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5 Trendy Maternity Clothes for Stylish Moms-to-Be

Updated on December 8, 2015

Before shopping for maternity items check your old wardrobe: if you have at least several high-waisted dresses, loose blouses, sweaters and leggings, you will need new items only after the 4th month. In the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy tummy will become visible, that is when you will need special clothing. But don't even think of buying faded baggy overalls which hide all the beauty and charm of pregnancy!

Check out five trendy maternity clothes, “must-haves” for stylish moms-to-be!

1. Elastic lingerie

You will feel the increase of volume in breast and thighs already in the first month, so you’ll have to say “goodbye” to your favorite lingerie sets until the baby is born. Your new lingerie wardrobe must include: maternity elastic panties and bras, which "grow" with the increase of the breast (after the baby is born, you’ll need nursing bras with detachable cup); body with strong straps; supporting maternity belt for rounded tummy and maternity pantyhose. It would be nice to also have several sets of laced and bright lingerie not to deprive your baby’s father of romance :)

2. Dresses that don’t restrict movement

A dress is the most feminine outfit which would emphasize all the advantages of your body while hiding all the weaknesses. That is why the more dresses you have, the better: woolen sweater dress will serve you until the labor, gradually stretching with your tummy; short cotton dress will demonstrate the beauty of your legs; for beaches and picnics you will need jersey maxi dress; silk cocktail dress will add charm during the party; and what can be better than chiffon dress-robe during sunny weekends.

3. Soft tops and comfortable pants

Comfortable closed shirt is the best option for everyday city lifestyle. It is desirable to have also a woolen cardigan, knitted tunic and classic white blouse. You will also need comfortable pants for any occasion: jeans, office pants, leggings, jumpsuit… – something or all of that, you decide.

4. Versatile jacket

The problem of outerwear can be solved easily - for the spring and early fall it is enough to have a hooded jacket, and for the cold season – a down jacket with natural insulator. In cold weather you can also wear your coat without the belt.

5. Shoes made of natural materials.

There are no special maternity shoes, though it is necessary for a shoe to be made from natural breathable material (leather, suede, textiles or fur), equipped with a comfortable insole, stable sole and fixed heel. We don’t recommend high-heeled stilettos and lace-up shoes (it will be hard for you to bend to tie them). But you should like soft moccasins, warm boots and stylish shoes with heels no higher than 2 inches.

Note that a monochrome outfit is always more harmonious than colorful. To add to your image more style and freshness, complement it with different tasteful details: patterned scarves, satin and colored ribbons as well as some stylish jewelry. And remember, there is nothing more fashionable than just being a beautiful mom!

If you want to get some inspiration on what to wear during pregnancy, be sure to check out this video on trendy clothing for pregnant women.


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    • Shushanik profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks Blessingsforlife!

    • blessingsforlife profile image


      7 years ago

      A very useful hub! Thanks a lot for sharing!


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