term memory and definitaley effects your will to go anywhere in life. So Im a desk clerck when I coulda been a pro musician or a recording engineer. Now Im 43 and Im tryin to get my life back together. Ive given up cigs but have still put off quitting this most addictive friend called Maryjuanna. My suggestion is go to a penecostal church and let thenm pray that demon out of your mind and body. Hell u don't have to be a Christian for God to help u. That's the oinly way I know which I plan on doing before the year ends. K dats it.

    • profile image

      Elements 8 years ago

      keep smokin nothing gonna get worst

    • profile image

      esme 8 years ago

      i think weed is perfect i don't drink i just smoke all the time it dose not stop me getting on with my life it just helps me along the way i say legalise

    • profile image

      easy 8 years ago

      Do it for God. Really, what other reason is there? You hate doing it because, well if you came from a catholic/christian faith, then you remember the days where God ruled your life and you lived it according to Him. Now, since the herb rules your life, you yearn for that feeling of hope and goodness inside, and nothing provides you that feeling but having God and His teachings rule your life once again. God stands by yourside each and everyday, waiting for you to ask of his help. He gave us the gift of free will because He wants us to be able to learn lessons through life, but realizes at the same time that nobody can go through life alone, and He is the only one that can feel what you feel and just as it pains you to keep smoking, it pains him that it pains you. When you suffer He suffers. Ask for his help, He is always there but you must TRULY accept His help in your heart, and you will know when you do because you will finally have the strength you've been searching for to quit. God doesn't want us to hate ourselves and regret anything we do. But God understands your feelings, he knows how you feel, what you feel, and what you want to feel, and He is sitting next to you at all times of the day, waiting for you to ask of His help and when you truly want it and truly want to accept it its instantaneous you will have it.

    • profile image

      Jax 8 years ago

      I'm 20 and, I've been smoking for about 5 or 6 years. I don't think it has dramatically influenced my life. My mother is a recovering addict and can be a little overbearing about "substance abuse", constantly pointing out the psychological reasons for why I smoke a blunt everydayy. For me its a form of entertainment and recreation to do at the end of the work day. Its something I have to look forward to. This is obviously a habit. Wheater myself and my fellow pot heads want to admit, most professionals belive its a bad habit. So i guess what im trying to say is, if weed wasn't something i consider negitive in my life, i probably wouldn't have typed, "how to quit smoking weed" into google. Its probably time I look deeper into my reasons for smoking, and find out what gap in filling with smoke. If i remember this when i come down.

    • profile image

      Random Thoughts 8 years ago

      Say No To Drugs!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      People who group weed into destructive drugs need to do a little bit more research. There are bigger problems than weed smoking. I have several friends who smoke weed daily and they have gone on to raise families and have stable jobs as compared to some friends I know who don't smoke weed but have marriage and job problems. I think it is up to the individual some people can handle it, others can't, weed is not destructive like cocaine and alcohol

    • profile image

      jptiger 8 years ago

      How do you fill that gap??? Finding a way to fill the gap that marijuana leaves is a major key to quitting I think...maybe find a gf that doesn't smoke? How bout a hobby? Job with a drug test? How would you fill the gap?

    • profile image

      smoke weed all day 8 years ago

      i smoke weed everyday shit......i think im addicted...nahhhhhh

      Weed is good.....don't let them fool you with there lies

    • profile image

      fuck you 8 years ago


      i bet the person who wrote this is just another non-smoker that thinks they know shit.

      if you want to quit fine. its your choice. but don't try and tell me what's good for me when you have no problem with people who drink. i smoke in moderation. you drink in moderation. so the way i see it you're no better than me. so fuck off. and weeds not that bad for you. its only cuz its smoke. so if you're that self-concious about it buy a vaporizer.



      RED IN MY EYE,


    • profile image

      jeffer 8 years ago

      Weed is not a bad drug. alcohol can destroy your life much faster. many people think smoking weed is just for fun.. well I use it to reduce stress and anxiety. It is much harder to stop when this is the case.

    • profile image

      FUCK YALL 8 years ago





    • profile image

      Bone 8 years ago

      I have been smoking weed daily for 38 years..I own my house,drive a fine car,and have a lot of toys..It has not affected me at all..I have not been arrested..Many of my friends have been arrested for DWI..I do not fight,piss in the street or kill people by driving drunk..I have a great memory and to prove it,I memorized all the presidents in order..I had to quit today because I got laid off after 6 years and have to find a job..Because I am 225 lbs.,the only way to pass a drug test is to quit for 30 days..It is HARD!!..I become irritable,restless,cant sleep without valium,when i do sleep I have incredible nightmares,and wake up sweating like crazy..If you do not go through this,either you have not been smoking long enough or have not been smoking potent weed..It is a lifestyle and as personal choice..I have never had the urge for stronger drugs..My only complaint is that pot is more expensive now and you do not have many choices of grades,like in the seventies..Quitting pot is like dieting..You must give up a craving,and without a lifestyle change,you will get fat again..I saw on the tv show intervention,where a girl compared giving up drugs to her father going and divorcing his wife of 25 years..In a way it is a marriage..If you are not hurting anyone(including yourself),BLAZE ON.....

    • profile image

      kushh 8 years ago

      as a chronic stoner for the past 5 years, i gotta agree with this dude. while weed isnt physically addicting, it sure as hell can be a bitch psychologically. as much as i love the stuff, it can be harmful aswell, but only if you smoke like a chimney, like i did. if your gonna blaze, save your lungs the trouble and spend 150 on a decent vaporizer. that way you get the best of both worlds (healthy and ripped off your face)

    • profile image

      its safer than anything else 8 years ago

      ya i guess weed is addictive, in a sense that some of the most pleasurable things in life should be never ending

    • profile image

      johnny d 8 years ago

      weed is physically addictive I know from personal experiece I was a heavy smoker when I quit i had night sweats agitation ect physical withdrawl symtoms I also know of other medical marijuana patients who smoke 10-12 joints of A-grade weed/day and same thing when they stop smoking for a period - withdrawl may not be as bad as with some other addictive substances but none the less it can be addictive! All of these people claiming weed is not addictive either smoke shwag or use it infrequently because I dare a regular marijuana smoker to stop smoking for a week and tell me different! ps I smoked full melt bubble hash and A grade joints every day before I quit. If you tell me otherwise I know you are not being honest to yourself but rather sticking up for a plant you love. shootz

    • profile image

      dee 8 years ago

      i used to smoke weed for years and it made me into a mess.I had no ambition or drive to even work.I fell pregnant about 3 and a half years ago and had to give up.It was hard as every one i knew smoked it in-front of me.I decide to lock my self in my room for a week.After that it was easy to say no because of the reason i gave up.I believe it is a waste of time and i have all my ambitions back. I have a beautiful boy a house a job of two years and I'm engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years.but if i didn't give up weed and the other drugs that i was taking i wouldn't be hear right now as i was in and out hospital if i wasn't on a life support machine i was on a drip.I also thought that i would only smoke weed and not do any other drugs but your not in control as much as you think you are.My advice is to find a good reason to give up and do it today as life is to short to waste it.

    • profile image

      maryjane 101 8 years ago

      weed been here 4 me seence da day i was born n makes me feel good ppl just dnt want ui to smoke to be gay but if u think about it it makes u a better person n ur smarter if u can handle it do it is u cant then quit it oir die

    • profile image

      Richy 8 years ago

      ive gotten hardcore into blazing within the last year, after my 18th birthday the year just flew right by. I have basically no motivation to push myself to get to class every day and not stay home brewing pales in my garage.. the reason i want to quit #1 is it burns my money away.. i work to get money to buy more tree for when i run out. I don't feel that different from when i didnt smoke, except the fact that ive been paying more attention to the details in my life and understanding things that have been happening around me, oh and i get MAD Paranoid sometimes. . my neighbours are gonna get me!

    • profile image

      Dipp  8 years ago

      Shit its the hardest thing ever to quit....i love smoking it but i hate the fact that im addicted to the shit ....

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      i am able to say to myself i am only 14 years old and im addicted to marijuana, no matter how hard i try when the cravings come by its agganizing and i just give in.

    • profile image

      bill 8 years ago

      now that i have quit weed i guess i have to give up drinkin pepsi and drivin my truck because in the end they are both going to kill me

    • profile image

      paulescu 8 years ago

      maybe hes right

      but why throw out bob marley cds? that's good music no matter what

    • profile image

      stagga lee 8 years ago

      the problem is in the person not the drug...natrual sedatives are fine if used in moderation...

    • profile image

      booradley 8 years ago

      Look. Ive been thru the whole cycle. I started with smoking only when I partied--age 18-22. Then I had a stable job and was able to buy some every now and then, and began smoking every weekend. Then you decide, why not always have some, cause you never know when you might want some. Then I thought, weed makes me more creative, more open-minded... it's natural, it's beautiful. You start smoking a few times a week. I started saying "I enjoy getting high, and there's nothing wrong with that." The thing is, I felt strongly about that, there's nothing wrong with a little toke now and then. You begin to justify it. "It's a natural substance, grown from God's earth." "At least I'm not doing coke or meth..." And if you're into hip hop, like I am, it's ingrained in the culture. You start to feel like it enhances EVERYTHING... movies, music, girls, etc. etc. etc. And it just might, too. But next thing you know, you're smoking everyday. Every day. When you become a daily smoker, it changes everything. Now you start to wonder how you ever went a day without smoking. It becomes a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Let's look at the truth: It's a fun high usually. Yes, you can get paranoid very easily. I have smoked so much now though that I know which types to stay away from to avoid paranoia. For me, any kind of purple bud is a paranoia bud. For you it may be different. There are buds that make you sleepy, some that make you happy, and some that make you a zombie. But here's more truth: All pot makes you unmotivated and overrelaxed. On the one hand, I like that it makes me relaxed, but on the other hand, it robs you of any drive or motivation. You lose sight of life goals. You lose your sense of time. When you're young, this doesn't matter. You get into "fuck it" mode pretty easily. But now I look at my life and realize Ive been smoking pretty consistently for 12 to 14 years. I'm telling you, you can smoke a decade away easily. Bottom line, I don't have any answers. The longest I've gone in the past decade is 40 days. I did notice that after the 4th or 5th day, it became easier to not smoke. But I litterally had to break my pipe to avoid a relapse. If you are serious about quitting, get rid of everything that will put you in the situation of smoking-- pipes, papers, and even some of your smokin buddies. For me, that's the hardest part. I'm now 34, and Im back to smoking daily again. It messes with your sleeping pattern, it messes with your appetite-- overeating for me-- and it continues to suck out any ounce of motivation from me. Now I don't even try to say I'm gonna stop. Ive said it too many times. I want to stop but I just never do. The hardest part for me is that a couple of my good friends are also daily smokers. Also, smoking pot is pretty normal behavior amongst family members-- all my brothers and many of my extended family smoke. We have a lot of get togethers, and ineveitably I smoke. If im ever going to stop, I feel like Im gonna have to stop haning around them. But how do you do that?? They are family and good friends. Realistically, I would have to shut myself off from the world. Part of me doesn't want to stop. Part of me knows I must. It may not be physically addictive, but I'll tell you what, I can't stop. But I still hold out hope that I will find the strength to leave it forever. It's a good drug, if there is such a thing, but the negatives outweigh the positives by far. If you're out there reading this, and you're on the younger side-- 15, 18, 22-- my advice is to get away now. You have a lot more will power when you're younger. I really could walk away when I wanted to at that age. Believe me, that all changes. Will power goes bye bye when you hit 30. If I can help one kid it's worth it. Keep your goals in focus. Weed is a dead end drug. You may not end up tweaked out, but you'll be a stoner all the same. Im over it. Now I just gotta figure out how to be over it once and for all.

    • profile image

      chad 8 years ago

      Wow, if you read all the comments by the people who are defending weed you may notice something in common...

      They all have terrible grammar, spell words wrong, and repeat words 2 or 3 times in a sentence.

      Tell me weed doesn't make you a complete retard, it totally does.

    • profile image

      bazzle 8 years ago

      I don't drink or smoke since I became a Buddhist. FYI - You can be a CHRISTIAN and still be Buddhist. Don't let anyone tell you different. Buddhism is a way of living, not a religious belief as many people contend. Buddhism has nothing to to with heaven or hell, or reincarnation, or the afterlife. There are "religious" forms of Buddhism but that's not what Buddha actually said. that's what people who followed him made up in later centuries (just like Jesus). Finding the Way to true happiness is much better than smoking pot. Meet Buddha and find your path.

    • profile image

      QUITTER 8 years ago

      The best way to quit smoking is to first go hang out with non-smokers and CONFESS. Church people, tree-huggers, book worms, who ever. As long as you feel guilty in front of them and keep hanging out. Next, start a bank for yourself and every time you feel tempted go put $20 in the bank. Save that money for a year, then two, then five. At the end of 5 years you will have enough money to go on a very nice cruise, or a downpayment on a very nice new car.

    • profile image

      deeper 8 years ago

      F bomb all you maggots. Who cares if you smoke or not. You think if you die from smoking that anyone will really care? Seriously think about it. There are 6 billion squirming human maggots on this planet and we are really not going to miss one, or a hundred, or even a hundred thousand. Smoke away, that's what life is about. You will be dead so soon anyway it doesn't matter what you do while you are here. And God could care less too. Pleasure rules the flesh so go for it.

    • profile image

      booradley 8 years ago

      Yes, Im still smokin like Cheech & Chong. But I don't feel the need to boast about it anymore. I'm past that stage. I don't feel the need to justify it either. But whatever happened to just disagreeing with someone. Why do so many young dudes feel insulted if someone does not share their same ideals. You don't like smoking? FUCK YOU go drink and die! You think smoking is bad for me? FUCK YOU bitches I love it! A real smoker, one that truly appreciates what cannabis does for your worldly outlook and your personal journey into the soul, wouldn't be so negative. Don't smoke if your only goal is to get high. You should be getting HIGHER in consciousness, seeking a HIGHER enlightenment of human relationships. Otherwise you're just doing drugs. You might as well sniff glue.

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      I think the hardest thing about quitting weed, is finding some thing to fill that void. Ive been smoking for about 12 years and I love the effects of cannabis. Its something I do by myself to relax and try an open my mind. The problem I recently found is I cant really enjoy anything anymore without smoking first. And when I do try something while Im not stoned I just think about how much better it would be if I was. Weed has never really gotten in the way of anything. I hold down a job, pay bills etc[bussiness b4 pleasure]. I just want to be able to be happy and feel good without having to smoke a bowl every couple of hours

    • profile image

      Ahmad  8 years ago

      I agree that Weed Can be addictive. I am a heavy Marijuana user that is trying to stop. I succeeded for Months but failed when I started smoking again. The problem is simple. The more time you have on your hands, the eaisier it is to get started again. If you smoke too much weed, slow down dramatically to once a day or every other day. Then GET A JOB! Get one that takes up most of your time and begin to study subjects that you always wanted to get into. Marijuana in a pinched moderation can work for those who are trying to quit. I hope that one day I can stop being reminded of a bud every time I see a tree. I wish that I can see weed as discusting again. I wish that I did not like the taste of fine grade A weed. But the truth is that the more I occupy my time, the closer I come to that as a reality.

    • profile image

      Bone 8 years ago

      For all you smokers..Get the fuck out of this forum..Are you too stoned to see the topic?..It is for people that want to quit..Of course there is nothing wrong with it,but we want to better our life..If you can control it and it does not dictate your happiness,go for it...Until I can,that's it for me...At some point,I will grow my own and can control how good and when I want it...Until then,I am tired of throwing away $120 a week...I am 36 days sober and am miserable,but I need a job..Remember when you were a child and did not need weed for your happiness? Weed gives you great ideas,but the problem is unless you are like the Beatles,you will never take your dreams to fruition..I know what I am talking about..Have hitchhiked across the country and smoked weed you have only read about...Lets face it..As humans we will never be happy...You just have to find pockets of happiness and appreciate it.........

    • profile image

      foxzerouk 8 years ago

      hi everyone ive been reading your blerbs/blogs and i got to thinking, my story is like a fewhere i started smoking tobbaco at 14 started weed at 15, a few years ago i tried to give up for the first time on my own, all of my friends are smokers so on the first day a week after my 18th birthday, i woke up, i couldn't call my friends because that would lead me down the path i tried to stop, i was living at home with my family and neither my 5 sibling or my mother was home so there i was at home alone on day one of quiting,,, i lost it,,, i went to my mums room where i found morphine tablets and oral solution, anything to take the edge off, a few hours later i woke up (i say woke up i was "awake" to anyone else but my brain and body were disconnected) in hospital after a major overdose,,, and that was the end of attempt one,, attempt 2 was somewhat more sucsessful, ha but it took 4 months of psyc wards 3 months of rehab and 3 months of anti depressents,,, and 8months after i quit i was back on the green again, because at the end of the day, drink makes most people assholes and the t totals seems to have an inherant god complex over anyone who even likes a tipple at christmas, so once again im on the quit im away for draws of meds, im not getting on anti depressents. but i would like to point out after my last relaps i was speaking to a few of my smoker friends and i was nearly emotionaly destroyed simply because i used anti depressents to quit, the argument being that they by definition of being a DRUG are bad whereas dope is not thought of as a drug by most users..... this is why i say, the first step to quiting is to admit you have a problem and try and organise what to do (as with all problems) the next step is to realise that it is a drug and therefore using other drugs that can be controled by a g.p or even yourself (and by other drugs i mean such things as anti depressents, sedatives, even caffine to help you after a horrible night of insomnia) and i mean controlled just because there will always be times where more seems like a good idea.... and have someone to talk to who isnt going to hate you after you reach your lowest point, i found that being able to express how i was feeling about everything as it came to my mind was more useful than any of the other aids i had

    • profile image

      sharpie19 8 years ago

      everytime my girl gets on my nerves the ONLY thing i can think of is "I WANT TO GET HIGH!!!!!"

    • profile image

      lee 8 years ago

      ive bin smoking none stop for bout 4 years now since i was 13 none stop everyday as soon as i wake up till i go sleep i cant do anything with out it i cant walk down the road to the shop with out one i cant do anything i feel so insecure and paranoid because of it. The amount of money iv wasted aswell its stupid im quitin frm end of tonite n im gna give it a gd go. i used to think weed was all good but it aint! it does fuck your head up and you don't realise it. If your addicted try just get away from your area for a week and bring no weed ull feel a lot better and think wether u want dat joint or not wen u get bk sweet.

    • profile image

      joshfromvb 8 years ago

      I am almost 25, and I started smoking when I was about 16. For me, I can see validity in both perspectives of this post, one, of trying to quit no matter what, and, two, that weed is great because it is so fun. Personally, I think that taking up new hobbies, reading and exercising were perfect for me, will really help one to quit marijuana, or any other bad habit. Yet, I think the main, underlying thing here is that pot smokers will quit, then dive into these new, "positive" hobbies, until, until ... well, to put it clearly, shit gets boring after a while. I mean, hell, I don't care if it's a hobby, a person, a lifestyle, or whatever; REDUNDANCY never leaves this life!!! Consequently, I think, pot smokers see this ugly fact of life, of redundany showing its face over and over, and we say, "ah, fuck it ... let me just get high and embrace the absurdity." And so we do it. Does it bring any meaning or clarity to life? No. But... maybe we're looking for something that doesn't even exist. In the end, in the end... i honestly don't think it really matter either way, if you quit, or you continue. You will still probably find something missing.

    • profile image

      ganjaman 8 years ago

      i smoke weed. Its a pretty harmless drug, but its terrible when you're in school. It makes you lose you're motivation, therefore im stopping :D only till the end of high school though ;) ;)

    • profile image

      darksul 8 years ago

      I'd have to say I started smoking when I was 9 yrs old and I can't stop. I am in school for business administration, and I've been able to ace math tests high. Actually I have to smoke to be able to concentrate. I have to stop because I have been losing very decent jobs because of my drug problem I won't go test.That is Bad.I do not know what to do though its not like I can not function in society I do everything High WTF! Why can't we just have like our own country then and we won't bother anybody..

      And yes for all you anti-weedheads I am high!..Lol

    • profile image

      jibtech 420 8 years ago

      ive been smokin chronic for about 4 years now and i am finaly realizing how addictive and how much weed has takin over my life, i have no money, and what ever my money i have and what ever valuable i have own goes towards gettin stoned, i made over 10,000 dollars this summer and have nothing to show for it, im quitting today and im gunna say the only reason people do drugs are because they are fun and that is the only thing they should be used for, not to become a lifstyle, you have fun when you do it with ur friends but save it for a weekend at least cut back have fun with it but don't go off the boat it will take over your life with out a doubt.

    • profile image

      TBBudsmoker 8 years ago

      i have been a stoner for 3 years now, smoking weed EVERY SIGLE DAY!! if i don't have a sac i scurry on my ground for left over that i dropped. I may sound more like a crack head than a stoner but when it comes to bud for me i take it very very seriously. Sure i would love to stop smoking weed but i know theres definitely something that keeps me consistent with my smoking. Honestly weed has help me through a lot. . .when i was a kid i watched my dad beat the shit outta my mom and i was left with lots of confusion, repression and anger that's effected my whole life, i guess you can say im smoking marijuana for all the wrong reasons, but through my personal expierience ive learned weed really isnt that bad, i can hold up conversations and i get my school work done at college. .passing too. I think if your gonna argue about marijuana being bad you should argue on the lifestyle not the effects on how it hurts your brain, because really if your not smoking every min of every day like me then it doesn't effect your brain as much as you think, infact i think it helps me think more logical.But that's just me that's just my personal opinion im not trying to change anyone, everybody is different, but let me just say watching the movie "super high me" and listening to the cancer and h.i.v patients who are CRYING over how the government takes their medical marijuana honestly breaks my heart, i cried just watching it, they claim it helps so amazingly much with anxiety and their treatment. So please keep that in the back of your minds when you critized marijuana as drug. .it HAS and forever will be a medicine

    • profile image

      Sashpot 8 years ago


      I've smoked weed/skunk (skunk iz ment 2 b da destructive adictive shit) ok, i wnt say i dnt ave an addiction, i wont say i do, cause i agree wiv the fact that i will stop when i want 2, but i luv it right now and aynt gonna stop 4 shit unles it puts my lyf on the line which IT WONT. its how ppl take it, it depends on the person smoking it, im only 16 and have smoked it regularly since 11YEARS OLD, 5 years of my most important growing years..... funnily enough im not short im 5'6, not stopped my growing.... Ok i wont lie it has effected my memory, ONLY MY MEMORY, hasn't destroyed half of my brain n brain cells. Ok maybe that'll happen if i keep smokin the way i do till im 90... then mayb ill go bit dim.

      Its about the person, and how they take it, ive had ppl take 2 pull and freak out and think they in matrix n shit, n neva smoked again.... my 1st time was lyk wow, i gota sit down, wow ma eyes feel heavy, wow im talkin shit, wow i cnt stop laughin.... wwooooww i gota do this again....

      I've neva been 1 2 fink its killing me (ok sometimez i fink mayb it myt b) BUT NOT THAT IVE NOTICED SO FAR SO FUK IT! and its about how STABLE 'the smoker' MENTALLY IS IN THEMSELVES! If smoke REGULARLY, everyday! i still passed skool, am in college now.... yh i fuked up by smoking in skool which made me learn nuffin cos i was high n wen ur high shit goes through 1 ear n out the other unless it is very intresting (sum science shit got me THINKING while stoned) but ovawise 4got wot teacha sed 2 minz afta. I don't smoke in college now and yes i have noticed i learn and remember a lot more... but still that's all i've noticed and doesn't bother me 2 much really... the High definatly topz the 4getfullness n dopyness cos look at all the ppl that dnt blaze (smoke it) and dnt member jack shit and are dopey and dum as shit. SMOKING IF ANYTHING, wud stop depression (im guessin) wud sort out anger management and wud maake da world a better place if every1 smoked it, every1 wud b high relaxed 2 high 2 fight, argu, stab, care bout gettin robbed, NO1 WUD B BOTHERED 2 ROB NE1 AND HAVE 2 RUN! neva ave i been in a case of violence under the influence of weed/skunk ... ok mayb only if i mixed it wiv alcohole then yh... THATZ THE ALCOHOLE, if nefink (im a drinka) but stil if anything ALCOHOL SHUD B ILLEGAL AND WEED SHUD B LEGAL! AND IM SURE ALL SMOKERS WUD AGREE COZ IM WAY MORE SCARED OF WOT ID DO DRUNK THEN HIGH 100%!!!!!!!!!!!

      If u wanna talk bout it add my msn or send an email if u want....

    • profile image

      BIg 8 years ago

      Pot is not a gateway DRUG its just the easiest to get its everywhere to get the hard stuff u got to hunt for it. Ive found pot walking down the road...

    • profile image

      Big 8 years ago

      Ive got good friends who don't smoke all they do is drink and there life is way more jacked than mine..I don't think im addicted its just a big part of my life when im out i function fine ithas no bad effect on my life other than how much it coast. Its just crap it should be legal it would be the biggest cash crop the us would have.Hell something like 65 to 75% of people world wide already smoke that's more than people who don't.

    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      i have been smoking weed for 5 years now. started when i was 15. i started because mates was smoking it at skool, would only do it once or twice a week. yea back then it was for a laugh and something to do.. not long after maybe a year or so i started smoking it more often. every other day then it turned to every day adn now i get pissed off if i aint got none.. but the min i get some i feel 'normal' again, calmed, relaxed and happy. and also if i don't have any i always want it more and more where as when i have it sta there and know that i can have a joint when ever i want i don't need it as much. if that makes sense..

      the bad things i have noticed from smoking weed is that i get stressed easily if i don't smoke, paranoid and angry to some extent (when i don't have any) also bad memory.

      i do want to quit so all these things don't get any worse or even get better! but there the only reasons i want to quit, i LOVE smoking weed its my life! but i want to quit for myself health wise.. i cant imagine my life without it, i cant imagine what it would be like to be soba every day!! sounds impossible to me at the moment but hopefully i pull through and sort it out sooner rather than later

    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      Big.. i wish it was that easy to find where im from in england, i litrally have to hunt for weed everytime i want some more, which doesn't help the tress levels. and also crap weed goes about which is a waste of money cos it doesn't do anything.. if i could get it all the time then it would make my life a hell of a lot stressful! like if it was legal i would grow it. but i aint riskin 10years of my life jus to save stress

    • profile image

      sarah 8 years ago

      I agree completely with you TB guy! smoking weed makes me think more logically, and when i study for things sober and test high, i can honestly say it makes me do better. the only reason i am thinking about quitting is i am blowing all my money on it. since im a girl i get toked up for free alot, but still it seems i am always spending money on it. :/ maybe i should start selling and make me some $$$$$.

    • profile image

      Big 8 years ago

      Sara I have also thought selling would be a good idea, but I ended up smoking more than I sold.

    • profile image

      That One Guy 8 years ago

      I have been smoking since I was 12, I am currently up to 2 ounces a day, It is very hard, but I am trying to quit. The best way to stop is just not to do it in the first place. I have a daughter now, and must keep a good job, that is my motivation.

    • profile image

      moe 8 years ago

      hey how do you smoke 2 oz.'s a day. I thought I smoked a lot averaging about an eighth every 2-5 days. Shit man. I don't know if I could smoke that much in a day. ...2 oz.'s that's like 420 high, man!

    • xfootball player profile image

      xfootball player 8 years ago

      I am not trying to put myself ut there but I thought I would share my opinion. Everyone is different and have different responses to ganga. It is a medicine and just like tea it makes some people feel better about what's going on internally as it does me. I played division 1 football and marijuana just made me think about what i wanted to more. I did put it to use because if i thought about something while i was high i would write it in my notepad and read it again the next day. You don't overdose on a medicine just like you don't overdose on marijuana. I would rather smoke a blunt of some dro rather than drink and ge what the college students here at USF like to call FUCKED UP. Why not just relax and get to know yourself alittle better. If you people would put marijuana to use you wouldn't be so concerned about quitting. Then theres me who is also on this blog. I just was wondering why when I say Im going to quit i never live up to it. Its kinda like asking why a person wouldn't drink water when they are thirsty. I just like to smoke weed, however my fiance' wants me to quit. All of us need to realize that marijuane was put on this earth for a reason. Just like water, trees, grass, fruits. Whether I eat my ganga or bake it or smoke it. The non-users will still say that it is wrong. Just because they do not do it. I know that my fiance' will not mind my habit because I am not a feen. I just like to sit back and think about life every now and then on the porch and take the time out to look at natue with nature running through my body. Why not. I do not love weed. I love the lord and I love my finace' and my family. If they didnt accept my habit as you nn smokers like to call it i would stop. But it doesn't bother anyone because I can just go outside for 30 mins in the evening and walk my dog with a blunt in my hand. Nobody expects it to be that and I am at peace. It is not an addiction. It is just something that I do, something that we do. That is all. If it makes you lazy then stop, or simply upgrade you ganga. I have a job, I am in school, and I was an athlete who walked on and earned a football scholarship but suffered a severe injury and now just am focusing on my future. I plan on starting my own business and i will do all of this still smoking my blunt every now and then. I was at a point where i was smoking all day everyday, but those were only on days I didnt have shit to do. Dont put pleasure before your life and what you have to do to live it successfully. Ganga is a supplement to your life. Some people like it and can deal with it, others cant. If you are looking to quit forreal then start by just smoking a blunt at the end of the day. Good marijuana. You will hen realize why quit when I can live and enjoy myself and be high also.

      If my girl wants me to quit I will. But after she reads this I doubt she will. Hopefully she will join me and have a blunt every other day or so or maybe just even on the weekends when we both go fishing or to a private part of the beach to just relax. Take relaxing to the extreme when you do it if you are a hard working person.

    • profile image

      Bone 8 years ago

      I have quit for 65 days and really miss it..It also helped me to relax and focus..It also helped my sex drive as I am 53 years old..The only problem is, it has cost me another great job opportunity..I thought after 60 days I would easily pass a drug test,but I tested positive..I now plan to join a gym to try and sweat it out.....

