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6 Benefits Of Exercise

Updated on February 5, 2013

Why is exercise important?

Well you don't need me to tell you this but exercise is important, but why is it important? Well it has several beneficial effects on us, so today I am going to state 6 different reasons why everyone should exercise more. If you have a cross trainer, treadmill or any gym equipment in your house definitely use it and if not you could sign up for gym membership, if you cannot afford it simply go running or walking most days at your local park. It will make a huge difference to you on the inside.

As a note I have done 15-30 minutes almost daily on the cross trainer and managed to lose 2 stone this past year of 2011. So a good 30-60 mins of walking each day or a 10-15 minute jog each day can totally benefit you if you set a routine and keep at it. If you are thinking of getting started I wish you luck. Here are the 6 big benefits of exercise:

1) Makes you feel good about yourself

Not only will you lose weight and look physically better you will also feel much better about yourself as you release endorphin's during exercise. Even if you don't know you feel good on the inside it will definitely show on the outside thus making you more attractive on the inside. So with a good dose of exercise daily you will feel more happier and confident, this in turn increase your self esteem and helps to rid depression.

2) Improves your immune system

Through exercise you will build your immune system up, it will get rid of any illness you have much quicker than if you sat around doing nothing. Though i advise caution not to exercise when you should really be in bed. Stay in bed! With an improved immune system you will also catch less colds and other illnesses in the future.

3) It improves your metabolism

When you exercise (especially cardio exercise) your metabolism increases, this means if you were to exercise then eat breakfast or dinner straight after it is a given that your body will put less weight on because you will digest faster. It will make it easier for you not only to lose weight but also to keep away from putting it back on.

4) It makes you more focused and energetic

Exercise will keep you bright and ready for the day, it will keep you from being lazy and instead help you to be more organized, you will also appear full of energy to others. On top of that it will keep you focused and more alert to your surroundings. It can also help you sleep better and help you to work harder during the day.

5) Builds your bones and keeps you strong

Exercise is important for building muscles but is also important for keeping bones in good shape and avoiding diseases such as Osteoporosis. Strengthening your muscles and bones means you will be less prone to injuries in the future, this also means you can extend exercise time and workouts as your body and stamina builds up over time. That means you ran that extra 5 minutes every day which means more even more weight lost!

6) It improves your life expectancy

When you do exercise often you will also extend your life expectancy. You will reduce risk of heart disease and clogged arteries. It also boosts memory and prevents Alzheimer’s, it is also known to prevent some cancers too. But most of all if you wish to keep healthy do exercise anyway, keep healthy. Remember that doing too much of anything i.e sitting down or running can also be bad so balance your workout and rest but most of all enjoy your exercise :)


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    • Jay Rando profile image

      Jay Rando 5 years ago from England

      So true Robert, thanks for dropping by :)

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      Great points you've made here. Whenever I get into consistent exercising I feel so revitalized and motivated. The trick is just keeping up the consistency.