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5 Keys To Success

Updated on October 3, 2014

One of the things that we each have in common is the desire to be successful. Each of us may define success differently, but we all desire to achieve our definition of success. Even though we desire success, it isn't always easy to attain. In fact, the question that I hear the most from people is this: what is the key to success? The truth is there is no single key to success. There are several things that factor into attaining success in any area. Here are just a few:


I truly believe the way you think about something is extremely important. In fact, most people fail in any given area because of the way they think about that area. Even the way you think about yourself is important; probably most important of all. If we want to attain success in any area of life, we have to have proper thinking and mindset. I think it actually starts there. If you find that you fail more often than not, take a look at the way you are thinking about that particular area. Take a look at how you think about yourself as well. Don't be afraid to admit you need to change it. Read books and blogs, watch videos, to learn how to think properly. You may even have to eliminate negative influences in your life, and replace them with positive influences. You may uncover some issues that are lying below the surface, but that is alright.


I also believe that without action, what you think is irrelevant. But you can act on something from a poor mindset, and even a good idea will fail because of the type of thinking involved. In the same way, you can have proper thinking, but with no corresponding action it is the same result as failing. Failing to act is still failure. Sometimes we have to act when no one else agrees with us. Sometimes we have to move forward in spite of resistance. I believe it's better to act and fail than to not act at all. These first two actually go hand in hand. Proper thinking combined with positive action equals success. Both things require courage, but when combined they are a powerful force for your life.

Continual Development

Regardless of what area you are looking for success in, the need to develop yourself is crucial. Without continuing development, any ground we gain can be lost. One aspect of success is to not be complacent. We should constantly be seeking to improve ourselves. By doing so, we will achieve an even greater degree of success. We should be reading books, reading blogs, attending seminars, and even watching TV shows that will help us improve in the areas we seek success. We should even listen to others who are successful in those areas as well. Continual development will not only bring success in tangible areas, it will also help us become well-rounded, stable people.


An often overlooked area when we think of success is relationships. I believe it could be the most crucial area next to our thinking. The reason I say that is because no matter what you do in life there will be people involved. The way we relate and interact with others is often a contributing factor to whether we fail or succeed.

Passing It Forward

“You reap what you sow.” “What goes around comes around.” Call it what you like, karma even. However you say it, it is one of the absolute truths of life. You get back what you put out. So if we want success to come to us, we have to consider this key. How many times do we help others? Do we always do things with ulterior motives? Do we consider others as just resources? I would say every chance we get to help others, we should take advantage of it. None of us become successful without someone, at some point, passing it forward. If we take part in passing it forward, not only do we contribute to our success, we contribute to someone else's success. It's a win-win.

These are just a few keys to success, but they are important ones. Just touching on these five keys will improve our lives dramatically, and success follows improvement. I would encourage you to seek out other keys as well. Again, there is no ‘one key’ to success. It is a combination of various factors and how we implement them. I hope I have given you some food for thought.


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