    • profile image

      Whatupbitches 8 years ago

      there was a montha dn a half where i was unable to get any. Had no problems, sure i wanted it but it wasnt a big deal, i only do it on weekends now and there are times when i pass it up. Over the summer i blazed almost everyday and i still have no problem passing it up when theres work to be done or school the next day. I am not a deadbeat, i am in honors and Ap classes i play an instrument and try to workout (everyone has issues here haha) i just scored 90th percentile on my psat's and i smoked the night before it. I have a very productive life and my life doesnt revolve around weed, however i will say that weed does revolve around my life.

    • profile image

      Zach 8 years ago

      Everyone is different when it comes to smoking weed. Some people can smoke a joint a day and be fine. I my self could not last on a joint a day, my friends and i would go out all day every day and smoke itleast a half ounce to an ounce a day for those who dont know thats kinda alot a half ounce is 14 grams and that would be itleast 10 blunts ounce is like 20 blunts and id do it every day. Marijuana has fucked up my life in more than one way. 1. i have no family connection anymore 2. i dropped out of highschool because i skipped to much class to go get high. 3. i have wasted the last 5 years of my life to get high. 4. its has made me feel like im stupid now cause somtimes i cant even think of what to say its just like theirs a blank in my mind. i just want to tell people that its not worth it yea it might be fun and theirs nothing else to do but find somthing else to do their are infinite amounts of things you can do on this earth. why dont you take all the money your spending on bowls,blunts,papers,weed,bongs all the smokin material and go spend it on movie,games,food,clothes, find a girlfriend or somthing go spend time with her. weed even fucked up my last relationship. i had met this real nice girl didnt do anything drink or smoke and i just didnt spend time with her because i wanted to get high all the time. people just go out and smoke when theirs nothing to do and they feel like theirs nothing to do all the time so we go out and smoke to take up time. i cant remember a day where i havnt smoked in the past 5 years because their are few. i have gotten out of control with my pot smokin and it is taking a huge toll on my future and me. people always say oh im in control its easy to quit but when your around it all the time its not as easy as u think. all of my friends smoke and i have quite a bit of friends ive tried quiting once before but that only lasted for a week i dont even know how i got that far but. the best advice i can give is yea try it ok wow im high but dont abuse it and make a habbit of it cause it will fuck your life up. i thought to myself before i started smoking that everything everyone was trying to tell me about marijuana wasnt true but they have to reason to lie to me their just trying to help. -

    • profile image

      Steven 8 years ago

      why quit? weed was put on this world for people in the struggle. i just finished smoking a L ;)

    • profile image

      des 8 years ago

      been smoking for five years! it has taken alot of my motivation and will power OBAMA IS PRESIDENT SO IM QUITTING WEED!...EAT instead of smoking Eat Eat EATS!!!

    • profile image

      gottastop 8 years ago

      I have smoked for 6 years pretty much everyday. I have quit for only a week so far and it's pretty depressing. I need to do it for myself mainly, I want to prove that I can be happy without it, it's going to be alot tougher than I thought!

    • profile image

      billbob88 8 years ago

      i agree i think as a pot smoker people dont think they r addicted. like i have been smoking weed for 6 months straight everyday i use MJ i think bout stoppin everyday but i jus cant so now im gna admit that im addicted to weed but i think its funny how people that has been using this drug longer then me is saying you cant be an addict but thats bull shit if u do this everyday and say you could stop if you wanted to but you dont bc u enjoy it yea thts bc the wanting is the addiction and this is the truth so if you can realize tht your hurting yourself more ways then we think but honestly as a pot smoker i say they should get rid of it

    • profile image

      #1 pothead 8 years ago

      Well, weed is not hard to quit true. I seriously can quit if i wanted to. but i dont have to... i smoke everyday but i do not let it get in the way of my job, family, or responsabilities. I still work out and cant wait to have my joint after wards. The only problem people have is that they dont smoke in moderation. dont smoke so much!! a bowl a day, or if its good cron, a hit or two. Nothing more nothing less. if people would do this, weed would be legal and there wuld not be so much bitching about it.

      I love weed and i think i will blaze till i die... it has never gotten in my way. n my body is healthy and strong, no harm done by mary here.

      so blaze up my friends. weed is not the enemy... our indulgence in it is.

      your truly,


    • artfuldodger profile image

      artfuldodger 8 years ago from Earth

      I'm going to have to side with #1 pothead. I haven't smoked in about a year, but I still think it's about the most harmless thing in the world. I would still, I just don't really know anyone that blazes anymore. As far as over use is concerned, "a little goes a long way" is the best philosophy to have regarding pot.

    • profile image

      kt 8 years ago

      My boyfriend has been smoking weed since he was 12 and now he is 20, i personal carnt stand the stuff but ive found that our relationship revoves around him getting his next hit..hehas bad side effects,anxity,headaces,tiredness .He always tells me that weed isnt addictive so i asked him not to smoke for a weekend, the problem is that he couldnt.

      I find it so hard to watch the Man i love wasting his life away....on this drug that he is addcited to. And im thinking about ending our 3 year relationship because the once determind,intelligent man i used to know is in another world!! please help me get him off it xx

    • profile image

      Outlaw 8 years ago

      is there any other ways of gettin that feeling from weed but from a harmless substance

    • profile image

      ricky 8 years ago

      started smoking about 17 years now 24....smoked HEAVILY all day every day when i could. didnt have any problems keeping job or staying on top of things, but realized i had a problem when i couldn't go a day or two without it. as soon as the bag was empty i just had to have another, and if not, i would feel utterly miserable (those of you who know, KNOW what im talking about) and am currently trying to get off of it. i've been sober for 2 days now and its been pure hell.

      earlier this year (err...last year, since its '09) i did manage to quit cold turkey for about 6-7 months and this is what helped me:

      *first of all, you have to really really want to quit. i know how you want to quit and all as you're lighting up that bowl, thinking im gonna quit in a couple days and it never happens. its not just accepting that you're addicted and that you have a problem, its constantly feeling like a junkie and not being happy with yourself that is gonna help you muster enough strength to let it go. and thats all it is, is letting go. let go of your thoughts of smoking when they arise.

      *the second thing i noticed that really helped me out was changing my lifestyle. cutting out all the shitty processed food and sodas, and switching over to a cleaner diet of fruits/veggies/grains/fish whatever. not many people realize the extent of the effects on your mind and body of putting shitty foods into it. you're going to feel a lot more "down" eating shitty foods, which is going to make you a lot more susceptible to giving in. eating clean, natural foods has sucha mysterious, and calming effect on the mind and makes sobriety that much more tolerable.

      *the third, and prbly most important thing along with clean eating, is exercise. i think the only way i was able to quit a 7 year high was to start exercising daily and it was so much easier doing this than every other time i tried to quit. i have no idea why this is, and all i can suggest is that if you're struggling and feeling like you're losing the battle with weed and need it all the time to be happy, then try this out. you have to really want it though.

    • profile image

      kiauna 8 years ago

      hi i think that ppl should stop smoking weed, pot ect. if they did not sell this stuff we will not have this problem the goverment should stop making it what do u guys think

    • profile image

      2Pax 8 years ago

      If I smoked like most of my friends smoke, occasionally or just a little each day, it probably wouldn't be a problem.

      If I smoked just in the evenings it probably wouldn't be a problem.

      If I ran out and didn't also kind of freak out, it probably wouldn't be a problem.

      If I didn't run out and then found myself calling and visiting people I'd otherwise not enjoy chilling with...

      If I didn't run out and then crawl around on the floor picking through the carpet or scraping the coffee table and saving resin from one-hitters, I'd probably feel more embracing of my habit.

      If I didn't find myself wheezing, as though snoring through my esophagus while I'm wide awake because I can't moderate after 20 years of practice, I probably wouldn't have a problem.

      If I didn't associate weed as the necessary precursor and follow-up activity to every errand, chore, conversation, date and wouldn't be a problem.

      If every activity didn't take twice as long, and filled with expensive mistakes, it wouldn't be a problem. If I didn't constantly blow off responsibilities because I need a weed-nap or because I'm stressed by everyday life and need more weed wouldn't be a problem.

      If the people or promises I blow off didn't constantly disappoint loved-ones, young ones, or employers - or myself- it wouldn't be a problem.

      If I only smoked medicinally, I'd be a hypochondriac. That's a problem.

      If money wasn't a problem, given my addictions, that would be a problem.

      Money is a problem, but I pay for weed while my utilities are shut off. That's a problem.

      I associate weed with the cure for everything negative and the betterment of everything already good. It is hence psychologically entwined in the fabric of my impulses and conditioned, subconscious reactions - like a noxious weed taking over the garden. If I hadn't let it completely take over most mental impulses, it would be just a harmless, even occasionally helpful good herb of this earth. But it isn't.

      It gives me the best ideas, but only enough motivation to outline the project...if I can even remember the idea a few moments later when I go to write it out.

      It gives me a pleasant physical sensation, a mellow buzz we all know, along with craving for MORE, dark rings under the eyes, sore throat, burning chest, depleted energy (it literally pumps the adrenal glands, like in a fight or flight situation, the pleasant buzz we feel is the after-affect). It seriously drains the adrenal glands.

      It helps me get my mind off of a bad days work, or a fight with a loved one - but those realities haven't gone anywhere. They are there again for me the next day to blow off again, along with the gumming of my lungs a la resinous weed.

      I can't believe some of the people on this forum, saying it is completely harmless. Especially when they have been alive for less time than others of us have been smoking.

      It is gentle indeed, but it is also a very quiet, gradual thief. Certainly, for those without such addictive personalities, it is a great herb to use moderately. I also can't believe the lack of self-honestly some people have when they say they smoke every day for 15 years and are not addicted. Wow, you use a mood-enhancer for over 5500 days straight, and yet claim that you don't feel like you need this mood-enhancer. How delusional. If it really isn't habit forming but you've smoked every day for so long, try buying some but only smoking it once or twice a week.

      For most of my life I have loved weed, mixed with occasionally hating it. I always believe that the way to quit is to not love it or hate it, but to be "equal" with it - no positive or negative charge. I wouldn't even want to quit, but I am totally wasting my time, energy, health, money, and other people's time, energy and money. Not only that, but I can't stand the feeling of having something else outside of myself being so in control of my happiness (or lack thereof). But I always keep swinging between love and less often, hate. I haven't yet just shrugged and given it up easily (like some of the posts say they have done).

      But lately I am constantly working on it. And at this point, I actually feel like it is better to totally loathe it and stay away from it and from friends that use, instead of trying to be open minded and amicable toward all of the positive effects. Because for me, like other addicts, the positive effects are blown to pieces by the negative effects of over-indulgence.

    • profile image

      Arash R. 8 years ago

      I have been smoking weed for 3 years now. At first I loved the feelings it gave me but now I'm really really tired of it, but it's hard to quit. I've tried many times to quit. I think this is going to be my 20th time that I want to quit. But I'm asking God to help me out on this so I wouldn't be smoking no more, I want to be going to Medical School and become a doctor. I need my brain cells for the future. I don't want to be happy at the moment, I want to be happy for the future(that's how life is really structured.) So this is Jan. 05 of 2009 and I'm going to quit smoking today. I am kindly asking if you read this comment pray to God for me that I never smoke again.

    • profile image

      br 8 years ago

      I've never smoked, but a friend does regular, maybe 3 times a day and 5/day on wkends. It's very hard for me to watch. It has caused lots of problems for us, not the fact that he uses, but his personality, attitude, & way he handles me. Even his on life, I hate seeing the "expensive" problems it causes as 2Pax says. I've tried to be supportive to help him quit, but it is a will-power he must control. I find regular users tend to place blame on others for thier own use... basically an excuse to continue smoking. Most people on this blog are users, I'm just a person wanting to help another quit. It is hard, & the first I can say is admitting you are addicted, taking responsibitly, stop making excuses for reasons you smoke. . . once upon a time, you didn't. As others have said, add up your weekly expenditures, what negativity has it caused for you? Lost of friends, relationships, jobs. Or when you wake or your high is gone. . . what have you solved. Remember you are limiting yourself jobs, friends, opportunites. As said before, look in the mirror & see if you like that image of yourself. Look at at pic of you before smoking, compare. . . Reality check!!!

      All please remember, IT creates an illusion of reality. The nice, relaxing high, the one that helps you sleep. . . it's a false preception. After a while, you have tricked/taught your brain to think you need weed to function, sleep, do daily activites. You must re-learn how to handle life without it. Do activites at night to whereas you're too sleepy to role a blunt, spend time w/ someone whose company you enjoy an keep busy. Wake in the morning & work out. Just do whatever to keep yourself busy. And It does distort your memory even though is user-based effects, everyone on blog agress on it's negativity.

    • profile image

      jim 8 years ago

      I had my 1st ever inhale of weed when i was 12 im 20 im on day 5 of being weed free iv started to have some pretty weird dreams, im usually stoned out of my head and cant remeber my dreams have had sweats during the night and jus generall anxiousness, i have got to the point in my life were i want a girlfriend and want to start living my life to the full!! The minute i smoke weed now its like a trigger in my head goes off i become very paranoid and really quite its just not me and im saying no to it...u can do it people u just have to want to do it! weed used to be so much fun and tbh i never wanted to quit now like i said it triggers some thing in my brain and i become very paranoid almst instanlt maybe im 1 of these poeple who is more prone to mentall illness all i kno is, weed for me doesnt do what it used to... i remebr smoking when i was young all my firends with me, now over the past year or 2 its making me become a recluse and ive had enuff so its time for a break im not saying im never gonna smoke again but not for a long time any way!! i want to see how i feel after beeing weed free for 6 months!!! pray for me people!

    • profile image

      me 8 years ago

      Hello. To those of you who have quit smoking weed...CONGRATS!! Remember, you are in control of your actions, no one else. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Don't let ANYTHING change your mind. Keep repeating to yourself that you do not need it. Don't worry about how that will make you stop, just say it over and over again and trust that your body and mind will no longer need it.... trust me... it works. I have not smoked weed for about 2 years, and have not smoked cigarettes for 4 days!

    • profile image

      K-Rob 8 years ago

      I ended up here like a few of you others...I googled "How to Quit Smoking Weed". I have been smoking for about 8-9yrs & I have LOVED every moment of it. I have smoked it in every way possible and in every form - nugs, hash, hash oil, great to bake with too. I've also done the narco-touring thing...Amsterdam & Canada(great trips by the way!). I am definately not against pot and its great cast of users, BUT I do see where it has negatively affected my relationships with family, friends and slowed me down from excelling to my fullest potential. I have also reached an ultimatum in my life, lose my girlfriend(been together 6-7yrs.) that I am madly in Love with or quit smoking. It is a major decision b/c I am a strong willed individual and I don't play well with others that try to tell me whats right and wrong & what I should & shouldn't do...even my girlfriend. I have been sober for a few days now and I actually do feel more energetic, more motivated to excel, and hopefully keep my relationship together although it is in a bit of shambles right now. I think if you have a great desire to quit or a good enough reason to, you should pick the other over pot. I know how potheads get sensitive when people talk negatively about pot or them and their use(I would categorize myself here a few days ago), BUT I see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and where pot has placed me as an individual in society. I don't feel like a bad person & I don't judge others for their decisions, BUT smoking pot everyday isn't healthy in so many ways. I think maybe once a month or so could be acceptable, BUT the everyday grind being high isn't productive and if you think it is, it isn't 100% productive...You are not 100%...weed does impair motor skills(slightly) and reaction speed, we all know that as pot-smokers. I'm not a lazy person & I can keep a steady well paying job, BUT at the end of the day, day after day, being high isn't so satisfying. I know this b/c I look at those around me(friends & fam that use) stoned, high, completely tore back and I can see what I probably have looked like since I started. Red eyes, bad posture, generally atleast a little overweight and not as happy as they really could be. In some ways pot does work against you & create a somewhat fantasy, sometimes false sense of what's really the right thing to do with your life. Just trying to put in my 2cents & hopefully help somebody else make the decision to quit or use in MODERATION! Me typing these comments are for my own self help just to let you know and once again...I'm not knocking any of those that want to use or continue to use. With WEED...MODERATION I think is key.

    • profile image

      brendan 8 years ago

      ok i am 16 and ive been smoking bud since i was 11. however within the past year and a half i really started to smoke a lot like 10 to 40 times a week. i love smoking weed, infact i love it so much i decided to quit because my tolerance for weed was through the roof. i plan on resuming within a week or two however so i guess you can call it taking a break. what im trying to say though is that i realized that i dont care if im high or not because theres nothing addictive in weed i stopped 4 days ago and i havnt had one single problem. i dont want to hear anything about quitting weed being hard because its not addictive and coming from someone who smokes in excess of 40 times a week, i know what im talking about. ive smoked cigs for just as long and thats a real addiction. you wanna bitch about not being able to quit something, take up smoking cigarettes then tell me whats hard to quit and whats not.

    • profile image

      NexGen Music 8 years ago


      I've been smoking for 15 years and I just spent close to 45 minutes reading all of these posts. TBH, no offence to anyone, but the only one here (besides a long-timer like me) who knows what they are talking about is Lifted from 13 months ago.

      I have smoked weed for 15 years, I work as a Director for IT firm that is contracted for the Government (Can't say which), I run 2 independent record labels, I coach kids soccer, have a pretty hot girlfirend (non smoker) as well as many other entrepreneurial activities... I have achieved so many things in my life while smoking weed.

      It is all about the person - what kind of dreams, desires and apirations they have, becuase if you are serious about yourself NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING would get in your way - NOT EVEN WEED!! All of these stoners blaming the weed need a big reality check - blame yourself.

      NOW - Weed DID introduce me to other drugs, LSD, Cocaine, Ecstasy, etc, but ultimately they were just phases. This fact cannot be denied and that takes me onto my next point.

      NO-ONE HERE has mentioned anything to the fact that we are all different, some of us have addictive natures/tendencies and some of us don't. I was one of those that DID have an addictive nature (which is what caused me to try other drugs in the first place) but because I had so many other aspirations for my life, I learnt to control, reduce to moderation and eventually quit, so again it is ALL ABOUT THE PERSON - YOU!!!!!

      I decided to quit this year because I will be 30 this year, and have decided to take my health more seriously, not to mention the fact that I have to brush my teeth 20+ times a day (After every time I nip out for a puff) because my girlfriend deserves to have a nice passionate kiss without that horrible smell and taste. I have been clean for nearly 2 weeks, I am having the cravings and sleep problems, but already it is starting to ease... I smoked cigarettes for 4 years when I was younger 16-20 and gave up overnight and have never gone back, so I know that I can do this.



      Dan - NexGen Music Group.

    • profile image

      JimmyDimes 8 years ago

      As a few have mentioned above, it is all in the person and their desire to quit. And, to set the record straight, pot is only a gateway drug if you allow it to be. And, only messes up those who allow it too. I have two college degrees and have a job that requires some deep thought and problem solving skills. Guess what? I still have them.

      I'm 41 and have smoked daily (most days) for the past 21 years. I'm taking a break right now because my wife doesn't like it.

      It is tough, but more mental than anything else. I have had to quit for drug tests in the past. First tell yourself you don't want to smoke. Next, either cut down or go cold turkey. IT works even better if you burn the cobwebs out with a little excercise. The first two days are the hardest, but by day 3, the mental addiction is about gone. By the end of the week you will feel like you don' t need it. In all honesty, when I have started again in the past, I felt like I didn't need to smoke again. But, it doesn't affect me and is a great way to unwind after a hard day.


    • profile image


      The funny thing is Dan - NexGen Music Group music a) U must have had the thought in your brain in the 1st place to quit or else why the fuck would u waste 45 mins of your life on something that you claim to be so irrelevent to you. and B) brendan little 16 year old boys who smoked for 3 years have yet to grow up and only when u have to go work and live pay bills and put food on your table in the real world not jus sit in mummy and daddys house playing the playstation is when u will find out about addiction u dont even kno what addiction is! if youve only been doing it for less than 5 years.. i just find it HILARIOUS IVE SMOKED FOR 15 YEARS and im not addicted errrrr duhh i think youl find uve been repeatadly doing the same substance for 15 YEARS YOU ARE VERY ADDICTED LIKE I SAY WHY ELSE WOULD U BE GOOGLING HOW TO QUIT WEED!! U CANT FOOL ME!! EVERY POT HEAD I KNO SAYS THE SAME THING " I COULD QUIT IF I WANTED TO BUT I DONT WANT TO" yea after 15 years of doing a substance every day u expect a sober person to belive tht pfffttttt dream on, pot is addictive mentally.Cut a long story short dont come on a how to quit weed site and claim uve smoked for 15 years and your not addicted cuz u simply are the truth is a bitter pill to swollow and as for beeing an IT director and all that WOW good for you i bet if u were sober for the past 15 years you would of shown alot more potential in what u do!! weed takes away your ambition peroid... moderation is key with anything in life but yeah using weed for that amount of time and claiming not to be addcited while your on a how to quit weed site is quite amusing to read.. i kno pot heads get really emotion about this stuff thts why u get the same old ive had a job for years and im fine IF YOUR FINE WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ON A HOW TO QUIT WEED SITE.... GOOD NIGHT STONERS!!

    • profile image

      Enuf 8 years ago

      Dan - NexGen Music Group comes across like someone in denial. Lifted from 13 months ago seems honest about his use while conflicted about whether or not there is a problem - but to say that he is the only one here that knows what he is talking about?! That's about as ignorant as the "15 year" comment. Most of us have had a ton of experience both using, quitting or trying to quit, or learning moderation. We are sharing experiences to help each other kick the habit for various reasons. Many of us know what what we are talking about. Even if our knowing doesn't fit your experience, that doesn't make it any less real for the purveyor.

      I agree with you about taking responsibility for our own Laziness...but for very many people, weed does create a sluggishness, or reclusiveness. For many people the sensation perpetuates pleasure seeking hedonism which spawns LAZINESS. If for you it was the gateway drug, you should understand about the hedonism. Everyone is different, and I weed may not make you tired or spacey or less prone to take care of business. But that certainly doesn't mean that you and Lifted are the only one's here whom are correct. Anyone else, read Lifted's comments: he's getting f*cked up while simultaneously saying that he needs help. Sure he says that we are all different...but so do others. I'm glad that you were able to quit - if I were ever to relapse, you sound like the kind of guy I would hate to smoke with.

    • profile image

      zimi 8 years ago

      smoking weed destroys your life before you realise it. ive seen it happen to many people including me. weed isnt addictive just the fact that its so wonderful you jus dnt wana stop it. if you wana stop smoking make a strong decision and stop from that moment, dnt wait for tmrw as fresh begining. no one can help u unless u stand up and b strong. i love weed but i gta stop smoking :,( daz jus da way life goes. if you are thinking ov jus smoking on friday afternoons itz pointless to think ov quitting. but its a good begining for some people (heavy smokers) to cut back alittle bit and smoke once a week n later on not smoke at all.

    • profile image

      Joe M 5 8 years ago

      ok i've been smoking weed for about 9 months straight. all day. everyday. i love it. but my girlfriend is asking me to stop because she's seen how it destroys lives etc.etc. i don't think that i should have to choose between her or weed. they're ot even comparable, but she doesn't get that. its like me asking her to stop eating chocolate because i've seen how it can make people fat. i dont want to quit, but i dont want to lose her. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Enuf 8 years ago

      Hi Joe M - some of us on this post have shown no talent for moderation and are trying for the "all or nothing" approach. Seems like you also like to go full force. However, have you discussed going moderate with the weed, to see if you and the girlfriend can strike a compromise?

      If you do not think you can go moderate, maybe it would be a good idea to quit the weed before 20 years go by, your adrenal glands are shot and your lungs are black.

      But if you just aren't at a place yet to realize the need for sure quitting action, you are going to do what you are going to do anyway right? That is, until you realize from within what needs to happen. In that case, bid farewell to the girlfriend. Don't waste her time and don't let her waste your time.

    • profile image

      PACK 8 years ago

      Yeahh all this shitt iss trueee immA stop smokkin too i got probationn soo i gott too


      FUCKRUEE 382C..

    • profile image

      dutchmaster 8 years ago

      smoke mad blunts

      fuck quitting smoking weed

    • profile image

      WOWBrah 8 years ago

      Quitting weed can be hard but the truth is it gets you nowhere in LIFE. it makes you lazy and dumb. im not tryna offend ppl on here or anything but if you wanna quit JUST SAY NO!!!. be comitted and know what you want outta life. MAKE A REAL CHANGE AND PROGRESS

    • profile image

      grapedutch 8 years ago

      the two problems with weed are #1 its too expensive and #2..... its too expensive. piss tests are pretty gay too. i '' quit " weed and cigs more than a week ago. i hope all the blood and multi colored crap i continue to cough up will keep me from lighting up again but man am i bored outta my freakin mind. guess ill go play with myself again. peace

    • profile image

      Dan The Ice Cream Man 8 years ago

      I smoke weed. I enjoy it, but its got its bads, I am working on learning how to control it, I got caught about 4 hours ago by my parents, I was high as hell, as they yelled and whined about it i was calm, felt good and fine about myself, Most of the reason i started smoking was cause I cant stand being around my mother, i dont do it as a escape, dont get me wrong, i do it becuase it makes me feel good, true i been ditching a lot of school the past two weeks to go get high with people, it dosent matter, i am good now, i can focus on school, and still smoke, do what i want. So I dont have any advice, im not wise or anything, i say im gonna keep smoking weed, I love it. Im going to keep it under control.

      peace everyone. oh and kmk is the shit

    • profile image

      4get 8 years ago

      Ive got a solution for all your problems!

      Ive been smoking since I was young, at the age of 13. You might be thinking to yourself "wow thats so $&*!n young". I was smoking more then 6 grams a day, sometimes even ended up not sleeping at all, which cost me smoking an ounce and a half, thats nearly £200.

      I suggest you think about it and say to yourself this is bad and I wont let it overtake me, be in control. think of the bad reasons. Otherwise just smoke but never abuse it! This is the only way you can stop, there is no cure or if there is people out there with any other advice, your all morons! FULL stop. With this help, which I recieved from a specialist costed me alot of money, BUT IT WORKED, with a simple guidline on what to do and one simple but in brief advice, I have stopped it. Even when Im surrounded with other smokers, I just stay a couple of feet far from them till they finish and make myself busy by doing somthing else, perhaps talking to my girl. You know, just to waste time, if you got somthing to do, then dont waste your time by hanging round other smokers even if you dont smoke, cause time is money! Good luck on trying to stop it!

    • profile image

      shempi89 8 years ago

      Weezer songs? Really?

    • profile image

      purp 8 years ago

      alright, im 16 and have been smoking since i entered highschool(1year ago). At first it was just somthing new and did only once a week, but i soon made lots of friends that smoked and soon was smoking everyday.Not only was i spending 100dollars about a month cause i needed that dank, no schwag man haha, most of wich was my parents. Many times before i have said i will stop, but i cant go more then 2 days before giving in. I smoke at lunch(open campus, and come home)go high to my last 3 classes and then i dont remember what we do in them. After school i smoke before i go to swimpractice.(my lungs have been holding up)Then i smoke after practice before dinner. and once before i go to bed. i very much want to stop, but find everytime i eat,sleep,listen to music,watch tv, and pretty much everything else in my life boring when im not blazed.Another thing is that u build up a tollerance kind of and dont geek out and all that fun stuff as much because ur just use to it. I am taking finials for school this week and will tryyy as hard as i can to not smoke becuase im already killing my brain enough... Thanks to everyone and i will check back to update you guys.. i hope i can wait till 4/20 then i will smoke deff... !!


    • profile image

      purp 8 years ago


    • profile image

      purple 8 years ago

      man i need t stop this its dope ass stuff but its makeing me feel so gulty with stuff like every time i get baked i love it then i just start to think about shit and feel deprsed or somehting and its kinda fucken me over and the memorry is kinda right

      fuck i wish it did not have side effecs those would be the days man

    • profile image

      smelli 8 years ago

      I donno if i can take the first step. Sadly enough I have most of those songs on my ipod. Kinda likem. damn

    • profile image

      Freedom 8 years ago

      I was introduced to weed at the age of 17 by an exboyfriend. He put the weed into some food that we had at a picnic. I didn't know that and ate it. Still trying to please him, I later on took a puff. That was 27 years ago. I have stopped several times off and on. When I got pregnant, I quit. I have never tried any other form of drugs-only weed. I went back to school and I am about to graduate from college with a Bachelor degree. I will be starting the Masters program soon after. I only smoked a joint every other day. I'm sure that isn't much to most people, but to me it still was too much. I will be looking for a job as soon as I graduate. Smoking weed is not worth me not passing drug tests at the expense of my goals. Plus, my child is now 20 years old, I would feel so stupid if he ever caught me high. Believe me, I have weighed the pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons. So far, I have been FREE for 3 weeks. I feel much better about myself. Good luck to everyone who is reading this. You know yourself better than anyone else. Personally, I am looking forward to my new life of FREEDOM from the weed world!!

    • profile image

      Angie-x 8 years ago

      Today is my first day and I have to laugh about the song chaging but I think all in all maybe i can replace those songs and some friends and some good habbits instead of not doing anything by keeping smoking. Were tlking my whole life people. Ive always rember chaseing the green. I know I can do it. I just caint see the end from all this mist.

    • profile image

      sad pot head 8 years ago

      I wish there was some majic pill to take . I don't want to be a pot head any more but my wife has krones disease and is sick all the time. I can't go longer than a day without it. I'm sick of needing it . I'm sick of fucking paying for something that i can grow. I'm sick of leaving my son in the other room while i take a puff out the bedroom window. I feal like a loser and i wish i could stop. Please god help me. I wish i was'nt such a head case.Life Is DUMB!!!

