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How 3 Things That Can Prevent Us From Success and Living Your Dreams

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Our Dreams Were God Given and We Need Not Fear Success

The biggest killer of dreams is fear. We need to be mindful of what is going on in our minds especially when it comes to our ability to scare ourselves and freeze in our tracks. There are two voices vying for your attention at all times. One is the voice of faith and reason. The other is the voice of self-doubt and failure. Developing the ability to look past the negative inner-dialogue and be our own motivator. There are many times where the only positive thing you'll hear is what you say to you. This inherent ability to empower ourselves is available to us all and requires patience to develop.

If we have anything we would like to accomplish and feel fear remembering our past victories will provide the fuel to feed our burning desire to live our dreams. The process of doing this is called self-referral and is the quality that self-realized individuals possess. There is nothing as powerful as the human spirit and the will to succeed will not be denied despite the circumstances. Your current situation is just what it is right now and you have the ability to manifest the courage to step past your fears. Know that you are powerful and capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Feel the fear and do it anyhow. Understanding that in order to live your dream you must step into unknown territories. What lies on the other side is a gift.

One of the Pioneers of Self-Development on the Subject of Success

Relationships and Self-Awareness are Critical in Manifesting Dreams

Who you spend time with is another thing in our lives that we must be mindful of. We tend to live out our lives within the context of what people think of us. This not only limits our growth but also stifles our potential. Studies have shown that we earn within 2 to 3 thousand dollars of what our closest friends make. So if you spend time with 8 to 9 broke people it is proven that you will be the 10th. Another scenario when it comes to your closest friends is if they are cynical or negative, you will become cynical and negative unconsciously. You will pick up their bad habits. Some call it a mind virus which is contagious. This does not only apply to friends it also applies to family members which can hurt us the most. Ones that we love the most causes the most damage on your journey to becoming what you are destined to be. One negative stroke is 17 times more powerful than a positive stroke. Being selective is not arrogant. It is being sure that the baby you are pregnant with does not fall prey to those who experts in abortion.

Les Brown has a term for the people we should let into our inner circle. OQP. Only quality people. I remember when I was younger I had friends that simply were not good for me. My ability to choose friends was in a way broken or maladjusted. They were not sensitive to my needs and to be honest not pushing me into my destiny. Years went by and through working on myself I began to separate myself from others. My desire to succeed became so great that it pulled me out of the toxic relationships I had formed in my inability to see who was holding me back and not pushing me forward. A friend is someone who is nurturing and supports you in your decisions to create a better life for yourself. A true friend is there to see your vision and will applaud you and feed wood to your fire and not try to put it out simply because they can't see it for themselves so they cannot see it for you. So be mindful of whos in close contact with you and don't worry about what they say about you. Keep in mind it is not what they say about you that will defeat you rather it is what you say about you that will keep you from fulfilling your dreams.

Award Winning Speaker on the Subject of Fear

Being Mindful of What We Expose Ourselves to

The third thing that will impede steady progress in succeeding in our goals is whatever is influencing you the most. Who is in your ear? Whatever that is we must determine whether it is an asset or a liability for you. Faith comes from hearing and hearing. Becoming self-aware of what we are letting into our spirit is a discipline that will literally change your whole reality. If we tend to listen to anything based on negativity it will get down into our spirit which is the place where we strive to live from. Noise pollution is detrimental to our spiritual growth. The practice of listening and exposing ourselves to positive messages every day will change your life. This is not a suggestion but a fact. We become what we think about. All of our thoughts are based on conditioning. This occurs by the things we take in from what we choose to interact within our lives. Advertising, media, news, articles, etc are all major contributors to how we perceive reality. Our reality is the only thing we got to carry us through this thing called life and mastering how to filter real from unreal is a skill that is of the utmost importance.

We are born with everything we need to live our dreams. The tendency to let life program us instead of the other way around is the reason why we see staggering numbers of people that hate their lives, jobs, or who are depressed. My theory is that most people simply settle for less and think that this is the best they can do. I disagree. Armed with the right information and having the courage to step and be a better version of themselves is a fight that is worth fighting. As Bukowski said, "its the only good fight there is."

Best Seller on the Subject of Mindfulness


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