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87 Best Life Lessons Learned in 28 Years

Updated on August 9, 2020
Williamkosko profile image

William loves personal growth! It is important to be yourself and learn more every day.

What is the Point?

Some of us journey through life and we learn the things that matter. But some people don't always learn how to separate what is important from what isn't as important.

These life lessons have the opportunity to benefit to anyone willing to learn them.

I often hear people question what is the point of life. I have also pondered that question many times.

In my understanding, the point of life is to experience and to learn. I am writing some of the things I have learned in life can help someone else.

87 Life Lessons Learned in 28 Years 1:21

These lessons are in no particular order. I believe all lessons having meaning and cannot be ranked by importance.

1. It is very important to take the time to get to know yourself. Self-reflection can be very fulfilling and it can also be a very healing experience. I think one of the greatest gifts anyone can give themselves is self awareness. The path to understanding yourself is the beginning of the most important and fulfilling relationship you will ever experience.

2. You are responsible for your own happiness. No one else is. Not your mother. Not your father. Not your kids. Not your girlfriend. Not your boss. No one is responsible for your happiness except YOU. No one is ever going to make you happy if you cannot be happy by yourself.

3. You cannot run from your past. You can learn from it. You can grow from it. You can heal from it. But you cannot run from it!

4. Your thoughts are not facts. Neither are your emotions. They can feel like they are, but they are not. Don't let thoughts or emotions control you. With that being said, it is okay to have feelings and thoughts too. Regardless of what they are, practice radical self acceptance. Love the totality of who you are.

5. Taking risks can be good for you, even if the risks don't work out. You only live this life once, so take chances!

6. Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one! But the world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. Remember not to take opinions too seriously. If you have an open mind, your opinions will change frequently.

7. Walk your own path! There is a lot of judgement in the world. People love to judge people. Everyone has different aspirations and that is okay! Don't ever let someone else define you. It is your path and it can take you wherever and however long you see fit to walk it.

8. Good things don't come easy. You have to work hard for the things you want. The amount of effort you put in each and every day and your ability to learn from your mistakes are a huge part of your success. No one is going to fight your battles for you!

9. Take care of your body! When we are young, we think we are invincible, but it catches up to you quick. Life is short and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Money cannot buy health, so no matter what take care of your health first and foremost. If you aren't healthy, how can you be happy?

10. Make every moment count! Seize the day! Don't look back on your life when you get older and regret it!

11. Your thoughts are like boomerangs. What you pass to others will come back to you! What you put out in the universe, you will receive in return!

12. What you say means a lot. So mean what you say and say what you mean! You have the power to create or destroy with your words! I hope you choose wisely!

13. Every journey starts with the first step!

14. Education is never complete! One of my favorites because it is so true. Life is about learning! Don't ever stop learning. Look for the lesson in every experience!

15. Don't ever allow the voice of fear to be the loudest voice in your head! Give your power to the other voices in your head, such as the voice of reason or the voice of confidence! You can do this! You are enough!

16. Rarely in life will you ever fully understand or know anything! And that is okay. It is completely normal! No one really knows! We are all just winging it!

17. The sooner you start managing your personal finances in life, the better! Always have some amount of savings because you never know what the future holds!

18. Most of the math you learn in school is absolutely useless.

19. 80% of work is pretending to work, 20% is working to make up for the 80%.

20. Most people are lazy.

21. When a child says something, they are right. So if a child says you look sad, angry, unhappy, or fat, listen to them. They are smarter and more honest than most adults.

87 Life Lessons Learned in 28 Years 22:43

22. You cannot save anyone. You can help people, but only help those who help themselves first. "God only helps those who help themselves." Or something like that.

23. Validation is something all humans need. However, our society has gotten away from the true meaning. Validation and attention are two completely different things. Validation is knowing and accepting that what you are experiencing right now is real and true to you and the same for others as well. Validate yourself and other people often.

24. Never try to force a child to fit in to where they don't fit. They will grow to hate you. Children must be accepted for who they are. All people should be. But as a parent, you should expand to accommodate your child, not the other way around.

25. Mindset is everything in this life. If you think you can't, you can't. Vice versa. Don't be negative or that is all you will find.

26. Most assumptions are wrong. Get curious. Fact check and ask questions before you assume things.

27. The things that we eat and put into our bodies affect everything, including our mental health.

28. As adults, we can learn far more from children than they can ever learn from us.

29. There is never a better time to start than right now.

30. To listen is to love. Listening to someone without judgement is one of the simplest and most beautiful forms of love there is. Learn to listen without planning your response.

31. Stay away from gossiping. No good comes from it.

32. Tell the truth, always. The truth will set you free.

33. Never say yes when you mean no. Trust your gut.

34. When you have an expectation of someone, but fail to inform them, conflict will follow. Be upfront with your expectations. Communicate well in all your relationships.