    • rairee profile image

      rairee 8 years ago

      I have to admit that i am in denial about it.  I thindk that because it comes from the earth then for some reason, its ok.  It truly is a gateway to other drugs.  I always hated when I would hear that, but its true. 

      I feel the mudane of another tomorrow, but who doesn't. peace

    • profile image

      Christine 8 years ago

      I have not smoked a spliff now for nearly a month and believe me that is a mamouth achievment for me as i have been smoking weed now for 15 years. i used to think that i like to smoke it coz i liked the buz, that was just lyiing to myself, i now realise that i just used it to escape from the real world, because while i was high nothing really mattered and i didn't have to deal with anything.

      I know that what i'm doing is the right thing because i don't want to spend the rest of my life as one big blur and lets face it that is what it would be, i want to kick this habbit but i still feel agitated 1 month on and still find it really difficult to sleep and just to be able to unwind, maybe its because i've used it as my crutch now for so long my mind and body do't know any other way to beal with life?

      I am however still determined to do this and have even joined a jym to keep me focused and motivated, looking on here and reading about other peoples experiences with weed has helped me to keep focused also.

      I would deffinately say to anyone who smokes weed that it is not healthy in the long run mentally or physically to be smoking this drug and you should seriously be thinking of quitting:)

    • profile image

      justin g 8 years ago

      ya dont no wut its about weed but i need to be smokin it i dont smoke i like doin any drug but i cant stop smokin weed and i feel like im addicive but you cant get addictive to weed

    • rairee profile image

      rairee 8 years ago

      I guess you just have to tell yourself that there is life out there. Its hard to live in reality. Does anyone else have a story to share about weed being a gateway drug? Im writing a book and need input. Please help and describe a little about your situation.

    • profile image

      tweakstoned420 8 years ago

      hi guys my name is Mike.

      we all have problems in our lives and are all faced with the challenge of how to deal with them. However I feel like the challenges in my life have been of extreme proportions. 2 years ago my girlfriend killed herself after an argument we had. I've found that lots of video games and weed in combination help me escape the harsh realities of life. BUT its been 2 years now!! I know my sweetheart wouldn't want me to keep smoking my life away. she's here >>> ..i probably shudn't even put that in here but o well... i'm honestly ready to check out of this planet. which shud take me to a suicide forum (been there) ... dont worry guys..i'm not going to kill myself but if it happens yay for me. plz help me someone.. my life would be sooooo much better had i not smoked weed. i'm about to get my 2 year degree in liberal arts...good? not when ur 26 =/ ..more reasons to jump off a fkn cliff...shit i need bud..does this count as a stepping stone? i mean me jus coming here seeking help? haha me plz sumone...i'm a headcase...

    • profile image

      dreadz 8 years ago

      so iv been smoking for the past 6 years and the past 3 have been daily. all i have to say is life is about ballance.. weeds not bad and neather is alcohol but on the acsess it is.. or at least can be. now its kind of obvious that weed has far less harmfull affects both physicaly and mentaly than alcohol but like i said before, they are both fine if it dosent get out of control.

      iv never had a problem with drinking, dont get me rong i like a nice buzz but it gets you sick to quick. you can smoke all day and instead of getting sick you get tired.. but im not writing to talk about alcohol i want to talk about the great old ganga.

      i started on the basses that smoking was a fun thing to do after a long day and i would only partake once or twice a month. but as the months went by i found myself doing it more and more...

      than my grandpa got cancer. and ended up dieing a few months later and a few weeks after that my cousin died in a car accident. now my cousin was a real chill hippie. one of the nicest guys i had ever met. the kind of person that when you talked to him he'd make you feel so damn good i cant do justice in explaning him, you would have had to met him to understand. whell any way after he died i went straight edge (xXx) thinking that would solve my problems whell it didnt and on a big influence of my peers i dicided to start smoking again. i should probly elaborate and let you know that when my cousin died he had died because he was coming home from his best friends birthday and had ran off the road right into a tree, being most likely drunk and high. ( so this was a big reason why i wanted to quit) and ill also have you know that at this point i was just about to turn 16 and that means that i would be legal to get my permit and start driving... well from his death taking place becuase of drinving (and my other cousin dying in a car accidint when i was 10) this whole idea of driving scared the shit out of me.

      so after going back to weed after being straight edge. i found my self smoking to cover up my feelings. to get away or escape. and the longer i smoked the more problems i seem to have. after a while i started realizing i didnt have a job and i was kind of ashamed so i smoked more instead of quiting and being able to pass a drug test. it just kept becoming more of an escape. then as more time went on i started feeling shitty because i have no girlfriend and this is becasuse i didnt drive or have a job so i coulndt get to any women or even take them out to dinner. shit all the money i got would go to pot. and before i know it 3 years of this had past and no job no girlfriend and no car.

      so know im 19 and i have none of these things, i fucked my self over becuase i let smoking take control of my life. im close to a month sober, i just got my permit a few weeks ago and suprisingly im a vary good driver. and im scheduled to get my liscence next week.

      but i just want to say if any one wants to start smoking keep it in balance! dont let it take over bacuase it is a great mother fucking drug and youll fall in love with it. i have and its so fucking hard to quit. its not addictive but i sure am an addict....

      well thats my little story i hope i helped some one..

      any way..

      and for tweakstoned420 or mike..

      you have to live one day at a time! dont think about not smoking for a week or amonth. jsut know you wont smoke today. when you get through that day. say it again the next day. it is a daily struggle but you can do it. and being a 2 year grad at 26 is fucking awesome! my mom was a highschool drop out and went back to college (penn state) at the age of 42. you have so much life to live. and getting a degree will help you so much in making that life more barable!

      and man im so sorry about you girl. i cant even begin to imagin.

      but yes you are making the first step. and i am proud of you! this shit (life) gets fucking hard. smoking will make things seem better for that moment. but it will intensify all your other problems which will make you want to smoke even more.

      if your true about wanting to quit. ill tell you what has been really helping me is i stopped hanging out with all of my smoking buddise (which seems to be all of my friends) but it really does help. its hard though i wount lie, they will feel like shit because your ditching them. but one thing that i have learned is that your life is about YOU! its good to be a ture friend and stick with your mates but when it comes to YOUR health and state of mind you are MOST important and only you can do something about it. new friends can and will be made. and maybe later on when you get smoking under contorl you can go back and smoke with them every once and a while if in your life that can be permited.

      my next little peice of advice is pick up a hobbie. ive been in music for 7 years now playing guitar in bands n shit but i got sick of people and now i bought a MIDI keyboard and torrented some music producion software (FL Studio is what i use) and when i want to smoke i get on my computer and make songs (lately iv been writing alot of trance, but what ever your into) and you dont even really nead a MIDI controller you can just use the software by it self.

      shit or go hiking backpacking or camping idk. i find that when i do shit and keep my self ocupied is when im fine but when im bored all i want to do is light up.alright well i have to go i really hope i helped you man..

    • profile image

      chris 8 years ago

      well im glad im not the only 1! This sh!t has taken over mylife man! When stoned all is well (in my head), when not stoned..anxious, slightly paranoid, bored, depressed, loss of intrest in anything! This is hell, just want to give up and get on with my life, those who live by the motto "only live once" or "not as bad as alcahol" etc..R LIVING IN KOO KOO LAND......WAKE UP AND REALIZE U R A BITCH 2 THE WEED...u cant do anythng without it...then the process begins!

      Only 1 person has control...YOU! Good luck!

    • profile image

      Morgan 8 years ago

      I have been with my partner for four years and he is is very addictted to pot, we are from new zealand and over here most people smoke " Backy Bongs " which is pot and tobacco and is very addictive, he has been smoking it since he was 13 and is now 26, he smokes it all day everyday, doesnt have a job, it totally affects everything, he's depressed, its getting out of control, ive tryed everything for him to stop, i don't know what else to do

    • profile image

      Christine 8 years ago

      Morgan, the only way someone can give up is if they really want to for themselves, you can't make him give it up because he will always go back to it this is somthhing that he has to realise for himself.

      maybe you have to decide wether or not you can carry on this relationship, if he is not going to give it up then its wether or not you can live with this? Maybe you need to end this relationship and move on with your life? You will never be able to make him quit if he is not ready.

    • profile image

      mimi 8 years ago

      I love weed...they need to make it legal. im not addicted, i just dont have the need or want to quit. why should i if it balances me out (suffer from bipolar)?

    • profile image

      Dependent 8 years ago

      If you don't think marijuana is addictive you are naive. You wont get physically ill from quitting but you will suffer from mood swings, lose sleep and you will need the will power to quit. Its 7 in the morning on 2nd week of being "pot" free and i still want nothing more then to pack a bowl and smoke it and put on some hippy music, zone out and think. But I am getting older and need to kick this habit. I quit it b4 for girls but girls come and go and I go right back to it. Witch was STUPID!! So now I have to fight myself and get that lethargic drug out of my system.

    • profile image

      Joe M 8 years ago

      Hey guys. If you're a stoner then you need to hear this but its true. Moderation is probably one of the best things you can paractice with smoking weed. Just get used to it, you use moderation for so manythings already, and it works. smoking, twice or three times a day is what i'm down to. it makes it worth the wait and you save weed. i know its hard, but find something to do throughout the day. and then when you finally get the chance to take a hit, you'll become a professional babysitter and it'll be worth the wait(i guess i can say it makes you appreciate weed more)<thats scary on account i'm writing this on a quit smoking weed blog>. trust me you can still get shit done throughout the day and still be a stoner. anything is possible. if you think smoking weed makes you lazy then you're just as low as the non smoking people who give pot smokers that"title". so i guess it gives me a little bit of encouragement to prove that wrong, that you're lazy cuz you smoke weed. and tell me is there anything wrong with people who go and have a drink at the bar after work? absolutly fucking not. its the same thing. you can abuse anything and you can have control of anything.

    • profile image

      Young Jeezy 8 years ago

      Young Jeezy said: Look at D1 football...what do you think those players do in the off season...smoke weed. I bet you are not in better shape than they are.

    • profile image

      problemchild 8 years ago

      I am 19 years old and i have been smoking weed since i was in six grade and now i have graduated high school and I am making strate A's in collage right now so if u want to smoke weed go ahead and smoke it it really is not a gate way drug. in all the years of me smoking i have never wanted to snort coke or drink or even pop pills only people who belive that media hype about weed should not ne so weak SO IM GLAD TO SAY IM A COLLAGE EDUCATED POTHEAD WITH A GOOD JOB.

    • profile image

      Done 8 years ago

      Problem Child - You are an idiot. Get off this blog. In fact, this blog is full of idiots that shouldn't be here. I'm outtie, never comin' back. There are way more supportive sites than this one. Quittin' weed was the best thing I ever did. Starting to smoke, and smoking for 20 years was the stupidest thing I ever did. "I have a good job"...oooh! Good for you! Enjoy your health while you have it, and enjoy being reliant upon something exterior.

      Not addictive, but you smoke constantly? You guys don't know yourselves. Idiots.


    • profile image

      problemchild  8 years ago

      Dear done,

      You are correct. I realize that I was being ignorant when i wrote that about pot being ok. I actually was high when I wrote it - though i never did crave anything harder on it. I been thinking about it and did some research and found all these links that show that it is addictive. But I'm in college man! I been smoking weed since before puberty, and 7 years later I don't think I need to quit. I clean out my one-hitter and black goo comes out, but I know there aint black goo in my lungs. I have good grades man! Good grades!

    • profile image

      aron 8 years ago

      I was introduced to marijuana as a sophmore in high school, and smoked during the summer and occasionaly during the school year. Being extremely involved in basketball kept me from smoking weed as much as i probably would have. As soon as my senior year basketball season ended, i have been an off and on daily smoker for the past year, and have smoked everyday for the past year. I have first-hand experience with the gatewaydrug theory, dabbing lightly into harmful substances, which i have now put an end too. The probelm with marijuana is that people try to label it as strictly bad or good. It all depends on YOU and what YOU want for YOUR life. I loved mary just as much as every other stoner, but i know you can all agree that with being an everday smoker comes some laziness, apathy, and memorization/focus problems. On the other hand, it gives you a deeper perspective and inderstanding with the world around us. I like to think of it like this " when your high, you see the world for how it should be. When your not high, you see the world for how it is. So look through the bullshit that your parents, peers, and government give you (both negative and posotive), and decide if you want to live the life of someone who is content with just living, and is at peace with themselves, or someone who wants to turn their focus elswhere. People are full of shit when they say that you cant succeed and smoke everyday. Success means something different for everyone, but i think that doing what satisfies you for the rest of your life is the true defenition of success. So whatever it is you want to be, an avid stoner, a medical doctor, muscician, etc... Just do what feels right. When you do what feels right, youll see that everything else will fall into place.

    • profile image

      tweakstoned420 8 years ago

      tyvm dreadz... i keep telling myself tomorrow will b the first day i start this quititng thing...then tomorrow turns into the next day then that day turns into the next day..n so on..blah... y AM I SO DAMN sad excuse of an addict =/ no wonder m single..but dreadz u did help me..i will try to take it day by day..

    • profile image

      neverlose74 8 years ago

      There are some very ignorant comments here. Marijuana is not the problem. Bad choices by weak people is the problem. Thank God for Pot. It may not be for everyone, but it is a gift. period.

    • profile image

      ben 8 years ago

      The one dangerous aspect of weed smoking is smoking. I have stopped after fifteen years because I am worried about my lungs. Maybe if it had been legal and regulated and i had bought organic bud I would not be as worried as I am now. Criminal gangs that grow large amounts of weed spray their plants with nasty chemicals that cause cancer.

      Goverments have a duty of care to their citizens. 99% of weed smoked in the UK is so polluted with pesticides and fungicides im suprised it does not glow in the dark. Funny how this is never talked about in the media.

    • profile image

      skramblr1 8 years ago

      You Know What, sorry to say guy's but ive been smokin pot for twenty years now and who ever says its not addictive, YOU ARE WRONG there friends. I am not saying its not good to smoke it, But its not that of a good thing either. Yes , pot is used for medicine too, and they also take a great part of the thc. IM NOT HERE TO PREACH ABOUT IT , but be careful how far you take it, cuz its also a gateway drug. All i have to say is i smoke an ounce less then a week and herts the pocket and eventually ruin your family. I still smoke But i do want to stop or definetly slow down.., And this weed i smoke its all from my beautiful country canada and which is very potent, So i am addicted.One person on here says its not a gateway drug, Well, he might be a college graduate,and have straight a's , that just means You HAVENT SEEN TO MUCH, especially if your only 19, just wait my friend, you'll end up tryin something else, Most kids do these days. POT IS THE GATEWAY DRUG> Im thirty three and tried pretty well everything, And yes it was my choice, and i also was high already when i made the choice.

    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      I starting smoking out when i was 14, the first time i said " i wish i could get high everyday" So i started selling it, and smoking 3-4 OZ's a month. I stopped selling it along time ago and now i just smoke, I've managed to dodge every possession charge, drug test and obstacle that stood in the way of me smoking freely everyday. But I'm 28 years old now and i want to quit, well, i have to due to random drug testing at my job, i know if i put my mind to it i could dodge that too, but i just want to do it the right way. I'm too old for this sh*t! I've experimented with all the hard drugs, meth, crack, coke, ex, acid, everything when i was younger. But if it wasn't for being able to smoke bud i never would have stopped doing all that stuff. I've had the same job for 8 years, i own my own home, i two nice trucks, two four wheelers, and a motorcycle. and i have a high position at my job that requires allot of strategy. I bought all this stuff myself, because i knew that value of working hard. The whole time smoking blunts in my free time. What am i supposed to do?! (I just wish Obama would legalize it.)

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      if they legalise weed the economy would be in as bad a shape as my lungs!!!! Everything is money related. They don't care about your wellbeing that is obvious.

    • profile image

      Someone 8 years ago

      Top 7 Resons Why Marijuana is illeagal: go to:

    • profile image

      KIKIS 8 years ago

      I think that weed is the <BEST SHIT> U CAN TAKE WHEN SOMETHING HURTS. LOL tRY IT...

    • profile image

      danbo 8 years ago

      skunk iathe shit

    • profile image

      MJ 4EVER 8 years ago

      i smoke weed everyday. i am 18 years old and a senior in high school. i have a 95 average and half of my classes are honors courses. i rip bong 2-3 times a week before school and go to class high. i smoke right after school, around dinner time, then again around 8 or 9 and before i go to sleep. this is only on weekdays. i smoke nonstop on the weekends. marijuana has mad my life great and will continue to. everytime i try to quit my body gets all fucked up and i have bad mood swings so please give me a good reason to stop. i plan on cutting back extremely before going off to college but i never plan on quitting all together. its too much apart of my life and i wouldnt change a thing.

    • profile image

      ignorance 8 years ago

      you are all different people.

      do what you want to do and quit following trends.

      you are droned out inside the internet right now when its no better than your own brain.

    • profile image

      danofmanywords 8 years ago

      Weed is what you make it. I think it's got it's perks..but overdoing it can kill your spirit. Hence, despite slight sleeping problems and other drawbacks, I'm on my 2nd day w/o a toke. Life is still stressfull, but can I really bitch about my problems if I'm stoned everyday? NO!

      So yeah, more power to those who know when they've got to give it a break. Next goal, kick the cigs. Not easy. Still totally do-able if you set your mind to it.

      Good luck everyone. Live life, live love, find and follow your dreams, and all will fall into place.

    • profile image

      Samuel 8 years ago

      I'm in denail i mean... i've tried to quit many times but it's hard to quit. So i've come to this conclusion. Pot is addictive!! It's true it's not the same addiction as alchol and nicotine. True it's not a physiological but trully its pyschological. I've noticed in my 3 years of smoking (i'm currently 19) that smoking changes your perception. And i've also noticed after not smoking for a period of time your perception shifts back into it's original state. So... were am i going with this comment i don't know. But were i go i'll be sure to be clear and fair. I've been smoking consistently for about a month now again and... lets just say in my current state my thoughts my view of my environment isn't the same as an average person. So even with that run on sentence i must say marijuana is over rated. I belive it's effects on the human body have been a bit exagerated. You give your kids Riddlin. Which is an invariably manufactured methamphetamine. Marijuana can be unhealthy if abused.

      Read this

      The first one -- marijuana kills brain cells -- is based on research done during the second Reefer Madness Movement. A study attempted to show that marijuana smoking damaged brain structures in monkeys. However, the study was poorly performed and it was severely criticized by a medical review board. Studies done afterwards failed to show any brain damage, in fact a very recent study on Rhesus monkeys used technology so sensitive that scientists could actually see the effect of learning on brain cells, and it found no damage.

      The truth is, no study has ever demonstrated cellular damage, stupidity, mental impairment, or insanity brought on specifically by marijuana use -- even heavy marijuana use. This is not to say that it cannot be abused, however. 56 Pts Rate Answer

    • profile image

      Robert 8 years ago

      I'm 20yrs old, i've been smoking since my sophmore year in highschool. I have been wanting to stop smoking weed for months. i know in my heart that i need to stop, my mind and addiction just always takes control! i smoke everyday for 2 years. i really want to quit but my day is always depressing until i know i can smoke that day. i will be depressed and as soon as i know i can smoke i get better. I usually have no reason to be mad and i dont know why i feel like this. if anyone has some advice please share! please email me at

    • profile image

      pradeep 8 years ago

      i wanna quit smokin but not able to its becomin more but cant quit tel me some idea

    • profile image

      rich 8 years ago

      ok i just want to say stop giving us weed heads a bad name, learn how to spell and put sentences together. If that were weed has gotten you then you need to stop you can't handle it. I love weed and I know I have a problem but arguing and telling others they are wrong is not the answer just like anything else you need support.

    • profile image

      Robert 8 years ago

      Rich you're a dumb ass! this blog is for people trying to quit! if you're ok with being a pothead the rest of your life then cool, but get the hell off this blog! I'm only 20 and i already see the effects of weed, yes it was cool at one point and i made a lot of friends off of it but i do want to get a REAL JOB

    • profile image

      Talupin 8 years ago

      My dad told me when i was a freshmen in High school that, "Marijuana is not an excuse for anything, not even failure." I am 19 now and i totally agree with him. If you blame Marijuana for your problems, then you need to stop, no matter how hard, and learn to overcome the characteristics of yourself that you blame Marijuana for. I am pro-choice and i believe that anything i put willingly into my own body is my own choice, and no one should tell me otherwise. (There are a lot of exceptions like Heroin.) It is your choice if you want to smoke, or want to quit, but if you do want to quit i got an encouraging argument for you. And i would like some encouraging posts to help me out.

      I quit smoking weed ten days ago, I got an under aged consumption charge, and in the state of Indiana i got put on 6 months of supervised probation. I have experimented around with a lot of "Hard Drugs" and i just don't like them as much as smoking da herb and drinking some 40s with my homies. The first three days were the hardest for me to fall asleep, and i usually drank myself to sleep. I also spoke to a doctor and he gave me sleeping aids but i haven't used them yet. I kept smoking reefer even after i failed my baseline drug screen. But i just got this overwhelming feeling one night that there is more to life, and a better life, than constantly being baked to shit all day. So i stopped smoking the following morning and stuck too it. I only have one friend who does not smoke and he was my encouragement to quit because i find him, unique. After ten days i do feel a little bit more clear headed, but my mind is twisted and destroyed from LSD and MDMA, so i think i will never know the true feeling of being "sober" again. I have always wondered if that effect goes away. When i am not high people think i am High, even teachers. And when i am stoned, i am my normal self. So i managed to get myself into a, predicament.

      But since i have stopped smoking, i have more motivation to get my studies finished(I am a freshmen in college, the only one out of my friends who went to college, its fucking pathetic!) and become more open to meet new people. Even easier to talk to chicks. All my friends smoke and i just stand beside them and i have no urge to smoke, even when i got an ounce of White Widow in front of me. just give it a try, you only live once.

    • profile image

      tk 8 years ago

      I need some help guys...ever since I've started smoking three years ago--I've made some really bad choices and fucked up my life pretty bad. I'm in my early 20's and I've fucked up a really good relationship and I'm about to be kicked out of college. I lost my scholarship to school--I got in as an honors student, started smoking weed all day, everyday and now I can't quit. It's the first thing I do when I wake up everyday--I smoke my bowl before I take my morning piss. I don't know how I let it get this bad but I just want to know if anyone has some tips? How do you quit after making it your life?

    • profile image

      marsal 8 years ago

      i have to disagree with you e--if they legalize marijuana and tax it the way they do cigarettes, our economy could be in MUCH better shape--think of it that way pal.

      not all smokers because lazy when they smoke, it's just like rich said--if you can't handle it you don't need to be doing it. if you can't handle booze, don't drink...if you can't handle pot, don't smoke--are you people fucking stupid?

    • profile image

      zaj. 8 years ago

      hey guys. i need some help, well i dont but i know someone who does.

      she smokes way to much for my liking, 2-3 times a day and i dont know what to do to make her stop or even slow down at all. what do i do?

    • profile image

      Legalization 8 years ago

      Well I can't speak for you guys, my life has gotten better since I started smoking weed. It helps me deal with a lot of the aches and pains I get from my fibromyalgia. It also helps destroy plaque in your brain that causes Alzheimer's disease, and it may help destory the MRSA virus.

      The truth is, smoking weed just isn't for some people. Even so, it should be legal everywhere! Not one death has ever occurred from cannabis overdose, ever. Even caffeine and aspirin are more dangerous! Nevermind the fact that tobacco and alcohol are legal and kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

      But as for me, I will never stop smoking weed... Quitting is for quitters!!! And quitters never win...

      Quitting is for losers!

    • profile image

      aider101 8 years ago

      Yeah skiing is just not the same without a safety meeting I had to quit to get a job 2 months ago and cant wait to blaze it up again sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      MarleyHead 8 years ago

      Marley never advocated weed in his songs but maybe once or twice. In fact, if Marley was around now he'd probably be a bit disgusted on how Ganja is being used for getting off rather than becoming more righteous(which is why Herb is around). I dont smoke but i did. I realize that unless you smoke for the RIGHT reasons, Herb becomes a bit dangerous and useless. Smoke righteously. Not excessively.

    • profile image

      janie 8 years ago

      weed is freaking AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!! But I had to stop recently...going into the medical field and I feel like it's time to end it. But i will be the first to say that if/when it becomes legal I will definitely be hitting the bong again. Maybe before then who knows but YES it is addictive because its awesome and YES it stays in the system too long. You can become dependent on it and it can become a problem...when i was newbie smoker I (and LOTS of my stoner friends) would spend large amounts from our paychecks for supe rdank. It was worth it but it would all be gone and when you cant drive to work but yet you have a blunt to smoke, then its time to admit a problem, my friend.

    • profile image

      Ben 8 years ago

      man weed is my anti drug, it keeps me away from higher drugs

    • profile image

      Some Goose 8 years ago

      can I post

    • profile image

      Some Goose 8 years ago

      (oh good I can post. I like to figure that out first, on sites like this, before I bother with the writing).

      Look... I freaking LOVE pot. I've smoked it, on and off, since I was a kid. Literally.

      I'm not going to even touch the debates, above, about whether it is a drug or not, if it is good or evil, spiritual or spirit-killing. yada yada. I do not care. Reasonable people can and do disagree. Your mileage may vary. If you choose to keep smoking, I'm fine with that. Did I mention how much I love and enjoy pot? Yeah, I think I did.

      I am quitting pot. Again. ("quitting is easy! I've done it lots of times!" ha ha)

      I need to do this. I keep falling into less-than-productive patterns of use. I smoke it when I shouldn't. I smoke it when I know I shouldn't. Monday morning before an important gig is a poor time to smoke. But I did.

      I'm trying to create a relationship with a woman who does not smoke. That's a big catalyst for me this time: I'm aware that having a relationship with her, and smoking pot, are not compatible. I want her more than I want pot. However, that can't be my only reason, or A), if the relationship fails, I've lost my motivation and B), I could ruin the relationship by "cheating" with pot (been there, DONE that!). C), I can't hang responsibility for something like this on an external person -- it has to come from within.

      Well, the desire for a healthy intimate relationship comes from within too, and as I say she is a catalyst for my decision -- but she isn't my "higher power", she isn't my "reason" for quitting, and if she rebuffs me -- which she well might, regardless of my pot use -- I'll be stopping pot again anyway.

      I'm aware that I have been weighing pot pretty heavily in my priorities. I have been making choices on what to do, where to go, etc. on whether or not, and how, I would be able to get high. "If I go with them, I won't be able to get stoned." This is a 'sobering' notion when you look at it.

      I'm aware too that I'm fucking up my work potential with it. I'm self employed, I can get away with it, right? It's my favorite diversion: Okay. I'll make a list of all the things I need to do today. There. Now, before I can start -- jeez, what a list -- I'll just toke up, to get me in the mood......... 5 hours later the high has worn off, the list is untouched, I feel bad about myself, the day is 'wasted,' and I guess I'd better smoke some more pot to feel better, eh? Sound familiar? Yeah. I'd be a lot better at getting shit done if I wasn't constantly running from things and hiding in my cloud.

      I quit for 2 years, 3 years or so ago. It was a pretty dynamic time. I went to 12-step meetings -- cool on the one hand, and I met some great people, but the 12-step modality is based on the premise that "I am broken and helpless before God." "I admit I am Powerless." (actual quote). that sort of thing. It's an ill-fitting glove. I'm more about human potential, self-actualization, and striving for stretch goals than I am about being "broken and helpless." I eventually yielded to temptation, and started smoking "just a little bit." Yeah. I know people that can do that; they just smoke in the evenings, with friends, only on Thursdays, whatever. More power too 'em. Wish I could do that. Whatever.

      No. I am quitting pot because I am aware that that is what I need to manifest the things that are REAL for me: an intimate and deep relationship with an amazing mate, a prosperous and dynamic business of my own, and a circle of friends who are not just interested in my bong and my stash.

      I am quitting pot because all signs point to the fact that this is the time. This is the year we will make these things happen. I am quitting pot because I WANT to; not because of her, not because of the job -- those are factors as I have said, yes -- but more than that, I have become clear that this is what I WANT to do, and smoking pot the way I have been doing is not compatible with the things I am working for in my life. Do you get that? I have goals and aspirations, people, and when I really think about what it will be like to achieve these things, it's funny but there's no pot in that picture. It doesn't even fit!

      That having been said, I still will stop shy of promising "forever and ever." That's a subtle, sticky trap. "Nobody's going to tell ME what I can or cannot do!". You know, I may want to someday. Things might be different then. Maybe I could just do it on a special occasion. Maybe I sound like an addict rationalizing now. Somehow, it's important that I leave the door cracked. A sealed door is scary; a door that I know I can open if I want to, but I choose not too.... now that's power. I am at choice.

      Thanks for reading. I wish you luck, please wish the same for me. See you out there...

    • profile image

      Simon 8 years ago

      Marijuana is destructive.

      It is better (physically) for you to take either ecstacy or LSD.

      In fact, in a recent study which looked at the safety of the top 20 most commonly used recreational drugs, traditionally smoked marijuana came in 12th. Ecstacy came in 18th. Knowledge is power..

    • profile image

      Alex 8 years ago

      A marijuana addiction is an illusion. All one needs is a reason to quit with some will power. Some, however, will be weaker than others.

    • profile image

      yeah 8 years ago

      ok well it does change some peoples attitude towards things. like my b/f.. we have a kid together and i have been begging him to give it up because when he does smoke he turns into the worst person to be around and thinks he is being wonderful.. he thinks he is like superman or something, we argue all the time when he is high.. i need help to figure some way to help him stop.. i have rried everything i can think of but nothing seems to be working..

    • profile image

      krem 8 years ago

      Weed is a gift from God. Enjoy the marijuana plant... the smoke, the protein from the seed, the paper and wood products from its stalks, the clothing, the oil, the tax revenue. Marijuana is the tree of life. Let the world leaders smoke a world class bowl and peace will ensue!!!!

