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33 Ways to Help You Remember to Choose Happiness

Updated on October 26, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


His Grace has prepared the best for me for every one of my moments. I have only to choose it. Let me remember this the next time I will complain about something.

— Sean Dragon

The Alarm Clocks

I know that happiness is mainly a matter of choice. In any situation, even the most difficult, the most uncomfortable and sad, we can choose our attitude. We can remember that we are not alone, that the sun only temporarily can be hidden from the clouds and that every acclivity will necessarily encounter a declivity.

So, instead of the sorrow, the darkness and denial, we have to choose the Light, the Heart and accept that there is a gift in any problem that we must find and use.

It's not easy, not at all, I know. That is why we need to prepare "alarm clocks" to remind us at the right time, what our attitude should be.


Through my meditations, I have created phrases to play this role of "alarm clocks". In any challenging moment, I recall some of them to help me remember that I am stronger than the problem and that my Father wants for me to find true happiness rather than be tortured or suffered.

I want to share with you some of these phrases. Quotes that can remind us to choose our joy.

1. It is always the right time to do what is right.

2. You can't be in danger in God's Universe. Nowhere!

3. To their malice, I respond with kindness because only with Light you can eliminate the darkness.

4. The question is not if God has endowed me with the powers I need to overcome this problem, but how can I release those powers.

5. Remember that happiness is not a destination but the way you travel.

6. Make Love a shield against the confusion of delusions.

7. When you face a big problem, count the blessings of your life, and you will see the issue very differently.

8. The more we experience and manifest Love, the more the world of selfishness and delusions tries to blame us and make us seem crazy. I regard this as praise and not as a problem, whatever difficulties it may bring.

9. Of all the responsibilities we have, the greatest is to live happily.

10. For the one who loves, time is a friend.


11. In many cases, you do not get what you deserve and want, because you act in the way that shows you are not ready to choose it.

12. I refuse to compromise with anything less than perfect.

13. The problem can never defeat us, but the idea we have for it can do it.

14. All fundamental problems that we humans bring into our lives have their source to this: we are selfishly thinking that everything belongs to us without understanding our unity with everything.

15. I have enough Light within me to eliminate any darkness that I have to face.


16. Fatigue may become one of our most dangerous enemies, and it can ruin our struggle. Manage it with wisdom and smile.

17. Do not compromise with the lie. Live the truth within you.

18. My Father, please make me capable of distinguishing where the illusion ends, and where the truth begins.

19. You are a beloved child of God. Do not forget it.

20. I prove my strength at the moments of my weakness.

21. In this relevant world, that we live in, there must be darkness. That is why we have to learn to sanctify it with our Love.

22. Miracles happen all the time. But more often to those who believe in them.

23. To escape the fear, we must not let it grow. We have to be filled with something that will repel it. The faith in the power of God's Love is the best.

24. I treat every difficulty as a "treasure hunt"! I am looking for the blessing and the gift that my Father's Love has hidden in it.

25. Whatever you undertake, even if you don't like it, deal it with Love.

26. The Universe with its immense Love always puts the best choices before us.

27. Do not see it as a problem, but as an opportunity for improvement.

28. Even when the distractions of this world make me forget it, God is always by my side.


29. Sometimes the most challenging struggle, even than this against our selfishness, is the struggle against our fears. Or is it the same?!

30. No matter what the problem is, remember the greater Love of God.

31. Empty yourself of selfishness to fill with happiness.

32. We were born to live not in fear but in Love.

33. We have a great mission. To learn to love, in a world that denies Love. And first, we have to learn to love ourselves.

I hope that help you too. You can use them wherever and however you want.

Heaven and hell are the same things experienced in different ways.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


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