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5 great Core Exercises

Updated on May 29, 2014

When I think of the core muscles group, I think abdomen. But the abdominal muscles are only a very small group of the core muscles. Still, it is a great place to start. When you think "core", think about an apple. Where would it be without its core, its center? Our core muscles extend from the hip to the shoulder, They are what keeps us upright and able to move on two feet. When strengthened, these muscles help control movements, transfer energy and shift body weight and provide support.

Why core?

For me, I feel that everything starts in my stomach. It is my center and the part that sits closest to my heart. When I internalize, it is in my stomach. When I am nervous or scared, I feel it in my stomach. When i am happy or excited, i feel it...guess where? My stomach.! Keeping this and the physical factors listed above in mind, know that strengthening your core muscles, can also help you to strengthen your core, your being. i have used the princilples of strenght training to get me through a difficult or frightening time. I am a person who tends to hyper-ventilate in extremely stressfull situations. Learning and practicing core exercises has really helped me to regulate my breathing. And then there is Yoga and Pilates as well as Martial Arts. All are core oriented. All are disciplined. I for one, enjoy the structure and discipline, not to mention the added benefits of being fit!

Number 1

The basic plank position is a great way to start your exercise routine and get you warmed up. it is something that can be done daily and takes no prep or equipment. Even when I am in a hurry, I plank for one minute!

Benefits? Try it and see how many muscle groups you are using! Great for the abdominals, shoulders and legs. Good for learning control.

Number 2


There are several different types of squats you can do but for the best results, you can do Full Squat Lifts. Before you do these, please check with a trainer. If you are a beginner or doing this at home, you can use light or no weights. I do several different types of squats and I do use a light weight bar, as well.


Buns of steel, of course! Among others, including thigh, calf and back strength.

Things to have in your home gym

Number 3

V sits.

V sits can be done with knees bent or legs straight. Some people like to hold weights for added strengthening. You begin in a sitting position and raise your legs. Hold for several seconds, bring them down slowly and repeat. These are great for strengthening your spine and help maintain good posture.


strong abs, obliques and hip flexibility

Number 4

Hip lift

Again, several variations but the basic premise is to lay on your back and slowly lift your hips off the floor, holding them up for several seconds.Slowly roll them back down and repeat. Some people do these by bring their legs up and some keep their feet flat on the floor.


abs and obliques.

Number 5

Lunge twists.

Again, there are several variations. Some people do these with free weights or a medicine ball. Other people do these with body weight only. Some people walk with these lunges, others are stationary.


quads, gluteus and core

These are only 5 core exercises. there are many more that can be done and each of these have several variations. In addition, there are many different exercises that are not catagorized as core exercises but are still important to do in order to maintain good physical fitness.

Enjoy a little workout music!


I am not a fitness expert and am presenting these simply as exercises that I personally like and do. If you are just starting out with an exercise routine, please check with your doctor and consult a fitness trainer before you work out. These can be dangerous to your health and can cause severe damage if done incorrectly. My personal routine was developed by a trainer.


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