    • profile image

      Hopefully Quitting for Good 8 years ago

      I just smoked my last bit of weed today, and have decided to quit (again). I first smoked weed when I was 14. I thought it was so cool. Certainly, aside from the Jocks, the next coolest people were the stoners. Keep in mind, I'm a clean-cut Chinese/American, so most people never assume that I'm a stoner. I started smoking regularly since I was 18, and am now 34. I've probably tried quitting at least 15 times. I found that if I had it, I smoked it. So whenever I was very serious about quitting, I would literally throw away all my pot products. Throwing things away is actually very helpful and symbolic. Unfortunately, in a few days, weeks or months later, I would eventually find myself at a head shop buying another pipe. I'm also married with a 1-year old son. My wife absolutely hates everything about weed. I've been smoking behind her back for a long time now. She thinks that I quit smoking about 6 years ago, but from time to time I think she's onto me. I often get paranoid about what would happen if she found out. Separation? Divorce? I also have a high-paying job, and I don't think they have any idea that I smoke on the way into the office and during lunch. I'm in outside sales, so that only facilitates me smoking on the job. I can really relate to "Some Goose" in that I want to do so much more in the day than I actually do. Sometimes I think I smoke just so I internally have a convenient excuse for not being productive. The longest I've quit was for 5 months back in 2003. I can remember having less stress, being much more productive, and having the energy to face situations that I normally would dread if I were high. I think I even argued less with my wife at the time. I am also deeply Christian, so I witness the battle between God and the Devil in my mind every day. I want to quit for God and Jesus, for my soul, for my family, and for my work. I don't need it, but exteme want is pretty close to need. Maybe I can just get high when I see my friends and am away from my family? I pray for you all to have the strength and conviction to quit or at least drastically cut down.

    • profile image

      potsmoker 8 years ago

      marijuana is a natural alternative to many drugs. I've experienced nothing but positive effects in many years of smoking. I smoked all through highschool, with all A's, and the reading level of a college graduate. There is no physical or mental harm, like many anti-drug enthusiasts speak of. Much research has been done on my part through doctors on the internet, and in an office. There are TONS of FAKE and FALSE information about marijuana distributed by the government and anti-drugs campaigns. I've seen my fair share of "i smoke pot and become stupid" personalities. It's simply not true. Tobacco causes lung cancer, marijuana causes happiness. The only negative effects are with schitzophrenic people, and marijuana can increase or further the diesease. long live the magic herb

    • profile image

      aj 8 years ago

      im 22 and i started smoking at 16. when i was 19 i quit to join the army .... cold turkey . its hard but it is hard kind of thing. every day i want to light up but its not worth failing a drug test in the army ( not very fun , lose your pay rank and work 20 hour days for 45 days ) but the day i get out i am getting a oz and enjoy myself.

    • profile image

      nomorespliffs 8 years ago

      Thanks for the posts. They were helpful to read because I realize there are many others out there with the same conflict as me; generally feeling like weed is harmless compared to other toxins, but unable to stop using it despite the desire to do so. I especially relate to Hopefully Quitting for Good's post as it reminds me of my predicament. I wonder how he is doing?? Overall, it seems the only way to stop is to just do it ... which frustrates even more because I feel I can do anything I put my mind to, except stopping weed. It is that fact, in and of itself, that makes me feel the worst. I'm at the point where I give in, I'll try anything now since my will power seems non-existent. Has anyone spent the $39.95 on the Cannabis Coach? Or any other stop-smoking-weed program?

    • profile image

      JASONfromCHICAGO 8 years ago

      im high right now and i cant remember why I'm writing this

    • profile image

      Forrest Vinson 8 years ago

      Check it, i just really do love weed. Its like another friend to me in this world. Mary got my back ya know. I been in sum legal issues a lot in my life and i need to end my constant blaze for now. It is addicting and it does hold you back from things but it all depends on you. Do what you gotta do. I stay high and i am doin real good in life. My modo, Roll over in the mornin and roll a blunt. ha since i been twelve i was blazing and will quit when im one hundred twelve ya feel me cuz. live ya life and keep shit real.

      ps sum yall be trippin on this blog shit. lol yall need to get ya mind right or something.

      peace, fofo 4/20/09

    • profile image

      hellomynameisdrgreenthumb 8 years ago

      i love blazing up and watchin family guy its the shizzle fo rizzle ma nizzle haha

    • profile image

      Lou 8 years ago

      i want to quit but it is hard. any tips? i tought of starting a exercise routine every aternoon so that way i get really tired to think of weed

    • profile image

      Done 8 years ago

      I'm at the far end of my house, trying to avoid the pull of the bong. I didn't realize until this very minute that I've been smoking for twelve years- it's the longest I've ever stuck to anything. It's been two days since I last smoked, two years since I first wanted to quit.

      Smoking made me tired, often gave me a headache, led to countless hours on the couch, made my pretty blue eyes dry and bloodshot, made me lose my sex drive, made me hungry which made me put on a few pounds, and overall made me feel like a loser.

      It didn't start out this way. I used to love led to laughing, munchies, and general hilarity. Twelve years later from the eyes of an adult a much different story is told. I didn't realize that I wanted to quit until I realized that I wanted my fiance to quit.

      Every morning when most people are eating cereal, he's hitting his bong. When he comes home, kiss hello, hello bong. Before dinner, a bong hit. After dinner a bong hit. Before food shopping, a bong hit. Before bed, a bong hit. $25, then 50, before you know it $250 out the door- and in a week he'd be chasing more. I looked at him with disgust, then realized that all along he was passing the bong to me.

      I'M DONE! That's my advise to all you trying to quit- say it and mean it. I'm only two days in, and obviously I'm having a slightly difficult time of I wouldn't have been on this page in the first place. My fiance still smokes, but I'm done. My friends still smoke, but I'm done.

      If you still smoke and are loving life, then more power to you. I stopped loving my life as a pot head so I'm going to live life without it.

      Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      Pot 8 years ago

      if your here you think about Marijuana and its always gonna be marijuana this and marijuana that till we's fun or you wouldn't read this. we all think alike...I to enjoyed my comment..

    • profile image

      scott 8 years ago

      opinions abound! marijuana is what you make it: a crutch, a focus of social activity, an occasional escape, a tool for creativity or re-experiencing old things in a new way, etc... but if you want to or "need" to stop (getting in the way of other endeavours, drug test) just fu*** be an adult and stop.

    • profile image

      DaveTheQuitter 8 years ago

      Ok first of all, My name is David and i am now 19 almost 20. Been smoking since i was 12... i was raised with a sort of biker gang and have been exposed to many different types of drugs and drug related experiences. I have only smoked weed, cigerettes and drank achool. I moved from Georgia in hopes that i could escape my past but here in montreal its ten times worse lol. I live with Russain who doesnt only smoke weed but abuses it. You guys ever remember those drug rallys in school saying drug ABUSE was bad? Well there seems to be no recollection to the seriousnous that we were all taught in school about the use of drugs. I am sober now for three days...its rough but i can still sit in the same room with ''the guys'' while they smoke. But i cant help but realize that these guys are going no where with their lives and now i am coming to the conclusion that i wasn't either! Now i smoke nothing and am the social drinker. I guess what i was doing was looking for reasons why weed was ok to smoke but its like i have a weed conflict going on. The weed side is saying you will be fine continue and my common sence says why the hell is it ok to continue smoking? After all people its still a drug whether you use it or abuse it. Do yourself a favor and quit because it might become too late to say Im done.

      I AM Done!

    • profile image

      jimbob the hobnob 8 years ago

      i smoked weed daily for 6 years and loved every min of it ive had some of the best times in my life with mary jane and i would not change tht for anything.. but like anything in life u do it too much it gets a little boring its 2 weeks now sinse i smoked i feel fresh as a fuckin daisy lol guess it is all in the head for the first few days i kinda craved it but its all in the mind no physicall withdrawl just a tad mentall but ur mind is the most powerfull tool on the planet.. if ur struggling to quit its probly cuz sum were in the back of ur mind u really dont want too... either that or i am just 1 strong minded mother fucker any how i might quit for a year and then take the biggest hit of my life... lol just for ol times sakes peace love and unity....

    • profile image

      dizzle 8 years ago

      After readng nearly all of these posts, I only came up with a few solutions. Marijuana is addicting, period. So is alcohol, caffine, ciggerettes, etc. If it was legal, I would continue on and stay high 24/7. But I've noticed something. I have been high for pretty much the last 10-12 years. When I wake up I smoke, and when I start to come down I smoke. After that, I smoke! High all day, every day. Chronic! But heres what I noticed- I am a slave to it! Its never really caused any problems in my life, until I was more high than sober. Now its like if Im not high, Im not as good at stuff. Like my body is so used to being high, its better at everything when Im high. I start fuckin things up when Im not high. But I need to change, I talk down to people. Im sooo negative towards everything. My family, friends... Everyone. I'm not really blaming the weed, cuz it was my choice to smoke it. So its my fault. I normally buy more if I only have 2 grams left. I never let myself run out, I always have 2 or 3 or 5 different kinds of chronic. So Im going to let myself run out.... Everytime I look at my jar getting lower I start to feel nervous and anxious. "what will happen when I run out?!" I almost feel scared. Thats fucking pathetic! This is why I want to .... well not quit, but stop for a while. Kill the ole tolerence. After I run out, I'll see how long I can go without buying any. And then, once I freak and buy some, I wont get more than a gram, instead of the normal eighth or quad, and I'll try not to save any of it.

      Its tough, I made a bunch of hash for 420 and I just sold all of it so I wouldnt be around it. This sucks, that shit was fantastic. I have so many cool bongs bubblers and pipes. Seems a shame not to use them! I think I'll just try selling most of them. I dont want to quit, I just dont want to be high every second of every day. I cant wait to see how much money Ill be saving. And to see if I'll feel better after some time. Good luck to everyone here. I'll post again in a few days to letcha know how going thru withdrawl is!!

    • profile image

      Jenn from Canada 8 years ago

      Wow lots of responses to this one. As always everyone is entitled to their opinion. So I'm gonna share mine. Pot is a doubled edge sword. Noone can tell me different! I know from experience. Yes is helps a lot of problems, I can name some too. But it also builds up. Tell me how many times does one have to clean the pipe cause it is clogged? Have you ever had to wipe resin off your lips and teeth after a joint? Now when you do it think of your lungs, I do. I only smoke pot, and I cough up black stuff that looks a lot like resin. So as much as it can help it has major side effects. Now I've been toking on and off again since I was 13 years old. I have stopped before, I stopped when I was 16 for 5 years. It is an addiction like all others, once you are an addict you will always be. Now it is harder for me to stop because I become depressed. However I've got to now, cause my health is at risk.

    • profile image

      moey 8 years ago

      hallo my name is mohammed and i have never tried weed in my life and am thinking of trying it so if you can help me and advise me because am thing of taking 1 stick a month would that be an effect

      thank you

    • profile image

      c3 8 years ago

      On the whole it is a meritorious disconcertment: that there could persist to exist in this the wide world of the head an encomium by design, universally charged, that disintegrates at each point of the whole. It comes in many miles away surprising disguises in rising sunsets, yeah you know it, the way character shows, the way all these days go, the way people speak up, the fourth wall; it is amplified, slanted, come to the fore. It is fun, fortunate that I am able to see as much as I am in the ways that I am wont to kismet, but (and here’s the real kicker) I manumit it daily. From the parvenu paths of my being I am a constant construct, money's time, soccer, I wasn't as good as I thought I was (but i was still the shit #13 scored 42 goals in high school and club/ high scorer some seasons and droves of assists & small-sided goals/ one three-on-three tourney scored 33 goals in like 4 or 5 games) drugs years yeah you are all alone, reading, writing, I'm never as good as I know we can be, not even good enough for the things I need, sometimes nothing, the world more than my world, the things made me I made, girls, but (but what) we don't love them hoes, yeah, so we gonna smoke an ounce to this, G's up hoes down while you motherfuckers bounce to this, music water! people I like summer I live here!, but every other person is a world away, but it's okay!, the secret is that there is no secret, the island and the house, and shit it started to be like how yeah you know it can't be yet, it's it, party and bullshit, lo hi the life, and if it ever does you'll be the first to know, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you, my own personal bests better than that you could dream the way to dream that I was to walk the wall looking at all of you. Hypnagogic: the sources connect, collect in concatenations, long links of money and time, the coin turns on a dime, the wells of human happiness become one. A smile is a smile you know.

      the world is yours...nothing ever happens so MAKE IT HAPPEN

      i am 18 almost 19 i am quitting weed i have smoked it every day since i was 16 too many girls want to fuck me and sometimes i'm just a boy with too many friends who has had to rationalize, i need to get back fit and go to school somewhere and play soccer I was always in the 99th percentile of every standardized test and shit and on the new SAT I got a 2230 out of 2400 so school's no shit, im not from the ghetto im from a tiny ass college hi(ppies/cks) town with everyone who smokes blunts, drinks, does hard drugs, give them all a name you know, our dope soccer team that should have won state senior year but for my broken leg in the first game and one uncharacteristic mistake by our keeper, and if you knew, know now that that's a modern marvel, our good friend the striker #13 who ran alongside me so many games we fought for the number and for the most goals every season from freshman year on (but sometimes #9 our laconic attacking mid took us up, or #3 the baseball kid who was tiny didn't really hang with us went on to play college baseball but whose dad coached us from u-10 to u-13 and who had the most goals that sick senior season with 13) shot himself, having graduated just the year before and in the early stages of an engineering degree, very early in our season, and we all had to work through that, and some of us worked through that with more than a little ecstasy, weed, drink, and then i have a grand other friends who werent on my team, everyone here in this town has done mushrooms, acid, coke, some salvia, 2ci, oxys, methadone, black-tar, somas, pills, there are a surprising number of athletic, aware, and/or intelligent people here who are surprisingly drugged and who doggedly pursue the cool or what they consider it to be, which i think in most cases is sex. i guess you could say that i have weak willpower, that i have a large list of very varied friends who all aid me in my new days daze, but i have two jobs right now and i work most every day today's my first day off in a month and im reading this and even though im writing a novel (180 pages of off-the-cuff wordplay from high school) and eight stories sometimes and as has been the case too many times i just get high and listen to the same old albums over, read like a line from one of the books in my library (i have hundreds of books and it's MY OWN library as i do not live at home though that i am young, i spend a lot of money on drugs but for some reason i manage to have a modicum of very nice things, my dad is a philosophy professor and my mom is a stay-at-home mother of three newly interested in biology, my favorite books i've read this year have been: The Savage Detectives and 2666, both by Roberto Bolano, Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, Empire Falls by Richard Russo, Lush Life by Richard Price, White Noise by Don Delillo, and the Burned Children of America), but then i never get any work done and i just think about what people think about me, that im cool even though ive had severely awkward moments destroy relationships with girls too beautiful to exist, much less in a corner of the matter town like today, and i know that it is but a question of diffusion, so i get to playing a waiting game like on here, telling you all all of this. so fuck that. im off the shit here on out, remember my name

    • profile image

      Bill 8 years ago

      I have been smoking weed since I was 15, I am now 27. For those who think weed smokers are not ambitious nor intelligent, I am living proof that is incorrect. I have my doctorate in secondary education, and am currently interviewing for asst. superintendent positions across california. Potheads who are unambitious are that way not because of weed, but because they are just lazy individuals. Also, weed is not addictive, I have quit before for drug tests, and never had an issue with it. I actually am 17 days weed free right now, I have a drug test in a couple weeks.

      On another note, it is very obvious who has smoked grass and who hasn't by reading these posts. For those who disagree with me, you are obviously the ones who have never partaken.

    • profile image

      thomas 8 years ago

      weed is great

    • profile image

      dizzle 8 years ago

      So I made it a whole 4 days, and then smoked. Couldnt even go a week. I'm high right now. My tolerance is gone though. I felt horrible those 4 days. I drink beer as well, so I just ended up drinking more. That isnt really what I had in mind when I said I was gonna quit. Instead of running out of weed, I just went the 4 days knowing I still had some. Then I bought more.... alot more. I havent been smoking as much though. Maybe 2 or 3 hitters a day. And I have only been drinking 1 or 2 beers a day too. (normally 4 pretty much every day) Been having crazy dreams. Like past things that happened, like I was back 5 years ago, and some "new" problem would happen in that setting. Real messed up. I finally get to sleep and I have shitty dreams, great. Anyway I dont think its the weed doing any of that. I never used to be lazy or depressed unless I was comin off some other drugs. Now just when I wake up I feel like shit. All the time. Cant explain it. Its like I'm sick, but I'm not. I have a headache that wont go away. Not from not smokin, and not from smokin. What the fuck? I'm really considering seeing a doctor cuz I'm all kinds of weird lately.

    • profile image

      Dick and Harry 8 years ago

      Is weed bad for you?

      "problemchild" summed it up real well:

      "now i have graduated high school and I am making strate* A's in collage right now [...] SO IM GLAD TO SAY IM A COLLAGE* EDUCATED POTHEAD WITH A GOOD JOB."

      good for you buddy...

      Weed may be good for you if you're a musician or an artist, as proven by so many great names. It may also be good for you if you suffer from certain illnesses. It may be OK for you if you already have a balanced life, with plenty of friends, can get motivated on your own and use it in moderation.

      Honestly, after many many years of being all kinds of stoner, I think that if you dont fit in one of those categories, you shouldn't be smoking weed.

    • profile image

      Mechgyver 8 years ago

      I must tell you all smoking marijuana is NOT addictive and does Not have any long term negative heath effects, if used in moderation. I smoke a small amount nearly every day for 28 years, then 2.5 years ago I changed my job which requires random drug testing, so I quit cold turkey , which was easy and haven't smoked since.

      I stilll hang around the same people and they all still smoke, just pass it when it comes you way. Its easy

    • profile image

      Jessica 8 years ago

      I'm 22 yrs old, and have been smoking weed since I was 15, and I'd have to say it's been a love hate journey. Theres nothing that can replace the good times when me and my friends would smoke and we'd laugh histerically for mintues, or how the trees morphed into different objects, I like to get high, it feels good too me .I'd have to say that it's not like that anymore. I really have become addicted to weed, and don't think I could get out of because I don't know what to do with myself. My life is smoking, smoking,working,smoking,play with my kid, and smoke, and I wish I did more, had more hobbies. I think alot of the problems are other people making you feel bad for your choice in smoking, and why it gets bad. Just like drinking, theres nothing wrong with trying to have a good time every now and then, alcohol makes u puke, and have to pee all night, weed at least has less side effects right?

    • profile image

      Hashek 8 years ago

      I appreciate all the different perspectives brought up by so many individuals. It has allowed me to size myself up and realize where I stand amongst the smokers, non-smokers, quitters and connoisseurs.


      Addictive? Yeah, you bet.

      Controllable? Yes, absolutely.

      Gateway drug? To some extent, potentially but for the most part, no - it depends on your character.

      In the end, it's all the same shit any way you cut it: "they don't call it 'dope' because it makes you smart."

      Something to consider when making your decision:

      Everyone is different... and everything in moderation.

    • profile image

      Person 8 years ago

      Although it is hard to stop smoking pot, what I find is bad is that people that smoke are forced into stopping. Pot isn't as bad as the media makes it nor is it as good as stoners proclaim it. I believe that in an allegorical sense, weed to a pothead is like coffee to the average person that works from 9 to 5. After years, people who have been drinking coffee every morning develope psychological dependencies (habits) on it, yet no one gives a rat's ass cuz its coffee. The thing is that caffiene has killed people and weed hasn't, a stoner can go a very long time without marijuana if they were deprived of it, they may experience some withdrawl symptoms but not too bad. Just like someone who is use to their morning coffee, a pothead would only be bummed out or something like that, it's not like people that smoke weed can't live without it, they just prefer it and our society is just being anal about it and not letting us, so we say fuck off and smoke weed anyways even though its illegal just like a person gets a coffee at starbucks every morning or smokes cigarettes before, during, or after work. Weed is a lot more safer and healthier than the vices that our culture presents to us so all in all, we are the ones who made the right choices and not you fucking followers and tools. We smoke weed because of the pure fact that we like to and if you people can't accept that then go fuck yourselves.

    • profile image

      ssjwes 8 years ago

      Wow whys so many people crying about "its hard to stop!" I smoke cigs and weed and had to stop smoking weed for a year for employment reasons and was smoking since 18 (told myself I wouldnt touch ANYTHING until I was that age) smoked for 10 yrs after that (weed 1st didnt like cigs at the time). Only smoked cigs weed and drank alcohol (dont really drink to often now) never going to doing anything else. Anyways you guys are right about the way you live though if your wanting to change. If you got kids I think you shouldnt smoke weed (or maybe even cigs or alcohol for that matter) cause theres more at risk then just you alone. My Girlfriend and I feel the same way about kids(thank God) so Ill keep doing what I do until Im either bored out of my mind with it or laws which ever comes 1st I guess...

    • profile image

      barnyard boy 8 years ago

      Well I think weed is pretty fascinating... it seems to have strikingly different effects on all people. I wonder how many stoners out there spend much of their time thinking about how they'll be quitting soon, without ever really trying to. I know I've been in that boat off and on for a year or so.

      It's not that it's completely impossible to quit, nor is it really that horrible to just stay away from it for a while. But I feel like eventually most people go back to it. I've taken a lot of breaks from weed, ranging from around a week to several months, but inevitably I return to it.

      It sounds like a lot of people out there seem to think that any struggles with quitting weed are all the fault of the person for being "weak-minded." That strikes me as a little insensitive and biased. Of course, if a person has never had any difficulties managing their lives and balancing it out with being a stoner, they're going to have a harder time sympathizing with people that don't even feel ok unless they're high.

      But I think its really important to realize that weed affects all people a little differently, and it's good to be open-minded to the fact that many people out there are not mentally or psychologically suited for regular marijuana use. Unfortunately, I think many of these people who shouldn't really be smoking weed are probably less likely to be able to quit once they start feeling dependant on the stuff.

      Anyhows, that's just some rambling. Like almost everyone that's posted on this blog, I was high when I wrote this. So therefore its sort of jumbly. I guess I'm not the kind of guy that can get stoned and then write an A+ essay.

    • profile image

      chillamo 8 years ago

      If it is an expirence you still seek then you should fulfill yourself or release the desire, if not you will return to it.

    • profile image

      V3nge 8 years ago

      The bst way to stop is to never start for me it could have been the only way. I have OCD, I was charged with possesion and put into a program were they drug test me every 2 weeks. After its over I hope I can keep away from it but I cant promise anything. My advice is dont start.

    • profile image

      jon311 8 years ago

      Some have no problem with smoking, some need moderation, and some (like myself) need not be around it. If you are trying to quit, you must admit you need the change and then honestly apply one of the above applications to your plan. A habitual problem with weed can have you out of control when attempting to manage a normal/full agenda.

    • profile image

      ojh 8 years ago

      its not so easy to stop, will power isn't enough is it? i had will power to lose 135lbs in the space of 8 months through strict diet and hard work out twice a day, with sweat pouring down my face i still carried on, and kept weight off for 3 years. then i smoked pot, now, 2 years down the line, the weights back on, i'm smokin daily and the will power, despite being there still, just isn't enough. its a spiral, and the only escape is smoking. If given the choice now to have never smoked weed and to still be fit and healthy, hands down, i would give up every possession i own to be fit and healthy and to have never started smoking. My will power is still forcing my head to say to myself that i will get through it, but this only ever lasts a couple of days. its harsh, i wouldn't recommend weed to anybody, period.

    • profile image

      falseInformationHere 8 years ago

      "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to the individual than the use of the drug itself" said President Jimmy Carter in a message to Congress in 1977. The penalties for possession of marijuana include fines of up to $2000.00 and up to two years of imprisonment, yet the legalization of marijuana would number over hundreds of benefits towards the United States and its citizens (NORML).

      We all know what marijuana does to our bodies; we've seen the commercials to support a "drug-free America". We know that marijuana kills our brain cells, makes us stupid, destroys families, causes depression, leads to acts of violence, and causes lifetime addictions (Freevibe). Yet, studies done by several universities have proven the complete opposite of these effects of marijuana. By completing these studies, we have actually learned that marijuana does not kill our brain cells, does not make us stupid, does not cause depression, does not lead to acts of violence, and does not cause lifetime addictions (Erowid).

      Marijuana is one of the safest herbal drugs known to man. There has not been a single case regarding illness or disease that has been linked back to marijuana (Erowid). Its medicinal uses number over a hundred, proving to be beneficial in the treatment of AIDS, glaucoma,cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain (MPP). It also leads to pacifism, stress reduction, euphoria, muscle relaxation, and philosophical thinking.

      Marijuana can enter the body through two forms: by an oral method and by smoking marijuana. Some benefits of smoking marijuana over the ingestion of the drug are instant relief and better control over dosages. Several organizations believe that marijuana should remain illegal because it can be smoked to receive its effects (Freevibe). But tobacco, an intoxicant with no medicinal use, is legal and available to all citizens of the United States.

      Tobacco smoke contains over 1000 harmful chemicals and carcinogens,and causes nearly three times as much smoke as marijuana. Tobacco causes a physical addiction, lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and kills an average of 395,000 Americans per year (Erowid). However,marijuana smoke causes no physical addictions, has not killed a singleperson, and is actually beneficial towards the body. Marijuana smoke has actually been proven to be an expectorant, dilating the air channels it comes in contact with; this provides instant relief for those suffering from asthma. There have also been studies which have shown that marijuana smoke clears the lungs, which reduces the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis. So, it is clear that the assumption that smoking marijuana is unhealthy can be discarded (MMP).

      There are also many medications which are more harmful than they are beneficial, such as vicoden, darvocet, and oxycoton. These drugs are made from opiates, where possible side effects of these medications range from addiction, nausea, dependence, drowsiness, depression, oreven fatal overdose. Some medications might not have any effect at all. Marijuana would make for an excellent substitute for these drugs as there is no dependence and no chance of fatal overdose. Marijuana would also have the potential to replace 15 to 20% of medications on the market if legalized (NORML).

      If marijuana was legalized, it would reasonably substitute other legal intoxicants available in the United States. One of these intoxicants is alcohol, which is one of the most dangerous substances available in America. Excluding automotive accidents and acts of violence while under the influence, alcohol consumes the lives of 150,000 Americans per year (Erowid). And when concerning driving while under the influence of marijuana, most users are able to make proper judgment and retain from driving a vehicle.

      Marijuana's healing powers have been used in worldly cultures forover 2000 years. These cultures understood its ability to curedisease, and many countries today understand and use its healing power. There is no point in allowing so many Americans to suffer from such diseases when their cure has been available since the beginning of time. The laws concerning marijuana are outdated, and as we now have research to prove its value, the laws should be reversed and allow marijuana to be legalized for use in the United States.

    • profile image

      steve 8 years ago

      I just want to say I read the post above and I agree 100%. I have been a LONG time marijuna smoker. 15 years. I smoked chronic (white widow, jack hererra, purple haze, white rhino, all amazing weed.) and after 15 years of smoking everyday, I decided that I was going to quit. Because i spent 2000 dollars a year on POT, and I just felt like I was ready to stop. I also quit drinking soda and eating junk food and unhealthy stuff. I wanna say that smoking EVERYDAY for 15 years, 15 x 365 x (2 or 3 times a day). do the math and guess what??? I have not smoked a single bowl in 2 weeks with NO issues at all!!! I still have weed IN MY HOUSE and I haven't gone down, packed a bowl, or had any issues. Yes, I think about it, maybe once or twice a day (when I am bored and I am like, man i wanna do something) and you know what... I just say, eh i'll do something else and its not a big deal! every day i care less about smoking.. funny thing is.. after quitting soda, I can't stop drinking coffee in the morning at work... Ironic isnt it... Legalize marijuana, everyone needs to grow up and take responsibility for themselves.

    • profile image

      Simon is WRONG 8 years ago

      Simon says:2 months ago

      Marijuana is destructive.

      It is better (physically) for you to take either ecstacy or LSD.

      In fact, in a recent study which looked at the safety of the top 20 most commonly used recreational drugs, traditionally smoked marijuana came in 12th. Ecstacy came in 18th. Knowledge is power..

      Sorry simon, your knowledge is wrong... Excstacy is NOT MDMA, excstacy is a street name for a pill that contains ANYTHING the pill maker wants. You could have cocaine, heroin, PCP, speed, LSD, you name it inside a pill.. they are also manufactured in slummy factories where they manufacture pill molds with "starts, clovers, hearts, etc etc" the pill casings are rarely cleaned out ever, the pills are made on a dusty garage table and then stamped in and sold. If you think taking a pure MDMA pill at a clinical psychologist and comparing that to street excstacy, you are a idiot. Also, you have no clue about seratonin depletion which is AMAZINGLY hard to recover from. You can roll on X for 3 months and you will be so depressed and unhappy that it takes up to 18 months for your seratonin to come back. Stop trying to justify how X is amazing and listen to reason. Pot is 22% addictive, coffee is 26% alcohol is 80% (higher than cocain and heroin), and cigarettes are 99%. This is addiction rate, not tolerance or dependancy.

    • profile image

      xxxBig smoker 8 years ago

      i just want to say how this weed fuckup my life..

      i have been smoking 5years..from the morning til the night..

      even i was smoking at the school.. then i quit school..

      after that i fix my salf a job..but the money i never save..just buy buy weed.. and those i have start smoking with them quit and become my enamy...they went around and kill my name..they seid i was narko-man..all the ppl in my town dont sey hai..even those i went same klass with even now my job find out about that i smoke..soo meny time i wanted to kill my salv..still wanna dai.. i have no freind no familly no job and no edication...soo ppl carefull the drugz or u will be like me...FUCK THE WORLD AM GONE

    • profile image

      Stacker 8 years ago

      Seriously, a recent study stated that males who smoke marijuana on a constant bases are 2x likely to get TESTICULAR CANCER. Don't believe me? Look it up on whatever search engine you want.

