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9 Rules when you should not eat food

Updated on April 16, 2011

Do not eat......

1) Do not eat when feeling tense, listless emotionally upset. This is when the stomach’s peristaltic functions (churning) does not function well and blood supply is not sufficiently present to aid good digestion, resulting in indigestion and fermentation of foods. The common practice seems to be that people, to overcome negative feelings and enjoy an illusory sense of self nurturing, gorge themselves when they are most upset or troubled. In the long run you will be kinder to yourself if you wait to eat till you are calm and relaxed even if it means missing a meal or two.

2) Do not eat when you are not hungry. Miss a meal; your digestive system will be more rested relaxed and ready for the next one.

3) Do not eat rapidly. Chew slowly and well every mouthful; this aids better digestion, assimilation and elimination. More important it will reduce the general habit of overeating.

4) Do not eat in between meals. This overloads digestive enzymes and draws and retains too much blood in the stomach. This blood should be circulating to heal and supply nutrition to the body and brain.

5) Do not eat to saturation. Here again you only exhaust digestive enzymes and suffer indigestion and resulting ills.

6) Do not eat complicated meals containing too many types of incompatible foods, such as, proteins and starches; carbohydrates, sugar and starches - they do not contribute to the required balance of foods or aid proper digestion. Fresh fruits, vegetables and grains containing fibre content must be regular meal constituents to enjoy good digestion, nutrition and health.

7) Do not eat stale or highly processed foods. They do not contain necessary nutrients.

8) Do not Drink and eat at the same time. Too much fluid will only dilute the acids in the stomach and slow down digestion.

9) Do not eat in dismal surroundings and poor company. Good company cheerful and conducive surroundings and pleasing table service will add joy and hearty digestion to your meals.

Do remember that a much enjoyed, well balanced meal can provide all the fuel, building, repair and medicinal needs of your body only if care is taken to observe these few simple rules - on how not to eat. Every meal must be eaten as a stepping stone, not to pain and disease but to a greater Joy in Living.


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