35. You don't need drugs and alcohol to have fun. You also don't need money to have fun either.

36. Focus more on how you can improve yourself and your life than you do on how other people can improve theirs. Do you.

37. Don't be an unsolicited advice giver.

38. Be open to criticism and feedback, especially from the people who know you best. Sometimes we are blind to ourselves in the most critical moments of our lives.

39. Become completely comfortable with saying no. It is one of the most powerful words.

40. Don't be afraid to let go of people who cannot respect your boundaries. Respect, trust and communicate are necessary for all healthy relationships.

41. Talk yourself up. Say nice things to yourself in the mirror. Be your own biggest supporter, not your worst critic.

42. Love yourself unconditionally.

43. Never let someone else define what should or shouldn't be important to you. Your priorities are your priorities. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone or justify why something is important to you. Unless you want to explain, then by all means.

87 Life Lessons Learned in 28 Years 44:65

44. Don't take health advice from unfit people.

45. Don't take financial advice from poor people.

46. Don't wait until people die to start appreciating them. Also, don't be one of those people that posts on Facebook about missing someone who you paid no attention to when they were alive.

47. Reach out to and call the people who are important to you. Don't take anyone for granted. You will regret it.

48. Pay off debt early and swiftly. Or don't accumulate it at all.

49. A sense of humor will keep you young, but the lack of it will age you. Laughter is the best medicine.

50. Don't sleep with coworkers. Or classmates. Or anyone you regularly see. Especially not your boss.

51. If you can't afford to tip at least 20%, don't go out or order delivery. Quite simple concept.

52. You get out of things what you put in.

53. Your worth is not dependent on your looks. Love your body. Don't seek attention or validation from others. Empowerment comes from within, not from showing off.

54. Listen more than you speak.

55. You never know what someone else is going through. Always be kind and polite.

56. Holding grudges and hate in your heart hurts you more than the other person.

57. Words matter. Use positive statements instead of negative ones. Don't talk down to yourself or anyone else.

58. Needing help or support is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of bravery. Humans are interconnected. We are supposed to depend on each other.

59. The things that require great effort are usually the ones that bring the most satisfaction.

60. Lift other people up. This is where most of your joy will come from.

61. If you feel like a victim, you most likely have experienced trauma at some point in your life. Get the help you need. Trauma isn't your fault, but healing is your responsibility.

62. There is more to life than material things. Money is important to provide what you need, but I promise you won't get to your deathbed and wish you had more money or material things. Be mindful of where you focus your energy.

63. Don't wait to tell someone how you feel! Don't hesitate on love. You may never get another chance.

64. Don't be afraid of the responsibility that comes with caring for other people. Anything you do out of love or for love will endure. Even if the people you do those things for, don't.

65. Don't be a spectator to your own life. Live your life. You can't just let life happen to you, you have to make your life happen.

Don't experience any more life lessons alone, find the one now!

87 Life Lessons Learned in 28 Years 66:87

66. Everyone you meet is for a reason: they are either a blessing or a lesson.

67. Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it!

68. You cannot please everyone. It is pointless to try.

69. It is okay to take chances. It is okay to make mistakes. That is how you grow. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.

70. Always give your best. No matter what.

71. Take responsibility. Responsibility always trumps excuses.

72. Change is the only constant. Change, usually not easy, is often good.

73. You can only lose what you cling to.

74. Letting go is a necessary skill in life. To let go doesn't mean you don't care. It means you stop trying to force others to care.

75. Anything you cannot control is teaching you how to let go.

76. Your past does not have to equal your future. If you think it is going to, it may end up that way. But why hold onto to yesterday, when yesterday already let go of you?

77. Life is happening right now, don't keep waiting around for amazing things to happen in the future. The key to your happiness comes from within. Happiness is a choice that takes work.

78. Fear is an illusion. Most of what we fear will never happen. And if it does happen, it is never as bad as we imagined it. Reality is not as painful as fear.

79. Relationships and people are the most important part of life. Put your relationships first every single day. Before work. Before everything else.

80. Your kids aren't you. Don't expect them to be. Just love, support, and teach them. Be there for them. Show up for them. Stop trying to change them.

81. Things just gather dust. Collect moments, not things.

82. One of the biggest regrets people have on their deathbeds is letting their friendships die. Friendships need time and attention. Prioritize them.

83. Anger is never worth it. Learn healthier ways to communicate your feelings.

84. Kindness matters. Small gestures of kindness can have enormous positive impacts on other people. They also bring you joy as an added bonus.

85. Age is just a number. Don't let it define you.

86. You aren't always right. No one knows everything. No one really knows most things. There is always a different perspective. There is always more than one version. Keep yourself openminded.

87. It will pass. Time heals. Things change. Worry and pain will not last forever.

Best Lessons Learned in Life

There are so many more life lessons. These are some of the many that come to mind. I hope this list can help someone. Feel free to add more in the comments.

I think one of the greatest lessons I have learned about life is that:

It goes on.

Thank you for your time!

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© 2020 William Kosko


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