      With that said I just took a rip and my nuts hurt. I figured it was all the hard pounding sex that I have on an everyday basis, but read the study and started to wonder... Let's face it, pot is probably the most non-harmful drug you can get into. If you are gonna get deep in to using a drug, go with marijuana. My addictive personality has me smoking every day, but I am looking to quit. I am going on 1 day now and my friend who I get herb from doesn't have any to sell me, and he said he won't have any for another few days but the cannibas that is getting harvested is worth the wait supposedly.. So I guess I will be clean for a few more days then delve balls deep in to my mason jar full of lime green crystal covered super japanese sushi grade samarai funk herb.

      If I could just limit myself, it would be fine... But the fact that I have herb on hand and the smell of it slaps me in the face when I get out of bed in the morning makes me want to drink a cup of coffee and take a one hitter bing to the noggin before work.... So now instead of getting up and stacking it up in the morning I will go for a run, which suprisingly works good. After a long day of work and coming back home is a different story. There's nothing better than getting off taking a rip and relaxing while my best friends girl sucks me off!

    • profile image

      Peteman 8 years ago

      I have smoked weed pretty much daily for over 20 years. I have a good career, provide for my family and make good coin. I love my weed and hate the idea of having to give it up. I feel better, think better, enjoy things more when I am high. Not that it takes weed, but it enhances everything nicely. If you want to quit, then quit, don't look for answers here as it only takes a comittment from you.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      Sorry to say to all the pro smokers, pot is highly addictive and encourages evil activity; so does drinking, popping pills, over-eating, fast food, high fat diets, starvation, self mutilation, criminal activity, swearing, spitting,grinding teeth,continuly washing hands, masturbation, watching porn.............we all try everything once. We may enjoy it, and experiment with it longer. When experimentation turns to a daily necessity, then you have a problem.


    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      you should know when you have a problem when:

      1: Your wife/family/friends prefer you high than sober.

      2. You seem like a more worthy individual when your high.

      3.You blow through your stash fast so that you can quit faster, but buy a whole new stash the following day, creating repeating effect.

      4.You place your shit in hidden spots within your house to either hide your stash from yourself, or your family.

      5.Your highlight of the day is scoring a better sack than your homie, or scoring a better point average on PS3.

      6.You push yourself away from true friends and family.

      7. Die lonely, within the grasp of addiction, laziness, self-pity, ignorance, and insomnia. Addiction causes vivid night terrors that seem to only grasp the host durring typical sleeping hours.

    • profile image

      Quitting 8 years ago

      First i have to say I love this page. Lots of help in knowing that there are others in a similar situation.

      I´ve been smoking every day for about two years now, not really sure what day I quit this week because I can´t remember. Truth.

      Been thinking about quitting for a while, always thinking it would be easy. Why shouldn´t it be? When I was home with my parents for 2 weeks, it was really easy. I´m sure it would also be easy if I needed a month or two for passing a work relation test.

      However. Quitting when in my "normal" life situation is totally different than doing it when circumstances demand it. At least it is for me.

      So for all you who say it´s easy to quit, and brag about your ridiculously short hiatus from the weed, try it for real. I say this because I think you have never really, you know really really, tried to stop.

      I guess there really are a lot of smokers who cope brilliantly with their lives, but I have not met them. Most try to dull a pain of some kind. At least that´s what I did. Now it´s time to face depression and anxiety head on. I´ve been running enough. I wish I could smoke recreationally, but I just love it too much. I have made some insights I guess, but now life seems to have left me behind. Life is what someone else are doing, fulfilling their dreams. Not sitting at home, worried that some stranger will ring the door bell.

      Wish me luck. And good luck to all you other guys. I mean it.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      If you smoke because you have low self esteem; maybe you have small tities, tiny penis, grossly overweight, ADD (or what I call STUPID), extremley thin, OCD, Bad breath, fart problem, too hairy, too sweaty, bald, or many other inperfections. The weed just adds to them. Dont feed your issues with weed. It may seem to cure the problem when your high, but doubles or triples it durring sober times. This will only make you hide from your issues while they become so great, that you will eventually never face them. Go ahead and crawl inside that bong, pipe, bottle, crack rock, fast food window, porn magazine, or whatever device pulls you from your own redemption. You will no longer receive pitty from me or the millions of other Americans realizing that they need to save themselves over the many other deginerates. THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL..........EITHER STAY ASLEEP AND LET YOUR LIFE PASS OR WAKE UP AND CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SOUL!!!!

    • profile image

      ashley 8 years ago

      this is all bulllshit, u can smoke weed everyday if u want. NOTHING HAPPENS its an ILLLLLLLER world then this fucked up place we live . bye

    • profile image

      derek seminsky 8 years ago

      i don't care what anyone says. I know from personal use, marijuana is just not so bad. propaganda has gotten worse over the years. If obama were to actually go through with legalizing marijuana, guaranteed he would be voted into office for his second term. It would bring the government so much money back into the economy like no other. Most people don't put any thought into it and think immenently marijuana = drugs = BAD, and nothing more.

      all i'm trying to get at. it that it's perfectly fine. no worse then cigarettes or alcohol.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago


      Legalizing weed will bring revenue into our country, and we will sit happy with little worries. What about future generations?Obviously other human toxin companies; Anheiser Bush, Philip Morris, Jose Cuervo and many others, have yet to offer any more beyond their state tax. Marijuana, Weed, POT, Grass, Purp..... what ever you want to call it will never be legal. You wanna know why?

      It Is not a highly addictive drug that causes World wide death, disease, murder, crime, hatred, poverty, or any other evil. It does however take your time and focus (which can be just as devestating as a video game junky; the 2 have a big connection; dont get me started). From the threshold of human life, alcohol and tobacco have been written in scripture. Just recently (within 200 years), it has been refined to become more potent, or increased additives have made human consumption addicting. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT LEGALIZING WEED WONT BE OWNED BY ONE OF THESE "DEVIL ADVOCATE" COMPANIES??? Truth is that it will, and most tobacco companies probably already own patented WEED name brands, logos, or catchy frases, for when it becomes legal.

      I hate weed because it destroyed 15+ years of my life. These were the years that many were enrolled in college, enhancing military career, or just developing their family life. Unfortunatley, my photo album is labeled STUPID for those bleek years. I agree with you whole heartedly that the Americas need to become inovative to increase capital, but poising our population is not the answer! Similar to the past, government acceptance of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and freedom has made our leash shorter and our choker tighter.


    • profile image

      theissue 8 years ago

      i have been smokin almost 6yrs n am onlii 18yrs.4 me i think i smoke bcuz i didnt hav ma parents been there 4 me n those who wre there 4 me were weed smokers.i get irrated very earlii n when i smoke weed is like am da coolest person on earth.

      soo kool n neva get am livin wit ma mum n i want 2 quit but it seems not 2 be easy.

      anybody shld holla at me if u think u got ways 4 me 2 stop smokin...i reallii want 2 quit smokin n stop ma mum cryin all daii when she sees me been high

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      Best way to quit smokin is to fool your brain. FOOL A BRAIN!!! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT??!!! Same way to fool a brain to pass a lie detector. MUCH PRACTICE

      Its easy to fool yourself. Many human desires are fulfilled by giving into them. Remember, when you had food poisoning from eating that bad hotdog, burrito, taco, or chicken wing causing you to puke for hours? You couldnt eat that particular food ever again.

      Just like that scenerio, you need to offer yourself a bad experience for everytime you want to use. Wrap a rubber band around your wrist, become your own drill seargent; run your self sick, snap your wrist into welts, or punch yourself in the face whenever you feel like using. The physical trauma to your body will eventually catch up to your brains desires. After a few days of this abuse and you will conquer your head. After letting loose of your own tough love, your body will some how become sick upon thought of using the drug desired to quit.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      Oh yeah, just remeber your head is like a little kid/ brat. It will try to deceive you at any turn. You may think that a week of torture is plenty and reward is necessary. Your brain may look for reasons to restart; pick a fight with wife/friends/family, introduce new insecurities, or haunt you with surpressed memories. Please dont sercome to this trickery, your brain can be your worst enemy. The worst that can happen when you quit is deep depression, hated, and inner evil radiating from yourself.

      I love you, your family loves you, and believe it or not.....yourself loves you. That is the hardest to convince; your ownself aknowledging the purpose of your own life.

      REMEBER IF ALL HOPE SEEMS LOST, I love you, and believe in you. There is no one on this planet better than you, or in control of you. You are your worst enemy and I can only offer you my wisdom.

      I have never had malice thoughts towards other human beings, but there is much that I regret when I was high.

      Thank you for your focus, and remeber I LOVE YOU!

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      Smoking weed haults the ability for the body, mind, and soul to develope. So just understand, when you decide to quit, you will be fighting with the mentality (your own brain) of the age when you first started.

      For me it was when I was 15. So. of course I had to punish myself while I was quitting.

      The punishment puts you through a "CRASH COURSE" of life. Trust me, you will find happiness. I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU ARE A LARGE, FIRM ROCK FOR US. YOU ARE SUPERMAN!! PLEASE DONT DISAPPOINT ME OR THE REST OF US. I WANT TO KNOW YOUR PROGRESS. You are brilliant, and shine more than the hottest star in our galaxy. Sometimes I feel like I would sacrifice myself and eat your pain of addiction until it becomes my own cancer. I know what quitting feels like and no one should go through this torture. BUT, we shall soon see redemption.

    • profile image

      c3 8 years ago

      Member me? Bout back to smokin bout 4 blunts a day, but now I'm all drunk funky nights & hanging out with a bunch of my old friends back in town from their first years of college, going to p-town in the fall where I'm getting all these weather patterns from, snow moves I am moving happy, 2 in love.

      ll4lyfe. shit is easy

      Fuck you yo so I got a hot button and the book got wrote aright aready and I went to work like water come to cover you up, I want you eating my numbers and taking the colors to yr own hard heart, I depart, part 1.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      I dont care if no one hears my voice, but these late night sessions with this site has helped me plenty. Recently bad news struck my family and I have thought about nothing but buying a sack and smoking myself stupid.

      My daily points of wisdom have given myself a solid foundation. I would like to apologize for all my sins. I would like every reader to accept forgivness for my past actions. I was a shithead juvenile in my youth; I stole, lied, and disrespected my parents thoughout my childhood. I have commited criminal activity and placed undeserving people through additional hardships. I dont ask for your prayers/ because, I dont believe in that BS! I ask for your focus, your inner forgivness. I will offer my complete outer being for American survival and sobriety. PLEASE, I BEG YOU! Offer me ,/AGC of CALIFORNIA, your forgiveness.

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      I feel good and decide to coquer my my sudden impact of terrible news with a different weapon. I wanted to call my old "hook" so bad and smoke till I was dead, or sack was gone. But, I remembered from my earlier entries that my mind will play tricks on me. Tragedies are a daily occurance. Whether they happen to me, or somone else, they are still striking to everyone; At anytime, anywhere.

      If I lit up because of my grief, than I would only COP OUT. I had bad news, but the thought of worse news, could happen to anyone else. YOU CAN EITHER BE STRONG IN THE FACE OF ADDICTION, OR WEAK FOLLOWING ITS PATH. You wanna know my new form of inner strength?

      I listen to the radio late night (good to use music that makes you wanna be active). I like new rock. I excesize like crazy durring each song. Not typical cardio like you would expect. I try what I call EFFICIENT SELF. I call it this because you are completing many tasks at once. I move every part of my body (neck,arms, back, ass cheeks, legs, feet and hands) to the beat of the music. This allows you to become more familiar to dance floors and new wave music, it also helps you to strengthen every piece of your body. After doing this for 2 weeks, daily , 1 hour (its very fun), you will breeze through typical aerobics. It will also help you forget about your addiction. Thanks for reading and remember, you are a solid rock. There is no being within creation that is better than you. You have the inner ability to become a hybrid, Alpha-human. Dont let your unhealthy addictions pull you from your perfect enlightenment.

      Also deep meditation can help with quitting. Try focusing on a small tiny object (ie. TV power button), close your eyes and imagine same object in front of your face. Gradually sit further from that object imagining the "bigger picture" , screen, TV, Entertainment Center, walls, floor and eventually the whole room. After mastering the ability to see the same image regarless whether eyes are open or closed, start adding in colors. Usually starting with basic, red, green, blue. You will quickly be able to start blending colors for natural look, teal, khaki, baby blue, etc. Once this is accomplished, the meditator should be able to open and begin to toy with inner senses.


      WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???????

      STUCK ON STUPID, AND EVOLUTION GRINDS TO A HAULT. Pull the hood from your head before you are decapitated. Just like your roller coaster addiction, your following life awaits the same fate. BREAK THE CYCLE TODAY!

    • profile image

      high nigga pie 8 years ago

      ima love weed till the day i fuckin die!!!!......smoke weed

    • profile image

      the truth 8 years ago

      Quite or go broke......eventually

    • profile image

      HAHAH 8 years ago

      WTF?? Weed is destructive? You mean by the 0 fucking deaths it has caused? how about you go after meth fiends.. or better yet ALCHOLICS pot smoking is a victimless crime that kills nobody so STFU.

    • profile image

      ThatGuy 8 years ago

      Take this from someone who has smoked weed for a LONG time every day.

      Weed in not a bad thing unless you let it control your life. I recently quit smoking because I realized my mental addiction and realize I am stronger then that. I decided to quit for a while until I feel like I can do it recreationally, and by that I mean 3 times a month tops, and I WILL NOT break that promis to myself when I feel like im mentally strong enough.

      Just get a job, pass that drugtest, focus on that, and then you can smoke when you TRULEY feel like you can control it, its more enjoyable like that

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 8 years ago

      STFU! You want me to STFU!? You dont understand the impact weed has upon us! Just like you have never understood the deadly impact of nicotine or alcohol. Pick up a history book and read the introduction and production of those deadly drugs within human flourish. They quickly become our demise.

      Weed, opium,peyote is broadly refrenced within witch doctor vocab as DRUGS. Meaning they have been widly used, but only for cure. Just like when you were rehabilitating from that Car, Sports, or Drunken accident, you were cured with pills. Why didnt you get hooked (maybe you did)? Because they are not illegal. Maybe you are a complete pill fiend and wished you were soley addicted to weed. Maybe you slap your wife at night, drinking the last few drops of your 40 (none to spare for fallen homies), and sleep, "skin to skin", with the cheapest SLUT available in the "adult" section of Craigslist.

      Or maybe your a lonesome person with unexplainable "carpet burn" on your penis. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!

      I will defend your credability! I dont know you, but if you used to be like me............I will defend the urine stains in both your underpants, and in your bathroom sink.

      I feel at home when you tell ole stories of getting drunk, getting high, waking next to a stinking, fat whore, and then later testing positive for HPV. 9 years later, giving it to your perfect wife explanation for lack of child birth and cancer!! YAAAY!!

      Maybe you will eat yourself into oblivian. Get high, eat sweets, get diagnosed with Diadetes II. Your legs may not seem that important because you can continue smoking without them. The days leading to losing them is so antagonizing, youd wish you were dead.


    • profile image

      smarter than yo ass 7 years ago

      all yout have to do is teach yourself how to reckognize legitimate scientific data. Get a fucking degree in chemistry like myself, and do some goddamn legitimate research. That doesn't mean to ask your parents or your pastor cause they are most likely as ignorant as all the conservative mutha fucka's on this forum. That's right THC, tetra hydro-cannibanol...weed doesn't make people lazy, people make people lazy. It's easy to polarize, but when it comes down to it, culture will always change, and facts will not.

      on a personal note: If you dont have a job, or kids for that matter... smoke some weed and see if it don't improve the quality ah yo life....Take it from someone who's seen the data...vaporize that shiot!

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 7 years ago

      I appreciate everyone here that understands the destruction of drugs ( anything negative for human bodies or soles, used on a necessary daily basis). My destruction was clear and has put me in a dark place. I feel much sorrow, pain, loss, confusion, and despair as I continue my path of weed sobriety.

      I was once told that weed is the dirtiest drug. WHY DOES IT STAY IN OUR SYSTEMS FOR SO LONG? THC attatches to human fat cells. Depending on the physical activity of an average stoner (Phelps as an exception), you will store those fat cells away for awhile.

      WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? When the host of this dirty drug decides to quit, they may seem strong beyond the 1st -2nd week, but will most likely restart 3-6 or maybe even a year longer. WHY? Well the human brain feels its loss when the last infected fat cell is burned off. The host will then thrive for a fix. Either alcoholism is achieved (another depressant, but much deadlier), or pills, or restarting to smoke, or maybe have a cocktail of it all.

      I can understand the meaning of weed as a gateway drug. You can only understand that when you truly try to quit. Thank you for your attention. You are a magnificent being. If you failed in your attempt to quit, I will assist you back up, brush you off and direct you the to the correct path. Thank you again, respectfully AGC..

    • profile image

      smokedogg 1 7 years ago

      this is all a load of wak ass shit, yous all need to lay of that weed cause it doin your f...n heads in. too much chemicals these days. i smoke bout 55 bongs everyday and have been 4 last 6 years.

    • profile image

      g sKULL 7 years ago

      i quit smoking weed and it was easy!!!! its all in your heads noobs, ive been smoking every day for 3 years and have now not smoked for almost 3 weeks and i really dont care. POT IS NOT ADDICTIVE, ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD IF YOU THINK IT IS!!

    • profile image

      stoneboy420 7 years ago

      anyone who thinks weed isnt addictive is dead wrong. anyone who smokes alot knows that a fatty bong hoot is the only thing on ur mind after u dont blaze 4 a few days. Its hard to get out of the routine, but it can be done... just remember... YOU DONT NEEED WEEEEED IDIOT

    • profile image

      ex weed smoker 7 years ago

      i smoked weed for nearly 4 years till last month and anyone who says it isn't addictive is lyin it became my everything i couldn't relax without the shit all i wanted to do all day was smoke more n more weed it made me depressed anxious and unhappy now i don't smoke at all and it's the best thing i could have ever done for myself i get more shit done work and get on with people better but i wish i'd never started because once u know what it feels like to be high it's hard to forget it i started off smoking one joint at night then after a month it became a constant thing i fuckin hate weed now and wish i hadn't wasted so many of my teen years fuckin with it...FUCK MARY JANE.

    • profile image

      alec 7 years ago

      can't belive that it's that hard... i smoke for 17 years now (14 years daily)... i stopped all other shit easily... didn't take something else since 12 years and i'm proud about it :)

      but i can't stop smoking pot i wish i could everytime i've smoked i think tomorrow, tomorrow is the day... but then :((

      i wish i'll never tried :( damn it's soooo f*cking hard....

      greets from germany...

    • profile image

      happygilmore 7 years ago

      why stop? if you enjoy it smoke it, i yer dont enjoy it dont smoke it, simple, i have just stopped smoking it because the gf tryin to stop smokin the cigs, so im tryin to support her, since not smokin it feel more alive more motivation, only smoked of a night after a days graft,

    • profile image

      quittingtheweed 7 years ago

      i have found this page very useful tonight as this is my second day without smoking. almost feel like i went to an NA meeting and got to hear so many people's brief histories. i would say i have been smoking for about 4 years now (26 now). i basically started when i got out of the military. i was working very good tech-type jobs, living on my own in a major city, making good money. i had been drinking quite a bit, and one of my friends got me turned back onto weed. fast-forward to me now, living back at home with (grand)parents back in the small city i grew up. no job, piece of crap car versus the nice cars i used to drive but got repossessed because of my weed lazy job-quitting because i'm too lazy or anxiety issues at work from smoking so much the night before. i have literally left good-paying gigs and just went home and smoked weed thinking it was no big deal.

      i am so done with weed. i'm going to get another good job and move back to a larger city where my career pays well. i guess i'm just lucky that i'm only 26 now, i see some guys on here who are in 40s so i see i still have time to make up for my dumbassed-ness.

      looking at all my problems (2 repossessed cars, numerous jobs quit/fired, losing trust of my family) i see that the main common denominator has been WEED. alcohol too but mainly the WEED.

      oh yea and i had the California medical card and really just found that it made my weed habit worse because then i loved going to the clubs in san francisco and spend so much $$ and end up just being lazy in a more convenient fashion and the "experience" or novelty of being in a store with over 50 types of weed filled up in huge glass jars. weed isn't for everyone and these "docs" who are prescribing it for anyone who drops $200 fee, isn't taking into account that individual's psychological history and whether or not weed is necessarily healthy for them mentally. they need to just legalize it and skip all this medical doc quackery nonsense. sorry for the tangeant.

      i'm moving on with my life. if something is messed up in your life, and weed is anywhere in the equation, i guarantee you that is the suspect variable. sorry if i have rambled on but since i got to read everyone else's positive advice, figured i need to give back to the discussion. good luck to everyone and pretty much take it one day at a time.

    • Mkcoy profile image

      Mkcoy 7 years ago from London

      Don't do drugs. Just have sex!!

    • profile image

      DonnieDarko_uk 7 years ago

      Hey all,

      Thanks to everyones comments on here - im the 2nd day into quiting smoking skunk and its great to read some of these comments. To all the guys saying they have smoked weed for 5 years and its all cool - Im sure it is! Just wait until you have smoked 10 years or more. I never used to understand how people said they have paranoia/panic attacks and gave up and one day I realised that sometimes when I smoked i started thinking negative crazy sh*t. I started via friends when my Dad died 12 years ago and I still really wanna smoke now! I can see the route im going as I have a very well paid job/travel the world, work out, bije, b-ball etc and I get to work from home but bit by bit i was slowing down, not so many creative ideas, unable to concentrate etc. I also saw the downfall of my friends who once I looked up to then bcame a rotten tooth looser that brakes my heart and all he has ever done is smoke weed. Once I started thinking about quitting I began sweating profusly, i mean crazy sweats like i was wetting the bed and I knew for me it was time to stop. Weed surpreses the mind especially if you got stuff you need to deal with!

      Im not preaching - im tormented by the thought of not smoking and i still wanna do it right now but im gonna turn 30 and now seems the right time.

      Good Luck to anyone going for this - you can do it! My method (only 2 days in!!!:) was to tell all my weed smoking friends i was quitting so that I would look more of a pussy if I didnt!:) I got the love of a good women too but she has bugged the shit out of me when im not smoking :) jokes! Im rambling but this is my Therapy - its cheaper...

      Peace to all of you!

    • profile image

      mandeezo bleezo 7 years ago

      look a i agree with the person saying that maybe weed took a negative toll on your life so dont kill it for the rest of us no oneputs that joint to our lips and makes us smoke it rite we chose to smoke it and marijuana is proven to cure more medicle problems than modern medicane its proven its illegal do to the fact of the money many pharmisutical companies would loos millions marijuana is a hemp plant its used for more than just smoking it produces twice as much as paper than a regular avrage can be used to make oil ropes shoes cloth but the u.s. grnmt wont ligalize it becuas monopolyzing weed is virtualy impossible but im still rolling up pocket fulls of in conclusion weed is not a gae way drug yoiu are weed doesnt tell you smoke crack its better or shoot up its better people tell you those things not the drug so think about its like thes saying goes guns dont kill people cops kill dont blame all ur problems on weed be a man and take responsibilty in ur own problems im 17 i hold a job i moved pout and i support myself and trust me weed dont affect me i smoke i drink so what feel me if you dont like smoking weed then dont dont lie to fit in .

    • profile image

      heathy 7 years ago

      GRRrr! sorry people, i just wrote nearly an essay, i dont know what i pushed but it got deleted!!gone!!-aarh!!

      basically it just said weeds shit! smoked it for ever! started bout 14 im now 26 all other drugs have come and gone not a problem, but the only drug that aint bloody addictive aint going no where! i dont wana smoke it but i like it, aint addictive cause if i aint got its not a prob, im fine but i have to buy it when i get cash, dont want to but i do hate spending my money on it and i hate the thought of my lungs, weed aint messed me up i aint parra slow or stupid, have aways worked but not at the mo, down n out right now, but still waist me money on weed, i say its not addictive but i cant stop,id rather smoke a joint than a fag, i could replace my joint with a few more fags instead but i hate smoking cigs, they stink and taste bad i smoke less joints than i do fags, i dont want to smoke either but i like weed and im addicted to cigs(nicotine) thats the prob? whats the point of quiting one and smoking the other??? people out there with A WEED PROBLEM! like me i think need to focus on their attention on the cigarettes, if you can stop them i dont think the weed will be a prob????????????

    • profile image

      Frank 7 years ago

      well i just want to say that weed dosent kill brain cells it stores thc fat. i know this might sound dumb but i work out alot and if you control weed like smoke a hit and just make a joint last a week i think its ok but its still the thc that goes into your brain cells but it dosent kill them and they can be released out of your brain to make it you dont want it so i guess doiong meditating is great way to release all that . rock on people . o yeah and im a eagle scout also a national champion in karate for 10 years and im also got the louis armstrong award in high school i must say that weed hasnt stopped me from complete goals. but language is bad.

    • profile image

      adam 7 years ago

      hahah, heathy man im the exact same way, if i don't have any money its no big deal i can go without blazing, but as soon as i get paid im on the phone with my dealer. its weird because i can do blow for like a summer, then stop no problem, but weed... i just fucking love chronic and have a tough time stopping. but ive pretty much figured it out, since I can't have a bag sittin at home and not smoke that shit every day, i just go on weed benders, buy a quarter and smoke for a couple weeks, then take a couple weeks off. better than not smoking at all but also better than being cooked 24/7. btw i have to mention how surprised i am by the amount of misinformed people on this forum, jesus christ do these people get their info from watching reefer madness?

    • profile image

      mary 7 years ago

      omg i need help.

      I dont so any other drugs, drink occasionally but just love weed. I smoke it everyday and cant imagine not smoking it! well my mum just caught me this morning and kicked the shit outta me!

      I want to stop but i just cant cuz i feel like i need it to be happy and forget about how shit it is at home! im just can i quit?

    • profile image

      cameron 7 years ago

      this is the stupidest I have ever seen just because smoking weed isn't AS bad as being an alcoholic you still think its ok? that's like saying that being shot is better than being stabbed!!! that is some retard thinking, alcohol is from "the earth" too so are many other poisons berries and plants! its time that all of you stoners grow up, face life, and get a job and stop acting like your still in high school. you know on second thought never mind sit there giggling with your rotten black and yellow teeth, hacking up black shit getting fat from the munchies.ill just take your job along all the other sober men and women yep that's right we can pass a drug test

      Cameron Garnand

    • profile image

      Cameron's Devil 7 years ago

      Whoa ! Whoa, whoa Cameron .. Take it easy there pal. You need to really mellow out there buddy. I think you need to hit a joint or two buddy boy. Muawhahahahahahahah!!!!

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      I have been smoking pot for five years now, mostly everyday, but I've gone many days without smoking, and sometimes even months.I recently decided to stop completely, not because I want to but because i realize i have things and goals to accomplish which doesn't involve cannabis.Weed was always the thing i looked forward to in the beginning or end of the day because it relaxed me so much, and relaxing brings upon laziness which doesn't mix well with an agenda to get done throughout the day.I beg to differ with those of you who say cannabis is bad for you.There are ways to smoke the ganja, and even ingest it in ways not detrimental to any vital organs but your appetite. But you wouldn't know that would you because the people who think it's detrimental only go by what statistics, doctors, and bullshit analyzed experiments say. Vaporizer anyone!The vaporizer removes every single toxin but the actual THC particles for healthy cannabis consumption. But this alone doesn't mean you should smoke six times a day. Now, health problems can occur without any filtration system when you overindulge, especially if you smoke out of tobacco paper, water bongs, pipes, etc.If it were all that bad why is there continuous research on the great things it does for cancer patients, insomnia,psychological diseases, etc. Anything in excessive amounts is malignant to your health like one too many hamburgers, soda,even tv for god's sake:you name it!Even calling cannabis the "gateway drug" is absurd,people who don't know how to make responsible decisions are the one's to blame. Weed doesn't put a gun to your head even while you are HIGH, LOL, and tells you to drink or pop a pill, or snort a line. That's called decision making,and from experience i can say weed does not impair decision making at the moment of consumption. BULLSHIT to whoever says different, even the doctors and scientists who love to shout it's supposed deadly attributes. How about these doctors and scientists smoke it, experience it,and run tests on themselves and then we CAN talk. Make sure your choices are healthy one's. Choosing to smoke weed is not a bad choice,it's an experience.It's up to you where you decide to take that experience towards positivity or negativity. Weed is the most natural remedy to any sickness , i think. But too bad it's illegal!Today I find that I'm one of the lucky one's who finds it easy to stop with just a mere thought of not wanting to smoke that day. It's all about mental power, will power. Do you really want to stop that bad? What's your reasoning behind your decision to stop? Remember your in control of the drug , not the other way around. If you let anything this little have control over who you are and what your about, you have trouble coming your way later in life with anything you do.

    • profile image

      CHARM 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Deus 7 years ago

      You want to quit? Then you have to make that decision to do it yourself, no one's going to stop you but yourself. I found some of the anti smoking things in here slightly offensive, but I suppose some people are latched to it like a pacifier (in this case a thumb). I want to say you should only smoke for the pleasure of smoking, smoke because you enjoy smoking, not because you have to. It should be a case of want, you need to pay your car note, you want to buy a few eighths (big difference). But like everything in life, anything's a matter of opinion, so take what others say with a grain of salt and do what you think is best for you.

    • profile image

      SAGE 7 years ago

      TO CAMERON, Learn a couple of facts before you speak

      Do You Know Why Smokers Get The Munchies?

      -It increases ones metabolism. Fact

      Who's teeth turn yellow,black,(whatever), and fall out?

