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5 Reasons Why You Should Workout

Updated on August 25, 2015
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Nalini is on the journey to a healthier and happier life, and writes articles with elements of the mind-body-heart-spirit connection.

Sometimes we can use a little motivation when it comes to working out.

I know the reasons I should work out and even though I know the reasons I should work out, there are times when I can still use some motivation.

Need some workout motivation? Below you will find my top 5 reasons for working out.


1. For the AMAZING FEELING of triumph.

This by far, has to be my favorite reason for working out. There is a point in working out where you feel you can't go on anymore; where you feel your body is going to give out and that your mind is going to give out and that you just can't go on anymore.

But then you decide to keep going and to finish strong. Your body keeps going. You did what you set out to do and then some. You finished strong. You continued on even when you thought you could not and you triumph.

That feeling of triumph, of succeeding and continuing on even when you thought you could not anymore, is amazing and nothing quite compares to it. Your mind, body, soul all go into it and when you are done it feels fantastic.

Another perk to this feeling, is that it transfers to other areas of your life. Think you can't study anymore than what you already have? Think of that time you didn't die on the treadmill and you kept going.

Think the task is impossible? Remember that time you felt the burn and still kept lifting weights.

Think you can't pick yourself up from ground and that your life is over? Remember when you picked yourself up for that last mile/push up/lift/etc. covered in sweat and fighting fatigue.

In your life when you think that you can't do it or that you can't go on, you will know that you definitely can.

The feeling is amazing and nothing, absolutely nothing else compares to it.

2. To feel good overall.

Not only can you enjoy the feeling of triumph from exercising, but you can also enjoy feeling good overall. Exercise has been found to help alleviate depression and release stress.

After exercising, I feel optimistic. I feel energized. I feel pumped. I feel unstoppable. I feel like I can take on the world--just let me at it!

In short, I feel good. And so will you.

3. To be healthy and active.

This one is a given. You should work out to be healthy and active. Your body will thank you and you will thank your body.

We were not designed to be sedentary creatures. Everything in our body's design supports and is supported by activity and being used.

So use your body or lose your body!

4. Because getting yourself to work out is harder than working out.

I fall into this one all the time. The mental roadblock to exercising is normally greater than the physical one. Sometimes it is difficult to get myself motivated and moving but once I finally do get moving, I get into it.

I just have to remind myself of this circular process, otherwise I would get stuck in the "I don't feel like working out today" stage and would not progress to working out.

Rare is the time when anyone "feels" like working go exercise.

5. Because you won't regret it.

And last but not least, you should work out because you won't regret it and very few things in life come with that guarantee.

Short of you doing something crazy and overly-competitive where you do not use common sense, you do not listen to your body, and you end up injuring yourself, you won't regret working out.

So work out! Be healthy!


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