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3 Ways How To Get Rid of Chest Acne

Updated on December 13, 2010

Many of us have had to deal with not only acne on our face, but across our bodies as well. These pimples can be anywhere from itchy blackheads to large, painful cysts that bleed through our clothing and bedding. While it can seem like it's next to impossible to treat these pimples, there are always ways. Sometimes it's necessary to use multiple acne solutions to treat a single acne problem.

And to help you find those multiple treatment options, here are 3 ways how to get rid of chest acne.

1. Wash Frequently With A Cleanser

Most acne develops because pores throughout our body becomes clogged with dirt or oil. These blockages cause a build in sebum (oil) in our bodies to build, inflaming the area. This causes the huge pustules that leave deep scars. Simply washing our bodies gently should handle this, but using water alone will not protect from another common cause of acne, bacteria.

Another cause of acne is bacteria that directly attacks the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. This bacteria can rapidly inflame the area leading to redness and the pimples we love to hate. It's for this reason that we should use a good cleanser to rinse off any dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and harmful bacteria that may be causing our acne.

2. Cut The Dairy

While milk can help us build healthy bones and bodies, it's a natural trigger for hormonal acne. Cow's milk contains many natural androgens (male sex hormones) that are absorbed by our bodies. These androgens travel throughout our bodies and bind to the follicles. The androgens then instruct the follicle to grow larger and produce more oil. If the follicle doesn't grow fast enough to allow the oil to be released it can build up and enlarge the sebaceous gland. Then from there, acne will begin to develop.

If regular washing has not treated your chest acne, begin to eliminate all forms of milk from your diet. Replace the bowl of cereal with oatmeal. Try not to butter your potatoes as much. And finally, probably the hardest of all for us Americans, stop eating so much cheese.

3. Looser Clothes Made of Natural Fibers

The sexiest and most trendy of the clothes that we wear are often tight, form fitting shirts made of synthetic fibers. These clothes aggravate our acne by first making the skin hotter as they allow for less air warmed by our bodies to escape causing us to sweat. Then because they prevent air from escaping, they prevent our sweat from evaporating. This then causes the sweat to stagnate on our bodies and find its way into our pores.

Sweat isn't just water. It may also contain toxins our bodies is attempting to release and other natural chemicals. If the sweat cannot evaporate then those toxins fill find their way into our pores and begin to inflame our skin. From there it's a matter of time before chest acne will begin to develop.

There are many ways of how to get rid of chest acne. Sometimes a single method will work, other times it will require multiple methods all combined. Hopefully, the previous will provide those extra solutions that will solve your bad acne.


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