      -people on Meth. Fact

      When I started out smoking, i did so very very heavily. Weed is, AND is not a bad substance. Its certainly better than any other drug and even better than alcohol..The effect of smoking weed depends on the lifestyle you live. If your a person that doesnt do much, not alot of hobbies or activities, then i believe it is very bad for you. However, if your have a job and is an active pperson then it should have no damage on your life...WHEN I 1ST STARTED SMOKING I WAS A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, MANY FRIEND, PARTICIPATED IN MANY ACTIVITES, BOTH IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL........NOW I STILL SMOKE WEED AND GUESS WHAT? STILL; HAVE A JOB,IM IN COLLEGE NOW, HAVE MANY FRIENDS, MANY ACTIVITES... Weed is only mentally addictive for those who are mentally weak..For me, smoking weed is a hobby due to the euphoric effects,... It brings me the same feeling of happiness as do the rest of my hobbies. i dont plan on stoppin until I finsh college and looking for a career! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!

    • profile image

      50Yearstoner 7 years ago

      So many IDIOTS! im an OLD man! had great Job my Entire Career.. started smokin Pot in the 60s! and it never made me Lazy lathargic or any of the things listed above!

      it is only addictive to the mentally WEAK! if your not an Outgoing person (very Active) then NO maybe you should not smoke it! But it is NOT a starter drug! It IS a DRUG yes! but Not a harmful 1 . IN FACT: it is the safest drug around for cancer patients to increase apetite, decrease the Epileptic Seizures by 50% in MOST Eplileptic's! Its never made me Wreck my car! its never made me wanna steal! BUT there are drugs that will POT AINT ONE OF THEM!

      SO before you drones put down POT GET SOME REAL FACTS! and Smoke 2 joints In the morning 2 at afternoon! smoe 2 joints in time of peace and 2 in time of war! smoke 2 joint before you smoke 2 joints THEN SMOKE 2 MORE!

    • profile image

      missprea 7 years ago

      omg this really hits home with me! i also google how to quit and i have been reading and found out there are several if not thousands of people like me.all races male and female.... soo sad! im 34 and have been smoking daily for 16 years,now trust me its addictive .expec blunts! this more i read about you guys the more i relize that i'm at the end of my rope with this shit!! it hasen't beem fun for me for years. omg the money that i've spent, man i'm sure i could've paid cash for a house!!! i refuse to add it up!! i'd prob faint!! but i smoke and ounce a week by myself!! ( and i'm a woman)lol lol...but seriously,i have even prayed to god to stop smoking,...and then i call the weed man up aft that! how sad!!Hell yea it causes problems in the relationship!! i use to not date a guy if he didn't smoke!!(years ago) but you see,i wanted it around me and wanted people in my circle who had right now from my house i drive 45min several times a week aft work to but weed. hell if i get off at 6pm. i dont get home til almost 8pm.!!!.. man i be so fucking mad at myself for driving those miles for some dam weed!! gas, time away from home, MILES ON MY CAR! i promise it is soo not worth it to me anymore!! i'm embarrased to say that i'm a weed head who has to have the shit like a crackhead needs crack!!its just that serious> it's my concern of the day when really,i have plenty of more things that need to be taken care of!! its also makes me lazy as hell!its makes me sometimes feel non exsitant!! i hide in my room and smoke,smoke,smoke! tha dam weed man loves to see me coming. because the know i'm faithful,when i need to find something else to be faithful 2. ( like god)?? but i got 1 more bag prob 25 worth,and no i'm not throwing it away,(hell i drove too dam far to get it!! lol) but aft i finish this shit i'm done yal, that's it for me!! i must admitt i'm afraid of the new life that i will have (WITHOUT MY BLNTS) but i'm surly looking foward to it...its going to be hard,and as people have been saying,"the first few days are a bith"..but i must overcome this shitsome way some how!!! AND TEENAGERS, PLEASE STOP BEFORE YOU WASTE ALOT OF YOUR LIFE GETTING HIGH!!

    • profile image

      A Person 7 years ago

      Ive also been smoking daily for 5 years..ALL DAY..its not a harm to your body or your braincells but it takes your mind away from whats important..ive been caught many times by my mom when i was young and ive seen how much shes been hurt by it..dont get me wrong im also quitting right now..havent smoked in 2 days and to be honest..i think about you can tell im on this page..but its not something i cant do..last 2 days..its been no problem...we'll see how it goes..i figure its time to straighten up and get the major school and work stuff out of the way..i can always toke a bowl when im retired and dont have anything else to do

    • profile image

      vdub 7 years ago

      Weed is medicine and any medicine that is abused ain't good for you...there are many people out there that have really bad depression or anxiety attacks, this medicine helps you to recover. There are alot of pot smokers that hold down a job very well. But if you smoke wait at least 30-60 minutes before operating a car or doing anything that could get you hurt. I hate to see people drunk and people on meth, I'd hang with a pot head any time, most likely they ain't going to rob you if they dont get their next hit! I just got out of a bad relationship and raising my children and been threw alot of crazy things weed kept me that I'm all better now I feel I don't need it. Well at least not for the past two days now, which is pretty good for doing it for 16 years! That why I'm on this blog

    • profile image

      anonymous 2009 7 years ago

      I've got a bag with me right now, but I'm on day 6 of my attempt to quit and I think I may have finally figured out how to do it. First, you really have to want to quit. I used to love smoking and sometimes I still do, but at some point a few years ago or so I started getting more freaked out from it than I ever really used to. And I've been smoking for about 12 years. You'll find if the time in your life is right you will quit. But you gotta be ready to deal with the withdrawal, which for me includes insomnia, depression, extreme aggitation and anxiety. It's not wise to just completely stop out of nowhere - what's worked for me is cutting down over about a month's period of time to where it's at least FEASIBLE to stop. I never smoke when I have a really bad hangover, so the first day, 6 days ago, I didn't smoke cause I got very drunk the night before. The second day was much more difficult but I didn't smoke then too. On the third day I smoked a couple of hits from a single bowl - got freaked out by it every time and continued my resolve to quit. Each day that goes by, it's getting easier. You might want to downgrade from kind bud to shwag during that first month I mentioned. Just smoke when you get REAL stressed and then you'll kind of feel relieved but still freaked out. The last two days now I haven't smoked at all, so out of 6 days I've smoked a little during days 3 and 4. The main reason I'm quitting is because I hate how I feel when I go without it - if I was stuck on a desert island, or in the jungle, would I want to be dealing with weed withdrawal when I'm just trying to survive?! I don't know... my biggest paranoia is it will affect my musical output and my appreciation of music, as well as signifigantly alter my personality for the worst. I understand it's going to take some time, don't be mislead by the "one week and everything's back to normal" shit cause it's probably more like 3 months of occasional doubt - it seems like the best thing to do is make sure you have good cable TV to help take your mind off things for a while. And I hate to say it but smoking cigarettes helps a lot - I couldn't even imagine quitting weed without having SOMETHING to fall back on. And a few beers at night helps ease the tension. When the time is right I'll quit cigarettes too but right now they're definitely helping me quit weed. I actually in many ways love weed and it's effect but I've spent so much of my life getting high and I think it's time for a new chapter. Neither of my parents smoke weed and I sometimes think of what it'd be like if they were stoners like me and it makes me sad, I wouldn't want them to lose the parts of them I love and get all dull and inwardly. I've been very tempermental since I quit but to quote the Beatles, "It's getting better all the time" and I think I can do it this time - yeah, this isn't my first time trying to quit but I sure as hell hope it's the last. I wish I could just smoke recreationally but everytime I ever thought I could I'd end up falling back into the same routine within days. It's been really nice tho, the first time in years not getting freaked out about my health or about the stress factors in my life. My stomach is kinda fucked sometimes but without weed I can deal with it and I don't feel like I'm dying or going insane! I'm optimistic about the future but I know it's going to take some time to break a 12 year habit and I doubt I'll be able to make any good music for a while but eventually I'll figure out how to create without getting high I hope.

    • profile image

      Tanner 7 years ago

      Well, it has taken me a little over an hour but i have read every single one of these comments. i strongly agree with some, and strongly disagree with others. here's my story... i have been a pot smoker for, lets see, about 7 years now. within the past 4 years or so, i smoke between 4-8 jibs daily or (and this is embarassing) constantly have a bowl packed, and i do mean CONSTANTLY. in many ways, weed has helped my anxiety, anger management, social settings, etc. for years i functioned normally during the work day, went home in the evenings and smoked down. no one ever knew. no one ever expected this sweet little girl was a closet pot head. but then i was fronted out when my name showed up on the random drug screen list. i was terminated immediately and terribly humiliated. that was a little over a year ago and to this day when i see an ex coworker in walmart, i turn my cart and go the other way. but 95% of my friends smoke green and they were more or less encouraging me to be proud of it. to not be shamed by it. so i did. i came out to my family and anyone i associated with that had no clue. you see, i thought they would see it my way once i explained to them how weed was natural and enhanced everything from food to sex. but no one saw it my way. i got the "lookin down on your ass" stares and whispers. i was actually called a "loser" and "dope smoker". ha! but that still didn't stop me. i was determined to smoke my weed and then laugh at all those people when the US would one day legalize it. but then, like so many others, i had to reassess my personal situation. i didn't want to be some 50 year old woman buying a bag from my grandkids. i didn't want to spend 100 bucks a week on it anymore, especially since i was unemployed because of it. i didn't want to have to go around town lookin for it when it was dry in my usual places. it got to the point that when i went to the movies or out to eat or ANYTHING, i'd have to tell my date "can you circle around the block a few times? i need to get high before i go in there." no matter how acceptable it was when i was 18, i was a grown woman now, and frankly, society does not accept it past a certain age. not to mention, i HATED how i felt when i didn't have it. i could walk around for a week with a dime in my purse, never roll it up, and i was fine... because i knew it was there when i did need it. but if i was out, so help you god!! it was almost like i had bipolar disorder. and there was NO resting until i found a bag, ANY bag. you could have pulled a handful of grass up out of the yard, microwaved it, and sold it to me on my desperate days. I could sit and smoke a whole half and only have a steady head change. i wasn't getting stoned anymore. hell, i haven't been "stoned" since high school. my tolerance was WAYYYY to high. Plus, unemployment was ending soon and i needed to find another job. pretty much any line of work now-a-days requires a drug test. so i had about a quarter one sunday and i told myself, "that's it Tanner! no more pot" So during a Married With Children marathon, i smoked my last quarter in about 4 HUGE blunts. then i took those 4 roaches and packed a bowl. almost immediately i was wishing i hadn't done that. for the next 4 days i was on the verge of tears, missin my weed. i didn't know what to do with myself. my legs were jumpin, my mind was everywhere, i was lashing out at the people closest to me for no apparent reason. then, it got a little easier. about 15 days in, i was at a friends house and she had got some hydro. i hit that bowl like 4 times and i was freakin stoned. then all of a sudden, i realized that the 15 days i had spent in agony, was totally worth that 2 hour high i got. so 24 days after that, i smoked a joint. put it out half way. STONED!! and loved it! the next time i smoked was almost 2 months later the high i reached brought back memories of the first high, ya know, the one you're always chasing. i like life better this way. i proved to myself that i don't need pot to breathe. i don't need it to watch movies, i don't need it to eat, i don't need it running my life. and although i will probably ALWAYS have a true appreciation and passion for weed, i don't need it. and THAT is the best feeling in the world. But along my journey in those agonizing days when i just wanted to snap necks cause i couldn't get high, i think my worst mistake was researching online for tips on how to stop smoking. because in all reality, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. everyone smokes for a different reason, everyone wants to/or has to quit for a different reason. no one can type a few paragraphs and educate you on the magical way to not want it. the only advice that is even worth considering is... YOU need to figure out why you started, why you continue, what triggers the need, if it is an addiction or a habbit, and actions you can take to either break the habbit or kick the addiction. BUT i understand some are desperate for any helpful hints or suggestions, so here's my one and only "trick" that worked for me. i'd roll a joint and keep it in my wallet. That way, i always knew that if ever i "needed" it, it was there. just knowing it was there, really helped me not need it. at one point i had forgotten i even had it. Good luck to everyone!!

    • profile image

      jeff 7 years ago

      im 25, have smoked pot everyday since i was 15. had issues with cocaine alcohol from about the same age, i was able to stop using cocaine because i knew it was bad for me, i still smoke pot daily not because i need it to sleep, not because ill go crazy without it, i have a mental addiction to the open zen mind it gives me. i know it makes me lazy, passive, tired, but im still not convinced its bad. in away ive become smarter, more open, and humbled from what i thinks from smoking pot . its hard to quit when you dont feel like its bad to you. anyways for other reasons i have to quit because of the physical effect its had on my body and i cant fucking quit man, but my best advice to anybody else trying to quit pot, work out.

    • profile image

      BudBird 7 years ago

      I am female, a wife, mother & professional in my field. & I have smoked pot daily for 1/2 my life - I’m 30.

      I have always managed to hold down a good job & haven't had to hide it from my friends or family, cos they all smoke too.

      I first realized pot was addictive when

      I quit smoking completely when I was pregnant with my first child but I found it surprisingly easy to stop.

      I thought I’d cracked it! - That was it - I was free! - Or so I thought?? when my son was 4 months old, I went out for the first time since having him, had a few drinks, didn't feel the need to smoke like I used to but there were joints being passed round & I thought 'what the hell' I'm over this - don't need it anymore - one little puff won’t hurt. So I took a drag & LOVED it! I felt so stoned, it felt like I had taken a pill - hadn't felt like that for years! So a friend gave me a bit to take home, I smoked it with my husband - who was also a huge stoner before entering the world of parenthood & guess what? - Yup he loved it too!

      So, we thought we could handle this - after all, we hadn't smoked for a year and we were both fine with it.

      So we got some. Thinking we would just have a smoke at the weekend, which soon turned in to the evenings & before I knew it, had turned in to every day again - morning, noon & night.

      This happened within about three weeks of smoking that first joint, without either of us realizing that we were back to square one.

      What frightened me the most was that it happened so quickly? It made me realize that pot IS addictive - albeit a physiological addiction.

      I am lucky that there is no drug testing where I work & I'm lucky enough to live in a country where it's accepted by most people, even the police turn a blind eye to small amounts. But this makes it even harder to quit!

      I was perhaps naive in thinking like that.

      As I’d found it so easy to quit when I was pregnant I thought that I could do it at any time - WRONG!

      I had made a few attempts to quit in the past 4 years since I’d started smoking again - but each time lasting no more than a day or two at most. But I kinda thought I would just stop again when I had another baby - WRONG AGAIN!

      When I fell pregnant for the second time I didn't find it as easy to quit as I had during my first pregnancy, in fact I was smoking more if anything as it really helped ease my morning sickness. However, I miscarried at 12 weeks - just when you think things are going to be OK, weather it was anything to do with my heavy pot smoking I’ll never know - but I’m sure like most things recreational - too much of it can't be a good thing. Even a traumatic experience like losing a baby didn't stop me, if anything I was smoking more again.

      Only this time I knew it had a hold of me, I was very very aware of that & although I loved the feeling of being stoned, I hated the feeling of not being able to go through life without it.

      I am now pregnant again & in the beginning made a few failed attempts to stop. Then something just 'clicked' inside my head & I thought I’m not going to let this ruin me again.

      Thankfully now I have the same sense of 'peace' that I had with my first pregnancy & now feel that I don't need to smoke anymore.

      But what I have learned & learned the hard way is that pot, the same as cigarettes or any drug, is that it IS a drug - albeit one of the most natural drugs in the world & the only way to stop is to not smoke anymore.

      I'm not saying it's going to be as easy once the baby is born to remain abstinent, especially as it is still so accepted within my family & social circle. But I am the only person that can control that.

      I feel I have missed parts of my sons growing up because of my smoking habit & I don't want to miss any more.

      I also don’t want any more kids after this one! Which seems to be the only time I can actually get my head around quitting properly. & like some of the other blogs, don't want the grandkids to be getting granny a bag!

      I would NEVER force anyone to quit, it has to be a personal choice & you have to WANT to do it. My husband still smokes daily & it's not a problem for me, I’d rather him smoke than get drunk & abusive. I still think given the choice between smoking or drinking, that smoking is by far the lesser of the two evils, in fact I’m looking at a box of bud right now. But for me, this has to be it, it has to be final.

      Having learned the hard way before, I know that for me personally & this is not the case for everyone I know, but for me, pot is like drink to an alcoholic or heroin to a heroin addict & much as I will always have an appreciation for it, I must respect it & can never smoke it again...

    • profile image

      Some Dude 7 years ago

      Don't blame marijuana, blame yourselves. I can stop smoking it anytime I want and I have done it, I have had years upon years that I didn't smoke and trust me nothing happened. What you people gotta do is make pot a secondary or a side thing not your first priority. If you are a positive and responsible person who does their work before smoking pot you will be fine, but if you wanna blame things or other people for your failures, you will never get anywhere because you have eliminated yourselves from the situation and always act like you can not do anything about it. It's not the weed, the alcohol, the gun, the next door neighbor, the stupid manager, annoying co worker, it's all you and me. It's us that causes suffering for ourselves. Once you know that, next it's time for action.

    • profile image

      peaches 7 years ago

      i am living with a bf that smokes weed all the time its his life he cant be happy with out it and recently in the past year that we have been going out he got me into it its hard to say know now that i have the feeling of what getting high is like its starting to get to me so i decided i wanted to quit and i did not want to see it or have it in my home nor hang out with all his friends thats smoke it all the time so i said one day that i had enough and i didnt want to do it anymore it ended up him getting all upset thinking that i dont want to be with him anymore because i said i dont want to see it or have anything to do with it anymore what should i do he left of coures hes always good at leaving when im trying to explian something that i care about i love him very much but im sick of living with a bf that is addicted 24/7 to marijuana im sick of it soo much

      i see it and live with it everyday he cant be happy with out it i am done im going to quit but how am i gonna keep him happy when i dont want drugs around and thats his life i guess other then me i want to be `100% healthy so its time for me to quit take advantage of life and live it the way i want to live happy and healthy with out drugs ...........

    • profile image

      brent 7 years ago

      i decided to quit smoking weed because 1)im failing college 2)its the only thing that gets me motivated anymore 3) because of my habit(notice I didnt say addiction) i decided to turn things around and join the navy. weed is just too good of a drug to quit without any motives or reasoning. I LOVE YOU MARY JANE WE WILL MEET AFTER I RETIRE! THEN I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN!

    • profile image

      Weed is dumb 7 years ago

      You gotta love weed - heads. They always spout off statistics and research about the supposed "health benefits" of weed, and how nobody dies from it and how alcohol is so much worse. Ok, so what? So it's the lesser of two evils - great. The fact is, chronic pot smoking, while not a danger to ones physical health, turns people into complete emotional retards. Nobody home. People who smoke daily have a completely skewed relationship with themselves, and with their loved ones. They are functional, and after a long enough time goes by, their weird will become their normal. However, take any weed-head who has smoked for years and years, and then finally quit, and ask them how it affected them. They will all tell you the same thing. "Holy shit", they will say, "I never realized how out of it I was!" - If you need to stay stoned all day every day, it might be time to ask yourself what it is you can't stand so much about life that you need to run and hide from your feelings like some little chicken shit. I'm all for responsible drug use, but most pot smokers are chronic, and therefore just a bunch of spaced out douchebags. Excusable if you are 17 or 18 maybe, but people in their later years who smoke like that are basically idiotic on an emotional level.

    • profile image

      FML420 7 years ago

      I'm currently trying to quit...been doing it everyday for the last couple years. In college, never saw it as a big deal, jsut used it so i was a depressed sad sac, but now i'm broke, and can see that i have a problem, but i just dont know how to fix it. I always say i'll stop to tommrow, but then i'm just pacing around restlessly till i have another sac in my position. Ugh, why does something so beautiful and easing to the mind have to come with such a high price(not just talking about cash)GL to all who are also trying to quit! and if you already have, I bet you want to blaze up a lil spliff tonight huh?

    • profile image

      18yrtoker 7 years ago

      I just quit smoking pot after 18 years daily....never smoked before work only at home after or days off. I tried quitting smoking regular cigs as well as pot at the same time. Didn't work, i kicked the pot but not the cigarettes. Shows whats more addictive doesn't it? I found the first few days the hardest, not a physical withdrawl but boredom. I really enjoyed smoking to relax in the evenings and now find myself a little on edge because I cannot relax as easily. I know this will go away soon but think the easiest way for anyone to quit would be to replace it with another activity or change up your routine. Most pot smokers have routines and the pot becomes part of it. Shake up your routine a bit and it is easier. You have to just get it out of your head...don't worry about withdrawl symptoms because there isn't any it really is just in your head

    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      I smoked weed for the first time when I was a senior in high school. When I got into college I started smoking more on a regular basis. I made pretty good grades my first year, but when I started smoking more regularly, it became too easy to not get up and go to class or do some work. It was interesting to me that I could notice my discipline slipping away, and I could hear the old voice in my head that I used to listen to telling me to "get my ass up", but I just wasn't as strong as I used to be. I loved (love) to chill, watch tv, play video games, and of course all these things are significantly more enjoyable when I'm freshly toasted. But what I really love more than anything is sports and competition. In high school I didn't realize how much of my love and energy went into sports. Intramural sports weren't really enough to fill that void in college. Getting high was the only thing that really came close to the kind of feeling I used to get in competition. I always wanted to be the kind of stoner that could handle my shit on a regular basis, but I just couldn't. Most of my heavy smoker friends say they'd be just like me if they didn't take adderol, but I didn't want to start taking that shit. I'm almost 22 now and for the last three years Ive pretty much been at a standoff with myself. I don't want to quit smoking weed because I LOVE gettin high and chillin, and the comfort that it brings me is unexplainable, but I know I have to quit eventually if I want to start living the life I wanna live. It saddens me when I think of all of the time I've already wasted being high on my friends couch, but all I can do about it is try and use that to better my future. Part of me thought that a smoking life wouldn't be a bad one, I could sell/grow with my buddies, smoke all day and not have to work. Then I thought of the best case scenario that would leave me in 5-10 years, and no simulation I could come up with resulted in me really being truly happy. So even though I really want to smoke today, I don't want to be a stoner in my mid-twenties. I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life because it terrifies me. There's no career that doesn't feel intensely overwhelming, and I know that's because of Mary J lowering my ability to handle stress and other emotions appropriately. I've tried quitting before, but my attempts were undedicated and led to me giving into a ROOR rip a week or two later that I knew would just floor me into awesomeness. My parents helped me jumpstart my present attempt to quit by letting me travel out of town with my father for this week. I'm three days in on this try, but I haven't faced the real challenge yet. I haven't had cravings while I'm here, but I have thought about how I'm going to deal with the temptation when I get back home and it's very accessible (the challenge). I know that I can't see some of my friends as much and that hurts. Being such a heavy smoker for the past few years, my heavy smoker friends have become my best friends, and even when I'm not high I think my stoner friends are cooler and more fun then my non-smoker friends. This has got to be the hardest part of the process for me, but if I don't quit now, it's only going to be harder in the future. I know I have to change my daily routine, exercise and get the natural endorphins pumping again, lean on my good friends and go out and try to socialize. It's real tough thinking about not smoking for a whole month, but I realize that if I just take it one day at a time and focus on not putting myself in positions where I can take a step backward, it will get easier. Instead of dreading not being able to watch my favorite shows or play my favorite games high, I'm dreaming of how clear my head will feel in a month and looking forward to all the productive and social aspects of life that I've been missing these last few years.

    • profile image

      ssjwes 7 years ago

      I think alot of you guys dont know what your talking about I just stopped and Ive been smoking for 10+ years. In the past year alone Ive smoked more than 2 pounds easy. Just say hey screw all this Im changing and then DO IT. Thats if you want to. Just stick to it. Tell everyone else to screw off too if someones trying to get you to do ANYTHING you dont want to do. Dont bow down represent yourself and do what YOU want to do.

    • profile image

      ssjwes  7 years ago

      Stupid double post argg. Hey Matt GL on quiting!! O ya lol I still have 1/2 a pound left sitting right by me. But am I going to hit it .... nope :)

    • profile image

      Zack SMith 7 years ago

      Yeah so anyways i have been smoking weed chronically for 3 years. i usually smoke about a half ounce a day with a friend. it starts in the morning as a wake and bake before school, then i have a shower. After my shower i would take another few hits to find myself smoking weed again in less than 20 mins. Then again at lunch time and again after school and after work, and before i go to bed. I fanally decided that weed has taken up too much of my money, i look at my pay stubs and look at the stuff i have to show with the 10 grand ive made this year, i have insurance, phone and my weed paraphernalia. Last night it took me 3 hours to get to sleep without it. I have been strong throughout my process of quitting, people offer me weed all the time at school and i have the strength now to turn it down with some hesitation. I never thought anyone could get addicted to weed but i am and its been a hard time trying to quit. I am 17 years old and i have spent easily over 9 grand on weed in the last past 3 years. I have taken all my bongs and pipes and bud buster and smashed the shit out of them and then threw my bud buster into the water. i am done with weed, if i have to strength to quit weed , well certainly you do to. I smoke about a half ounce in a day easily, weed is cheap where im from but im done with it :D

    • profile image

      lol 7 years ago

      weed is for niggers man

    • profile image

      Brad H 7 years ago

      dope isn't addictive or harmful in and of itself. you obviously can have accidents though.

    • profile image

      ste777 7 years ago

      hi people,,, im 42, ive been smoking weed since i was 14 off and on. because of the high price due to its legal status in uk i started growing. this meant i had as much i wanted. at the same time about 18 months ago my work slowed so this gave me all day to smoke pure three skinners (i quit tobacco 2 years ago) i got up in the morning and couldnt wait to roll my first spliff. its been 10 days for me now without and i feel good. nothing made me stop. im quite a wealthy lad and still have the rooms i used for growing there ready if i want but i dont want,,,,i think its like the mirror of forgetfulness in harry potter, you can spend your life stiring into it , you wont be unhappy but you wont be living either, basicaly its not enough for me ,,, i say there is more to life than 1 plant, theres a whole world out there,,,,,its funny because the goverment will say that its bad for us like they care, whilst at the same time murdering innocent women and children in iraq,,,they obviously dont care for us,,,, so there must be some other reason for its illegality, what is that reason? well when i was growing i didnt spend a penny on it. if it wasnt for the law people would just grow if they wanted it and not when they want to stop it just wouldnt be an issue,,,look at the way its pushed in popular culture through music and film,,,,the law on drugs is just another way for the men in power to cream off you and fuck u up. there masonic pigs always there to enforce there masters laws,,, i just wanted to let you know guys even if youve got an enless supply at your fingertips for free its still no life for you, so dont be fustrated be strong, cause theres a fight you have to win,,, an for you young ones, it hasnt always been like this. there was a time not too long ago when there were no illegal drugs to speak of on our streets,,, they are pushed to harm and to control,,,weve always known this deep down havent we,,,keep it LOVE

    • profile image

      sparkless 7 years ago

      cannabis is a double edged sword. Its great on one angle(if you know what i mean, for people that have smoked it). And its not so great on the other when used irresponsibly. I realize that has been my problem, the destructive impact weed can do in peoples lives is quite staggering.

      JUST SAY YES, which means no. reverse psychology stuff gotch ya.

    • profile image

      sparkless 7 years ago

      weed increases estrogen levels in men.

      the destructive impact weed can do in peoples lives is... well makes them do nothing. makes you imagine.. which is good and all.. but the continuous use snowballs into a megalith monster.

    • profile image

      Guest 7 years ago

      I have started to quit... not willingly, but because my connects are not there anymore.

      The hardest part about it is not taking as much joy in certain things I used to do. I would usually be very active while I smoked; go to the gym, play some guitar, go out with friends. I hardly ever smoked and just sat on the couch and watched tv. For me, I now find tv and movies incredibly boring. Playing guitar is nowhere near as fun. And I can't stand going to the gym anymore.

      I do have incentives to quit. I have a wife and a 5 month old daughter.

      The other night I got so desperate that I actually tried to scrape a bowl and smoke the resin.

      No matter what anyone tells you, marijuana is addictive. The hardest part about it, which I'm sure many will agree with me, is doing it in moderation. If you have the will to only do it so often, I can imagine it is not so bad. But for 99% of us, we become dependant on it for life.

    • profile image

      Scaly 7 years ago

      Yall mutha's are fucked on weed, look at the shit you are typing, im gettin a headache just readin it,Im a bit of a connasiure on the ganja and im telling you quit that shit before you turn into a pure, unrelenting gobshite

    • profile image

      sparkless 7 years ago

      I am quitting because of a bronchitis issue. also i recently got laid off work, I have a 8 month daughter. I also notice i don't get maximum weight gains while working out at the gym. this is actually my first day without weed.

      I know what you mean.. as the days progress all sorts of stuff will seem boring. its like you came back from travelling for awhile and find your current place not too interesting. im just gonna have to go through it. i know it won't last forever, the shit im going to go through in the next 2-3 weeks.

      I find that, in the past, going for regular walks can curb the boring and edginess.

    • profile image

      Still4syntax 7 years ago

      Stop looking for an answer, i'll give it to you.


      I smoke daily and honestly I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon.

      I have a good job, am in good health, married and happy!

      I have smoked pot for 10 years now...and let me tell you that I don't feel slower nor dumber than my colleagues.

      I always had bad wife tells me it's because of pot,I'm convinced it's unrelated since i was never able to remember things i was not interested in (as a child). anyways even if pot affects my memory, my laptop does a great job to make up for it! : )

      Well the point is that the only reason I sometime take a break on smoking is shortage.

      When this happens it can last for a month or so...i found that the best way of avoiding thinking too much about it is simply to do something else, anything really, keep your mind busy and you won't even think about smoking.

      A lot of people like myself smoke weed to relax after a long day (that's a pretty stressful society we have created).Practice sport!!!!!!!!!

      It has almost the same effect...the more you miss smoking, the more weight you should lift or the longer you should run, a nice, good and healthy sport session will relax you, combine this with a beer and you're ready to go to bed!

      Keep smoking weed, there is no reason at all for you to stop if you're enjoying your life! If you feel depressed, sad or lazy...watchout!!! quit for a few days and run until you're exhausted! success guaranteed!!! oh...and something else, smoke at the end of the day, unless you're on vacation I strongly recommend you quit the morning joint!

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 7 years ago

      Its been about 7 months since my last puff of weed, and I feel great. My anxiety is gone, no more night terrors, and my relationship with my wife and family has taken a turn for the better. I have lost all contact with my old pot-head friends because they seem to think that I have turned into some kind of NARC or goody2shoes. They can think what ever they like! I am extremley content with my $50K annual law enforcement job, happy family, and new clear headed, intelligent friends. from all the excersize and weight lifting I have done, I have lost 40+ lbs of pure body fat and tripled my muscle mass. My wife and I are now working on our having our first child and GOD it feels great to be able to raise him in a non addictive atmosphere.

      Yes, first quitting was the most suffering I have ever put myself through, but all of these benifits have been well worth it. I, of course have thought about lighting up again but truthfully know that it would just set me back into my old habits. These past few months have also encouraged me to quit smoking cigerettes and become alcohol free. I dont think I have ever been this clear headed since before my high school daze. Thank you for reading all of my blogged advice and I hope your sobriety will bring about a new found happiness as mine has for me.

    • profile image

      sparkless 7 years ago

      its been about 3 weeks since my last toke. Ive already noticed my family and i are growing a better relationship. im less paranoid when i go out. im not scared of roadblocks anymore. i already feel like im getting more done and im workingout more. I may possibly getting a new job which will require a urine sample, hopefully by then all thc will be out of my system. On the flip side ive been drinking some bottles of wine here and there. I want to be more clear headed aswell. This next part of my journey will be a leap but i know in the end it'll be for the best.

    • profile image

      Gazzy 7 years ago

      After spending an hour reading this article and comments; I thought I might add my own story. I used to smoke pot maybe once or twice a week with the same friend I always smoked it with, it used to be an oz for the night, get totally brain dead and then back to normal life. This worked well for me for years and I managed to pass college with the best grades possible. Throughout all this time I had a girlfriend who I was deeply in love with, we broke up after 4 years and that's when my problems started. What used to be just weekends became everyday overnight because I had chosen to use weed as a crutch to get over her. It worked too, it's been about 8 months since we broke up and I'm almost completely over someone I thought I'd never be able to live without, but now a new lady (mary j) has taken her place and I can't live without her. Right now I'm having problems keeping up with university and having the motivation to succeed, it's not that pots taken my motivation it's that I think so much when under the influence of it that I've come to realise how shit life is. I don't want for material possesions or money anymore or love, so what's left in life for me? you guessed it. I don't even want to quit weed, thats the problem, I want to moderate my weed again. I want to get back to being able to lead a fully functional life that includes the odd toke without the toke defining who I am. I realise weed has become a big part of who I am socially and in my mind, I notice from myself and a lot of other tokers how people tend to brainwash themselves regarding the positives of weed to such a degree that even when the answer to their problems is staring them in the face they can't see it. I'll always love weed and I will never quit but I will get back to being in control of my habbit and I won't blame weed for my problems, weed has opened up so many doors and changed me as a person a lot, made me think about so much stuff I wouldn't normally think about that I know for a fact I'd be a totally different person than I am now, it even helped me to face up to the fact the love of my life had left me. So what have I learned? when your in control of weed, its great, it causes little damage and you can lead a normal life. When life goes shit weed is an easy crutch, it's easy to romanticise weed and think that its your friend, your identity, part of you. Once it becomes your identity it seems near impossible to control your habbit like most used to be able too. I'd say if I don't manage to moderate it myself I'll quit completely but that would be admitting to defeat without even trying, I will succeed at moderation, I just have to find myself a new goal for living.

      To the people who bash weed and blame it for their problems, your really being blind to yourself. People can can eat lots of food and get really fat, even eat themselves to death, does this mean foods addictive? no it means the people eating the food can't control themselves so they create reasons in their own heads as to why they shouldn't control themselves. Some fat people blame the food, or stress, or the fact it comforts them, some blame medical conditions or Mcdonalds. Do you see the pattern? the blame is always placed on the vice and not on yourself. Weed has helped many millions of people with pain, hemp has so many uses it could and should be used for, cannabis has even been found to stop cancerous tumours growing. Weed unlike alcohol doesn't destroy brain cells (can you do you alphabet backwards drunk?), in my case I'd say its enlightened me as opposed to making me stupid, or maybe I enlightened myself and shouldn't be attributing this to weed? Who knows but my point is this, weed is an amazing drug with many uses medically, economically and spiritually, weed has never caused you any problems only you yourself have caused them, get control of it like I am going too. I wish everyone goodluck with whatever they do and I really enjoyed reading everyones posts, I know I can stick to the odd smoking session when I get myself a goal a reason for being I hope you can too, its not fun spending everyday smoking a drug thats just cost you a bit and not even getting very high from it, you gotta get your fight back, don't go down, BRING IT ON LIFE!!!

    • profile image

      Anonymous pothead 7 years ago

      I have quit now for a few days I'm on day 5. I have been smoking for close to 2 years everyday from 1 to 5 joints a day on average including bongs and blunts. I smoked because I didn't care and was a naive teenager. I have now seen the light and realized I was not addicted like I had thought but rather got so used to smoking every day that it became a habit. Weed is not addictive per say but it can become a bad habit. For anyone out there trying to quit know that it is completely possible for you to quit. All you need to do is use your mind. That's right, kicking the weed habit is all about mind over matter. Believe you can quit, believe you are not addicted, believe you do not need it in your life and instead replace it with something much better like meditation for instance. Meditation will help you find inner peace and you will learn to love yourself and everyone around you. Remember that the weak fall to temptation and only the strong minded can resist. Breaking the weed habit is easier said than done because it's so easy to just give in and take another puff but at what cost? If you have been smoking everyday like I have for awhile you don't even get the "high" that you used to get so all your doing is wasting your money. Another hurdle most of us have to deal with is the fact that we smoke with our friends and therefore the peer pressure is there and I have fallen victim to it many times when i was trying to quit. It takes a lot of will power to quit and anyone can do it. Our mind is the most powerful tool you can posses so use it wisely and make smart choices in any aspect of life especially with marijuana. Yes it is mostly harmless but too much of anything is no good. If you do not want to quit completely know that the longer you take a break from weed the "higher" you will get the next time you smoke and this can be quite an experience. My advice is use in moderation and that is different for anyone so only you can decide what that is. Remember that YOU and only YOU are in control of your life. Weed does not own you, you do not need it, you were completely fine without it for however many years you were sober before toking up. It is very easy to quit all you have to do is believe and you can achieve. I hope my words of wisdom will enlighten some of you that read this and may peace be with you and goodness follow you wherever you may go. Remember that your mind controls everything, the more you tell yourself something the more you will believe it. Your very thoughts manifest your reality. Tell yourself you are not a pothead and get on with your life!- Anonymous ex pothead

    • profile image

      Jme  7 years ago

      This made very intresting reading, it is astonishingly suprising how weed smokers share the same mentality. Im 17 and have been smoking weed for three years, again as in usual cases it started out on occasions, and then slowly progressed over time, to the point where weed would be on my mind when I go to sleep and when I wake up. However this morning I got busted by my Dad smoking a joint in the garden, what can you do. I took a complete bollocking and had to face my mother crying telling me how she felt she had failed with me because of what i am doing. This made me upset and gave me the motivation to quit. But however like most people who have posted on this, all of my friends smoke weed and I feel I'm facing a seemingly impossible task to quit completly on my own. I dont know one single person who has smoked weed and managed to permantly kick the habit. Not one. So this leaves me thinking what the fuck do I do now ? Luckily i have never been caught by the police with weed and i can imagine the look on my mums face if i did...I personally think if you are a responsible enough person to smoke weed and be able to deal with the consequences on your lifestyle and yourself then by all means go ahead. But if like me, you are the sort of person who when getting fucked over, turns round and says 'it really wasnt worth it i wish i didnt do that' but love getting stoned then i dont think it is worth it. Save yourself your gonna get fucked eventually and it isnt worth it. As a stoner your living your life not facing your problems, lying to the people you love and not fufilling your potential. This has been a great realisation for me and i think im ready to quit, at least for a while.

    • profile image

      Xan 7 years ago

      I started smoking weed around grade 8 smoked mostly on weekend until grade 10 until one of my best friend started smoking weed too. From grade 10 - 11 i always went to his house and smoked that bong everyday after skool and during skool wud smoke joints too make the day go by faster. During summer break in grade 11 i tried to quit and was succesful for about 3 months. Then i started going to that same friends house and 1 day decided to take a bong hoot. I got so stoned because my tolerance went down. Since taking that one hoot i instantly went back to my old ways. First started saying only fridays and never at skool. Then it eventually came to smking everyday after skool and around 2 - 3 splifs a day during skool. I recently came to terms saying "im addicted" and i think this is the first step to be able to quit. Overall i think marijuana is addicting and if u havent tried it u never shud. I also have come to realize that my "real friends" that were telling me to stop cuz ull ruin ur life were correct and my pot smoker friends will eventually get nowhere in life and wish they quit. Ive been clean for 2 weeks and hopefully will never relapse again.

    • profile image

      jacob gaiski 7 years ago

      this is totaly ludacris, biased information. Marijuana is not addictive. Although, certain people tend to have addictive personalities. Marijuana is not like any other drug, have you ever snorted a line of cocaine and had a 'bad trip'? full of paranoia? Or shot up heroin and freaked out that the police were coming after you? No, i dont think you have simply because marijuana depends on the persons behavior. Based on the, how you perceive it is the way it will be, type of thing. I can agree with some people here that say if you smoke weed your whole high school life, your going to have problems with not doing it when your older. WELL NO CRAP! OF COURSE YOU ARE! When you program something like that into your subconcious, its almost like painting a frame in which you live. And by frame I mean subconcious, and by painting I mean conciousness. Most people that would like to quit smoking marijuana, and find themselves, as you woudl say, 'addicted', they arn't addicted, but in reality they need to just explore different life styles. If all you do, all day long is smoke weed, roll blunts, play video games, and you try to stop smoking by playing that same video game, GET SLAPPED!

      MARIJUANA IS NOT AN ADDICTIVE DRUG, ALL OF YOU ARE SO IGNORINT! I'M SORRY, BUT I'M A RECOVERING HEROIN ADDICT AND COCAINE ADDICT, quiting marijuana was a walk in the park compared to all those things. I smoke marijuana currently to be honest, and let me tell you, I have never once started jonsing for a hit just because I saw a nug.

      I hope this website gets shutdown for ignorince! Do more research before you BLATENTLY claim marijuana is an addictive substance!

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      thanks dude.

    • profile image

      shisha 7 years ago

      I stopped smoking weed by smoking shisha instead - Ok it does not get me high but it does give me a little buzz and a feeling of relaxation. Shisha worked for me it may work for you too!

    • profile image

      Weed Expert 7 years ago

      Just to let everyone know that it causes depression, and anxiety. I used to say the same thing.." it comes from the earth its a plant not harmful." I expereinced after my come downs I am extremely moody and have these crazy mood swings. I had depression and anxiety. So it depends on the person. I SMoked for about 2 years and quit. I spent over at least 7k on weed. Jus not worth, plus I love my white perfect teeth so I quit.

    • profile image

      nina 7 years ago

      There have been plenty of studies that have proven that marijuana is NOT addictive.

      IT IS HABIT FORMING, but not addictive.

      I have gone without smoking for weeks, sometimes months, sometimes days. I can stop whenever I want to without any kind of symptoms or side effects. This is why it's not considered an addiction. It's actually harder to quit smoking cigarettes than it is to stop smoking pot. Why, because tobacco IS addictive, and has horrible side effects when going through withdrawal.

      Just because one smokes pot for 15, 20, or even 50 years doesn't mean it's an addiction, it just means it's a habit.

      Educate yourself.

    • profile image

      Tim 7 years ago

      LOL who ever believes weed is addicting, your fucking retarded. there is no chemical in weed like there are in cigarettes or such, weed is just a plant that when you happen to smoke it you feel good. and people say they can quit if they wanted but they dont want to quit because weed is fucking awesome! so to sum up the shit i was saying: if you are against weed, fuck you. if you think weed is addicting: your fucking dumb. spark up and get ready for the ride.

      one love from michigan.


    • profile image

      brokenheartedmom 7 years ago

      for the last couple of years I've watched my son destroy his life. all the good things in his life went be the wayside the more he got into pot...good friends, sports, grades, and of course his relationships with his family. this christmas he chose to spend it with his buddies getting high and missed a great family gathtering, presents, the works. pot has far more effects than just on the persons health and brain- he's been robbed in many other ways, and it's devistated our family too.

    • profile image

      brokenheartedmom 7 years ago

      oh yah...the same anger i see in some of your posts i've seen in my son- so much denial that you have a problem- it's so sad it breaks my heart.

      I sincerly hope that you guys can see just how horrible the effects of pot are on your mood...anger destroys relationships, sometimes forever. Let that be another reason to quit...your family loves you and want the best for you!!!

    • profile image

      k-jay 7 years ago

      Ive stopped smoking weed since new years... it might be a short time but i feel the difference. The main reason i gave up is because it made me anti-social and quiet.. i suppose it effects ppl in different ways, my life is more important then weed thanx for every1's comments which has really helped me.. nuff love and support to all of u on da same journey.. lets enjoy life.

    • profile image

      maximiseyourlife 7 years ago

      if you need to smoke weed then i believe that you are not as happy with your life as you would like to think...why? because if you were happy then you wouldn't need to feel high,comfortably numb or a need to escape and switch off would be happy with yourself as you are without the need for intoxication or mental escapism. all the people who think that smoking weed makes them more creative etc are ultimately fooling themselves. i would place a bet that these people are probably quite young, inexperienced or just their own biggest fan (after their mum) because weed makes you focus on yourself a lot more than when you do not puts you inside your head and it skews / abstracts your thinking. you may think that youre more creative but really you're living in a stoned bubble. i smoked everyday for 18 years and have recently given up a month or so ago and i feel a huge difference, my productivity has shot through the roof and i am seeing the benefits of that in my day to day life. i am a very experienced professional graphic designer in my mid 30's and i can honestly say that my productivity has shot through the roof since giving up. i no longer sit and analyse my work going around in circles, proscrastinate etc, i get from a to b in a much quicker time, i waste less time, i am more efficient, i am more sociable, my work quality has improved, literally everything has improved...i feel sharp and on point. my mind is clear, more so than i ever remember because i have been smoking for so long and do not really rememeber that much....i have better conceptual thinking is also more focused..i feel like i am me on full power rather than chugging along which i never realised i was doing...all the things i thought i was really good at when i was smoking and would defend smoking weed to the hilt if anyone spoke against it but now i see that they were right all along..i feel like such a fool because of that. i was wrong for 18 years solid..what a waste. to be fair maybe i was good at those things in the early stages of smoking but after smoking for a couple of years i became prettty slowwwwwwwww minded but i didnt know..i thought my work was great but lookng at it now i'm not so sure. even though i built up a name for myself and i am proud of that but if i hadnt of been smoking that expensive leaf so often i truly believe i would of climbed a lot higher than i have so far. i have had some great times smoking weed, the feeling is amazing, but smoking weed was my day to day and i felt normal when it was in my life, it ultimately made me antisocial and a its not my day to day, reality is different and it is actually a lot better than any time being a hazey minded smoker...never ever thought i would say that but it is true. i get a lot more done, i am more interested in other people, i have a lot more mental power i can concentrate and get things done in a much shorter time.....wish i realised this a LONG time ago and saved myself a hell of a lot of money. life in slow mo is compltely selfish, give up weed and get more done which will build up your self esteem....clarity is the best feeling ever if you haven't experienced real sobrierty in a long time. now i know what its like to be alive.

    • profile image

      chico317 7 years ago


    • profile image

      born2smoke 7 years ago

      i,ve been smoking 15yrs parents smoke it,my siblings,my friends , basically everyone i have anything to do with smokes the shit..i hate been a smoker it destroys ones mental status bit by boyfriend calls me a junkie n i laugh.. a junkie..but i smoke a drug everyday n it does affect my stoned right now n my head is fucking useless to me...i found this blog coz i wante to give up...really for once and for was good when it was a bit of a laugh with the gang..but im 30 yrs old n im sitting here smokin giggles ,just thoughts of how i,d love to fucking quit this tired hash makes you tonight im quitting..i,ve had my last j tonight..let the quitting begin..hope you all find your inner non dope smoker n free your real mind too...

    • profile image

      guest 7 years ago

      Oh MAN! The people who quit and wrote on here about it being no problem and then are mean to those who have had a hard time are so naive to the fact that everyone is different. My husband, an x alcoholic, got seriously injured last year. He later went to the "doctor" and got a presciption for pot.. a license to smoke it ALLLLL day long every day! No worry's right, it is not addictive. SCREW YOU, IT IS!!!! I think it only is for maybe half the population, but just because it was not for you doesn't mean you should speak such bull shit to people. He has had a terrible time stopping knowing that he can go to the despensary (candy store) as easy as going to the liquor store for an alcoholic. He has torn up his green ticket, but they have him on file at many of these dispensory's around L.A.. Now he has moved out for a month to kick it and not be an ass hole to his family in the process, as IT DOES cause major mood swings.

      Been married for 9 years, I know him very well, there is nothing he can't do when he puts his mind to it and THIS is as hard as quitting drinking for him.

    • profile image

      this guy 7 years ago

      I wanna quit , i tryed quitting like a million times saying "ok this is the last time" but i kno it isnt gonna be. I can tell its making me dumber, so why do i consist on continuating this awesome adventure. answer me that lol

    • profile image

      Dewy 7 years ago

      It's the hardest thing I've ever tried to do by a long way. The main obstacle is deleting my Weezer songs. lol Nah, seriously, this is fucked. I'm "quitting" but still smoking every day :S

    • profile image

      e$ 7 years ago

      many ppl commenting on the topic here which seem to want to quit but arent are in a phase which i found my self in i hav only been weed free for a week and still find myself fighting urges but i have learned that to really quit you have to allow your addiction to rn itz course(not the rest of your life) but long enough that you can come to a realization that itz just nessisary. my personall deciding factor waz the simplicity of not being able to pass a drug test 2 get a job which is becoming harder and harder. long story short to finnaly quit start smoking less and less and provide your self with a goal which would require having a clean system. its a hard process but is deffinately possible. i am considerd the stoner/pot head or w.e of my group and could smoke as much if not more than any one commenting here and if i can quit i guarrentee anyone truely detirmined here can do the same aim sn: escrib01 hit me up 4 more iff u need da advice

    • profile image

      born2smoke 7 years ago

      i was serious the other day when i said i was quittin i,ve been serious every fuckin time..but i didn,t and im pissed off with myself..i don,t even like being stoned anymore..n i pay money every wk for blow n the only feeling i get from that is shitiness..i wouldn,t know what to do if i didn,t i said everyone i know smokes daily n for years so what would i do quit my family n friends ..

    • profile image

      mrgstar 7 years ago

      Im a 25 year old fairly healthy male. I have been smoking weed nearly everyday for the 10-11 years. I only smoke in the evening and have around 4-5 blunts a night, maybe a few more on weekends.

      I want to stop for a few reasons:

      1) The cost in the UK is a joke! £10 a gram!

      2) I am starting to have very weird dreams and thoughts and they do scare me.

      3) I am very unsociable and all I want to do is go home from work and have a smoke and play xbox!

      4) General health issues

      I dont want to give up because I love the taste, smell and most of all the high. It helps me to relax and to sleep at night. I want to give it up altogether rather then cut down. I have tried many times but I get stressed out when I have no weed. It becomes an obsession to score! It is a mental thing for me Im sure.

      My plan to give up properly, is to go on holiday for 2 weeks to somewhere I definatley wont be able to get it. I feel that is the only way for me to progress.

      I believe weed, pot whatever, is addictive and in my experience it did lead to harder drugs. I think the government should help us out here. They take a huge amount of tax from the people so why cant they find a way to assist in quiting cannabis??? I feel that if weed were to be made legal, like dam, less people would be interested and the government could sting us for more taxes! If cannabis is easily available in a shop, I think it will be less desireable.

      I plan to start from Feb 1st 2010 and I will post any useful info I get on my way!

    • profile image

      sandra 7 years ago

      They say marijuana is the gateway to all drugs. Which in fact is true. Maybe not immediately but you do end up doing others. Eventually you wan't to try everything once. And once you do you try it again. All it takes is one time of smoking to become "addicted" because it is that fun. Quitting is extremely difficult and usually only lasts a few months and possible some years but is usually taken up again. When it is around You might pass it up a couple of times but you'll give in eventually. The only way you can finally quit is when you don't even have to try anymore.

    • profile image

      pissed 7 years ago


      I've been addicted to weed for about 2 years now. i smoke about an 8th a day. i love smoking weed its the only thing i look forward to, but now i think its time to call it quits. My parents are always yelling at me and they dont trust me, i keep fighting with them. My friends are all potheads and all i do is hangout with them. all my money goes on fucking weed and not a bomb ass dinner. i completely fucked up, what is this fucking drug. It might not be addicting but it sure as fuck is habit forming.

      Gotta quit badly. need to figure out what to do.

      Good luck to everyone out there trying to quit

    • profile image

      spliffed 7 years ago

      Sandra's got it totally wrong, marijuana is not the gateway to all drugs. I've been spliffing since i was 14 years old, almost 12 years, and have never felt even the slightest urge to try anything else...I've been around many different types of drugs- pills, coke, shrooms, acid, ketamine etc. but have never tried anything but weed. I have no interest or curiosity, i LOVE weed! Like a few people on here have said, i don't drink much alcohol, i'm a smoker and believe fully that if i went down the alcohol road my life wouldn't be half as good as it is right now.

      It totally depends on the person. I was one of the top students in my school, while smoking weed, i worked part-time to put myself through college, while smoking weed, and then i graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Accounting, while smoking weed. I'm just not stupid, knew when to put my head down to study and i celebrated doing 5 hrs study with a big fat joint at the end;)

      People have to stop blaming weed and take responsibility for their own laziness and other deep rooted problems that were always there but weed just brought them to light. Who says you can't smoke a spliff and go on a walk, rather than sitting in a zombie like state in front of the tv...Start enjoying weed again people!!

    • profile image

      wWAx!0M 7 years ago

      Well I've been smoking weed since 12 y/o , quited month ago for no reason , I was just courius , and I'm doing fuckintastic , don't even think about smokin , even when around my pothead friends I'm doin fine , didn't start drinkin , didn't start shooting heroine , I think it al depends how and why u wanna quit , but yeah I was smoking 15 years , spending 200 $ a week for good dro , now I can afford brand new Benz lol 

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      yeah I think every one to stop conplaining about how addicted they are to weed ive been smoking every day heavily, extremly heavily 2 oz a week for 10 years and I have stoped on several occasions for a month period plus and did not find it hard at all I actually felt better its all in your head !!!!!!!!!!! your not addicted untill you suck dick for your drug of choice has anyone here sucked dick for weed I think not stop fucn complaining if you want to stop just stop its real simple get of ur ass stop whining about how hard ur life and feeling sorry for your self your making excuses !!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      quitsmokin4ever 7 years ago

      It has almost been a year since Ive quit, and I feel great.

      No more unusual nightmares.

      No more yellow teeth

      Better friends

      Much better relationship with family and wife

      Alot more money saved in bank

      More time to spend on constructive hobbies (ie rebuilding classic cars, excersize, posting blogs, learning other languages, or what ever I feel like.)

      Much better/respectable job

      Better eating habits

      Thinking clearer

      Better health

      Much more active

      If you smoke pot and would like to improve yourself in any of these areas, you must lift the cloud from your head. I know that quitting is very hard and have tried many times before. Many people dont think they need to quit because they dont have a good reason to. I just listed over 10 reasons and Im sure there are 100s more.

      Like I mentioned I have been sober for almost a year and have not and will not look back again. The sobriety rewards are much better the the escape of being high. I have posted on this site numerous times durring my days of quitting. I have given many ideas to help you through your sobriety process. Just look for my call name: QUITSMOKIN4EVER starting back 8 months ago and you may find good advice,tips, and help with this difficult process. You are a rock and can accomplish any task you want. Obstacles are only those things thrown within your path to get you to repeat bad behavior. I believe in you and most importantly your loved ones believe in you. But make sure you dont quit for any one else except for yourself. In order for this path to be completed it must only be for personal desire. Trust me, you will probably end up starting back up if you decide to quit for anything else but yourself. YOU HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

    • profile image

      zombie paradise 7 years ago

      I smoke weed everynight, two blunts a night, with 40's of old english. Everynight. Ontop of cigarettes. Ive been doing this for years, everynight, and I cant stop. I mean, I can stop, But it's really hard. I feel like I am caught in a mud ditch and Im rockin my boat trying to break my wheel free but nothing happens. I am stuck.

      So yes, please, someone tell me how to quit.. I'm dying over here.

    • profile image

      orangecandy 7 years ago

      i have a weedleaf on my chest and will keep smoking til im 80 on the front porch with a mickeys 40oz., marlboro red dangling from my lip yelling GAHD BLEES 'MERICA

    • profile image

      Donnie 7 years ago

      For the people in this forum who think marijuana is addictive, think around the box for a minute. Cigarettes and liquor have become more of a depressing and entrenched grave in our society today. What you all need to realize is, it comes to self control. Anyone can make the internet just as destructive to their life as weed by becoming engulfed by online gaming, and so on. I wanna finish this up by saying MARIJUANA IS NONE ADDICTIVE and if you want answers watch "The Union".

    • profile image

      bigshooter 7 years ago

      i agree. weed is not physically addictive. but it is VERY habit forming. ive smoked daily for almost seven years. my WHOLE family smokes pot. all my friends smoke. its a very large part of my life. it is possible to lead a normal sucessful life while habitually smoking weed, but not very fuckin likely. sure maybe you've got a decent job and a family, and good friends. what alot of people on here cant seem to realize is that the odds that your life would have been or will be better without weed are astronomical. infact id say its 100%! i love the act of getting high and like being high. i also love blowing shit up. this doesnt mean i should do it everyday. and yet i find myself falling short in the willpower dept. everytime i try to quit

    • profile image

      Billy 7 years ago

      This is indeed pretty darn helpful,bud. Thanks. I, personaly have never touched anysort of illegal drug, nor do i ever dream of doing so. However, someone close to me has, and does everyday, multiple times a day. It's a long distance friend,so I can't be there to help change social habits. I was just gonna throw out multiple health problems it causes, and hope she gets it through her thick, rotting skull that it's killing her. She says, "It's fine, I don't know why you don't like it..."-well, duh! I don't like it. My best friend turning into retarded stoner isn't my best idea of fun. Her name is Taylor; I'm Billy. Please pray for her, cause though it seems bad, marijuana is the least of her worries...her life hasn't gone as planned. Anyway, just wanted to share that with ya'. God bless.

    • profile image

      Dolphy 7 years ago

      Pot IS a problem, and its the chronic these days that are really the problem. All the studies are based on weak pot like the shit in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s... Grown in soil inside, or outside in fields with MOTHER NATURE providing the nourishment. With hydroponics (not to mention chemicals etc.) this stuff is different and considerably stronger than what all the studies are based on.

      After 10 years of chronic daily usage (3x at the minimum) I've began to recognize that my motivation to succeed was replaced with a bitter outlook on the world. "Why is everybody against me" - compared to "where did this chip on my shoulder come from". All of my friends are chronics too and most of them have an outlook thats very similar. Pot inhibits you to look within yourself to better yourself, and consequently your life and situations pertaining to. It makes you look at what is wrong with the world, with the assumption that you are just fine. I live in Canada, and its CHEAP ($200/ounce) here compared to the US and Europe and I "needed" to smoke a quarter ounce a day. Seriously. How many "normal" people have a habit that costs a few hundred weekly? Junkies! Its just junkies are usually more inebriated and cannot function in society. If you had a job and were on crack, you'd lose the job instantly and nobody would doubt that you're on something. You smoke pot before work and you just seem tired, or dumb.

      Now for the "chemicals" that I spoke about. Many growers spray their plants with "AVID" (among many things, but I'll focus on this one). It is a pesticide to avoid getting mites in the buds. AVID is categorized as a "SYSTEMIC NEUROTOXIN". It is used in the agricultural industry (formulated/diluted by a trained professional) and what it does is attaches itself to the DNA of the host plant to ensure the effective use. For example, in apples, it makes a thin layer on the apple so that any pests that eat it will die a slow, painful death - and it will also transmit to it's offspring. It is (questionably) "safe" for seriously diluted agricultural use for oral consumption by humans. They say that its so weak that it won't hurt us (yet ANOTHER thing to make the rich people buy organics). There have never been studies on what it does when SMOKED, in a non regulated dose (diluted by a biker or stoner grower). I've seen it before, "whoops I put too much in man, oh well, it will just stress the plant out and make it grow better!". Both people that rely heavily on the success of the crop to make recoup their costs/revenue. Do they care if you smoke AVID? Nope. What about moldy bud? Mold will stay in your lungs forever, what about when you smoke it????. THESE are the real issues that are surrounding pot, other than the fact that it DOES change your brain chemistry and affect your mood. Undoubtedly!

      So, next time you grab some pot. Think about if the person you got it from grew it, and if they care about health (or if whoever actually grew it, cared about your health or getting your money). Chances are, you are buying "chemy" pot that will just give you strange health affects in your LATER life, and at that time you won't know what caused them.

      I have made a decision to quit smoking pot, its made me rely on it to function, and my life is the definition of COMPLACENCY. Free yourself, and empower yourself with the knowledge of why you shouldn't be ingesting products that you have no idea of where they came from (other than the "dealer" that passed it on to you for a profit). At least with the agricultural industry there are regulated standards to adhere to. Pot is illegal, and so there are no regulations except don't do it. Most of these people growing the stuff have no idea of the long term affects of the chemicals they use to "enhance" the plant (either more yield, bigger buds, stickier, heavier, no risk of bugs destroying etc.) no do they care about the effects of the drug because they are using it too. Most growers/dealers sell to subsidize their own usage. Being a grower/dealer is like the hair club for men, your not only the president, but a member too!

    • profile image

      Paul  7 years ago

      $200 for an ounce is not that cheap, unless you are talking about the high-quality "dro". An ounce of mid-grade/regular in the Midwest US runs anywhere from $50-80, which is still a lot to pay. I quit because I could not afford to pay for my habit, but also because my habit made me too lazy to earn enough money to survive happily. Like a few others have said, some people can handle everyday usage, but some, such as MYSELF, become lazy, withdrawn, TIRED, and mentally foggy.

    • profile image

      Dolphy 7 years ago

      "DRO" stands for HYDROPONIC, which means grown in WATER (inside). My whole rant above there was about "DRO". Idiot.

      (can you tell that day 4 is making me cranky?)

    • profile image

      ganja 7 years ago

      weed's awesome

    • profile image

      gostartanotherwarassholes 7 years ago

      God bless america my fuckin ass!,your countries little war on drugs and it's threats to all other countries that don't follow are the reason all you fuckin yanks are ballin on here.If you believe you should be legally allowed to smoke then do something about it you war hungry chickenshit motherfuckers,until then take your shit don't fuckin stink attitudes and go pray or get shot over seas in another of your wars the way you all seem to love to do! Day 5 for me and i'm not fuckin happy about it.I blame the U.S. it was probably an american that invented a drug test to include thc..........fuckin assholes!

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      weed doesnt ruin lives people do when they abuse. i got caught today and now i realize i have no option to quit after spending almost every day for the last year stoned. i realize how much this affects my parents and though i dont see weed as a big deal its ripping apart my family and i cant do that anymore.

    • profile image

      Bud 7 years ago

      I am a successfull company owner who smokes pot up to 10 times a day, and can honestly say a bunch of you are fools. What i dont do, is drink Alcohol, and i am better person for it. Drinking kills, ruins homes, ruins lives, ruins families... pot has NEVER done these things. No guy would ever com home after smoking pot all day and beet his wife like an alcoholic would coming home from the bar, ill tell ya that much.

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      24 hours into quiting and it is rediculas what types of things can cause one to think weed, i smelt toast today and i started thinking how it would taste if i was high... its been a pretty long day so far

    • profile image

      bigman 7 years ago

      it does alot of damage so just quit

      its not COOL

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      day four- and i just gotta keep telling my self im not gonna smokke today... we'll see how far i make it

    • profile image

      V.R. 7 years ago

      i quit cold turkey. its easy. you just have to find that drive that tells you that you dont need it anymore and then get away from all the people who are around you who smoke.

    • profile image

      one 7 years ago

      your stuid and this is the worst advice ever! it's really addictive and you need to find a support group

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      one week two days, easy stuff now no longer have the sudden urges to smoke and cold turkey is the only way to go otherwise your just kidding yourself you have to want to quit in order to be able to.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      i ve been smoking weed sence three year ago i tried to stop it for a month and it was easy with alcohol,now i think it would be hard to stop it but am thinking all the time to quit smokin,actually i admit that i am less smarter than before. sometimes i feel that i am just a folish, and drug addict, even my family says that from time to time which is desroys me. would any experts tell me what to do with details.

    • profile image

      TheGuy 7 years ago

      I find it REALLY hard to quit. I have had to a few times in the past, for legal reasons (monthly piss tests). I find that I am EXTREMLEY irritable the first few days after stopping. I have NO appitite for the first week or so after quitting. I have a HORRIBLE time falling asleep, sometimes laying awake until 5 am.

      Its really hard, but you don't need to be asking "how" to quit smoking, because all of us already know how. You simply don't smoke.

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      two weeks

    • profile image

      samantha 7 years ago

      delete my weezer song from list??? hell no,, thats silly suggestion

    • profile image

      Brendan 7 years ago

      Look at link if your open minded enough to watch the even the first 15 minutes.

    • profile image

      Paul Bard 7 years ago

      This is a pretty vapid message.

      May I please suggest concerned readers look at marijuana anonymous or narcotics anonymous for a viable path of recovery from the disease of addiction.

      The experience of most addicts is that a wholistic approach, involving a supportive community, fitness and nutrition, spiritual practice and psychological and emotional education, treats the entire addiction and will alway put the illness into remission.

      Taking responsibility and getting honest with the (right) support people in your life is the way free.

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      three weeks, i realize that i have quit for all the wrong reasons, i enjoy smoking weed and ive stopped only because of the effects on my family though it has not hindered my development or future in any way. i simply hope that pot is legalized so that it removes my family's one argument against it and i can smoke it again in peace. untill then i remain sober

    • profile image

      lawtoker 7 years ago

      I have smoked for 26 years. Graduated high school, gained a first degree and successfully worked in that field for 20 years, earning more than my fellow graduates, managing teams and being published in my field. Now studying law.

      Not proud, but tend to be a daytime as well a night time smoker, partly because my husband doesn't like me smoking and I like to have a joint or 4 during the day before lunch, then straighten up in time to pick the kids up from school. Then 2-3 joints at night after everyone's in bed.

      For the first time I have a neighbour who has a problem with my smell. Hasn't had the courtesy to come over and speak to me directly, but complains about the stink loudly and felt the need to contact her landlord. Luckily he didn't believe her, as my husband and I are quite financially comfortable and the agent obviously thinks only poor people smoke. As we own several rental properties and the agent knows us, he thought the tenant next door was mad. I was rattled however, as it is illegal to smoke here, and I am generally very discreet. Lead a respectable middle class lifestyle. Don't advertise my preferred substance of choice. Rarely drink ( the odd red wine at a dinner party or a gin and tonic when out with non smoking friends. But prefer a joint. No other drugs in my life.

      I live in the country, so there's no confusion about where the odour is emanating from. Frankly, I wish the bloody renter next door would get herself a job so she isn't home to be worrying about what I'm doing. The guy that lived in the bungalow she rents before her had regular hours of coming and going, and I tried to ensure that I waited until he went to work (or wherever he went) before I lit up. This one is around all of the time. Not parenting, it's just a bed sit so can't be doing that.

      Always enjoyed toking outside. Can't actually see my neighbours due to big trees and bushes between our properties. Very frustrated that my quiet little habit is now out of the question (Would be mortified if the police dropped by, especially if my kids were home). So now I have to stop. I am angry and frustrated and bitter.

      I know smoking has its down side, and my memory would be better if I didn't smoke. Also have to watch a tendency towards depression when smoking. But on the scale of evil things I could be doing, I just don't think it's all that bad. And the fact that I am cruising through a law degree stoned indicates that perhaps it's not quite the "dope" drug people make out it is.

      I have a garden studio and tried smoking in there - but the neighbour could obviously smell that too. (She lives right on the fence line to my property). Lots of aggressive noise from her side that night.

      I wish I knew how far away I need to be for someone to be unable to smell a joint in action.

      Gave up bongs years ago, prefer a nice little joint.

      Don't want to have to go to friends/family homes just to have a smoke. Damn.

      Thought about burning some horse manure to mimic the smell, so she calls the cops and all they find is burning horse shit. But seems a bit risky. (and why would I be burning horse shit?)

      Know what you mean about becoming obsessed with having a smoke. But no fun if I'm paranoid about being caught. If arrested, would not get admitted to legal practice at end of degree. Waste of 4 years. What to do?

    • profile image

      Tracey 7 years ago

      Theres no easy way to stop u can only stop if you want to!

      And wats this crap about delete every bob marley song off ur mp3!what a load of bullcrap a song doesnt make u wanna smoke weed!Those who smoke it obviously have tried and liked it, if not they would have stopped a long time ago!No ones getting any answers on this are they its a waste of time!Those who really want to get off it will, those who dont will die stoned!

    • profile image

      mat  7 years ago

      hey lawtoker have you thought about purchasing a vaporizer, they're alittle pricy but they're better for you lungs because your not inhaling smoke and the smell is an absolute minumum

    • profile image

      bob 7 years ago

      omg what a load of bullshit haha, what difference would it make if u deleted all of ur bob marley songs, im the bigest stobeer on thuis thing, i smoke a pound a day.. gunna quit soon tho

    • profile image

      ex pot head 7 years ago

      I smoked pot for 15 years, had to stop, makes me lazy, depressed, demotivated, antisocial. I really enjoy getting high, relaxing, taking naps but dont really want to be a stoned hermit forever, fun while it lasted. After a couple days you feel so much better in all ways, some people after time smoking pot it kinda catches up to you....

      No withdraw symptoms but cant sleep at all, mind thinks too much, it wore off after about a week or 2 and can sleep great again. Thats my story, going to try to keep up the no pot smoking, chat up some hotties and get my shit together.

      One day we might meet again like we did but im going to live a little first before I marry my couch

    • profile image

      CHEEEESSSEEE 7 years ago


    • profile image

      SilEnT StoNer 7 years ago

      ok so iv been smokin weed for 2 in a half years now,when i was 13 i started n im turning 16 in a couple months. weed to me is more than jus being high its like my fucken therapy.everytime im hi all my worries go away n im jus relaxed like all the weight is lifted off of me. n then it goes away after awile n then i have to smoke a couple more joints lol thats wut sux...this time imrealy gonna quit cuz i have to im almost 18 n i needa get my life together so i cud get the fuck out of this place fuck!....its so hard tho iv tried quiting before n i dont last very long, or i get mad r sad n then i jus go buy another sac n smoke my problems away...i never thought u cud get addicted to weed but being a stoner,smoking atleast 5 times a day everyday, not goin a day witout gettin high,its gonna be so fucken hard.but its something i need to do for myself cuz im jus fucken mad n deppressed all the time,smoking weed finally caught up to me. n i have to stop cuz i might have to start taking drug tests. wut a bitch huh? no one around me well except my friends dont want me to smoke weed but im gonna quit for my done ruining me life wit drugs. i need to have a good life. n get into a god collage n i cant do tht if ima pot head. now to stop is gonna be a fucken mish lol i jus smoked my last blunt =( i hope i cud do it!!! have u ever noticed its a fucken mish to get a sac, well where i live n e way,like ita a mish to find weed n then if ur dealer dont have u have to go find someone else.n then u have to find a place to smoke it cuz its fucken illigal lol.n then befor u ko it the stash is gone n u have to find another one lol.fuck !! lol well wish me luck !! peace out!

    • profile image

      Indian Kush 7 years ago

    • profile image

      OG KUSH 7 years ago

    • profile image

      lawtoker 7 years ago

      Thanks for the vaporiser tip Mat. Do they completely hide the smell?

      Any idea how far from civilisation I need to get to be sure of not being smelt having a joint?

    • profile image

      Steve Melbane 7 years ago

      Like one or two of your other readers I found weed a great way to escape the pressures of every day life. Trouble was I spent twenty years trying to escape weed.

      I like many believed it was harmless when I started smoking and addiction crept up on me.

      I have quit weed for at age 42 and it has changed my life and my out look on life for the better.

    • profile image

      mat 7 years ago

      hey lawtoker, its a very faint smell thats completely different from a joint. because you dont have any smoke you dont get the smell that everyone associates with weed its more of a hint of the actual plant its self, like the weed air fresheners kinda pleasent lol.

      as for how far do you have to go, it all depends on the wind direction, any decent wind will completely dissipate the smoke, provided its not blowing towards that annoying neighbour

    • profile image

      jheather 7 years ago

      Um, ok? Then why am I stoned right now? Why am I seeking help to quit? And why is there so many people that struggle to stop smoking weed? It just didn’t make sense.

      I was lucky. After searching for some alternative methods I came across a natural herb detox guide that claimed it could completely flush my system & stop my cravings for weed.

      I was skeptical. I mean, this cost me money and if I failed it would just be a waste. I was also thinking about marijuana withdrawals and having to stay awake all night again when I stop smoking. But this time I really needed to quit weed. So I just tried it.

      “The results were astonishing!”

      Check out this website it helped me..Maybe it can do the same for you!

    • profile image

      bobby 7 years ago

      right everone that says its not addictive, you try smoking for a long time and just quit. I have smoked since i was 14 im 22 now and i find myself smoking more than ever , since i smoked weed more often i find that my patterns in life have changed ive become very lazy and some times can't get out of bed. I can stop tho, thats only because most of the ppl who smoke weed are leaving my life one by one and the money is getting out of control

    • profile image

      mat  7 years ago

      8 weeks on monday.... took a haul off a joint today so i dont thing im gonna restart my count as long as thats all i have for the next little while

    • profile image

      Dima 7 years ago

      I have a goal to achive in my life. I can't cross the bridge if I'll keep smoking weed. Gotta stop otherwise it will all go to hell.

    • profile image

      Jim 7 years ago

      I burnt myself out smoking pot. I do miss it though. I am always dazed - I'd call that brain damage.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Stop smoking weed its bad for you cause it's illegal! Drink instead its been proven to be safe because it's legal.

    • profile image

      JRC 7 years ago

      well john that makes absolutely no fucking sense at all congrats your more of dipshit than a meth head. i know a guy that has a 90% average and he smokes daily ..... looks like it hasn't killed any brain cells yet eh?

    • profile image

      j.m 7 years ago

      I started smoking weed at 13 years of age, by 15 i was smoking and quarter a week. Pretty much other than the 3 years i lived fiji, i smoked hydroponic gear (Fiji was outdoor bush). I am 30 years old now and I stopped smoking for good only 3 weeks ago. I still think about it everyday, I dream about it every night. I do not smoke cigarette nor do i drink alcohol. Believe me after smoking at least a gram a day thru a bong for 14 years (morning, noon and night, yes i took it to work too) it was no easy task, especially that i went cold turkey and did not replace with beer or smokes as most people do. But in order to do so, I set myself a date which was a few weeks away that i promised myself i was stopping once and for all. I made sure it was a monday (not on a weekend) as boredem and too much time on your hands is a killer when you giving up weed. So once the date was set, exactly 2 weeks before i only sourced a weaker bush/outdoor weed to smoke. A each day passed, i just smoked a little bit less than the day before until the "D"date had arrived then i just did not smoke it from that day on. I found that sleepin the first 2 nights was hard but fine after that. I also found that i would snap quite easily at people and was just generally grumpy for the fist week. Being negative and stressing over shit that would not stress over when on weed was also on the agenda for 2 weeks. Week 3 has been great, not half as cranky as previous weeks and finding shit to keep occupied has helped too.

    • profile image

      Jason 7 years ago

      Smoking weed is great. Soon it will be legal. It's much less harmful than alcohol yet alcohol is legal. By the way, I'd jst like to add that the person that posted this blog is either high themselves or 5 years old. LEGALIZE!

    • profile image

      Jason 7 years ago

      Smoking weed is great. Soon it will be legal. It's much less harmful than alcohol yet alcohol is legal. By the way, I'd jst like to add that the person that posted this blog is either high themselves or 5 years old. LEGALIZE!

    • profile image

      Darren 7 years ago

      smoking weed itself is not addictive adding content such as tabacco is what makes it addictive

    • profile image

      cazza gal 7 years ago

      What makes me wonder abt alot of u hard core so smokers why u never question and take a hard look at urself and ur dead beat life why do u need to escape this life ,man u are lost souls ,u need to take time out and study ur self and life ,u precieve life as nothing if u aRE not off ur face ,thats a waste ,u need to b high to feel good ,thats like u aint got ur shit together ,im not religious one bit,but i cant beleive im here on this planet its a miracle.get off the drugs and feel life live life breathe life ,look at that big picture ,look at the stars 2 nite b4 u go to bed and really REALLY TAKE it all in,u guys are in a box with u and ur mentantly,last comment to u guys who cant give up,u are the controller not the smoke ,so take charge and dont let something control ur pussy arse.

    • profile image

      GRADUATE 7 years ago

      I smoke weed everyday, for over some period of time and i dont know about killing brain cells and what not but im graduating going to university .. and when people say it may cause less motivation .. i say it depends on the person really .. but i love my weed .. acutally i find myself pretty successful .. i know alot of people who grown up to lawyers,nurses who smoke.

      Not that i need somthing to make me feel good or anything its just mellows me out and i dont know .. lol i like it

    • profile image

      mike_d 7 years ago

      ^same as the above guy for me. a lot of the info in this article i found myself laughing at because it doesn't seem applicable at all to my situation.

      unfortunately society doesn't agree and since i'm also graduating uni in a month i've got to quit in case i end up pissing in a cup this summer.

      i didn't even realize until now but weed makes it a lot easier to get through the day. i come home from like 6 hours of school and i'm like "all i want to do is smoke and relax". then after i have a smoke all i want to do is work because i'm instantly so much more unwound that it's no big thing. now that i can't smoke it's hard to find motivation to work. at the end of the day i'm just too tired. :(

    • profile image

      taylorg 7 years ago

      I definitely agree completely with graduates statement, "i smoke weed everyday, for over some period of time and i dont know about killing brain cells and what not but im graduating going to university .. and when people say it may cause less motivation .. i say it depends on the person really .. but i love my weed .. acutally i find myself pretty successful .. i know alot of people who grown up to lawyers,nurses who smoke.Not that i need somthing to make me feel good or anything its just mellows me out and i dont know .. lol i like it" thats exactly how it is just a while ago i quit easily for like 3 weeks and didnt need it physically, but I wanted it because I enjoy it, it doesnt do half the amount of negative things to your body that alcohol does yet no one frowns upon social drinkers? yes I smoke more than most people drink, but, I do not get violent I do not commit any crimes-other than smoking it-and it calms me helps my bad eye pressure out, and makes many things more enjoyable and even can make things easier to comprehend. Also I am graduate of college with a great gpa of 3.8 and It has never altered my ability to think. Back to the health point of view vaporizor that is all I have to say much healthier no cancer lungs:)

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      Yea i think people are over their heads when they say its addictive. Ive been a everyday smoker for 3 years and still maintaining a 3.6 gpa in Business Administration. Not trying to brag about my intelligence or anything but simply trying to put out the fact that it dosent make you lazy or lack motivation. It really all depends on the person you are. I smoke weed when i have free time but school work is always first.

    • profile image

      Alexandra 7 years ago

      Hi! Awesome Hub :]

      I have some audio tapes on mine, which helped other quit smoking weed before. Check it out if you like

    • profile image

      sami 7 years ago

      weed is soo not addictive. it's a proven fact. the only problem with weed is that its a gateway drug. and many stoners get tired of the same old high and they decide to escelate to more dangerous drugs. WEED AINT ADDICTIVE.

    • profile image

      Tim B 7 years ago

      I've been high everyday for the past two years. the shit really messes you up. i just got thrown into jail last night because i had 6 grams of it on me. it's a major problem, well for me it is. i've gotten into alot of trouble for it. and I've blown off the last two years of high school. i wanna quit.

    • profile image

      kelvin t 7 years ago

      hi there i was wondering if you can help me as i have been smoking weed since i was 14 and now im 16 nerly 17 but i dont smoke it every day jest every friday once a week but we do smoke it in big amounts such as 150 dollers worth each time i was wondering if you can help me please !!!

    • profile image

      Someguy 7 years ago

      This is the most retarded uninformated ignorant babble ever. I've smoked for the better part of 10 years more or less daily. I quit all the time for one...two...three weeks, when I'm too busy with my responsibilities to pick some up, or when I've spent my alloted extra money on something else for the week/month. I love the stuff, and I would and do smoke every day when I have it...but addictive? comon. Also weed DOEES NOT kill brain cells. It's been proven to protect brain cells in many circumstances and only has a minor negative effect in young brains (due to a chemical process that happens in the mid and sometimes late teens) Carcinogens are not a concern because anyone can choose to eat it or use a vaporizer and thus consume negligable carcinogens. Choosing to smoke it is purely a lifestyle choice and it's a choice likely made by people who also dont eat healthy or exercise, so to blame carcinogens on pot would be a total fallacy. God, it amazes me how seriously retarded some of you are. My grandma told me pot is a gateway drug and kills brain cells so it must be true! I have news for you, I haven't done drugs in a decade, but pot was at least the 4..maybe 5th drug I tried when I was young.

    • profile image

      pretty brown girl 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Bombguy23 7 years ago

      To all you dumb faggots out there...If anyone says that weed aint addictive is a complete natural raw moron. There are no proven facts that it isnt. If you smoke weed just to smoke weed or because your bored, well, your fuckin addicted...Im tired of hearin that it aint addictive so all you assholes and retards that say it isnt, you really dont know shit.

    • Tiffany Lee profile image

      Tiffany Lee 7 years ago

      I have been smoking Marijuana daily for almost 8 years. I started when I was 14 years old. I am currently 22. I started smoking because all my friends where doing it; it was the "cool thing" to do. Prior to smoking I was always on the honor roll I was the class president, and captain of the girl’s varsity track and cross-country team. As I began smoking more and more I started to notice that my grades started slipping and I was never on time for class. I started to bunk school and got into a lot more trouble. My parents did not know what to think of me. I would never go home I was always late for curfew. I remember at one point I did not go home for a week. I was starting to think about dropping out of school but then I got pregnant and decided to finish. My daughter will be 5 in just a few weeks. I had tried to quit before back in 2008, so I order this audio program that was suppose to have 100% success rate. Yeah what a bunch of BS that was. As soon as I heard the guy talk I shut it off, I could not even understand what the guy was saying. I knew that I had wasted my money. I quit for about a day and started smoking again. I know people say that you can not get addicted to pot but I do not know for some reason I knew I was. It was weird; I had never wanted something so bad. However five months ago I decided that enough was enough I knew I needed to quit. I could not afford my habit anymore. I was spending all my money on pot rather than rent, food or anything else that is of prime importance. So I decided to quit. I went 2 days without smoking and then I noticed that I started to have anxiety attacks, became depressed and I was really nausea. I began to have cold sweats and just felt really weak. I started getting angry for no reason. I knew something was wrong. I really wanted to smoke but I knew that I needed to quit so I could better my life. I called my doctor and he said that I should try to pick up a hobby and he said that he could prescribe me something for the anxiety. I started drawing and I refused to take the prescription. I do not really like to put anything in my body that is not natural. I do not even like to take Tylenol when I have a headache. Picking up a hobby did not help at all. I knew that I could not quit "cold turkey" so I started to look on the internet to figure out what I could do. I came across a website and it completely changed my life. I now have a great job, I have more energy to play with my daughter and I am back in school to be a personal trainer. If I can give any advice to the people out there that struggle trying to quit on there own or trying to find a good job, it would be to check out Maritox. I loved Maritox because it was all natural and not a chemical that is addictive and it is for those who want to quit smoking marijuana without being hooked on another drug. It actually helped with all my side effects that I was feeling while I was quitting. It is just like taking a daily vitamin or supplement. I am not saying that quitting is for everyone and I am not saying that everyone can get addicted to marijuana but I know for sure that I was and the only thing that helped was Maritox. I have not smoked in four months. Thank you for listening to my story. I would like to wish the best of luck to everyone that WANTS to quit.

    • profile image

      Imak 7 years ago


      i have been smoking weed frm 5 years not regularly on events like functions birthday party or on my farm but sometime if i smoke weed i smoke couple of days or couple of weeks and i just smoke for fun i really dont know that why there is lot of fun after smoking marijuana what is it? and sometimes i take a puffs and i realise that what i am doing is it good for me or not i was tense after smoking it. but the fact is that smoking weed is not good for us health this is nothing you just ejoy in your self only and you think that the world is going with us but the world is busing in his work and we are fools and doing this types of work i want to say to all weed boys or weed babes that dont smoke more because there is not future for us if we smoke regular and kills smoking before it kills you


    • profile image

      boo yaa 7 years ago

      Right, i've been smokin weed since I was 15, an i'm like 18 now, it used to be like a once in a blue moon thing. then it got weekly, then soon after it became daily. i really get sick an tired of doin it, that it has that hold over me. I want to be able to save my money, an not be thinkin in my head that it has to be spent on weed. It has changed me so much, an makes me feel like i'm breaking my family apart. I have quit for 2 days. But i know i will do it this time an be free.

    • profile image

      tlc 7 years ago

      i just started smoking 2 months ago but yet in those 2 months i got kicked out of track nd my mom hates me nd i risked my football career. but now im tryin to quit and its very hard. but i still love weed. but i love my famliy nd football more signing off matt barkley

    • profile image

      Shante 7 years ago

      I had no problem quitting a 10 year cigarette habit...cold turkey and with no real withdrawals. Alcohol, not an issue...drugs were fun when I was a teen, now I'm just too old for that shit (33...kinda old). But weed..oh, I love it so much and feel like I NEED it. But what I need to do is quit and it's been hell. I want to do something with my life that won't be possible with illegal drugs in my system. Not to mention that it negatively affects my life in many ways with only a few positives to counter the negatives.

      I think it should be legal and it's a wonderful plant for use medicinally and for recreation. But some of us shouldn't smoke it, can't quit it, and basically are mentally addicted to it. I wish I was like those that can smoke once in awhile or just at night or don't feel the negative side effects.

      Oh goes another sober and sleepless night :(

    • profile image

      Shante 7 years ago

      Man...there's some assholes on this site!!! I know I don't need to spell out someguys name or anything, but someretarded people should find another site to comment on. I thought this one was about quitting. Most people are here to share their experiences with quitting, so if you have no intention of quitting, no problem quitting, why are you commenting? To let everyone know what an outstanding person you are that you maintain a high GPA and still smoke? Please. You're not the only one here maintaining a successful life despite their use of marijuana. Just the only one that feels like bragging about how well they do on it in a hub titled "How to Quit Smoking Weed".

      Id say if weed wasn't an issue for you, maybe there's somewhere else you should express your feelings about how it's not addictive or harmful, given that most of the people here feel it is, hence the whole How to Quit thing.

    • profile image

      Snitch 7 years ago

      Smoke it er day

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      everyone who has put down the "quitters" here is a moron. and most likely an addict themselves. "booz is worse". awesome. so if a car crash is better than a motorcycle crash..............should everyone go out and ram their car into a phone pole? NO i smoke for almost ten years now and wish i hadnt. hard to quit. cant sleep is the worst. i can deal with the "depression" and "frustration" and such. but the sleep. man o man. anyways, theres a definate addiction. mental? sure why not its just a word. dont leach on the try and quit forums and try and justify your own smoking habit. leave those who want to quit the fuck alone and go on an " im high right now" forum. morons. if someone wants to quit what does it affect you? every forum ive been to to try and quit and get advice gets started on the oldd classic: non weed smoker, and quitters. against smokers who cant fathom that weed fucks up your life. maybe not yours, but someone's. take that into consideration. now for those of you who want to quit. ITS HARD! but DO IT if its what YOU want!! sorry for the rant. and happy quitting!

    • profile image

      ME 7 years ago

      and hang in there shante if your serious, im routing for you!

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      No body should ever quit smoking trees! when u feel like quitting spark up a J and remind urself why u like it so much...I just reminded myself 10 min ago.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I'm 15 and i've been smoking for half a year. I smoked almost daily for a while but i recently got in trouble with my parents so i was threatened to be drug tested. I am going to stop for 2 or 3 weeks so i can pass the drug test, so far i have had a lot of thoughts about it but i don't have problems not smoking. Weed addiction may only be for certain people but not me. I'm going to smoke again after i pass the test but i could stop for long periods of time if i had to. Weed is safer than alcohol and it does not kill brain cells or cause lung cancer, that's just propaganda. I dare every single one of you who think weed is highly addictive, to go tell a heroin addict that. If you ever showed up at an addict meeting and said you were a pot addict you would be laughed at.

    • profile image

      highasakite 6 years ago

      "Stinky Weed 2 years ago

      i wonder how many people were high reading or writing this stuff ?"

      hahaha. you caught me.

    • profile image

      educated lady 6 years ago

      If you ever thought about quitting.... then you probably need to quit. You tried pot, now what is wrong in trying life without it?

    • profile image

      sup 6 years ago

      weed is the leaste harmful of any illict drugs out there and to be quite frank it is not much stronger than caffine. I will say though that there is legal "spice" or incence you can buy a head shops. There are many differnt kinds out there. DONT buy. It will screw you up cause it gets you way more high and is actually addicting depending on the stand you get. drugs are fun i know and always will be but nothing good ever comes from them.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      okay so heres my deal ,i took my first hit of pot, with my now 5 days away from a year later best friend...if that makes scence ,well here I am 14 years old strrugling to quit. Without it I'm just a bitcfh, I used to wake up and be bored so I'd wanna get high. But I realezed how fucking stupid I'm being by wasting mylife away getting high, I've seriously considered this. I havnt gone a day without weed in a couple months.but it's not like I'm spending a buncha money on it. But I'm slowly, sorta quitting. I still wanna smoke in moderation. And special occasions, like 420, earth day, arbor day, chhalloween ,and all those other good things. I hvnt even been smoking for a year. I'm glad I'm stopping it before it gets worse..but I just enjoy the feeling of being high, idk what I'm gonna do. Hopefully things work out with me and everyone else out there trying to quit, good luck...i know I'll need it

    • profile image

      901mexican 6 years ago

      to tell all of you the truth... yea its hard at first when u have been smoking it everyday but if you TRULY dont want to smoke you wont do it.... of course your going to think 'DAM I COULD BE BLAZIN RITE NOW' but dats the dare of it.... try holding in as much as u can untill you TRULY just cant help it.... and when that happens dont smoke up a whole jay... just take some hits from a pipe and decide that that is all you are going to smoke for the day... yea its hard but if your decided you can do it.... like i said.... the first days are the toughest.... after about a week of not smoking it gets easier..... just tell yourself that if you get ther urge to smoke SMOKE A LITTLE BIT......

      personaly i am quiting rite now just because i want to get high like i used to get when i first started smoking... because tollerance does build up....

      like i said... make it a dare... just say DOES WEED CONTROL ME OR DO I CONTROL THE WEED....

      its dat simple.... control WHEN, WHERE N HOW MUCH..... dats all to it

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